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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Including Tactel climate effect technology ensuring breath ability in wear and velvety touch. Mastectomy Arm Sleeve LUX Compression 23-32 mmHg Advanced Lymphedema SwellingIncluding Tactel climate effect technology ensuring breath ability in wear and velvety touch.
It is ideal for long-term management of lymphedema, post-mastectomy edema following radiation, or post-operative and post-traumatic edema following completion of treatment. Tactel  fiber technology creates garments that are soft, supplely smooth, breathable and lightweight. First  measure around your wrist at the narrowest point, normally just above the wrist bone (c), next measure around your arm just below the elbow (d),last measure around your arm just below your arm pit (axilla)(f). IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: We use the manufacturer's recommendations and our own experience in order to provide as accurate a description of the item as possible. All our products are certified for professional as well as home use.All our products are produced in Europe, and comply with all EU regulations. We are offering  products from an award winning manufacturer of elastic fabrics based in the EU with 15 years experience of producing medical support goods.
Kidney disease or damage can cause swelling because the body cannot rid itself of excess fluids, though swollen legs are more common than swollen hands. Many people suffer from discomfort caused by swollen hands, but reasons for the problem may vary. I have arthritis in my hands, and know when I have been over doing it when they get really swollen. A couple of years after I was diagnosed with a kidney disease, my feet, ankles, and hands started to swell during the day at work. Compensated chronic pulmonary heart disease; decompensated chronic pulmonary heart disease. Pulmonary heart disease, also known as cor pulmonale is the enlargement and failure of the right ventricle of the heart as a response to increased vascular resistance. Cor pulmonale definition pulmonale increase bulk ventricle heart, generally caused chronic diseases malfunction lungs. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. A protein discovered in eggshells is only produced in a hen's ovaries, suggesting that chickens existed before eggs. The different causes of toenail splitting generally include irregularities in toenail growth, some types of toenail injuries, and certain nutritional deficiencies that can lead to toenail abnormalities. Toenails that are trimmed and filed poorly usually are at increased risk of splitting as well as of turning into painful ingrown nails.
Injuries are also common causes of toenail splitting, particularly in people who engage in sports such as soccer or long-distance running. Some people who experience persistent and severely split toenails sometimes have more serious underlying health conditions as root causes of this nail problem. The level of detachment experienced by detached retinas can determine the severity of visual impairment.
Detached retinas are caused when the retina becomes separated from the other layers of the eyeball.
My son was born October 2011, and diagnosed with retina detachment or ROP5 in his left eye and mild ROP in the right eye three months later. I am a 19 year old male, and had my first detached retina surgery when I was 12 years old from trauma.
I never had health issues, and I don't know how it happened, but one day, while I was out walking in the street, I sneezed loudly, and my right eye started to become dark, up to a point where it was total darkness.
It is now September and I am still not seeing well out of the right eye, and have an inflammation which is not going away. I am 46 years old woman and I developed a macular hole in December, 1984, when I was 20 years old, in my left eye.
I have had six vitrectomies and have had one complete detachment with catching the retina detaching in the early stages four times.
My sister had a detached retina in her right eye but because it happened at the same time she had a developing cataract she lost most of the vision in that eye. I'm a 53 year old female Leo (interesting twist about signs!) going through a detached retina on my left eye. Normally, the ball glides smoothly within the socket, but a problem with the ball or socket rim can interfere with smooth motion.
You can have hip impingement for years and not know it, because it is often not painful in its early stages. Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, a disease in which the ball part of the hip joint doesn't get enough blood, which causes the bone to die.
Slipped capital femoral epiphysis, a separation of the ball from the thigh bone at the upper growing end (growth plate) of the bone in adolescents. Coxa vara, an unusual condition in which the thigh bone and ball do not grow at the same pace in children.
It can also be prescribed to treat phlebitis, post-thrombotic syndrome, post-liposuction, blood poisoning, tennis elbow and for burn treatment. The amount of time and degree to which you wear your sleeve will depend on the severity of your own lymphedema.

