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I’m always excited to share ideas for party planning, and lately there’s been a lot of it! News, tips and inspiration for brides, grooms, vendors and people with a general interest in wedding-related goodness. Girly gossip, party games involving lingerie, a menu of tea sandwiches and pink, fruity drinks often come to mind when thinking of a bridal shower. Candice Coppola from event planning company Event Jubillee said she thinks showers are not for men. We didn't have a coed bridal shower, but it sounds like a very good idea!I wish we would have have a coed bridal shower after reading your article.
In recent years, there’s been a trend to host showers including men and women, to honor both the bride and the groom.
This type of wedding shower will obviously be a rather large party, and I see nothing wrong with the hosts asking the guests to help provide food for everybody.
Find out where the bride and groom plan to take their honeymoon and plan your co-ed party with that destination in mind. This type of shower is geared towards giving the couple items they will need to entertain others in their home.
This is another good theme for a co-ed shower and also for a second-time bride or groom, who already have their home(s) well-stocked with the essentials. Whichever theme you choose for your shower, including the groom in the festivites is a wonderful way to celebrate the couple. Try having the guests bring stuff that they will need after they get married (such as the BBQ tools). Just personalize this card for your own event at the product page: Lucky Bridal Shower Invitation. Bonnie Irish Owl Ultrasound InvitationLavender Multi-Photo Baptism Invitation No comments yet. If you think this is a great game, you might want to look at our main page to get more bingo cards, since we're pretty sure you can use more than the two we have right here. And if you think you can use more game ideas, you might also want to look at our main bridal shower game page, which contains many of the ideas you are looking for. As for your bingo word set, you can make use of third party sites so as to generate what you need.

And don't forget to get the bingo word lists that corresponds to this game, also found at our main page. This Animal Couple Bingo can still be played like typical bingo games, wherein a host will draw from the lot, call out the word, and each player will need to scour their card and mark whatever match they have. Deligate all tasks – Normal etiquette is the maid of honor and the bridesmaids will chip in for the shower but with a co-ed shower I can actually use the groomsmen’s help too! But nowadays, many couples are looking to be more inclusive, opting for coed wedding showers. Beverly Clark, in her book, Showers, offers numerous suggestions for a co-ed wedding shower. Hot dogs, hamburgers, beef brisket, potato salad, cole slaw, and baked beans are the usual dishes served at a barbecue. You can have decorations significant to that country or state, such as a flag, pictures, etc.
If you are planning a barbecue, how about asking guest to pitch in and buy the couple their own barbecue grill? Find out what hobbies the bride and groom enjoy and have guests bring gifts specific to those hobbies.
Also, our bingo word lists of animal couple names are found at our main coed bridal shower games page, and you definitely need to get that to play this game. These games are not necessarily designed for coed bridal showers, but we think they are worth looking at by anyone throwing a bridal shower since they include some of the more traditional games related to bridal send-off parties, which are definitely welcome on any bridal celebrations. You might want to look into this coed bridal shower game, which may not be about couples of the human variety, but is still all about couples anyway.
You can refer to our bingo word list for the list of words you are to input on said site, and if you do find one that you are comfortable using, that site should help you generate your next word set for your next bingo card. Our word lists are also saved as image files, so the image-saving instructions  described above should do the trick.
The goal can still be all about the first player having a line match, may it be a horizontal, vertical, and diagonal match, being your winner. If this type of shower appeals to you, this article will list numerous suggestions to host a great party. A few examples for the groom include fishing rod and tackle, golfing equipment, bowling essentials, tickets to a sports event, etc.

They often are more relaxed than evening showers, and take place in a smaller, more intimate setting. So it's all about tiger and his tigress, lion and his lioness, and the like, designed to be played as a bingo game. And since these are ready-to-print and play, you just need to download all the cards you need, which will depend on how many guests you have, get the corresponding bingo word lists, cut and roll each, prepare some writing instruments for your guests, and you are ready to add this on your event!
You can actually get our template in two formats - one as an image file, which means you can use your favorite image editor to add your bingo word set. You might want to go back to our main page to get more bingo cards if you happen to need more. Of course you can also explore some kind of twist like a different goal, if you prefer to play this bingo game differently.
Have your guests bring gifts that will help the couple on their honeymoon, such as luggage, a camera, film, guidebooks, foreign language book, travel grooming kit, first aid kit, foreign currency traveler’s checks, and perhaps several people could pitch in and buy a video camera for the bride and groom. Other gift ideas include bar glasses, wine glasses, wine rack, decanters, electric warming tray, fondue pot, serving trays, ice bucket with tongs, relish dishes, bottle corkscrew, cocktail pitcher, and chips and dip set. Ideas for the bride include scrapbooking supplies, sewing items, gardening accessories, and tickets to a play or concert.
She is more a tomboy so its difficult to deicide what theme and what kind of gifts to get her? While the bridesmaids throw the bridal shower, they may wish to confer with the bride on ideas for themes, decorations and food related to the party.
We think that makes this coed bridal shower game a nice addition to your celebration, especially if her groom-to-be will be part of this special day. In fact we encourage you to do so, especially if you think traditional bingo games can use more pizzazz. If the bride and groom have hobbies in common, such as biking, canoeing, hiking, or skiing, ask your guests to bring gifts that reflect these shared interests.

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