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Edema is an abnormal swelling caused due to the accumulation of fluids in the spaces surrounding certain tissues and organs of the body.
Edema is often a warning sign of a life threatening disease or disorder and hence should not be neglected.
When the functioning of the heart is impaired, it causes pooling of blood in various parts of the body especially in legs, feet, hands and ankle. This forces the fluid out of the veins resulting in edema. In condition like cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver, the flow of blood through liver is affected leading to the accumulation of excess fluids in the surrounding tissues. Few medications that are prescribed for diabetes and high blood pressure can lead to edema. Swelling of  an organ or a part of the body  can be an indication of an underlying health problem.  In case of edema, a physician should be immediately consulted to ascertain its cause. Creatinine is a important indicator of renal function and it can reflect the renal parenchyma injury more accurately.
As the disease worsen,patients kidneys are damage badly and they can not work regularly and effectively.
Famous for swelling, edema is a disease that is caused by fluid retention in one body, mostly on the ankles, arms, feet, legs, hands, and knees.
These natural diuretics work by increasing the urine volume and frequency of urination, done by reducing the amount of salts that are reabsorbed by the kidney in the blood. Note that when you urinate very frequently, you can lose some minerals, such as sodium, calcium, water, and potassium. Dandelion is a natural diuretic that is very famous because it contains potassium, so you can use dandelion to prevent yourself from losing potassium.
Like dandelion, the corn silk also has phytochemicals cryptoxanthin and tannins, which increase urination by cutting down the sodium and chlorine.
Despite these natural diuretics, in this group is included one well-known herb called Horse Chestnut. Aesculin promotes the extraction of potassium, body fluids and sodium, and aescin is good for the veins and protects them from inflammation. Not only these herbs but also the artichoke or green tea can be very useful for this problem.
Tomato, watermelon, grapes, cucumber, or cranberry, also prevent water retention, so they can be also useful.
An exceptional elastic cloth essential for preventing edema are compression stockings, which can prevent and protect you from problems with veins.
Prolonged inactivity may cause swelling, so people who must sit or stand all day can use compression stockings because they are very practical on these conditions. The biggest physical force from the stockings can be found in the ankles, and the lowest can be found in the knees and thighs. You must know your Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) before using of the compression stockings, but this is not a big problem because these stockings have low pressure and are very important is you suffer from edema. And furthermore, the patients who have some arterial diseases or heart failure, don’t need to use compression stockings. Hydrotherapy is a type of therapy, which involves the use of water as a crucial element throughout healing. When people drink a lot of water, it is a signal for the body to use more and more water, and to excrete it.
There is another form of hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, which is used by putting on an ice pack to the part that is swollen. This edema massage is a type of manual drainage of the lymph, and it works when the lymphatic system is activated through the pressure, and the pressure, on the other hand, is applied to the heart.
After the massage, that part of the body that is affected by the edema, should be wrapped with a bandage.
If you want to massage the arms or hands, you should massage a few times in the direction of the armpit. This massage can be done actively or passively, but in both ways you will get the wanted result.

