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The uvula is the small flesh part in the back of the tongue seen in the middle region of the throat. The symptoms of swollen uvula are moderate pain in the throat, redness and swelling inside the throat.
Home remedies for swollen throat comes in the form of gargling lukewarm salt water several times a day. DefinitionUn oedeme est un gonflement constitue d'eau (appele plus precisement liquide sereux) qui a infiltre les tissus de la peau. Si on met les jambes en hauteur, le liquide va descendre vers les cuisses ; resultat les mollets vont degonfler.
Par contre, en fin de nuit, la region des reins etant la plus basse dans le lit, c'est elle qui va se remplir de liquide : on voit les plis du drap sur les lombes, qui temoignent de la presence d'oedemes. Il peut etre generalise, touchant aussi la plevre , le pericarde : c'est rare et cela s'appelle un anasarque. Soit parce que la pression du sang augmente dans les veines : l'exces de pression dans les veines fait sortir le sang vers les tissus en particulier des jambes. Soit parce que le sang est trop dilue : c'est ce qui se passe dans les maladies ou il y a une perte de sel excessive par les urines.
Il ne s'agit pas d'oedemes a proprement parler, mais de jambes lourdes : on ne retrouve pas le signe du godet. De veritables oedemes qui apparaissent en fin de grossesse doivent alerter et mettre un route un traitement rapide avant l'accouchement, de facon a eviter l'eclampsie . Temperature (rando, trek, montagne)La temperature de l'air diminue de 0,85 °C tous les 100 metres.
Labyrinthitus, an infection of the inner ear, can be painful and also throw a person's sense of equilibrium off kilter. Sore throat and ear pain are often connected to each other and may be caused by a bacterial or viral infection. The throat and ears are located closely beside each other, so many times a problem with one of these areas will cause problems in the other.
Symptoms of throat pain and ear pain often include a fever, trouble swallowing, excess phlegm, swollen lymph nodes, and a red, scratchy throat. Sore throat and ear pain often occur for reasons other than a regular bacterial or viral infection. Drinking too much alcohol, eating food that is too hot or too cold, and using the vocal chords too much can cause a person to have a sore throat.
At times, cancer of the head or neck can be responsible for the development of a sore throat and ear pain. The white bumps with pain when you swallow is tonsillitis and an ear infection can then follow this!
I have severe allergies during the spring and summer, and my throat often becomes really scratchy when I am exposed to a lot of pollen.
Well, that's that for now, need to rush off for my movie date (Tron) at 11.20am TGV Wangsa Walk. Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur never fails to impress me with their delectable Chinese cuisine. Have you been taking for granted the people that handle our sewerage, ensuring we get clean water flowing into our homes daily? On dit qu'il y a oedeme si la marque du doigt reste imprimee dans la peau lorsqu'on appuie dessus avec le doigt. Lorsque la quantite de liquide est importante, on peut retrouver le signe du godet au niveau de la region lombaire, ce qui temoigne d'une quantite importante de liquide. En general il est localise, principalement au niveau des chevilles ou du pied et du visage, parfois plus etendu au niveau des jambes et des pieds (des simples jambes lourdes aux grosses jambes infiltrees), parfois dans la region lombaire (oedemes chez les personnes alitees).
Ce probleme est relativement frequent et du a une mauvaise circulation du sang dans les veines et l'eventuelle compression par le foetus. Elle n'a pas vocation a etre exhaustive et tout comme les conseils, elle ne peut se subsister a une consultation ou un diagnostic medical. Other causes of these issues include allergies, drinking too much alcohol, infections of the teeth, or a uvula infection.
A bacterial or viral infection that occurs in the throat or ear can cause sore throat and ear pain and the development of the same infection in the other area.
Tooth infections and uvula infections, for instance, can cause irritation in the ears and throat. Many times, these symptoms are persistent and do not go away with the use of home remedies or antibiotics. Woke up the next morning with a clear swelling surrounding my uvula, along with my right ear aching and neck pain from the exterior but only on the right side.I've had minor surgery several times where my mouth could barely open, so this is somewhat similar. Common viruses (that should be common knowledge ain't it), the viruses that causes the flu can cause sore throat.
Bacterias, the two most common bacteria to cause a sore throat are Streptococcus and Arcanobacterium haemolyticum.
