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Each cancer case is unique so statistical data on bone cancer survival rate should not be seen as a definite determinant of surviving a specific cancer. Cancer stages in bone cancer are determined by the size of the tumor, its spread to the lymph nodes, and its metastatic status. Early cancer stages like stage 1 and stage 2 bone cancer are deemed highly treatable with many interventions available to patients.
This is the same with the case of other cancers where early detection and diagnosis is the key to a better survival rate of bone cancer.Metastasized Bone Cancer Survival RatesThe survival rate for bone cancer is much lower when it is in its metastatic stage.

This is usually identified with late stage 4 cancer which means that the cancer is spreading all over the body.
At this level, the cancer is harder to contain and can often imply that the proper management of the disease is the remaining sensible course of action.
This includes giving relief to the symptoms of the cancer such as pain and the repair of damaged bones due to the onslaught of the cancer.
Primary and Secondary Bone Cancer Survival RatesThe survival rate between a primary and secondary bone cancer differs a lot. Secondary cancers in the bone on the other hand are those cancers that came from the other organs in the body such as the lung that eventually spread to the bones via the lymphatic system or through the blood stream.
A primary bone cancer like in the case of chondrosarcoma has a relative 5 year survival rate of 80%, a very good rate compared to the rate of the metastasized breast cancer.
The metastatic bone cancer survival rate is innately much lower because the cancer is aggressively spreading all over the body.In the case of bone marrow cancer, the outlook can be more positive.
Multiple myeloma or leukemia (general classifications of bone marrow cancer) is highly treatable and some types of these cancers are not as aggressive (some are even asymptomatic). Bone marrow cancer survival rate is very positive that some kids diagnosed with leukemia live long and productive lives with many of them reaching adulthood.Prostate cancer metastasis to bone on the other hand has poorer prognosis than bone marrow cancer.

Prostate cancer patients are expected to survive only a year after the disease’s spread to the bones is detected. Prostate bone cancer metastasis is a last stage prostate cancer that often spreads to the lungs and the bones. Treatment options for a spreading prostate cancer is very limited resulting to a 12-month median survival rate.So to sum it up, 1- The survival rate of the bone cancer will depend on the actual extent of the cancer spread and on the responsiveness of the patient to medication and treatment.
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