The article on this webpage is provided for information only and should not be used as a basis for diagnosis or treatment.
Sometimes an injury is to blame for the swelling, but medical problems can be the culprit as well. Kidney disease or damage can cause swelling because the body cannot rid itself of excess fluids, though swollen legs are more common than swelling in the hands. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, estrogen treatments, and certain diabetes medications sometimes cause fluid to leak from the blood vessels. Unevenly-trimmed nails and sensitivities to the chemicals in nail polish can also increase the chances of toenail splitting in some people.
Nail technicians generally recommend that toenails be cut in a straight line and rounded carefully at the edges. These kinds of splits often occur in the big toe and are accompanied by bruising and swelling in cases of hard impact. People who are otherwise healthy sometimes do not get enough regular vitamin A, iron, or protein in their diets. Imbalances in the thyroid, iron-deficient anemia, and certain kidney disorders can often cause split toenails. I think one of these might be the cause of your brittle, splitting nails.I had the same exact issue and it turned out to be hypothyroidism.
I could have waited, but the doctors said that if these were their eyes, they would have it done and that I would be happy with the results. I had symptoms, but because of my RK doctors did not take them seriously, until the sun was setting in my eye. The drops to reduce it cause high pressure in the eye so it has become balancing act which we have not won yet.
She lasered it and while in there, saw that I had a smaller older tear and some fluid had seeped through. At first it was just my center vision, but now I cannot see out of my left eye, but I thank the good Lord for my vision in my right eye.My heart goes out to all who have eye problems or those who are blind. 2002 - had a radical mastectomy due to invasive ductal carcinoma, six cycles of chemotherapy and 33 days of radiation. With artificial lenses in both eyes now I see better than ever without contacts or glasses, thank heaven. First surgery didn't fix it, so am now recovering from second with gas bubble and laser attachment. I was diagnosed yesterday with degenerative myopia (have been near-sighted since the age of six), was also a premature baby.
I have had RK, cataract and glaucoma surgery on both eyes The RK and cataract was done at least 20 years ago A glaucoma specialist did the laser on my eyes in August.
The doctors are confident of continued stability of both retinas but I continue to be cautious and be grateful for the vision I have even if it is limited.
It is called a ball-and-socket joint, because the ball-like top of your thigh bone fits into a cup-like area within your pelvis, much like a baseball fits into a glove. As the condition progresses, however, you may feel pain with more subtle activities, such as sitting for a long time or walking up a hill. If the head is not shaped normally, the abnormal part of the head can jam in the socket when the hip is bent.
If the front rim of the socket (called the acetabulum) sticks out too far, the area of the thigh bone (femur) just below the ball, called the neck of the femur, may bump into the rim of the socket during normal hip flexion movement.
Consult with your therapist or physician to determine how often you need to wear your sleeve. We strongly recommend that you seek Medical Professional advice prior to using any medical supports. Another common cause is edema, a type of swelling that results when small blood vessels leak fluid into the surrounding tissue. If a person suspects swelling caused by arthritis, seeking advice from a medical professional may be wise. The lymphatic system helps rid the body of fluid as well, and swelling can occur if the system becomes weakened by cancer or other health problems.
Many people also experience hand swelling after a vigorous exercise because the blood flows to the heart, lungs, and muscles, decreasing the flow of blood to the hands. Drinking too much water, particularly during endurance sports such as marathon running, can dilute the sodium levels and cause an electrolyte imbalance known as hyponatremia. Swelling can be particularly prominent during pregnancy because the body increases the blood and fluid supply by roughly half. Some medical conditions such as anemia or thyroid problems can affect toenail health as well. Toenail splitting can also sometimes result from frequent use of nail polish and polish remover containing high amounts of isopropyl alcohol. Split toenails from this kind of injury often heal effectively on their own as long as the splits are kept clean to prevent infection. Sufferers who do not see improvements from diet changes or increased hydration may need to see a physician who can test them for any of these conditions. After I started getting hormone therapy, my nails went back to normal and the splitting stopped.This kind of sudden change in nail health usually doesn't happen without a health problem behind it. Knowing nothing about retina disease and trained in gym with lifting and other sorts of exercise for two months, retina got holes in the left eye and part of it detached.