A humidifier may be helpful in relieving symptoms, especially in sore throats caused by mouth breathing and dry air. If the nose is plugged, nasal sprays such as Afrin may be used for two to three days to prevent mouth breathing. On either side of the thyroid gland are two lobes, that sometimes due to malfunction of the thyroid, cause growths to appear. However, if only part of the thyroid is removed, the remaining thyroid is capable of producing enough thyroid hormones in sufficient amounts. Uvula is the important part of the mouth which monitors what you eat and it is responsible for sending foods right into the alimentary canal instead of nasal cavity. It becomes difficult for him to eat and drink and even drinking water can cause pain in the throat. On dit que l' oedeme prend le godet .Points importantsLe liquide responsable des oedemes parcourt les tissus de la meme facon que dans une eponge, c'est a dire qu'il suit la pesanteur.

Often, one side of the throat can be infected and cause the ear on the same side to become infected as well, while the other side the throat and the other ear remain untouched. Some of these symptoms may require medical attention, especially if they last for more than just a few days. Allergies and hay fever can cause stuffiness to occur in the nose and because of the close relationship between the ear, nose, and throat, fluids can be exchanged between the three and cause problems. Other symptoms may be present as well, including swollen glands, rash on the gums, trouble hearing, and trouble breathing. I thought I'd check to see if there was pus hiding behind my tonsil and although a very little yellowish stuff did seep out (I used qtips and a mini flash light) I am now able to open my mouth without pain, but feel slight discomfort in my neck and my uvula is still swollen.
Discover swollen tongue treatments, medications and remedies for various causes including trauma, allergies, disease and infections, dehydration, cold sores, amyloidosis, tongue cancer, yeast infection, swollen tongue thyroid, glossitis, angioedema among others. Damn, I really do not like this, as normally this condition indicates an onset of flu and fever. My name is Isaac Tan and I cover mostly on lifestyle events with emphasis on happenings in Kuala Lumpur, food reviews, movies, tech and more.
Complications of thyroidectomy include:Bleeding and airway obstruction Permanent hoarse or weak voice Hypoparathyroidism - decreased function of the parathyroid glands, Hypocalcemia - low blood calcium level An Important thing to remember is that you can live a full and productive life without your thyroid gland.
In case if the swelling does not get settled within 3 or 4 days, then it is better to see the doctor. Le drainage lymphatique, les pieds en position surelevee et la thalassotherapie permettent souvent de nettes ameliorations.Raisonnement du medecinVerifier tout d'abord qu'il s'agisse bien d'un oedeme, puis rechercher la cause en etudiant son mecanisme et enfin en fonction de celui-ci recourir a des examens complementaires bien precis.
La cause de cette ascite est trouvee grace au bilan hepatique , a l'echographie et la ponction de l'ascite . Home remedies can be used to treat mild symptoms, but severe problems may require the use of prescription antibiotics.
You will just need to replace the hormone that normally would have been produced by a functioning thyroid for the rest of your life. Irritation in throat is felt by the affected person as if some sharp particle is in the middle of throat cutting each time when you try to swallow or drink.
Severe infection in throat can create pus in the uvula region making it difficult for the person to talk and eat. I took ibuprofen and it helped to calm it down, but as of this moment both of my ears are clogged and they hurt, my throat hurts and I'm having trouble swallowing, I am all stuffy and I don't feel like doing anything. Its surface is covered with taste buds whose role is to differentiate different tastes such as salty, bitter, and sweet and so on. At times, it is not only your tongue that swells but also your voice box, taste buds (swollen tongue papillae), gums, mouth and even lips, depending on what causes the swelling. Swelling that does not last long should not worry you because swelling is a body defense mechanism that fights infections and aids in healing. However, if it is prolonged, it might be harmful or be an indication of a different problem. Furthermore, when tongue swelling is accompanied with some symptoms we will mention later, it might be a life threatening problem that needs medical emergency. If your tongue feels swollen some of the common symptoms and you may have include: Chewing, swallowing and speaking difficulties Tongue color changes where it might be red or pale. Blocked airways in case of a severe tongue swelling Swollen lymph nodes under your mandible and chin region.
