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Baliga Diagnostics Pvt Ltd » Bilateral pedal edema – Are both your legs swollen?
A large number of patients who come to see us at our practice often complain that their legs are swollen. The most common reason why pedal edema develops is because of a reaction to inflammation or injury.
There is no specific treatment required for this as it often does not cause significant discomfort.
Patients who suffer from a weak heart are unable to pump blood effectively throughout the body.
Pedal edema is a lot more severe in patients who have heart failure, especially if the symptoms are poorly controlled and that treatment is not sufficient. Pregnant women can sometimes develop mild pedal edema which often gets better after the baby is born.
In the rare cases, women who are pregnant may develop certain complications such as blood clots in their legs or high blood pressure. Patients who suffer from liver disease or kidney disease can develop low albumin levels in the blood. Patients who develop blood clots in their legs (called deep vein thrombosis) can also develop swelling in the legs. Certain drugs such as calcium channel blockers (amlodipine), painkillers such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, naproxen) and steroids can cause leg swelling. Sometimes patients can develop leg swelling as a result of a skin allergy or an infection of the skin and its underlying tissues (called cellulitis).
In some patients in whom there is no clear cause for leg swelling and is likely due to gravity, compression stockings might help. Leg swelling could indicate an underlying medical illness that needs treatment.If you are suffering from leg swelling that is either new or is getting worse, then ALWAYS seek medical advice from your doctor. If you are suffering from leg swelling, there are only a few things that you can do to manage it at home.
Keeping the feet elevated above the level of the hip can help push the fluid out of the legs back to the heart. If you notice that your legs are swollen for any reason, it is not normal and needs looking into. In case you already suffer from leg swelling and find that it has become worse, arrange to see your doctor as soon as possible.
Leg swelling can indicate an underlying medical illness, and can be the first sign of it in many cases. Online StoreHome monitoring is essential for clinical conditions such as diabetes of hypertension.
The photo on the left shows a child's foot with pitting oedema; on the right is an adult's foot with pitting oedema.
For localized edema, if the cause is known (eg varicose veins), edema may reflect changes in maldie ie a stage of greater severity. Mechanisms of edema are variables to achieve the same effect: the abnormal presence of fluid outside the vessels. The causes of the occurrence of edema are different according to the mechanism: increased pressure in the veins, increased blood volume, increased permeability of veins, lymphatic insufficiency. If the pressure in the venous capillary increases, the liquid will leave the capillaries and cause edema. This is the case of malfunction of the heart, cuts or cancellations of the veins (phlebitis), blood reflux in superficial and deep veins (varicose veins, post-phlebitis).
Circulating blood volume may increase in case of kidney disease, liver, in the last trimester of pregnancy, and sometimes in the days before menstruation (premenstrual syndrome). Certain medications such as steroids can also cause this phenomenon.

