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After the opening of Mama Lee's Kitchen in the south side I was surprised to hear that another Korean restaurant was opening up in the same strip mall. A bunch of us food bloggers decided to get together and check this restaurant out on a Thursday night. In most Asian cuisines, dishes are served family style so you're able to have a little bit of everything. Next up was a crab meat fried rice with XO sauce (#46, $15) which came piping hot to the table. With a thin, deep fried coating and a smothering in sweet chili sauce, Korean fried chicken seems to be all the rage these days.
Next up were our noodle dishes, and the first to arrive was the Jajang Myun (#37 - family size, $18). Our takeaway aims to deliver fast, fresh food that is full of authentic Finest ingredients. If you've got any allergies or dietary requirements - Use the comment box.You can also include special offers or delivery instructions.
Still, others have told me that these local stories are just sweet memories, stuck in the past, and will prevent future opportunities for renewal (not to be confused with redevelopment). Peering in the windows of Grierson Centre: a minimal security institutional centre and federal heritage site. A few brick buildings dot the neighbourhood, representing a past era of Edmonton’s original downtown core.
An empty Chinese shopping centre housing the Mirama Restaurant: the site of an infamous shooting. Beside the Chinese Seniors Housing building, there is still an operating grocery store for the neighbourhood residents.
To the north of the neighbourhood along the train tracks is evidence of industrial heritage. This photo provided by the British Antarctic Survey, shows two planes from a Canadian company were used in the daring rescue of two sick workers from the U.S.
Canada’s history of involvement with Antarctic expeditions, research and discovery has always been wrapped up intimately with the efforts of other nations.
Being a polar nation ourselves, we have equipment and experienced professionals that other countries do not have.
Indeed, our abilities in polar climates haven’t gone unnoticed as a Calgary company was selected to supply the crew and equipment for a rescue mission to evacuate two sick workers in need of hospitalization.
We have the tools better equipped for the job, and we would do well to be more active in using them. Maybe we’re too fond of playing in our own backyard, but having a presence in both the Arctic and the Antarctic are not mutually exclusive prospects, and could boost our leadership in the international science community. This rescue mission could be just the tip of the iceberg of what we have to offer the international community in terms of our involvement in the Antarctic. The Antarctic holds the key to our past, to climate change and also to the study of the possibility of life on other planets.
Considering all of the wonderful advancements in science that have been achieved thanks to Antarctic expeditions, and all of the advancements yet to be uncovered, Canada is in a unique position to help aid and maybe spearhead these efforts even further, in ways that we can only yet imagine. I'm not the biggest fan of Korean style Chinese food but figured it was worth checking out since it is so close to where I live. The restaurant doesn't take reservations so arriving at 6pm allowed us to get seated at a large enough table for us all. We were disappointed to find out that none of the cold seasonal dishes were available, especially given how hot it was in the restaurant! The Kan Fung Gi (#25, $23) at Rae Mi Hyang is described as deep fried chicken with a spicy and sour sauce.