Swollen tongue with bumps, ulcers or lesions on your tongue Tongue pain, mouth pain or burning sensation General edema Fever and headache Tongue texture might change Blood in case of trauma Sore and tender tongue Lip swelling Throat swelling swollen tongue papillae There are many other tongue swelling symptoms you might have but they will be related to underlying disease or cause such as anemia, HIV, cancer, diabetes, among many other conditions we will discuss while looking at the causes. It is good to go for differential diagnosis of swollen tongue if they persist for a long time to determine the exact cause. Swollen tongue causes, why is my tongue swollen or reasons There are many causes and reasons which might make your tongue to feel swollen.
Some of the most common causes include the following: Trauma and injuries A fairly common swollen tongue cause is injuries and trauma that include burns (from hot liquids and foods), biting your tongue, irritation and injuries from dental appliances, surgical procedures, tongue piercing, among others. The common allergens could be food if you suffer from food allergies, insect stings (especially wasp and bee sting), hives (bumpy and itchy tongue), some medications such as ACE inhibitors used in treating high blood pressure, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen) among other medications. When caused by allergies, the swelling will tend to be sudden and after you have encountered with the triggering allergen. The swelling might also affect your mouth, lips, gums or even face and be accompanied with other symptoms such as mild vomiting, mild diarrhea, runny nose, sneezing, abdominal cramps, mild coughing, skin rashes, among others. In case you suffer from anaphylaxis which is a more serious allergic reactions that might affect several body parts at the same time, ensure you seek immediate medical attention since the condition can be life threatening.  It is usually accompanied by itchy, hives, short breath, rapid breath, among other symptoms. Diseases and conditions There are a number of diseases and conditions that can result to tongue swelling which you need to know. Amyloidosis If you have a slowly swelling tongue that gradually increases, you could be suffering from a condition known as amyloidosis. Tongue cancer This is a common neck and head cancer that is diagnosed in more than 10,000 people in the US alone.
The symptoms of tongue cancer you will first notice include ulcers, lumps, red painless patches, white spots or patches especially on your outer tongue layer as well as areas surrounding it.
In most cases, tongue cancer is painful and leaves persistent tongue lesions that increase in size as time goes by. The moment you notice any of the above symptoms on your tongue that does not go away after two weeks, get biopsied to confirm the cause. Herpes viruses (cold sores) and canker sores If you have a swollen painful tongue that has ulcers or lesions, it could be cold sores. Cold sores are caused by herpes viruses and can affect various part of the body including your mouth. These fever blisters often clear after 7-14 days but medicines such as acyclovir can speed up healing.
Fungal and yeast infection Mouth fungal and yeast infection is another possible cause of tongue swelling. Fungal infections will tend to be common for people who have to take antibiotics courses regularly.

For people who have immunity systems that are compromised, such as people with HIV, candida thrush, a yeast infection can easily affect them. Candida thrush can be treated with a number of medications both oral and the type you swash and spit or swallow. Swollen tongue thyroid or hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism also known as underactive thyroid disease is a common endocrine disorder where your thyroid glands do not produce enough thyroid hormone.
This can result in tongue swelling and will be accompanied by other signs and symptoms that include fatigue, dry skin, puffy face, weak muscles, painful or stiff joints, hair thinning, weight gain, constipation, depression, impaired memory among others.
Scarlet fever This is a bacterial infection that will make the tongue bald (without papillae) and swollen. A whitish or yellowish coating is also common and it will peel leaving your tongue red and swollen i.e. It has other symptoms that include swollen neck glands, nausea, vomiting and red blotches (first sign). It could be a symptoms of other conditions such as allergic reactions, injuries, skin condition that affects your mouth, irritants such as hot food, alcohol abuse, tobacco, dry mouth, hormonal factors, viral, bacterial or yeast infection, etc.
Good oral care, good diet, antibiotics, avoiding irritants are some of the way to deal with glossitis.
Angioedema This refers to the rapid swelling of “dermis, subcutaneous tissue, mucosa and submucosal tissues” [Wikipedia].
It can cause mouth, tongue and throat swelling rapidly and it affect other areas of the body. This will be coupled with other symptoms of dehydration that include parched and cracked lips, mouth caking with a thick material, hollow cheeks,, loose  dry skin, concentrated urine that burns the bladder, dry respiratory track among others.
