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The economic downturn has fueled much debate about where the blame lies for the financial crisis we’re in.   Some critics have pointed the finger at business schools which, it is argued, have been teaching the wrong things to MBA students and neglecting topics such as risk management, corporate governance and business ethics. To assess the requirements of the changing MBA, the Association of MBAs conducted a joint research project with Durham Business School, surveying 100 accredited business schools and 544 alumni from 57 countries to consider the value of the MBA - and how this qualification might change in the future.
One of the most striking findings was a move away from the shareholder value-dominated perspective of business. When business schools were asked how the MBA could be changed to better prepare students post-downturn an how the qualification could maintain its relevance to the changing economic climate, the topic thought to be among the most important was sustainability.
When the responses of both alumni and business schools are combined, it is interesting to note that there is a shared consensus on the topics both sides believe are important in today’s business climate. The findings also highlight an appetite among alumni for a greater focus on the practical application of learning versus theory. The clear message is that business schools are taking the lead in defining the MBA's future agenda, with a dominant view that the degree should adopt a stakeholder focus over a shareholder one. Birmingham Business School is a research-led institution and offers high quality undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes for students from all over the world. Open to business, management and economics graduates, this MSc is a specialist programme that will build on your existing skills and knowledge and develop them to Masters level. The programme introduces students to advanced management concepts through a combination of core foundation subjects alongside the Organisational Leadership & Change pathway. The programme is structured into three components; six core foundation subjects (60 credits), one of four specialist pathways (60 credits), and a dissertation (60 credits). Coursework can take the form of short essays, extended essays, reports and presentations, through which students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.
Opportunity to study one of four specialist pathways; Strategy, Operations, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Organisational Leadership and Change.
Supports a variety of careers, including consulting, research & policymaking, and management positions within both in SMEs and large multinationals. Birmingham Business School is a global centre of teaching and research excellence, holding the ‘Triple Crown’ of international accreditations: AMBA, EQUIS and the AACSB. You will be taught by expert faculty in a friendly, supportive and international environment with a coursework only assessment structure for each module; 80% Individual, 20% Group Work.
A good Honours degree (2:1 or higher) or postgraduate diploma from a UK university or equivalent. The MSc in Development Economics is one of the Department’s newer taught MSc programmes and reflects our growing strength in both theoretical and applied policy areas, particularly as they relate to developing countries.
Emerging and developing economies are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with on the global arena. The MSc in Development Economics is one of the Department’s newer taught MSc programmes and reflects our growing strength in both theoretical and applied policy areas, particularly as they relate to developing countries. Studying on one of the Department’s MSc programmes will provide you with an excellent set of specialist and transferable skills.
Another aim within the Department of Economics is to provide students with the necessary skills to succeed when they leave Birmingham. At the end of your year studying with us, you will be equipped with the skills you will need to embark on a career in economics or finance, or to enter another profession, requiring the valuable transferable skills and insights obtained from an economics-related Masters degree.
Reflecting our strengths in both theoretical and applied policy areas, this MSc will give you a clear understanding of the economics in emerging and developing countries. A deep understanding of economics is key to our continuing function as a global economy, helping to establish successful trade, monetary and welfare policies across our nations. You will be given an advanced training in core areas of economics that are widely used in economics-based professions and, depending on which degree programme you are studying, you will also receive specialist training in areas relevant to your programme and take options in other areas that interest you. Climate change, deforestation and unsustainable use of resources are all issues at the top of the environmental agenda.
Environmental and natural resource economists deal every day with the most challenging problems facing mankind: global climatic change, environmental pollution, deforestation, biodiversity loss, water scarcity and food poverty, to name but a few. The Environmental and Natural Resource Economics MSc programme is unique in that it combines a solid foundation in key areas of economics, with specialized field courses. Our students receive a thorough grounding in macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics, alongside an in-depth knowledge of the economics and policy of environmental pollution, renewable and non-renewable resource use, as well as the interaction between globalization and environmental degradation. In addition, we emphasise the development of the quantitative skills necessary to understand and perform empirical work in economics, with particular attention to the valuation of environmental goods in monetary terms.
