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Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox. A Catholic nun and teacher at eastern Sydney Catholic school Kincoppal-Rose Bay, Sister Philomene Tiernan, is believed to have been one of the passengers on board Malaysia Airlines MH17 when it was shot down over eastern Ukraine. At a gala dinner on Friday 14 August, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta was recognised with a prestigious Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE) award for Excellence in Education.
The award nomination highlighted the innovative and evidence-based practice that teachers and leaders have embraced, supported by the use of three high yield strategies - data walls, instructional walks and case management.
Other successes acknowledged in the nomination were the Delany Connective at Delany College, Granville which uses connected and agile spaces to support a contemporary model of learning and teaching, Loyola Catholic Trade Training Centre’s innovative careers hub and the Nirimba Education Precinct which provides flexible post compulsory schooling opportunities for students.
Executive Director of Schools, Greg Whitby, said the award recognised the dedication of the Catholic education community in the Diocese of Parramatta. I thoroughly enjoyed this module and the practicals that were involved, I feel much more confident and feel that if I was to be involved in a real life struggle, I would be able to help.
The first aid module provides many benefits that can only be through the completion of the first aid course. Saving a life and treating injuries is beneficial and important for character building and real-world situations. Upon mastery of a number of musical phrases students choose whether to make a cover version of Canon using MIDI technology and garageband or to collaborate with other musicians and perform as a small ensemble.
The project was an exciting opportunity for teachers and students to celebrate the diverse range of musical skills which students in year 7 have to offer. Congratulations to Keith Lizardo (Year 9), Anthony Alegado (Year 9) and Jaymes Formosa (Year 8) who performed at the first public performance of the Penrith Strings Ensemble. Penrith Strings is an exciting new orchestral training program for young string players, formed earlier this year through a partnership between the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Penrith Symphony Orchestra and the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre. Penrith String ensemble with their mentors at Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith. A suburban Catholic school with the motto All Things in Christ was the scene of unspeakable evil, writes former student David Knox. It jarred to read again that a judge had described my old high school in the 1970s as a ''brutal and frightening place, with an atmosphere of violence''.This was St Pius X College, then a Catholic boys school, in the Newcastle suburb of Adamstown. In 2010, the District Court judge Helen Syme described the living hell of abuse and sadism faced by St Pius X students. There have been 11 deaths by suicide or drug overdose of men who had been students at St Pius X, the most recent being a 45-year-old father of two who took his own life on July 22. St Pius X College began life in 1959 when it became Newcastle's second Catholic boys high school, created to receive the overflow from the huge Marist Brothers Hamilton (now St Francis Xavier College). CEO Sydney is responsible for the leadership, efficient operation and management of the systemic schools which educate almost 63,000 students in 147 parish primary and regional secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Katrina Harte's infectious passion for teaching shows why she recently won the 2014 Teachers' Guild of NSW Award for Excellence in secondary teaching. Our Lady Of Mercy College Burraneer's incoming Science Co-ordinator is grateful for her first teaching award and the career fork in the road that lead her to teaching.
Katrina says she realised she had a passion for helping others when her husband pointed out that her own face lit up from teaching others. In less than 2 years of her first full-time teaching position, she has already been appointed a leadership role and nominated by colleagues for her extraordinary work with students.
Assistant Principal Sherrol Gane said Katrina had a warm personality and wonderful rapport with students of all ages and aptitude. Katrina receives a certificate, cash prize and one year's free membership of the Teachers' Guild. As a beginning teacher, Katrina said she is appreciative of the support and trust from her school in giving her a co-ordinator role. Do you know a primary or secondary teacher that's making a substantial difference in their school? MAITLAND: A new ethos could put teachers' jobs in jeopardy, the Independent Education Union has warned. To begin, completing this lifesaving course can benefit us in the way that not only does it provide us with extensive knowledge of first aid and how to carry it out properly, but getting our certificate can create many job opportunities and make us eligible for jobs that weren't available before (beach lifesaver). In participating in the first aid option there are several benefits as we learn and practice how to treat and care for injury or illness in many of their forms that include: The law, the body, resuscitation, bleeding and wounds, burns, head injuries, fractures, soft tissue injuries, circulatory, neurological and respiratory emergencies, diabetes and anaphylaxis, physical and environmental emergencies, poisons and bites and stings. Students with prior musical experience or those in the Marist Orchestra program learnt Canon on their own instrument while other students develop piano or guitar skills in class. I had attended St Pius X from 1963 until my Higher School Certificate year, 1968, and in the 1970s my late mother was secretary to successive principals and I knew members of staff. On Thursday last week the former St Pius X principal, Father Tom Brennan, 74, became the first Australian Catholic priest to be charged with concealing the alleged sex crimes of another priest.He has also been charged with assaulting two boys by caning them when they complained of being allegedly sexually assaulted by teacher John Sidney Denham. He currently faces charges over 10 counts of alleged sexual assault.Father Brennan also faces eight counts of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old boy at Corpus Christi church in the Newcastle suburb of Waratah in 1984 and 1985. He left his family a note saying he was in ''too much pain'' after decades of torment.Brennan joined the St Pius X staff in 1963 and was my class master in what was then first form and is now known as year seven. In 1961 St Pius X moved from cramped quarters at Tighes Hill to the present site at Adamstown. Also, having this knowledge with us now can make us feel more comfortable doing things that worried us before in the sense that if anything goes wrong, we will know how to react. Firstly, many jobs are in workplaces these facilities may not have immediate access to a medical facility so first aid training is vital. Knowing how to treat casualties with any of these serious conditions benefits us in the real world as we learn how to treat these areas and act accordingly.

The building was the former Lustre hosiery factory.The fledgling school was seen very much as a poor relation to the established Marist Brothers. We will now be more confident as adults knowing that if anything were to happen, we will know exactly what to do. This training the is complete tied throughout the module can be places under qualification on a person's resumes and may result in someone being hired. She greatly admired them and they remained friends long after my mother left the school's clerical staff in the mid-1970s. Of the students who were the first to sit a public examination, the old Intermediate Certificate, 10 per cent passed. Secondly this optional module provides students with the ability to combat real-world problems with knowledge that is applicable to all situations that concern the health of an individual. It was a forlorn start and the school was the subject of much ridicule.In an experiment thought to be unique, St Pius X was staffed by secular priests from the Maitland diocese. It is important to be coherent in health as the entire community can benefit from your knowledge.
For example, a person walking down the street notices a car accident, if they had the knowledge attained in this course they would be more than capable to save a life and prevent any further harm coming to those in the accident. In my opinion I have really liked the module, it has helped me understand health, a career I would like to peruse. They had entered the priesthood to provide pastoral care in the parishes, not to educate teenage boys.Catholic schools were traditionally staffed by priests, brothers or nuns who were members of a particular order and who were generally trained to teach. A particularly brutal Marist Brother later left the order and turned up at St Pius X as one of the school's early lay teachers. In 1968 my sixth form classmates complained to the then principal, Helferty, after seeing this teacher strike a first form boy so hard he fell to the ground. The religious were eventually replaced by properly trained laity.Memories of my Catholic schooling, both by nuns at the primary level and later by priests, generally aren't fond. There was too much institutionalised violence, largely directed at less fortunate pupils in a very ethnically diverse student body in industrial Newcastle.But at least my time at St Pius X was free of the unspeakable horror for which the Catholic Church is yet to apologise.
There was never any talk among my classmates of sexual impropriety by our teachers, most of whom were dedicated to giving us the best education they could.
They were also generous with the time outside of school hours, providing extra tuition, counselling and sports coaching.

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