Anyway, would like to talk with anyone in their late 40s to 50 who has had retinal detachment after high dose chemo and or a stem cell transplant. After seven years of survival, a pleural fluid (2.5 liters) removed from my lungs in the early part of 2010 and there was a thickening on the walls of my lungs and also, there came bone metastases - - - so I had four cycles of chemotherapy and 12 months of Zometa IV for bone redevelopment.
We also had overdose of oxygen at birth and stayed in incubators for two months until we both weighed five pounds. Started wearing hard contact lenses as a teenager, then at 20 after hitting my head really hard, I woke up the next morning totally blind in my left eye. For some reason the bubble from the second surgery is going away too fast -- not sure what the doctor will do about that -- but the good news is I can see again out of my left eye. I was told to watch carefully for signs of more detachments from this point forward as the myopia progresses.
A few days ago, I saw the glaucoma doctor and she made an appointment for me with a low-vision doctor for me. I had never had any trauma to my head and the doctor told me it was 1 in a million that this happened to someone so young. My left retina detached when I was 12 in November 1982 and was successfully repaired with traditional surgery. It is believed to be a major cause of early osteoarthritis of the hip, particularly in those under age 40. Pain that occurs at night or when walking on flat ground suggests that the cartilage cushioning the ball and socket has begun to break down and wear away, a condition known as osteoarthritis.
A doctor can perform x-rays and tests to determine what type of arthritis it is as well as the best possible treatment options. One of the symptoms of hyponatremia is swelling, though other prominent signs, such as confusion or vomiting, may be more noticeable. Many cases of toenail splitting can be resolved with certain home remedies, although persistent and frequent nail splits may require a doctor's care. This chemical often pulls needed moisture from the nails and can lead to horizontal splits between the different nail layers.
Adding vitamin supplements and healthier foods to a diet on a daily basis usually strengthens nails and prevents further splitting. Once they receive a proper diagnosis and treatment, the split nails usually improve over time along with the other symptoms. I went to hospital one week after I noticed firework like flash in eye corner and was operated on the next following week with scleral buckle. After having an eye operation for retinal reattachment, is it possible to restore the sight? Then on my 13th birthday I woke up with my eye completely full of blood and my vision was black, but it eventually went away. I'm not sure why i had this but i now have a band around my eye and i hope that it doesn't return.
The recuperation was slow and I had many complications but fortunately 75 percent of my vision was restored.
But either way, once you've had detachment coupled with hyperopia, make sure not to put any pressure on your eyes. I had forgotten I had an appointment with my retina doctor until they called the next day to remind me.
I was told my odds of it happening in my right eye have increased about 50 percent and right now we are watching a thick floater (how annoying). In May of 1984 my right retina detached from a giant tear and I almost lost all vision in that eye. Drinking the recommended amounts of water per day and using nail moisturizers can also help prevent more toenail splitting in these cases. I still worry quite a lot now, if I cough, sneeze, hit by someone in the head, lifting anything seems heavy. From the gas bubble and the blood, I formed a cataract and had cataract surgery and then had two laser procedures done on the cataract to clean it off because the blood kept coming back and sticking to my new lens.
Last time i was there, there was a man with an oxygen tank next to me with the same problem. I am 51 years old, very healthy, no eye problems nor am I diabetic, so my advice is to check your vision constantly and be sure to get regular eye examinations.
For that surgery, I endured a 8-plus hour traditional surgery, gas-bubble and 7-8 laser treatments to essentially melt the retina onto the eyeball. Not sure how much vision I will regain this time, just not happy that this continues to occur. I'm trying to find out why a late forties male would have detachment in both eyes after chemo. In May 2010 the curtain fell and I, again, went to ER and within 12 hours was in surgery for RD; buckle and bubble.

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