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We have teamed up with Virgin Trains’ ‘Don’t Go Zombie’ Google Street View game to offer readers the chance to win ?100 Amazon voucher. For a chance to win Night of the Living Trekkies just tell us who would win in a fight, zombie Kirk or zombie Picard and why?
Win Capcom's latest zombie game, Dead Rising 2, by simply telling us what your ultimate combo weapon would be. At some point, cord is going to be essential for your survival in the zombie-infested world of tomorrow and you’ll be glad you learned how to make your own. After all the screaming, running and hiding, at some point you will have to get down to the bare bones of surviving in the post zombie apocalyptic world. As a can opener, a lock pick or whatever you use it for, it needs to be sturdy and well made. When fully disassembled, the knife and sheath break down into four pieces: a Ferro cerium fire starter rod, the knife, the Zytel sheath with a diamond sharpening stone on the back side, and the heavy-duty nylon platform.
From the military to civilians and even the police-- knife, gun and stick fighting is often taught unrealistically. 15% OFF--THE COMPLETE GUIDED CHAOS WEAPONS SERIES DISCOUNT COMBO - $221.0015% OFF--THE COMPLETE GUIDED CHAOS WEAPONS SERIES DISCOUNT COMBO (PARTS 1-4). Champion of Cage Combat, Bare-knuckle, No-weight Limit and Vale Tudo matches in Kiev, Holland, Florida and Mississippi).
GUIDED CHAOS COMBAT CONDITIONING DVD - $65.00All the Guided Chaos drills back-to-back and non-stop on one DVD. SPECIAL BONUS: when you get the DVD we will also email you the password to the accompanying Combat Conditioning eBook with helpful workout tips on our website. MILITARY AND POLICE COMBAT TACTICS - $65.00Picking up where Kill the Enemy leaves off, this highly serious, detailed and comprehensive 2-part DVD covers both police and military combat tactics. CONTACT FLOW WORKSHOP WITH GRANDMASTER TIM CARRON - $25.00If you've ever had a private lesson with Grandmaster Tim Carron you know how unique and devastating his contact flow is.
An entire series of drills completely different and more intensive than those on our APCV Part 1 DVD. GUIDED CHAOS SLAM BAGS - $125.00**CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK** "The Slambag is AMAZING!" With the GUIDED CHAOS logo branded in, these bags are much nicer looking than the ones seen in our Attackproof Companion Video Part 1 DVD. Black Guided Chaos t-shirts with the unique, trademarked Guided Chaos logo (designed by Master John Perkins and Bob Alexander in 1987).
Mcpe maps - review download maps minecraft pe, Mcpe maps is website where review and download minecraft pocket edition maps.. Minecraft 1.1 - install crafting guide mod, This mod adds a book to minecraft that shows you every single crafting recipie in the game. The -inclusive guide texturing - minecraft forum, The all-inclusive guide to texturing: everything you will ever need to know about making textures for minecraft help wanted! Minecraft crafting guide full recipes list, The minecraft crafting guide, complete list crafting recipes. We cover everything from hooking up an IV on the battlefield to finding natural remedies in the wilderness to adapting veterinary drugs for human use to performing an emergency root canal in the field.
When helping others, you use your know-how to get things quicker and easier done forever helping others. Seems they have went with a marketing first approach, especially with their line of Bear Grylls knives. Included in the book are product suggestions for your personal aid kit and individual trauma aid kit.
BUY BOTH THE GCC DVD AND PART 1 OF THE ATTACKPROOF COMPANION SERIES AT 15% OFF THE REGULAR PRICE OF $150. You can be the best target shooter in the world but if you can't fight HAND-TO-HAND at CLOSE RANGE you will never even GET to your gun.

Based on the brutal, bloody, forensic homicide research of former detective John Perkins plus Perkins' over 100 seriously violent arrests, this comprehensive 4 part DVD series separates film fantasy from forensic fact and dojo delusions from real combat. SAVE $39.00 From the military to civilians and even police, knife, gun and stick fighting is often taught unrealistically. There is a world of difference between competitive submission fighting and real life and death combat where the only rule is chaos.
MILITARY PERSONNEL - $45.00KILL THE ENEMY is a simple video guide that does away with the boxing-grappling-locking nonsense that has become the "politically correct" standard of training for our soldiers in recent years. Send us a 5 minute video of yourself doing Contact Flow with a partner and Grandmaster Perkins will give you a detailed written analysis of what to work on in your training.
Follow along as John Perkins' top student works one-on-one with many of our black belts at a private Contact Flow Workshop we held in early 2009. These exercises maximize development of Dropping, hitting and crushing power while also developing timing which is critical to effective Dropping.
These tough, tan, double-stitched cowhide leather bags are ideal for practicing full-power Dropping strikes and developing tremendous hand strength with hit-and-crush drills (as seen in our Slam Bag Workout DVD) while also developing timing, which is critical to effective Dropping.
But you don't have to pay $100,000 for it--you can get it on Amazon for $2.99 (shameless plug)! Our authors are doctors, nurses, medics, EMTs, and other medical professionals with hands-on experience in remote and austere environments.
