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There are certain instances when the swelling only occurs the moment a person gets out of bed in the morning.
When ankle swelling is accompanied by edema especially on deep cavities, there’s a likelihood that small pits will form.
Since there may be fluid build up in an area surrounding the ankle it is likely that there will be indentation especially when the skin is being pinched. This may also manifest in people suffering from swollen ankles especially if the cause is something related to trauma and injury such as strain and sprain. When the kidney fails to work properly, fluid may easily build up resulting to swelling especially in the ankle area. Since there will also be an increase in the fluid amounts in the body of a pregnant woman, swelling especially in the ankle region is prominent. In order to effectively treat swollen ankles, it is critical to know its underlying causes.
By elevating the affected side, the fluid is returned into the upper extremities to be properly circulated. When you know that your specific medication is causing you ankle swelling, the best thing you can do is to change the drugs and look for an alternative. When tight stockings are causing you swollen ankles, look for loose ones which will not impede circulation. Among the primary goal of treatment for swollen ankles is to decrease or even halt the inflammatory process. I had a car accident and broke my ankle due to having it on the brake when another vehicle struck me. I broke ankle back in 2008, it is now years later and I have a small knot forming on it and its sore to walk on. Hello,I first started having pain in the ball of foot 6 months ago, andhad a pair of orthadics made which had great arch support butstarted causing pain under the base of the 1st toe. Hi,I had the exact same thing you did with no gap, and got a boot the same day and crutches three days later. 6 months ago i had surgery on removal of bone spurs from four of my toes including bunion removal hoping for relief of burning and painful foot after standing and walking all day long. I HAVE METAL ON MY LEFT ANKLE AND IT GREW LIKE A WATER BUBBLE AND MY LEG IS TURNING BLACK FROM IT,COULD IT BE FROM THE METAL INSIDE?
I have a kidney transplant, type 2 diabetes as a result of the transplant and high blood pressure.
Carpal tunnel syndrome, common in web programmers and other computer users, can cause swelling. Everyone in Bali is born with one of four first names, based on birth order: Wayan, Made, Nyoman, or Ketut. There can be quite a number of causes of hand swelling, but infection and injury in the fingers, hand, or lower arm tend to be among the most common. Inflammatory swelling can have a variety of causes and can be chronic or acute in nature, sometimes presenting as redness, pain, local fever or impaired function of affected organs. Hormones are primarily involved in chemical regulation in the body, but when they’re imbalanced swelling in the extremities can be a consequence.
To alleviate swelling, doctors often recommend a first-aid treatment that includes rest, ice, compression and elevation — a routine commonly known by the acronym RICE — as a short-term solution. It used to be that I could fly back and forth to Indonesia in a week, smoke a pack, drink a case and barely have to take off my heels, but now, Oh, dear, now, I don’t know what to put on.
It happens somewhere over the mid-west, possibly New York, no, before New York, when my ankle disappears, small dark blue veins come flooding the forefront and all my toes look like mini-hot-dogs. Flight attendants choose their shoes based on a number of factors, including their individual budgets, foot problems and the rules of their airline.
Typically, that results in crew members rotating between two sets of shoes: a snappy-looking pair to wear in the terminal, where appearing polished is a job requirement, and a more sensible, affordable pair that they change into for the service portion of a flight.
What follows are some of their favorite shoes and brands, ideas you can steal for your own weary soles. Should a pair of shoes pinch or rub the wrong way, some air crew stick maxi pads in his loafers. One shoe brand popular among flight attendants is the go-to choice of many chefs and doctors, who are also on their feet for many hours: Dansko, from about $80 to $150.
Aerosoles, Naturalizer, Clarks and Rockport brands are also favorites on the flight attendant’s list of best shoes ranging from about $85 to $140.
Most flight attendants strongly advise against wearing uncomfortable shows as well as flip-flops because of bigger issues like emergency landings. I do find it a little sad though that they all think the shoes I wear on a daily basis are ugly. Blood tests, x-rays, or ultrasound may needed to diagnose the cause of unexplained swelling.
Unexplained facial or throat swelling may be anaphylaxis, and emergency medical care is required. A troubling symptom with many potential causes, unexplained swelling can be caused by an allergic reaction to foods, medications, or environmental substances, especially when the swelling involves the face, lips, and throat. Any unexplained swelling involving the face, lips, or tongue should be reported to a doctor immediately, especially if these symptoms are accompanied by a rash or difficulty breathing. Liver or kidney disease can cause unexplained swelling throughout the body, particularly in the hands, feet, and abdomen.
Lymph node infections or certain forms of cancer may cause swelling in the neck, armpits, or groin. Thyroid disease, the use of certain medications, or standing for prolonged periods of time may sometimes lead to the development of unexplained swelling. This condition takes place when there is fluid accumulation in between joints and tissue surrounding the ankle.
