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Our definition of a sixth form college is different to the sixth form centre of a Boarding School – what are the differences?
Most colleges will take over a previous subject on any one of the 4 major exam boards – AQA, edexcel.
This website concentrates on private sixth form colleges rather than sixth form centres within independent senior schools. Most sixth form colleges offer not just A level tuition, but also one and two year GCSE courses, A Level resit courses, English IELTS courses and Foundation Programmes. Private sixth-form colleges are chiefly concentrated in cities such as London, Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham, and the majority of them are in southern England. In addition there are one or two independent schools, such as Hurtwood House, that cater for the 16+ age group and offer all the facilities that one would find in a private boarding school.
You can download an eGuide which tells you everything you need to know about selecting a private sixth form college and you can use our search facility to find which colleges are nearest to the town in which you want to study. Hurtwood House was founded in 1970 and has since become one of the UK's most successful independent schools, specialising as a residential sixth form school. As well as traditional academic subjects, Hurtwood House is especially famous for its creative and performing arts department.
Music technology is taken onto another level with four purpose-built, digital 16-track recording studios equipped to professional standards, a fully equipped MIDI composition and editing suite with a Dolby digital surround sound system, and a school radio station, all available for students to develop their skills and creativity including elaborately staged concerts, musical showcases and music writing. Outside activities include a programme of sport and other activities every afternoon as well as social events, visits to conferences, exhibitions, theatres, museums and galleries.
Hurtwood House itself is situated in a small, rural village in between the market towns of Dorking & Guildford, Surrey. King Edward's Witley is an independent boarding and day school for girls and boys aged 11-18, sited within a 100-acre campus in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Surrey countryside.
The School is approximately ten miles south of Guildford, with Heathrow and Gatwick international airports both within 45 minutes drive. Founded in 1553 and with established links with the City of London, King Edward's Witley is steeped in history, but combines its traditional strengths with a modern outlook. King Edward's Witley is proud to be one of the first English boarding schools in the area to offer the IB Diploma Programme and in 2014 celebrates ten years of the IB. For 2015, King Edward's Witley will also offer the new A-level course as an alternative to the IB, ensuring pupils have a choice of routes to secure a place at university. Facilities at the School are second to none and include a brand new state of the art Business and Finance Centre, indoor swimming pool, all weather hockey and tennis playing fields and a newly refurbished central dining hall, which delivers an outstanding standard of catering. Red-carpet ready in a Marina Qureshi dress, Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes and Bulgari ring Millie Mackintosh had to kiss a few frogs before she found her prince Stephen Manderson, aka tattooed rapper Professor Green. With boyfriend Stephen Manderson (aka Professor Green)a€?This feels like my first proper relationship because we actually want to treat each other properly.
Millie (left) with Caggie's cousin Alice in Made in Chelseaa€?I knew Rosie and she was also friends with my two housemates. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
We specialise in advising parents on the best schools to target for their children so please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your child's education on +44 1622 813870 or by completing an Enquiry Form. The College curriculum encompasses traditional GCSE and A-levels, in addition to a number of courses aimed specifically at international students, with every effort being made to teach according to students' abilities, and to stretch the ablest well beyond the demands of the syllabus. The academic life of College is monitored by the Principal, in conjunction with his senior staff and by the Heads of each Department. The relationship between staff and students is relaxed and based upon mutual trust and respect.
Students' academic progress is closely monitored by the College's Director of Studies and by students' Personal Tutors.
The College strives to provide parents and guardians with up-to-date progress reports on their son or daughter's academic performance, and we always welcome the opportunity to arrange a meeting with the Principal to discuss this. These colleges offer specialised tuition to the 14-19 age range in a very broad group of subjects.
In a private 6th form college students are usually age 16 or over, although a few accept students from 14 to study GCSE courses.
They provide a realistic alternative to public schools and the state sixth-form colleges and they tailor study programmes to the needs of each student. Most offer day or boarding places, although their accommodation is often off site or sometimes arranged with local host families.

Many parents are confused by the choice or simply do not know which subjects are the right choice for sixth form study.
Less institutional than the traditional public school system, the school has a strong work ethic and offers students a very broad range of subjects and academic programmes at GCSE and A Level, with an intellectual and social environment closer to that of a university. Theatre, Media Studies, Art and Music are offered along with outstanding facilities, including the largest and most professional Theatre department of any school in the country. Staff at Hurtwood House understand the importance of achieving the right balance between work and relaxation, ensuring that all students have interests to fulfil their time. A games room, communal TV room are available for students as well as transport on Friday and Saturday afternoons, ensuring that students can enjoy the local town of Guildford and its attractions.