This dish is very popular in Korean Chinese restaurants as it is a dish that originated out of China. It offers up something different from Mama Lee's Kitchen three doors down and the service is quick and friendly. My family first arrived to Edmonton in Boyle Street and relocated within the inner-city neighbourhood a few times before heading to the suburbs. Part of the Chinese community, my family included, had left the South in favour of doing business in the newer Chinatown North.
According to one planner, I have been told the reason for this omission is that there is already a Chinatown to the north.
However, is this an ethical approach to planning for neighbourhoods? Are we telling developers and future residents that it is okay to develop in the Quarters because Chinatown is no longer there? Fortunately, there are significant community groups that are continuing discussions on such issues and advocating for more inclusion during the renewal process.
Individual Canadians have made heroic, and sometimes tragic, efforts in assisting legendary expeditions such as those led by Robert Falcon Scott or Ernest Shackleton. Austin Mardon, one of the authors of this column, went on just such an Antarctic expedition with NASA in the late 1980s. The mission said that our machines are built for the cold and, since it’s winter down there now, our pilots would be used to the constant darkness and turbulent weather from the Arctic. In turn this could mean more jobs, more research opportunities and potentially more business opportunities for Canadians down the road. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful. That fateful night was one of the hottest in Edmonton so far for the summer and lucky for us the restaurant has no air conditioning. But we decided to start with Jab Chae (#19, $20) which is one of my favourite Korean dishes. A huge plate of deep fried chicken strips arrived at the table coated in a sweet and very spicy sauce. A thick sauce is made out of salty black soybeans and Rae Mi Hyang has the flavour spot on. We may be crazy for ordering a hot noodle soup on a hot day, but jjam bong is a dish that I love and I wanted to try out Rae Mi Hyang's offering.
I did feel that some the dishes tended to be more on the expensive side compared to their counterparts at other Korean restaurants, so I hope that extra profit is going towards installing some air conditioning in the restaurant! Back during the 1980s and 90s, Edmonton’s second Chinatown was a bit livelier than what it is now. Is the Quarters project desirable because we choose to ignore its existing Chinese influence rather than work with it? Not to be confused with NIMBY notions, these groups, including the Chinese community, need to be open and welcoming to new arts groups, businesses, and development that are desperately needed for the area.
But Canada could amplify its scientific impact even by having a token presence at the southern pole.
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The combination of the outside temperature, number of people seated inside and the heat coming from the kitchen made it crazy hot in that small little restaurant. The dish is comprised of chewy sweet potato noodles stir fried with a variety of vegetables and pork.
I'm not a huge fan of sweet & spicy so I was a little disappointed when the dish arrived different from the description on the menu. A big bowl of noodles came out to the table, topped with some jalapenos to give additional heat.

I enjoyed the noodle dishes and would return for the jjam bong when the weather cools down and I'm craving some Asian comfort food.
This area provided core services for many including the Chinese and Vietnamese communities. Outside perceptions of Chinatowns as seedy and dirty discouraged many Edmontonians from visiting inside this neighbourhood, which was subsequently left to deteriorate. Obviously not, but must landscapes influenced by specific cultures be confined to one or few places?
I also extend these questions to include underrepresented voices like aboriginal heritage where such memories have often gone unrecognized throughout our urban landscape. Likewise, local improvements should recognize past memories, both good and bad, without rewriting (i.e. Many countries would welcome our scientists and logistical experts since other nations already regard Canadians employees as favourites. I really enjoyed the version at Rae Mi Hyang as there was plenty of fragrant sesame oil for flavouring which also prevented the noodles from sticking to one another. Everyone else seemed to enjoy the dish though, working hard to eat through the heat of the chilis. The wheat noodles resting below the sauce were al dente with a slightly chewy texture, and there was a good portion of onions, cucumbers and radish to accompany the dish. Every culture has a dumpling and while growing up Chinese, that would suggest that wontons and wor tip (potstickers) would be your go to.
I remember the thick mix of smells in the underground Pearl City restaurant where many businessmen smoked their cigars.
Furthermore, new services outside of the inner-core replaced some of the roles of the two Chinatowns and gave less reasons to visit. This is an important discussion city builders need to think about if we are trying to champion multiculturalism in Canada. There was a generous portion of vegetables, everything was seasoned well, and it even had a kick of heat! Mussels, shrimp and squid sat atop of the dish, and some digging around revealed half of a small crab in the bowl as well. I love ordering the black bean noodles and spicy seafood noodle soup usually when I go to Korean-Chinese places. I remember being fascinated by the foods on display outside at various grocers and peering through the glass tanks to tease the crabs and lobsters. There’s something simple and tasty about them that often made them a quick option for dinner.
I remember playing outside in the parking lots and constantly running in and out of businesses to trigger the kitchy electronic chimes.
Had I known how spicy their dishes would be, I probably would have gone for the mild version, but the noodles were cooked well and all around it was a solid dish.
It was a bit on a whim, and we got some sass for trying to get a table of 12 on short notice, but when we got there, the sweet Ukranian women were super welcoming and nurturing. Netflix Chef’s Table Season 2: Gaggan Progressive Indian Restaurant American Vancouver Cray !!!

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