If the capillary filtration capacity is increased, the liquid can emerge more easily from the blood circulation and edema appears. This is the case when taking a particular family of antihypertensives (calcium channel blockers), on the occasion of certain diseases of the kidney and in the very malnourished. It is also the mechanism of idiopathic cyclic edema leading to outbreaks of diffuse edema, predominantly in the lower limbs in the evening, and which meets exclusively in women before menopause. Outbreaks of edema are often punctuated by the hormonal cycle or stress.
When the lymphatic circulatory return can not be done properly, will stagnate in the lymph tissues, causing swelling. Of large proteins present in tissues that are normally removed by the lymph, can not reach the venous circulation and will behave like a sponge, drawing water around them. Lymph stasis and protein will alter the immune system and promote the local risk of infection (lymphangitis). This stasis will also cause changes in tissues, which will thicken and harden (fibrosis). Generalized edema formation involves different mechanisms that lead to an increase in the volume of liquid in the tissues. Under the effect of blood pressure, the water leaves the capillary arterial vessels to the interstitial space and is reabsorbed by the venous capillaries by pressure exerted by the presence of albumin in the blood (oncotic pressure) and low pressure venous pressure in the area. The lymphatic vessels are also involved in interstitial fluid drainage.
Idiopathic edema, mainly found in women are very common, harmless, but they can be accompanied by a real psychological impact and significant functional impairment.
They affect the face, especially the eyelids in the morning and move to the lower part of the body at the end of the day (ankle, calf, abdomen, breasts sometimes). Considerable swelling may require to come off or unbutton his clothes. These swellings are often accompanied by irritation, depression, obsession. These people just urinate during the day but can get up at night to do so. A number of simple measures can greatly improve edema and often enough, especially in the case of idiopathic edema. The low elastic restraint are very useful for women to stand still. They improve venous return and increase pore pressure, favoring the elimination and prevention of limb edema.
Caloric restriction is indicated in cases of obesity or overweight. Being overweight interferes with venous and lymphatic return, gene walking and exercise. Stop smoking stimulates antidiuretic hormone that opposes the removal of water by the kidney. Stop diuretics in some cases, idiopathic edema that will maintain and exacerbate the decline in blood volume (hypovolaemia) stimulates water retention by the kidneys. Attention to self-medicate.
Stop that laxatives, such as diuretics, exacerbate the decline in blood volume (hypovolaemia). Diuretics are the core of this treatment. They reduce the reabsorption of salt filtered by the kidney and thus increase its elimination in the urine. Low doses are sufficient in normal individuals. Higher doses are required in patients with heart failure, renal failure and cirrhosis. In the presence of edema associated with drug taking will be necessary to validate the conditions under which it will evolve treatment.
Copyright © 2012 Rayur, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. The swelling is often painless but can be rather troublesome, interfering with their daily activity. There can be a number of reasons why a patient could develop pedal edema and in this article, we shall take a look at this a bit further. Patients may notice that their legs are swollen if they have bumped up against a table, twisted ankle or have developed some form of skin infection. Sitting for long hours in one place (for example – a long flight or at an office desk) can result in fluid being drawn towards the leg due to gravity.
If patients to find that it is uncomfortable, then it is best managed by keeping the legs elevated above the level of the hip if sat for long hours or getting up and walking around for a few minutes every couple of hours. It can cause mild discomfort in the legs and patients often state that their legs  are heavy and painful.

Albumin is a type of protein that is present in the blood that helps hold fluid in the blood vessels.
It occurs because the enlarging womb can compress the blood vessels causing them to leak out fluid.
This occurs because the liver is not producing enough albumin and the kidney is allowing albumin through into the urine ( normally there should not be any albumin in the urine). These blood clots can occur due to a variety of reasons including keeping the legs immobile for many hours, recent fracture, or problems with the blood clotting mechanism itself.
In most cases, these are just mild and do not cause any major problems to the patient’s health. Patients who have developed swelling due to drug treatment they are on may require a change in tablets. These are tight stockings that are custom made for the individual patient, and fit tightly around the foot and can extend all the way up to the hip if it is needed. If you work a desk job or stand for long hours, then make sure you move around every hour for a few minutes.
Make sure you seek advice from your doctor regarding how much fluid you can consume in a day. It may well be gravitational and may not require treatment, but it is always a good idea to see a doctor if you have leg swelling.
If you find that you are becoming breathless as well or are not passing enough urine (a lot less than normal), then you may need treatment. Purchase medical and health related equipment for home monitoring in our online store powered by Flipkart.
You should still be able to navigate through these materials but selftest questions will not work. This type of pedal edema is often seen late in the evening and completely disappears when waking up in the morning. On examination, both legs may be swollen all the way from the toes up to the knee or even up to the hip in some cases. Patients who have a tumour within the abdomen can also develop leg swelling, particularly if the tumour is compressing on any blood vessels. If it is due to heart failure, then they may need more diuretics (tablets that help get rid of fluid).
Patients with heart failure are advised fluid restriction, so ALWAYS make sure you discuss this with your doctor. This way, the cause for the swelling can be identified, and timely treatment can be given if necessary.
As is the case with any treatment, it is essential to obtain medical advice before wearing these, as there are some conditions in which it should be avoided, such as poor circulation in the leg. Not only will this prevent stress on the joints, it will also help reduce swelling as the effect of gravity is decreased. Patients are advised to keep their legs elevated above the level of the hip when they sat down at home.

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