Both Guildford and Dorking have a strong sense of history and artistic traditions including festivals of visual arts, music and literature. Examination results achieved every year are first class and put Hurtwood House consistently high up in the league tables time and time again, achieving academic excellence and yet retaining traditional values, giving students an exciting approach to life and creating a stepping stone between school and university. Witley station is a three-minute walk away and represents an easy 50 minutes train journey into central London.
The School prides itself on its ability to provide a school community that reflects the real world, by admitting pupils from a broad range of academic, social, economic and cultural backgrounds - 65% are English native speakers and over 43 countries are represented. The School also runs a one year Pre Sixth Form course for overseas students, representing an opportunity to improve English language skills and trial both IB and A-level subjects on offer, allowing for more informed Sixth Form choices.
The School pioneered paired boarding houses with communal areas, where everyone can come together in their spare time to enjoy games, TV, music and conversation in the common rooms, kitchen, music and television rooms.
But viewers of E4a€™s Bafta-nominated a€?structureda€™ reality TV show Made in Chelsea, in which privileged 22-year-old Millie appears as part of an ensemble cast, will be aware that, while her male co-stars may be good-looking with posh pedigrees, they are a€“ in the main a€“ frogs.
I feel so comfortable with him a€“ when we are hanging out I hardly ever wear make-up and I am even happy wearing my glasses. Will it be the Alexander McQueen gown from Feathers, or the Vivienne Westwood gold mini and Alexander McQueen shoes? However, when it comes to selecting the best school for a child, league tables do not tell the whole story about a school. It has a distinguished reputation, which has led it to grow and develop into what it is today. Our students are usually ready questioners, easy to talk to, unselfconscious with strangers or adults, and on good terms with staff. As such students will always have an initial point of contact in the event of any academic or personal queries.
We hold regular parents' evenings to also allow staff to give direct feedback to parents on how their son or daughter is progressing. This website offers advice on a range of topics to do with sixth form education, such as choosing your sixth form college, searching for colleges in a certain area, finding out what exam results colleges have achieved and the subjects offered for study.
Most colleges – particular those that offer boarding - organise a range of sporting and extra-curricular activities for students, but facilities for these tend to be more limited than at a traditional boarding school, and are often off site. Students can also take advantage of the towns' local restaurants, architecture, heritage, antiques, and shopping.
All children are nurtured to encourage independent thinking and a spirit of respect and understanding for others, resulting in a mature and well-rounded outlook on life and a commitment to upholding the strongest moral values. For the Sixth Form, a lively common room and new study area and careers library provide an environment for independent learning and recreation. Particularly old-Harrovian Hugo Taylor, Milliea€™s ex, who cheated on her with her friend Rosie Fortescue.
One of Milliea€™s greatest concerns when initially approached to appear in MIC was the reaction of her family, but, she says with a giggle, even her grandparents are now fans. Those schools near the top of each table are generally extremely selective on admissions and can sometimes reject more than 75% of applicants. Drawing on its heritage yet conscious of the changing demands of the present and future, the College strives to stimulate independent enquiry and intellectual curiosity, and to foster a secure sense of individuality.
We also cover personal tuition for those who prefer to be tutored on a one to one basis at home. The emphasis is far more on academic studies with the main aim being to ensure students achieve as highly as possible in public examinations.
Hurtwood House is a perfect location for both national and international students with rail and air links within a short distance, allowing students to discover other UK towns, cities and attractions. But when she met Stephen a€“ who was born in Hackney and raised by his grandmother Patricia a€“ Millie knew he was a prince among men.

Additionally a highly academic school is not necessarily the right environment for many children. This is achieved within a framework of sensible discipline based on sound moral and ethical values. Stephen and Millie may seem like an odd couple, but it is obvious that they are in love (they communicate constantly on their mobiles during our interview). Not long after we met he was working in New York and I sent red roses and a teddy to his hotel.
Parents need to bear in mind that schools lower down the tables may provide an equally exceptional education but cater for a wider ability range.