But, have in mind that those patients who have widespread edema should not practice this massage, because it would cause worse results. This is a type of alternative medicine is based on one principle – the disease can be cured by a substance that can cause that disease in a person who is healthy. Medicinal drugs used for homeopathy are plants, animals, or mineral sources, without side effects. Homeopathy remedies chosen for curing edema are those similar to retention of the water and swelling.
Doctors Will Never Tell You This: Here’s How to Cure Your Thyroid Gland with Just One Ingredient! Comments Off on Doctors Will Never Tell You This: Here’s How to Cure Your Thyroid Gland with Just One Ingredient! Immobility due to surgery or any other causes can force fluid pressure on the immobile part of the body.
Varicose veins can cause edema that develops due to increased fluid pressure from the veins. Liver cirrhosis or kidney failure or gastrointestinal problems like ulcerative colitis, or Crohna€™s disease can cause pitting edema. Compression of large veins or lymph nodes or undergoing hip replacement surgery or local infection on the hand or feet can cause generalized edema. Blood vessels of the body may sometimes leak out fluid into the tissues nearby this leads to swelling of organs causing edema.
With suitable treatment methods and controlled diet and persistent follow ups one can overcome the edema or swelling of tissues. The fluid may accumulate under the skin in sites such the legs and hands which is termed as peripheral edema and sometimes the cavities of lungs (pulmonary edema) or abdomen (ascites) can get accumulated with the fluid. Troubled breathing, waking up breathless and difficulty in sleeping are some of the symptoms of edema in lungs.
Pregnant women retain more fluid which leads to accumulation of fluid particularly in lower legs. It is also a side effect of intake of medications like estrogen, steroids and a few pain relievers.
Long-standing high blood pressure will caused the benign or malignant arteriolar nephrosclerosis that can also be called hypertensive arteriolar nephrosclerosis. Thus too much toxin,water,waste and metabolite can not be excreted,which will accumulate in blood and cause the bad consequence. But we all know that it just control or ease your symptoms,it can not treat your kidney disease. The first is from a particular medical condition, and the second is from different agents, such as injuries, posture, or intake of high salt. But, if you want to stay away from losing those minerals, you must pick the natural diuretics very careful. Dandelion contain phytochemicals called sesquiterpene lactones, responsible for the diuretic properties of the dandelion. Also, it contains potassium and can replace the potassium in the body when it is being washed out through increased urination. This herb has two essential phytochemicals called aescin and aesculin, responsible for its diuretic property. In addition, aescin helps reabsorb the fluids back into the circulatory system and prevents them to not be at the vein walls.
This high pressure in the ankles stops the fluid pooling, and the physical force in the legs makes a  pressure for moving the fluids through lymph nodes. And also, have in mind that bodyparts that are closer to the heart should be massaged first. If you want to massage the legs, you should put your legs on a pillow or a stool, above the heart level. People believe that homeopathy is working by encouraging the natural power of the body to combat similar symptoms.

If you don’t reach your expectations, and there is no effect, you should increase the dose.
When gentle pressure is applied on the affected part, it creates identification on that area. Suitable medications and treatments are given if edema occurs due to liver or kidney problems. Edema occurs due to leakage of fluid into the tissues thereby accumulating more fluids in the same area. In case of diseases like renal failure, the obstructed blood flow in the lower part of the body causes edema of legs. This typically causes edema in the peripheral region (hands, legs, ankles and feet) of the body. Depending upon the severity of the condition, the medical treatment given may range from diuretic medications to treating the underlying disease.
However,if you have been diagnosed with Hypertensive Nephropathy,you may need to pay more attention to your body. As actually,kidney tubules will be effected and damaged firstly and then the glomerulus will also be damaged. With the disease advancing,glomerular filtration function will de damaged,causing the leakage of protein and forming proteinuria,which is the first reason of edema. If you are looking for other more effective treatments,we are responsible to recommend you to take TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) therapy to treat your kidney disease. By increasing the frequency of urinating, dandelion can improve the function of the kidneys and the liver. In times when lower limbs are swelled, you can use hot water for the feet for 5 minutes and a cold water for 30 seconds. That is like that, because when we start from the heart it is better for stopping the flow of fluids while you massage the extreme parts of the body. Further doctor may order for blood test, urine test, X-ray and ECG to find out the root cause of swelling.
Diuretics are prescribed in suitable doses to help kidney to expel excess of water from the body. Degree of prognosis depends on the severity of the problem (kidney or liver failure) and also on the age and health condition of the patient. When force is applied to the swollen area, a visible indentation appears which persists for some time.
This slows down the rate of the blood returning to heart which in turn causes  the veins to pump out the fluid into the tissues of feet and ankle.
In other words,once patients had been diagnosed with high creatinine,their disease condition is not optimistic. Compared with Kidney Dialysis,it can remedy your kidney disease fundamentally with less side-affects. When you press the swollen area of the skin by giving gentle pressure with your fingers, it creates identification on the site even after you have released the finger from the site. If required, liver function and kidney function test is also done to rule out problems in these vital organs. This can be illustrated by simple examples like having indication on the body after removing tight clothing, tight socks etc.
Identification on the affected area will not be present in case of non-pitting edema like lymphedema or lipoedema. The doctor will have to find out the exact cause of pitting edema to prevent leakage from tiny blood vessels. Pitting edema is caused by various organ diseases or sometimes by local conditions that affect the hands and legs.

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