We can also consider students with a degree in another discipline (preferably within the social sciences) where study included modules on microeconomics, mathematics and statistics.
The fascinating world of banking and financial markets is more than just headlines, it is the lifeblood of our collective global economies. The programme will be primarily targeted at students with an undergraduate degree in an economics-based degree but with a desire to obtain a technical training relevant for the world of finance. With its blend of generic modules and specialist financial modules, MSc Financial Economics would be ideal for individuals wishing to embark on a career in the finance industry. This course will give students an insight into financial markets and the world of banking from an economics perspective. Our MSc is designed for graduates with a quantitative background who have limited knowledge of accounting, economics or finance. At the heart of every nation’s economy, finance offers a world of interesting, challenging and highly lucrative careers.
These knowledge and skills are in high demand in banks, insurance companies, stock broking firms and other industries in the finance sector.
Birmingham Business School, at the University of Birmingham, has been named as an ACCREDITED UNIVERSITY for the professional qualifications awarded by the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT).
Birmingham Business School is currently the first and only ACT ACCREDITED UNIVERSITY under their new qualifications programme at this time. Our internationally oriented programme offers a global focus on a range of issues surrounding HRM theory, policy and practice, giving you a comprehensive insight into the practical application of theory. The financial performance of an organisation is highly dependent on strong human resource management.
The MSc HRM pathway offers a suite of core and elective modules that explore and critically assess relevant and contemporary HRM-related theories and research, giving insight into their practical applications. By the end of the programme you will have a high standard of knowledge and understanding of the current practical, intellectual and policy challenges facing practitioners in the field of human resource management.
During the course of the year you will undertake a research dissertation on an appropriate topic, to be submitted in September.
The Human Resource Management function is increasingly significant to business strategy and success. The programme caters for graduates wanting to develop a career in human resource management, an area in which there are many opportunities. Students also have the opportunity to attend a personal development course at an outdoor pursuits centre in the UK. With a strong focus on HRM practice and professional managerial skills development, our programme takes you further than the standard pathway. Effective local, national and global people management is a critical part of any organisation’s success. The MSc HRM (with CIPD Pathway) has a stronger focus on HRM practice and skill development than the standard pathway. Membership of the CIPD is widely regarded as providing a distinct advantage to those who wish to pursue a career in the fields of HRM and Employment Relations and is increasingly seen as an essential requirement. As our MSc is for graduates with a strong background in both accounting and finance, this programme is designed to strengthen your existing knowledge and develop your skill set to prepare you for your career in the industry.
The world of accounting and finance is a fluid, ever-changing one, with new innovations and thinking being introduced all the time. The International Accounting and Finance MSc, on offer since the 1960s, encompasses accounting in its international, public and private contexts, corporate financial management, private sector investment and foreign exchange markets.
It aims to give you a deep knowledge of the theoretical and empirical literature that provides the background to understanding changes and innovations in accounting and finance, where you will also acquire a range of skills that can be used to solve real-world problems. This programme is only available for those who have a strong background in both accounting and finance; please see the entry requirements below. When you apply for this MSc you must upload a transcript showing modules studied and mark achieved to date. For those without an accounting and finance background, but who have studied some quantitative subjects, please see our MSc Investments MSc and MSc Financial Management programmes.
For information about taught programmes in the fields of Banking and Finance, please see the Department of Economics postgraduate programmes.
The MSc International Accounting and Finance Programme is accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), which means you will be awarded exemptions from certain papers of the ACCA examinations upon successful completion of the programme. Students have gone on to work in a wide range of industries, in organisations such as Accenture, Deloitte, PWC, Ernst and Young, KPMG, Arcadia Group, CiscoSystems, Nissan, Ford, BP, Cadbury, P&G, and a whole host of smaller companies and public sector organisations. We believe that the global nature of business makes it essential that our students and academics understand business from different international perspectives.
A good Honours degree (2:1 or higher) or postgraduate diploma from an UK university or equivalent.
