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The decree, approved by the Cabinet, revokes the citizenship of the individuals for their alleged involvement in a number of acts.
On 31 January 2015, the Bahrain Ministry of the Interior issued a decree revoking the citizenship of 72 individuals for “illegal acts”. Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei is the Advocacy Director of the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD), a UK-based organisation that assists victims of human rights violations in Bahrain in obtaining compensation. The decree, which was approved by the Cabinet, was issued in accordance with Article 10(c) of the Bahraini Nationality Act and its amendments (2014). I am gravely concerned at the pattern of intimidation and harassment against human rights defenders in Bahrain and, in particular, the practice of revoking citizenship as a form of punishment. Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes is a Bangladeshi journalist, human rights activist. William Gomes said, “I am against any form of intolerance alongside xenophobia and antisemitism. Adam Bodnar in years 1999-2004 worked as an associate for Weil Gotshal & Manges, Warsaw office.
Adam Bodnar is an author of several scholar publications and commentaries published in the Polish press.
ESOHR: The UN committee against torture publishes the report of final concluding observations on torture in Saudi Arabia.
Beirut, 16 January, 2012 -- On 29 December 2011, the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) issued an appeal concerning a decree revoking the nationality of six human rights defenders, Sheikh Mohammad Abdul Razak Al-Sediq, Dr. In December 2011, the human rights defenders were called to report to the immigration office in Abu Dhabi where they were ordered to hand over all forms of identification documents, including their passports, driver’s licenses, National Registration Books, and medical card as well as their National ID, a document which is required for a large number of transactions in the UAE, including banking transactions. The authorities have told the human rights defenders that they must now find sponsors as they do not currently have any legal status in the UAE. The human rights defenders have not been shown a copy of the decree, which revoked their citizenship, nor have they been provided with any details or grounds for the revocation.
The revocation explicitly contradicts Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees everyone the right to a nationality and states that no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality.
The GCHR see the revocation decree of the citizenship of Sheikh Mohammad Abdul Razak Al-Sediq, Dr.
The Gulf Centre for Human Rights is an independent centre and has been registered in Ireland. Everytime one asks if a human right of migration exists, the question creates uncertainty about the intersection between human rights and migration.
But more important is the fact that a migrant who entered a country or remained there without authorisation and without applying for asylum does not nullify the state’s duty under international law to protect his or her basic rights without any discrimination, for example against torture, degrading treatment, or forced labour.
From this legal point of view it is essential to distinguish between refugees and migrants. In reality, however, the differentiation between the different types of migrants is far from clear-cut. Mr Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei, Mr Ali Abdulemam, Mr Abbas Busafwan, Mr Hussain Jasem, and Dr Ali Al-Dairi, have been involved in efforts to see citizens live better lives.