When there is failure in the contractility and pumping mechanism of the heart, fluid retention will likely occur resulting to edema and swelling of the extremities especially of the ankles. An example of a drug that can cause ankle swelling belongs to the calcium channel blocker group.

Once the primary cause has been known, it would be easier to treat the underlying condition and relieve ankle swelling.
When you are obese and it’s causing you swollen ankles, the best way to treat the condition is through regular exercise routines. Three weeks later, I had a gap, 2mm, because I had little pain so walked around with an ace bandage. 3 months after the surgery I called my Dr to complain about pain in all the joints in my whole body. Inflammation of the tendons and ligaments can also play a role; tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are but two examples in this category. When bones break, tissues get bruised, and muscles rip or tear, blood vessels rushing to the scene often swell as they try to reach the damaged area. A person who has infected tissues in the wrist or hand may see swelling as the body launches a fight. In the hands, inflammation-related swells usually happen in response to a specific injury or stress on a muscle group.
Some common causes of skin swelling include skin infection, allergic reaction, insect bites, hives, cellulitis and eczema. Pregnancy is one of the most common examples, and pregnant women frequently experience on-and-off swelling of both the hands and the feet as their hormone levels swing.
Sometimes, problems elsewhere in the body can cause swelling as something of a side effect.
To ice an area, bagged ice cubes or cold packs are usually placed on the swollen skin and an elastic bandage or hand towel can be used to compress the ice.
My doctor has diagnosed it as tendinitis of the wrist but the pain and swelling is in my hands and upper arm as well. But they kept swelling and swelling even as I tried to walk it off, go up and downstairs, stretch, nothing worked. And so when I saw this piece on what seasoned flight attendants wear, I couldn’t wait to read, pick out the best bits and pass them on to you. And regularly hitting the brakes on a drink cart can scuff, even rip, the tops of their shoes. To some flight attendants, these clogs are heaven during a flight, enabling them to sidestep not only foot pain, but back aches, too. Scholl’s “fast flats,” can be rolled up and stashed in a handbag and are a great show to wear on a flight. Medical conditions affecting the heart, kidneys, or liver can sometimes cause swelling in various areas of the body. This combination of symptoms may indicate a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis. Certain cardiac conditions, such as congestive heart failure, may also involve this symptom.
There are too many causes, some that can be quite serious, to make a diagnosis yourself if you are experiencing any form of swelling with no explanation. There are certain instances wherein ankle edema signifies serious underlying pathologic conditions such as congestive heart problems, infections, deep tissue trauma, circulatory problems and other imbalance in the body’s homeostasis. This medication is specifically indicated to correct high blood pressure but its side effects may include ankle swelling. In pregnant women, this may indicate a potentially dangerous condition called pre-eclampsia. They were left in my ankle and doctor told me I shouldn't worry about removing them unles the time becomes a necessity.
I continue to have pain when walking thoughout the day which is very minimal, My fifth toe seams to have bone fracture after seeing the x-ray as well as protrusion on the fourth toe I wonder what this doctor was trying to do by causing problems to my foot that i did not have in the first place all my toes look deform and there are notice of keloids scars on the top of my foot where he removed thread you i mean thread the first 11 day of my surgery which was not about to be heeled. I asked him why I was experiencing this type of pain now when I never had it before the surgery?He proceeded to tell me that it wasn't a Bunion after all. It started out only happening when I wore high heeled dress shoes and progressed to constant pain.
SHOULD I WORRY CAUSE IT DOES HURT MOST OF THE TIME?Hi Tracy,Yes, you can assume it is from the metal in your ankle and yes you should worry because it hurts all the time. Hormonal imbalances can contribute, too, and pregnant and menstruating women are some of the most commonly afflicted with temporary swells of both the hands and feet. They may also take on extra water and nutrients to bring to the injury, and the tissues surrounding the site typically also enlarge as a means of protecting the tissues as they heal. Sometimes the infected tissue is obvious, as is often the case when a cut or gash allows bacteria from the outside in, but some infections are strictly internal. Carpal tunnel syndrome, for instance, which is a wearing down of the wrist ligaments, can sometimes lead to swelling; tendonitis, an unnatural separation of the muscle from the bone it’s attached to, is another possibility. Most of the time, the swelling will die down as the irritation subsides, and it’s usually limited to the skin; larger tissues and muscular and bone structures aren’t usually impacted.
This frequently also happens in the days and weeks leading up to menstruation, a phenomenon known as “pre-menstrual syndrome.” Sometimes thyroid imbalances in both women and men can produce similar swells. This is most often the case in situations of major organ failure or disease, when the blood becomes thick with toxins. The person affected by hand swelling should rest and elevate as the area is iced and compressed in order to minimize healing time if injured and to alleviate as much swelling as possible until medical attention can be sought. The bloating of the abdomen is very noticeable but the hands and face can be a little swollen too. Foot swelling is common during pregnancy both due to water retention and the increased weight of the body. But most flight attendants in the United States are allowed to buy what they like as long as they stay within certain guidelines. PreCheck program, which can enable frequent travelers who have been prescreened to pass through security without removing their shoes as long as they do not trigger the detectors.
