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These are people who distrust a smile, and even have difficulty with joyful emotions, says Willibald Ruch, professor of psychology at the University of Zurich.
In one case, Ruch says, a laugh-o-phobe could tolerate the giggling and laughing of people at a nearby table in a restaurant. The degree of laughter phobia varies from country to country, he adds, from a low of 2 percent in Denmark, to 20 percent or so in parts of Asia. The problem seems less related to humor and more to the emotions that laughter can trigger, Ruch says.
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And while nobody likes being the butt of the joke, for some people the fear of laughter goes much deeper.
But many people laugh while they enjoy themselves in a group, which exaggerates the social isolation that can result from fear of laughter.
In one test, study participants are asked to fill in blank speech balloons in cartoons showing a small group with some laughter.
But a study published in 2009 showed that people who see themselves as afraid of laughter also show other signs of the fear.
But the mood scores did not change for gelotophobes, and only 38 percent of them found the positive laughter to be pleasant.

We have no idea what this horse is trying to say, but doesn’t it look like a mocking laugh?
Footnotes, which provide source information at the bottom of the page, allows the reader to focus on the evidence and not publication information about the evidence. Students should use NoodleTools to format their footnotes and "Bibliography" page unless otherwise instructed by their teacher. Psychologists have identified a small segment of the population who overhear laughter and believe it must be directed at them. Study participants listened to 20 samples of laughter that was happy, silly, amused, mean-spirited, contemptuous, mocking or embarrassed, and tried to identify the laugher’s mood. Generally, you want to provide the author’s name, publication title, publication information, date of publication, and page number(s) if it is the first time the source is being used.
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