The list of names provided by the Ministry includes five human rights defenders: Mr Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei, Mr Ali Abdulemam, Mr Abbas Busafwan, Mr Hussain Jasem, and Dr Ali Al-Dairi. The organisation also coordinates with local and international NGOs to provide a voice for members of the exiled Bahraini community.
It revoked the citizenship of the individuals for their alleged involvement in a number of acts, including “spying for foreign countries and recruiting people for social media”, “financing groups carrying terrorists operations”, “defaming the image of the regime”, “seeking to form a terrorist group”, “inciting and advocating regime change through illegal means”, “belonging to terrorist groups fighting abroad” and “defaming brotherly countries”. I am further concerned that Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei, Ali Abdulemam, Abbas Busafwan, Hussain Jasem and Ali Al-Dairi have been targeted solely on account of their peaceful and legitimate human rights activities.
Guarantee in all circumstances that all human rights defenders in Bahrain are able to carry out their legitimate human rights activities without fear of reprisals and free of all restrictions.
As an investigative journalist has written widely for leading European and Asian media outlets.
In October 2004 he joined the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Warsaw and started the new Strategic Litigation Program. Bodnar has been promoted to be a member of the Management Board of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the head of the whole legal division, comprising of 15 lawyers. He is mostly interested in protection of fundamental rights, jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and European Court of Justice, EU citizenship, and role of NGOs in pursuing public interest and freedom of speech. They were warned that if they did not have such sponsors they would be in violation of the law and may face imprisonment.
As a result of their citizenship being revoked they are being denied the right to work and to earn a livelihood as well as the right to have legal status. The GCHR believes that the revocation of their citizenship is directly related to their human rights activities and the legitimate exercise of their right to freedom of association. The Centre works to strengthen support for human rights defenders and independent journalists in Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. When the migrant crosses a frontier, the act that defines international migration, international legal instruments intersecting migration and human rights become enforceable. Voluntary migrants, including migrant workers and other economic migrants and, at the other end, 2. In the case of refugees, these protections have become a separate and well-established protection regime. At the point of making the decision to move, motivations may be mixed as a combination of choice and compulsion.
This approach would help identifying the "push factors” and examine the degree to which different flows of economic migration are, in fact, voluntary. William Gomes concentrates on humanity; his advocacy of human beings in dangerous, preventable circumstances does in fact lead to some of our most vital reports, because they give a voice to the voiceless. Following over three years of activity, the Program includes more than 100 precedent cases, which are litigated in order to bring systemic change in the human rights’ protection in Poland.
He is also the Director of Observatory for Freedom of Media in Poland, new program of the Helsinki Foundation, implemented in cooperation with Article 19 and Human Rights House Foundation. The 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, with just one “amending” and updating Protocol adopted in 1967, is the central feature in today’s international regime of refugee protection, and some 147 States have now ratified either one or both of these instruments (as of June 2012).

A growing number of people are on the move for a combination of reasons that fundamentally are related to safeguarding physical and economic security. The human rights defender was sentenced in absentia in 2011 to 15 years’ imprisonment for “plotting a coup”, and left Bahrain in May 2013 for London, United Kingdom, where he currently resides.
He is also the Senior Legal Expert within the FRALEX network of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. Ali Hussain Al-Hammadi, Chairman of the Center for Creative Thinking, cannot operate as he is not entitled to work. Migrants and other groups on the move often make a conscious decision for economic and other reasons.
The Convention, which entered into force in 1954, is by far the most widely ratified refugee treaty.
Thus, migration is very much linked to coping with livelihood problems caused by complex issues. Abbas Busafwan is a pro-democracy journalist based in London and the Head of the Bahrain Center for Studies in London (BCSL), which performs research on the causes and consequences of the uprising in Bahrain in 2011. Voluntary migrants are protected under general principles of international human rights law, and — increasingly — under the UN International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Their Families (ICMW), which entered into force in July 2003.
These can be persecution, political turmoil and armed conflict as also poverty and environmental problems arising out of factors such as climate change, population pressure, and natural disasters.
He works as an assistant professor (adiunkt) at the Human Rights Chair of the Warsaw University Faculty of Law and Administration.
Al-Hammadi’s training centre to all government entities so that they will not deal with his centre.
Countries that have ratified the Convention are primarily countries of origin of migrants (such as Morocco, Turkey and the Philippines). Ali Al-Dairi is the founder of the online news forum Bahrain Mirror, launched in May 2011 during the Bahraini uprising due to the lack of press freedom. The Program introduced also the practice to submit amicus curiae briefs by Polish NGOs to the European Court of Human Rights and the Polish Constitutional Court.
According to further information received, the nationality of a seventh human rights defender, Mr.
As a result, the centre has reportedly lost some big contracts, which may have serious consequences on the running of the centre and its employees. Ahmed Ghaith Al Suwaidi as a continuation of the trend of targeting activists by the government of the UAE. For these countries, the Convention is an important vehicle to protect their citizens living abroad. Paradoxically, no migrant-receiving State in Western Europe or North America has ratified the Convention.

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