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Greenlee faculty members are known for being excellent instructors, who use their experience and expertise to breach the gap between the classroom and the industry. This year faculty claimed the following distinctions: American Advertising Federation's 2016 Distinguished Advertising Educator of Year, Fulbright Scholar, and an American Journalism Historians Association Rising Scholar, among others. Welcome!Welcome to the Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning (C-TEL) at Washburn University.
The C-TEL office will be closed during the month of June and open intermittently during the month of July.
This intensive, hands-on seminar will offer participants the opportunity to create or revise a course through backwards design. This institute will focus on teaching methods and campus connections that are especially applicable to the adjunct instructor.
Part 1: basics-This is the first of a series of Training modules that will start at the basics and work to the advanced user. C-TEL is celebrating the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year with two open house events. This a real-time, online,  11 week course taught by Sue Taylor-Owens about course design. Three out of every four college students cheat at some point during their undergraduate careers. This annual workshop provides invaluable information about the Tenure and Promotion process. Discover a new perspective on the use of data-driven decision making and the positive impact it has in the CTE classroom.
This luncheon will provide an overview of High Impact Community Engagement Practices (HICEPs) for faculty and staff who are interested in creating HICEPs activities or courses. You only need to registered for this event (once you are registered on this event you will be automatically registered for all 5 dates). Part 2: This is a series of Training modules that will start at the basics and work to the advanced user.
Would you like to sit down with every student and go over their assignment submissions with them but scheduling appointments is a pain? We will be reading and discussing Exploring Race in Predominantly White Classrooms: Scholars of Color Reflect (Routledge, 2014), edited by George Yancy and Maria del Guadalupe Davidson, a collection of essays that brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars of color to critically examine what it is like to explore race in predominantly white classrooms. Are you looking for a way to make your PowerPoints more engaging and easier to understand without spending a lot of time?
Part 3: This is a series of Training modules that will start at the basics and work to the advanced user.
Scenario-Based e-Learning offers a new instructional design approach that can accelerate expertise, build critical thinking skills, and promote transfer of learning. Looking for a simple tool to keep everyone in your class up to date and working together as a team on a collaborative project?  Come to this workshop to learn how your students can save documents, spreadsheets, and presentation in OneDrive, easily share them with others and work together either synchronously or asynchronously. Part 4: This is a series of Training modules that will start at the basics and work to the advanced user. Sometimes students would like a list of activities so they can check each one off as they complete it. Learn how to self-assess your communication skills in the instructional context to see what works best for you and your students—and pick up new techniques to broaden your abilities. Providing students with meaningful feedback can greatly enhance learning and improve student achievement but we don’t always have time to provide feedback on an individual basis for everything a student does in a course. Providing students with meaningful feedback can greatly enhance learning and improve student achievement but we don’t always have time to provide feedback on an individual basis for every assessment.
What are some ways that faculty and staff can de-escalate or avoid situations of classroom conflict? Learn to create a discipline-specific strategy to grow your students’ critical thinking skills, identify critical thinking content, and adapt your courses accordingly.
Whether teaching a course to students across the country or brining in a guest speaker from the other side of the world, video conferencing can easily connect people who would not normally get the chance to meet face to face. Washburn's mascot, the Ichabod, honors the school's early benefactor, Ichabod Washburn, a 19th century Massachusetts industrialist. Washburn University prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, veteran status, or marital or parental status.
Hofstra Law alumnus Richard Socarides ’79, who is a trustee of both Antioch College and the State University of New York system, was interviewed by The Chronicle of Higher Education about the differences in serving on the boards of such disparate educational institutions.
In the May 14, 2015, article “Meet a Trustee Who Serves 2 Masters: a Small Liberal-Arts College and a Sprawling University System,” Socarides, the head of public affairs at GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group), a former White House adviser during the Clinton administration and a longtime gay rights advocate, notes several key differences in his board service. For example, during the Antioch board’s monthly teleconferences, “sometimes we can debate for 10 or 15 minutes whether to purchase a sewer system for a new building, or something like that,” he tells writer Steve Kolowich. Other differences Socarides discusses in the article include the time needed to get to know the institution (as an engaged Antioch ’76 alumnus and a former member of the college’s student government, he was able to quickly get up to speed), the responsibility for raising new funds versus stewarding appropriated funds, and the process for making policy decisions.