Ensuring you have enough fluids and food is the best way of dealing with swollen tongue dehydration since if it becomes acute, it can cause death.
Other causes of tongue swelling There are many other general reasons for tongue swelling which include the following: Genetic disorders such as Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome or Down’s syndrome, lymphangioma Inflammation and swelling of taste buds Dietary deficiencies especially vitamin D, B3 and B12 Swollen under tongue or swollen glands under tongue Swollen under tongue or swollen glands under tongue In case you have swollen under tongue, swollen back of tongue or the back of your tongue swollen, this is indicates a problem with your salivary glands.
Swollen glands under tongue I s caused by number of things that include salivary stones, salivary gland infection, mumps, HIV, parainfluenza types I and II, influenza A, herpes, tumor, blocked salivary glands often by mucous, poor oral hygiene among others. Swollen tongue one side, left side or right side one side swelling Having swollen tongue on one side i.e.
Swollen tongue one side can be caused by trauma such as dental appliances, injuries, tongue piercings, biting your tongue, getting burned and so on.
Who said you cannot have cold sores, canker sores, oral cancer or any other infection cannot cause one side tongue swelling? Finally allergic reactions and angioedema can also cause left or right side tongue swelling. Swollen tongue piercing Swollen due to piercing picture Immediately after a tongue piercing, you can experience some swelling. However, in case of tongue piercing infection or tongue piercing injuries you might end up with a swollen tongue piercing after months, or after years. If caused by infection, it will come with other signs such as redness, discharges, bleeding, discoloration, abscess, bumps or bubble etc.
There are many tips, home remedies, ideas and ways to deal with tongue piercing swelling you need to be aware of.
Baby swollen tongue Baby swollen tongue can be caused by any of the causes we have discussed that include diseases and conditions, allergies, trauma, inflamed papillae, dehydration among others. Swollen tongue teeth marks Swollen tongue teeth marks Sometimes, you might have swollen tongue with teeth marks on its side i.e. This is an indication of nutritional deficiency, liver inflammation, thyroid problems, body water retention (due to diabetes, hepatomegaly, liver inflammation, fatigue, sluggishness, abdominal distention, etc.), tongue scalloping.
Some of the foods that can nourish your spleen include kidney beans, aduki beans, yellow squash, barley, millet, oats, carrots, celery, chicken, pumpkin, fennel, fish, yams, root vegetables, algae, kale, parsnips, parsley, beetroot, lychees, alfalfa among others. Swollen tongue sore throat A swollen tongue and sore throat is an indication of allergic reactions, angioedema, anaphylaxis, tongue cancer or mononucleosis. When caused by allergic reactions, you might have other symptoms such as breathing difficulties, rashes, hives and sneezing. If tongue swelling and throat is caused by mononucleosis (kissing disease) which spreads via saliva or tears, you will be feeling extremely fatigue, have fever in addition to a swollen tongue and sore throat. Finally, if it tongue cancer, you expect the symptoms we already discussed in addition to ear pain or aches, white patches on tongue, swollen glands, and swollen lymph nodes, red patches on tongue, numbness, pain and bleeding. Swollen tongue treatment, cure, remedies and medications Swollen tongue treatment will entirely depend on the cause unless you opt for remedies which can help in reducing the swelling (remedies).
We will discuss various treatments, medications, home remedies for swollen tongue and cures while bearing in mind the cause.
Treating swollen tongue due to allergies Once you determine your tongue swelling is as a result of allergies, you need to avoid the allergens be it medications, food or bee sting. Diseases and conditions We have seen the fact that various diseases and conditions including HIV, herpes virus, amyloid, canker sores, tongue cancer, etc.
Generally, bacterial infections might be treated using prescribed antibiotics while antivirals might help to reduce the symptoms of any infections caused by viruses. Trauma and injury related tongue swelling Serious tongue injuries require medical attention to stop bleeding and reduce the swelling. For minor cases, you might such ice chips to reduce the swelling, keep your head raised above your head (using pillows) and take pain relieving medications. Swollen tongue remedies at home, reduce or bring down To help get rid of a swollen tongue, you can try various remedies. They will help in reducing the swelling as well as soothing some of the symptoms you might be having.

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