Autoimmune diseases such as lupus or arthritis may cause unexplained swelling of the joints. Emergency medical care is necessary in cases of anaphylaxis, as a lack of oxygen to the brain and other internal organs can cause death within a matter of minutes.

Blood tests and other diagnostic testing methods, including x-rays or ultrasound, may be needed in order to properly diagnose these conditions. If cancer is suspected, a variety of medical tests may be needed in order to accurately diagnose the cause of the swelling. Although swelling does not usually indicate the presence of a serious illness, it is important to always report any unusual symptoms to a doctor so that an accurate diagnosis can be obtained and proper medical treatment can begin. Ankle swelling should not be just taken for granted since this may indicate an impending doom.
Steroids and antidepressants are also known to cause swollen ankles owing to the fact that these enlarge the small blood vessels causing fluids to leak in the extra-vascular space thereby resulting into swelling. However, this may not be true at all times since swollen ankles during pregnancy can be brought by an increase in the fluid amounts of the mother’s body which will help sustain the pregnancy. Thank you Hi Jana,In most cases the "knot" that forms is from one of the screws backing out.
It has been 5 months since my surgery, but I have been having sever pain in my ankle for several weeks.
I am really out of [atience with this doctor cause he is not concerned about what really is wrong and my secound opion dr. It was a pocket of Arthritis, and once that pocket is cut open, the Arthritis will spread through ones body like wild fire. I have found a help for this condition lately that does help for a while but has to be repeated every couple of days.
It might also be the case that swelling is a symptom of a larger, often more serious problem. Inflammation related to arthritis in the joints of the fingers or wrists might lead to swelling, too. This treatment should not be used as a cure though, and unless the cause is clear, any indicators of hand swelling or general swelling of the body should usually be evaluated by a medical professional. Autoimmune diseases such as lupus may lead to swelling of the joints as well as other parts of the body. This can also be caused by the baby’s weight putting pressure on the extremities of the mother thereby resulting into swollen lower extremities especially the ankles. The pain is only where the hardware is located, I can literally press on the heads of the screws to alleviate some pain for like 30 seconds but it comes right back. They also gave me herbs to cook and soak my foot daily, also herbs to stimulate healing internally, and pain patches to put on the spot where the break was overnight.I stayed off it as much as possible, and after 3 WEEKS,it had healed 50%!! Edema, an abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin, in another common cause of general swelling in the extremities of the body and is typically caused by higher than normal volumes of tissue fluid in the blood. A proper diagnosis usually requires blood tests to check the levels of chemicals, toxins, and hormones.
Keeping an ice pack on my wrist and hand every couple of hours reduces the pain and swelling a little bit. But during pregnancy, if the swelling is sudden or severe, it can actually be a sign of an underlying condition like preeclampsia or a liver or kidney disorder. In some cases, swelling may be caused by a physical injury, sunburn, or poor nutritional habits. Therefore, it is imperative to immediately seek medical attention when ankle swelling is noted. When the latter of the previously mentioned things are the causes, there’s really nothing to worry about. It is still stiff but no pain, and for the most part, I am trying to still stay off it so it can completely heal. Swelling that lasts more than a day or two is usually cause for some alarm, though a precise diagnosis can’t usually be made without a thorough medical investigation.
Prompt medical attention is especially needed when ankle swelling is accompanied with symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pain, confusion and other clusters of serious symptoms. However, it is still imperative to pay attention when ankle swelling is noted so as to prevent further damage. I will keep you posted as to whether pain goes away after I am in my sneaker again.Hi Patty,It sounds like you had a lot of hardware in a very small area and certainly that could have been the reason why your foot was still hurting.
Anyone who is worried about their symptoms is usually encouraged to see a professional as soon as possible. And the good news is I can wear my Dansko clogs AND the stockings and when I land I still have an ankle. Now that you know something about ankle swelling, its causes and symptoms, it would be easier for you to find an appropriate treatment. All my doctors have told me is that the pain is normal and that if it is truly bothering me that I can have the hardware removed late Oct of this year.
I was very disheartened and upset because it looked no different than the way it looked on July 28th. I take anti-rejection drugs, calcium bicarbonate because my blood is acidic, blood pressure medication and prostate medication. Mine is from China where you have to be an MD for several years before you can be an accupuncturist. I was wearing store bought orthodics, but my feet feel better in the long run without them or even shoes. Hi Mary,Fifth metatarsal fractures depending on where the "break" is can be very hard to heal.Physical therapy is of no value right now.

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