Council for higher education accreditation home page, Accreditation in the news: usde under secretary addresses administration's education focus and other accreditation-related news (july 2016) chea board of directors. John silvanus wilson jr., president of morehouse college, wrote a widely cited essay for the huffington post about an incident in which he was stopped by the police. Chronicle data features faculty and staff salary information for more than 4,700 colleges and universities.
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The Women in Public Service Project colloquium will be simulcast live through the WPSP website and in Bryn Mawr’s Campus Center today.
Inside Bryn MawrRachel Yutzky wins Third Prize in PSCSW Awards ProgramCoffee Hour to be Held on Sept. Their achievements in teaching and research are consistently recognized by the university and national organizations.
While the website is still usable without Javascript, it should be enabled to enjoy the full interactive experience. We hope you enjoy your summer, and if your schedule allows, please consider joining us in one of our summer offerings.
At both events we will have refreshments as well and information about new programs and initiatives.
There are no strings attached—simply a monthly opportunity dedicated to preparing that grant proposal, building momentum, and gaining informal peer feedback on a proposal. There will be at least 1 synchronous meeting at the beginning of the course and discussion boards and an assignment every other week. Learn a more effective approach to ending academic dishonesty and study real-world examples of how to implement each step of Lang’s five-step model for dealing with cheating and promoting academic integrity. Attend if you are interested in how to create opportunities for your students to learn through teams and collaborative strategies.
The term "data-driven decision making" is mentioned frequently in education, and it is most often discussed in reference to policy decisions related to reporting requirements and accountability. Those already engaged in HICEPs are also invited to attend to learn how they might refine their work, and also in order to share their experiences with others.
This session is designed to provide information useful and applicable to faculty or staff managing a current grant award or preparing an application for a new award. This session provides an overview of the OSP and the services, resources, and assistance available to faculty, staff, and administrators who are seeking external sources of funding for projects and initiatives. Attend this panel of faculty who have found ways to create and build upon situations where there are students from varying skill and experience levels. In 20 minutes learn how to increase relevance in five areas of your teaching—your course design, your syllabus, your classroom, your assignments, and your exams. It delves into the challenges academics face while dealing with the wide range of responses from both White students and students of color, and provides a powerful overview of how teachers of color highlight the continued importance and existence of race and racism. From curriculum development to community collaborations, research to equipment, grant funding can help get your project off the ground. In this workshop you will learn how to transform your current PowerPoint presentations into mini lectures using Office Mix.
All faculty leaders and assistants are required to attend a workshop prior to the program's departure. Learn how multitasking during class affects learning and what you can do to change student behaviors and attitudes about dividing attention during class time.
This book focuses on the what, when, andhow of scenario-based e-learning for workforce learning.
It will guide you from topic selection to contacting editors regarding publishing possibilities. In this workshop, you will learn how to utilize both Release Conditions and Intelligent Agents to provide students with a personalized feedback and encouragement system that will help you use your time more efficiently. Using D2L quizzes, you can provide students with immediate and consistent feedback without spending the time of meeting with each student individually. Open Access textbooks and Open Educational Resources provide innovative solutions for faculty to provide students free access to reliable scholarly textbooks and other learning materials. In this book, you will also learn how to effectively engage key stakeholders, whether they are members of business and industry organizations, community groups, certification or postsecondary programs, parents, students or general citizens.
This program will give you a clearer and deeper understanding of critical thinking and how to teach it in your courses. Receive step-by-step instruction for designing objective items to assess particular cognitive operations in critical thinking skills for a wide range of disciplines.
Dale Rusche from Instructional Services will explain how some faculty are already using the Washburn Video server and demonstrate how you can use it too.
The original design of the studious-looking, tuxedo-clad figure was created in 1938 by Bradbury Thompson (ba '34), who became an internationally acclaimed graphic artist.

The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Dr. State Department and the Seven Sisters Colleges host the inaugural colloquium of the Women in Public Service Project, a post by Bryn Mawr President Jane McAuliffe in The Chronicle of Higher Education explains why an initiative that aims to prepare women for leadership roles in government and public service around the world dovetails perfectly with the missions of the women’s colleges that sponsor it.
If you haven’t already done so, you can also stop in to meet our 2016-17 faculty fellows and new C-TEL staff.
Regardless of the stage of proposal development, this informal meeting will offer a supportive work session designed to facilitate work on your grant proposal.
Though reporting requirements have their place in policy and accountability discussions, this frequently means little to the classroom teacher. Future lunches will include community partners from around the Topeka area, but this first one will be offered to faculty and staff only. Rubrics can ease the process of understanding what is expected in an assignment AND make grading easier. Other topics include Washburn institutional procedures for soliciting external funding and an introduction to other training sessions.
In this workshop, you will learn to record your notes and suggestions when you have time and send it to the student for them to view at their convenience. Exploring Race in Predominately White Classrooms is an essential resource for any educator interested in exploring race within the context of today’s classrooms. In this session, we will review ways to find public and private sources of funding, including and PIVOT. Attendance is required only once, but yearly attendance is encouraged as policies and procedures change over time. By the end of the training, participants will have a template for preparing future grant proposals. Throughout the book, Clark defines and demystifies scenario-based e-learning by offering a practical design model illustrated with examples from veterinary science, automotive troubleshooting, sales and loan analysis among other industries.
Based on information from her recent publication, The Fifth Minority: Mixed-Race Youth and Schooling, Sandy concludes that mixed-race youth will arrive on campuses no longer constrained by imposed racial identifications. We will also discuss the opportunities to combine the checklist with Release Conditions to provide students with feedback and encouragement.
In this workshop you will get to create an online quiz and experiment with the feedback options. In this workshop participants will explore Open Access and pedagogy, learn about Open Access resource adoption, and look at some tools for implementation in the classroom. Advisory boards give form and structure to stakeholder engagement and are a valuable focal point for implementing your stakeholder engagement program. Come also to congratulate those who have won the C-TEL Innovation Awards and Certificates in Teaching. This institute will be co-facilitated by the Karen Kapusta-Pofahl, C-TEL Fellow for adjunct support and an adjunct professor TBA.
This book explores multiple aspects of data-driven improvement in instruction and specifically targets the importance of gradient disaggregated objective technical skill data and its systematic use to continually improve instruction. In this workshop you will learn how to create an electronic rubric and grade student submissions simply by clicking boxes. This pointed and practical session will show you how to meet online students’ desires without sacrificing your standards. In this workshop participants will discuss how Open Access is defined, creative commons licensing, and popular resources to explore. This book will help you create an advisory board that helps you steer your program, build capacity, pull in new resources and expertise, and provide students and staff with opportunities they could never realize otherwise. The concepts and specific 'how-to' examples in this book are especially valuable for secondary, postsecondary, and adult educators. Mixed-race students will likely require curricula, campus structures, and resources to support development and effective management of self-racial identifications. All it takes is the right attitude, an understanding of what advisory boards can be, some strategic thinking and a little leg work. Don't wait to get started applying the valuable approaches to increasing the success of your students! In short, anyone can build a powerful and productive advisory board—this book will show you what it can look like and how you can build your own.

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