Machetes are nice and do have a true propose, size and weight can be a huge draw back however. Learn from a veteran of over 100 documented brutally violent life-or-death confrontations what works and what doesn't. KNIFE From the military to civilians and even the police-- knife, gun and stick fighting is often taught unrealistically. Based on the brutal, bloody forensic homicide research of former expert John Perkins under the direction of former NYPD Crime Lab director Dr. Put it on, blast your stereo, follow along and work out--5 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour or longer--whatever you want-you decide! Instead of subjecting our military personnel to methods that could get them killed, Master Perkins and Lieutenent Colonel Ridenhour USMC provide basic, effective methods proven in World War II. Tim's precision, economy of motion and sensitivity are real eye-openers, and his personal expression of the art looks different than GC creator John Perkin's (even though the principles are the same) making this DVD an invaluable training tool for advanced practitioners. Demonstrated by Master Perkins, the DVD also shows actual application of slam bag drills to fight scenarios. The Slambags are round, bean-filled and approximately 4 pounds, measuring 10-11 inches across.
Check out titles by Ragnar Benson, Hugh Coffee, and John Duncan, the Crucible's senior medic and lead instructor for tactical combat casualty care. Again those are important, but I am talking about the true work horse that you will use hard and never say thank you too. In the last 5 years this is one of the knives I can truly say that I think that they got it right from the start. We offer information on treatment of burns, fractures, frostbite, seizures, and many illnesses. Also contains street smarts and awareness tips so you can avoid violence in the first place. And if you get the microsecond to draw, traditional Isosceles or Weaver stances could get you killed. Peter Pizzola and Perkins' over 100 extremely violent arrests, this comprehensive 4 part DVD series separates film fantasy from forensic fact and dojo delusions from real combat. Ricocheting, destructions, multi-hitting, hammerfists, backfists, "rabbit punches", scooping, clearing and much, much more for saving your life. The reason we say this is because unless you've worked with him or at least have a strong foundation in Guided Chaos you won't really be able to appreciate what you're seeing. NOTE: small blemishes in the finish of these handsome, natural tan leather bags are normal.

NOTE: INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING FEES HAVE INCREASED DRAMATICALLY--EMAIL US FIRST SO WE CAN FIND OUT YOUR SHIPPING PRICES. Overall a sturdy abuse-ready tool, that with a little TLC will survive as long as you hope too. The handle has a great ergonomic shape that fits well in the hand with a double guard to prevent slippage and a textured rubber grip that is easy to maintain, even in wet conditions. The book closes with a section on battlefield aid that covers care under fire, tactical field care, and combat casualty evacuation. If you've been programmed by training a specific response to a specific attack, your self-defense will FAIL if the attack changes by even one inch from the way you've trained. This 2-disc DVD contains almost two and a half hours of combat reality and how to ADAPT your defense to CHANGING attacks.
Includes extensive training regimens combining both conventional boxing, closed-fist and elbow strikes, kicking and anti-grappling methods as well as some of the most comprehensive applications of Dropping Energy we've ever put on video. Full of valuable information, this manual for basic first aid techniques features several scenarios that may likely arise in a grid-down situation. NOTE: If you haven't read our book or seen our other DVDs, these exercises will almost certainly appear unusual and possibly confusing. I did not get a chance to pound the snot outta anything with it but it has the feeling that it could take quite a beating. It is far better to develop the ability to improvise any strike from any position spontaneously with power, accuracy and balance than to rely on rigid choreographed responses. Comes with an awesome Native American Music inspired soundtrack (same kind of music we used to play in our classes back in the '80s). Our second guide covers different methods of self-protection, including firearms, knives, and tasers. Based on our best-selling book, this jam-packed follow-up to the Attackproof Companion Part One contains highly detailed demonstrations of all the drills and principles that are most vital to your development in GC (including some that are NOT in the book). Included in the book are suggestions for types of weapons that are best-suited for specific situations that can arise in a disaster scenario and even non-lethal weapons are featured. The last section discusses other practical gear you will need like holsters and flashlights. The goal of this book is to help you acquire the right types of weapons and gear to protect yourself and your family in a grid-down situation. The first sections of this book provide useful and practical instruction for fortifying and protecting your castle. We discuss ways to make your home safer and less likely to be targeted, along with offering information about how to make it more difficult to penetrate. We also describe how to organize lookouts and watches with suggestions for alarms, barriers, and cameras that will help you defend your home. Every household needs this basic guide to formulating a security plan to use when society descends into chaos. Since government agencies will be overwhelmed and unable to help everyone in need in a grid-down situation, it is extremely important for you to plan to take care of yourself and your loved ones on your own when disaster strikes. In this book, we help you identify environmental cues that will alert you early that problems are imminent. We cover setting up defenses, acquiring weapons, collecting water, and practicing situational awareness, so you can better your chances for survival in a natural disaster or attack. Send it to AmmoLand.Email* NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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