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Perhaps the most prominent researcher working on undermatching is Caroline Hoxby, an economist at Stanford University.  With colleagues, she has conducted studies (two of which can be downloaded here and here) on the issue, and in her research, has identified approximately 25,000 to 35,000 high school students around the country who fall into the category of low-income (defined by the researchers as being in the bottom quarter of the family income distribution, or $41,172 in 2008) and high-achieving (scoring in the top 10 percent nationally on the ACT or SAT college entry test).
The ECO Comprehensive (ECO-C) Intervention costs about $6 per student, and we find that it causes high-achieving, low-income students to apply and be admitted to more colleges, especially those with high graduation rates and generous instructional resources.
HINDU FESTIVAL—Hundreds of Hindus and friends gather for annual Holi Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork. QUADVIEW—A springtime view of the USU Quad and Old Main from atop the business building.
ELK PICNIC—Elk and humans mingle at the winter refuge at Blacksmith Fork's Hardware Ranch.
This is exactly how gossip and rumor and “rankings” work in both academe and the “information age,” but I’ll play along. The Aggie “A” burns blue and bright on the first night of classes to welcome students, faculty and staff back to what turns out to be the 3rd best college town in America.
Tuesday’s Chronicle of Higher Ed website reports that Logan, Utah—has anyone heard of it?—ranks No.

The unbylined Livability piece, “Top 10 college towns 2012,” says the point of its “survey” was to highlight the complementary nature of campuses and the towns where they reside.
Tops on Livability’s list, two ahead of Logan, is College Station, Texas, home of Texas A&M (Go Aggies!). As Adam Hochschild points out, from the time the English Quakers first took on the issue of slavery, three quarters of a century passed before it was abolished it in Europe and America. Nobody knows the consequences of their actions, and history is full of small acts that changed the world in surprising ways. Solnit’s wisdom stands in counterpoint to more tangible efforts at evaluation of systemic social interventions, which remain invaluable.
We live in a time of flux, a time for innovation and transformation -- a time for getting good at change. With this blog, I focus on theories of change, the search for affordances, practices of engagement, and ways of learning. The students respond to their enlarged opportunity sets by enrolling in colleges that have stronger academic records, higher graduation rates, and more generous resources.

Few if any working on the issue at the beginning lived to see its conclusion, when what had once seemed impossible suddenly began to look, in retrospect, inevitable. Their freshman grades are as good as the control students’, despite the fact that the control students attend less selective colleges and therefore compete with peers whose incoming preparation is substantially inferior. Benefit-to-cost ratios for the ECO-C Intervention are extremely high, even under the most conservative assumptions (source, p. Logan—says Livability—beats out the homes of the universities of Michigan and Indiana and Illinois and Georgia and others.

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