The programme is designed to enhance your career prospects by building your knowledge in key areas of international business. Across the globe, organisations are seeking dynamic managers with the skills to work away from their domestic country.

For graduates wishing to develop a career in international business, the opportunities span a wide range of possibilities. Small and medium-sized firms with strong niche positions are also increasingly looking for talented and well-trained staff to help them undertake international expansion. The programme, run by the International Management and Organisation Group, draws on the talents of internationally respected scholars and highly respected teachers. Globalisation of the world’s economy means that international economics plays a fundamental role in a wide variety of careers.
Globalisation of the world’s economy means that international economics plays a fundamental role in a wide variety of careers. Reflecting our teaching and research strengths in this important area of economics, this MSc will give you a clear understanding of our world economy.
This MSc is open to graduates from all disciplines who are interested in a career in the lively world of international marketing. Recognised by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, this programme is run and supported by experienced academics and marketing practitioners. This is a conversion programme for applicants without previous knowledge or experience in marketing, but who wish to particularly explore the theory, principles and practice of marketing in the context of a global market environment and the challenges of marketing across countries and cultures. We are a department of international researchers and teachers who pride ourselves on our wide reaching, rigorous and meaningful research.
You will be taught by staff from one of the largest groups of Marketing faculty in the UK, including academics who are internationally recognised. Our complement of academics and marketing practitioners offer extensive experience and expertise in areas such as brand marketing, advertising, services marketing, e-marketing, retailing, international marketing, consumer behaviour, business to business marketing, marketing ethics, innovation and strategy. The correlation between macroeconomics, banking, international finance and financial markets is explored throughout this course, giving you a deep insight and advanced knowledge of the wider world of global business and international finance and financial markets.
We train our students for careers as economists or managers in commerce, industry, banking, financial services or the public sector.
This programme complements the MSc in Money, Banking and Finance, and, as with that programme, is of particular interest to those wishing to pursue careers in the financial sector.
In comparison with the MSc in Money, Banking and Finance, there is greater emphasis on international banking and finance, and less on the acquisition of related technical skills. Comentabamos hace unos dias que MONDRAGON habia resultado finalista, entre 148 aspirantes, en el internacional Prize for Management Innovation que convoca la Harvard Business School y, finalmente, ha sido galardonada con el Prize, que tambien ha sido concedido a otras 9 entidades. La gestion de este premio esta soportada en la estructura de MIX (Management Innovation eXchange), que es un proyecto de Innovacion Abierta al frente del cual se encuentra Gary Hamel uno de los gurus del management mas prestigiosos. Los grandes artistas fueron con anterioridad grandes artesanos: “dominaron el oficio” antes de convertirse en artistas.
Las empresas del grupo MONDRAGON siempre han sido pioneras, perseverantes y originales en incorporar nuevas metodologias de gestion, desarrollar nuevos productos y abrir nuevos mercados y nos alegramos de que se lo reconozcan con este Premio, que nos viene bien a todos pues ayuda a situar a Euskadi en el mapa.
Y como muestra, os dejo el enlace a un articulo aparecido recientemente en el periodico The Guardian. The Darden School of Business located at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.
The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is Ireland’s leading business school and research centre. Facilities for postgraduate education and research are at the Blackrock campus, close to the centre of Dublin city. Besides the Master in Management full-time and part-time, the Master in International Business full-time and part-time and the CEMS Master in International Management, the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School also offers other management programs such as the full-time MBA and the Executive MBA as well as a Master in Accounting and Finance, Master in Marketing, Master in Technololgy, Master in Human Resources Management as well as Executive education programs and doctoral studies.