When it was first rumoured that they were seeing each other last November, it was claimed that they had met at a yoga class. Now whenever he is away I have the teddy a€“ we call him Edward a€“ in bed with me sprayed with Stephena€™s aftershave,a€™ she says in the dreamy tones she adopts whenever the conversation links back to him (which it does a lot). We think you looked great.a€? My family are so tolerant.a€™Are they, I ask, tolerant about her relationship with Stephen, whose background is so different to their own?
I mentioned Caggie Dunlop and although she was a bit reluctant they interviewed us together and we were like, a€?Ia€™ll do it if you do it.a€?a€™Caggie remains one of her best friends (and gets on with Stephen a€?like a house on firea€™). It has developed an enviable reputation of excellent teaching in a supportive, caring environment.
Millie a€“ great-great-granddaughter of the man who created Mackintosha€™s Quality Street a€“ wasna€™t actually made in Chelsea, but in Marlborough, Wiltshire, where her parents, Georgina and Nigel, ran a fine-food delicatessen for 18 years (they have now retired and live in a A?1.4 million house in Bath).
Millie is also fond of Louise Thompson and forms an unexpectedly close friendship with her ex-boyfriend Hugoa€™s new girlfriend Natalie Joel. Many of the staff are graduates of Oxford, Cambridge and colleges of the University of London and are chosen for their ability to relate to young people.
She has a younger sister Alice, 21 (who is more interested in horses than MIC), and the girls enjoyed an idyllic childhood. I think the only thing that ever worries my mother about boyfriends is how I am treated and Stephen is just so thoughtful.
Artistic rather than academic, Millie had a varied education that started at a a€?St Triniana€™s-stylea€™ prep school in Dorset and progressed through two more single-sex boarding schools before she ended up in the co-ed sixth form of Millfield, where she took a two-year art and design foundation course in place of A-levels. Hea€™s had a difficult life by anyonea€™s standards and he has come through that and is a great guy. I have a few male friends on the show such as Jamie, Spencer and Proudlock but I hang out with girls more,a€™ she says. Of course he comes from a different background to me, but hea€™s been brought up very well by his grandmother who is an amazing woman.a€™Such is the strength of Milliea€™s new relationship that Stephen was even prepared to risk damaging his street-cred by making a fleeting appearance on MIC. Her eyes roll when I mention Rosie (who slept with Hugo) and she says that although they have a€?spokena€™ it has been very difficult and in future episodes of MIC therea€™s a€?a bit of confrontation which definitely wasna€™t staged as I am very open with my feelingsa€™.A tall, slender, natural beauty, Millie did briefly consider modelling, but her main ambition was to be a make-up artist and as an emergent style icon she dreams of one day having her own clothing line. Filming MIC a€“ for which she receives only a small fee to cover her expenses a€“ makes pursuing her career as a make-up artist difficult and despite the young and privileged stance of the show, Millie does not own a vast designer wardrobe (her two most expensive purchases have been a Mulberry handbag and a Joseph coat).A Stephen, she says shyly, is very generous a€“ he gave her the Annoushka bracelet she is wearing. But it isna€™t just his thoughtfulness that she finds attractive a€“ she loves the fact that a€?he is so intelligent and talenteda€™, although she admits that before they met, she didna€™t a€?have anything by Professor Green on my iPod.
I did have to work hard to persuade him to do it, but in the end he did it for me and I paid him back by going to his latest video shoot. I am in it but you have to watch carefully because Ia€™m wearing a mask,a€™ she says.Ironically, a little over a year ago, it took quite a lot of pressure to persuade Millie to join the cast of MIC. She has previously said he would make a a€?great fathera€™ but denies being broody (though when she tried on one A-line Alexander McQueen dress, she said, a€?I would love this dress to go out in if I was pregnanta€™). E4 had the idea for a a€?structureda€™ reality show involving a group of good-looking privileged young people who already knew each other, and having secured Hugo Taylor, Rosie Fortescue and Francis Boulle, they began talking to their friends to recruit the rest of the cast. As the interview comes to an end (she is catching a plane to meet Stephen in Dublin) I ask her if she could compare any of her posh previous boyfriends (she had a brief flirtation with MICa€™s Fredrik Ferrier before she dated Hugo) to her new love.
He is the perfect gentleman.a€™ Milliea€™s little black booka€?I love the boutiques in Chelsea, particularly Austique [330 Kinga€™s Road] and Donna Ida [106 Draycott Avenue].
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