After an unparalleled social and economic boom, today’s Dublin is one of the cultural centers of Europe that hums with energy and prosperity. UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is delighted to offer prospective students the opportunity to apply for a number of merit-based scholarships. The UCD Michael Smurfit full-time MBA program is ranked 37th in the world's top 100 according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. The Economist also ranked the UCD highly for opening up new career opportunities to MBA graduates. The UCD Michael Smurfit School maintained its presence in the top 100 in the Financial Times global full-time MBA rankings. The UCD Executive MBA program is ranked 65th in the world and 25th in Europe by the Financial Times. The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is built upon the support of Dr Michael WJ Smurfit. The school offers a wide range of programs, including MBA, research programmes, Master in Management programs, specialist masters and executive education, which are designed to prepare graduates to face the challenges of the complex business world. UCD Michael Smurfit has built strong relationships with international colleges, business school networks and associations and multinational corporations. As a result, there are growing calls for business schools to change their approach, and to teach new ways of doing business.
These findings will heavily inform the review of the Association's accreditation criteria for quality MBA programmes in 2010. Eight in ten agreed to a large or very large extent that MBAs should adopt a stakeholder focus rather than a shareholder one, while a similar proportion agreed that business activity should be underpinned by CSR. Alumni believe that, although risk management and related issues were covered on their MBA programmes, there is a need to increase this focus in view of recent events and the current climate.   Likewise, business schools acknowledge that both risk management and strategic risk need to be covered in greater depth in MBA programmes in the future.
This finding reflects the growing concern across society that sustainability is one of the most pressing issues on the global agenda.
These include business policy and strategy, leadership, and entrepreneurship and change management, as well as external risk factors, business ethics and, finally, creativity and innovation. A key question will be the way in which schools can develop the appropriate teaching methods to ensure that the delivery of this broader MBA will translate into long-term learning.
The development of more rounded individuals with strong leadership skills, and the ability to integrate ethical, sustainable and stakeholder thinking into their management decisions, represents a clear steer for the Association of MBAs and Business Schools as they design the MBA of tomorrow.
Set in the university's attractive 'redbrick' campus, in the industrial heartland of Britain, the School is proud of its 100 year history and close links with local business. From strategy and policy to development and innovation, strong managers lead successful businesses, driving them forward and raising their profile, profits and reputation. Students also have the opportunity to choose a mixed pathway route, tailoring the programme to their exact requirements.
The MSc Management programme is assessed by individual coursework, group coursework, and examinations. The final assessment is the 60 credit dissertation (10,000 – 12,000 words), where students conduct their own research aligned to their pathway under the guidance of a supervisor. Students can also study a mixed pathway, tailoring the programme to match their exact requirements. Students undertaking the Entrepreneurship & Innovation pathway have the opportunity to explore starting-up their own business.
The degree must be in business, management, economics, accounting, finance or a similar subject area in Business. Formal and technical analysis of these economies is an essential part of continuing Third World development.
We also hope that some of you will want to stay in the department to study for a research degree. You are expected to have received a good training in economics, to at least intermediate level, and to have a basic knowledge of calculus and statistics. You will be supported by academic experts in areas such as econometrics, development theory and policy and experimental economics.
Specialised courses in economic theory and econometrics will give you a sophisticated understanding of policy issues as you prepare for your career in the industry. An understanding of the interactions between the environment and economics is essential for developing appropriate policies to tackle global issues in the long term.
Our MSc is designed for graduates with an economics-based degree, who are seeking to train themselves technically for their career in finance. Minimum subject requirements are intermediate level Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Theory of Finance and Mathematics (or Statistics). It provides the knowledge and skills you need to work in the finance sector as well as those that can give you a significant edge in this competitive global sector.
They are also in high demand in the treasury departments of many local and multinational companies. All students graduating from the MSc Financial Management programme will, in addition to their degree qualification, be able to gain the ACT’s professional qualifications – the Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals and Certificate in Treasury - if they meet the required criteria either through exemption or further study. Applicants must have a pass mark (or a pass grade) in any quantitative subject (such as econometrics, statistics, mathematics, physics, or any other relevant module) for at least two terms on the bachelor’s degree programme, or any pass grade at GCE A-Level in mathematics, further mathematics, statistics or physics. Ever-increasing global competition means activities such as recruitment, selection, retention, and training and development are really coming to the fore.
You will leave with a high standard of knowledge and clear understanding of current practical, intellectual and policy changes you are likely to face in your career in HRM.
Students are required to undertake 120 credits of taught elements and a 60 credit dissertation. You'll choose your own topic in consultation with academic staff, usually building on a particular area of interest from one of the taught modules. Activities such as recruitment, selection, retention, managing labour relations, training and career development are highly important to the financial performance of organisations as competition between companies increases.

It is distinctive in being internationally oriented, and devotes attention to issues related to HRM theory, policy and practice. We meet the CIPD’s Advanced level criteria, so when you successfully complete the pathway you can apply for Associate, then Chartered, level membership, depending on your role and experience. Designed for graduates from a range of backgrounds, our MSc provides you with access to, and an opportunity to become a member of, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD); an ever-more essential requirement for a successful and rewarding career in HRM and employment relations. We meet the CIPD’s Advanced level criteria, so when you successfully complete the pathway you can apply for Associate, then Chartered, level membership, depending on your role and experience.
It is fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and provides access to membership of this professional body.
The CIPD currently has 135,000 members and job advertisements for HRM posts frequently make reference to the need for CIPD membership. Working in this field, you will need a strong knowledge of how to resolve issues and tackle challenges by using the most up-todate methods. If you have not yet completed your Bachelor’s degree, please ensure that you also upload a transcript or an official document which shows the modules you are studying in your final year, and any marks achieved so far. Our programmes currently include students from over 60 countries, so you will also have the opportunity to make friends and study with many nationalities. You will have the opportunity to draw on the talents of globally respected scholars and teachers whose expertise, combined with the breadth of the syllabus, will prepare you for your new international career. This MSc is open to graduates from any discipline, and will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of relevant and current international issues, giving you the opportunity to take your career anywhere in the world. No company can be confident of surviving unless it appreciates this fact and understands its implications. Multinational corporations are very short of managers from countries other than their domestic base, who have the understanding to operate comfortably in different countries. In major emerging economies such as Brazil, China and India, successful domestic firms are poised to become multinational through expanding overseas. Their expertise covers globalisation, the international aspects of accounting and finance, corporate governance, e-commerce, human resource management, marketing, organisation of multinational corporations, operations and procurement, and strategy. The accreditation, aimed at Pre-Experience Masters in General Management (PEMM), takes into account criteria such as the breadth of the syllabus, the quality of teaching staff, careers support available and the inclusion of a research dissertation. The MSc in International Economics is a taught graduate programme that provides specialised and advanced training in international economics, achieved through the delivery of specialised courses in trade theory, trade policy and econometrics.
Exposure to the various theoretical constructs and empirical analyses within this sub-discipline, as well as other core and optional modules, you will be equipped with the analytic and quantitative skills necessary to examine recent developments in the global economy – particularly those with implications for policy. You will explore all the up-to-date thinking, theories, principles and practice of the discipline. We have won a range of research grants from bodies such as ESRC and the British Academy as well as working closely with business organisations both regionally and nationally.
This programme aims to equip you with a range of methodological and problem-solving skills and specialised knowledge relevant for international money and banking.
It provides you with an advanced knowledge of the related disciplines of macroeconomics, banking, international finance and financial markets. Ha escrito numerosos libros de exito, pero a mi me gusto especialmente y me sigue gustando “Compitiendo por el futuro” que escribio con C.K. En la Direccion de empresas creo que es igual, debes comenzar por conocer y dominar los conceptos y metodologias de Gestion Avanzada –tarea que requiere anos de estudio y practica – hasta manejarlos con destreza y naturalidad para luego poder dar el salto, ir mas alla e incluso dejarlos atras y crear tu propio y original estilo y con el tu futuro. This material is for your own private use only, and no part of the site may be reproduced, amended, modified, copied, or transmitted to third parties, by any means whatsoever without the prior written permission of the copyright owner. They offer a wide range of postgraduate business programmes that aim to equipping students to become the business leaders of the future. With its unique blend of urban chic, lush parkland, sweeping coastline, fabulous shopping and excellent cultural experiences, Dublin became one of the most energised and thrilling capital cities in Europe.
Attaining these accreditations requires graduate schools to continually evaluate and enhance their own courses and programmes.
His generosity, and that of the school's patrons, sponsors, alumni and friends, has allowed the school to maintain its position among European renowned business schools. These ties greatly benefit the school's graduates, who go on to build successful careers in every branch of business, industrial and professional life in Ireland and internationally. Interestingly, the fact that business schools believe that they are putting far greater emphasis on these issues than their alumni believe to be the case, highlights a disconnect between both sides. Birmingham was the first university in the UK to teach business studies back in 1902 and this long commitment to business education is something we are very proud of.
Students without prior study in Business might be interested in our MSc International Business. Specialised courses in development theory, development policy and econometrics will hone your analytic, technical and research skills as you prepare for your career in the industry.
Combining generic and specialist financial modules, the programme offers a comprehensive grounding in financial markets and banking from an economics perspective.
However, competition for the jobs is often very intense, especially in the area of financial management. ACT qualifications are recognised as the global standard for treasury and are an indicator that those holding them are qualified to work in treasury roles in both local and multinational organisations. If you would like A Level mathematics, further mathematics, statistics or physics to be considered as part of your application, please upload evidence of these results when making an application. Our MSc is for graduates from a range of backgrounds who are looking for a career in this exciting, challenging and influential arena. You will receive training in research methods so as to enable you to carry out the dissertation, undertaken between June and September. You'll also work with the guidance of a supervisor in carrying out the research and submitting the final dissertation. CIPD status is nationally recognised in the UK but is increasingly recognised on an international basis. Companies such as HSBC, BP, Unilever and Deloitte visit the School to run workshops and business games, ensuring that you have the opportunity to put the theory you have learned into practice.
We have numerous international links and have been involved in projects in countries which include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Mauritius, Singapore and Thailand.
Covering topics such as globalisation, operations and procurement, e-commerce, and corporate government, the programme offers a good balance of theoretical knowledge and practical application. They too welcome graduates with the appropriate knowledge about doing business internationally. Regional specialists with expertise on Africa, China, Europe and Latin America also teach on the programme. This accreditation aims to safeguard standards of excellence and ensure clarity about the purpose of various general management qualifications in an increasingly competitive market. We are actively involved with our discipline through our professional membership, editorships of leading journals and engagement with industry and the media.We also run four outstanding MSc Marketing programmes which attract students from more than thirty countries.
Renoir, Picasso, Calder, Serat y Chagall fueron todos ellos unos artistas de enorme exito, pero cada uno tenia su estilo original y distintivo. Tambien puede ocurrir que te quedes en ser solo un artesano y te falte la imaginacion o el valor necesarios para dar el salto. The business school sees its success down to an unwavering commitment to excellence and is one of just 25 schools worldwide to hold triple accreditation from the US, Europe and the UK accrediting bodies (AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA).
In spite of the whirlwind changes, it still remains one of Europe's most down-to-earth, friendly and accessible cities. The School’s academics hold the highest qualifications from the world's leading universities and this, together with their business experience, enables them to create a stimulating environment both in teaching and research.
Internationalism is another proud tradition, both in the outlook of the programme content and in the global origins of our students - international students were amongst those first intakes over 100 years ago and today we welcome people from around 55 countries onto our programmes each year. This programme equips students with a broader, deeper, range of the knowledge and skills required for the jobs than any of its kind currently available - a valuable competietive advantage. The training will also prepare you for doctoral research, should you choose to continue your studies. Particular programmes also offer the ability to obtain first-hand experience in the form of either work placements abroad or UK based consultancy projects with companies such as Jaguar, Aston Villa Football Club and Cadbury. En el mundo de los negocios, como en el arte, lo que distingue a los lideres de los rezagados y a la grandeza de la mediocridad es la capacidad para tener una concepcion propia y original del futuro”. Please check the financing information page of UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School for further information.
The University of Birmingham was founded in 1900 by the citizens of Birmingham who wanted their own university to train and educate the people who would create and manage the burgeoning businesses and industries of the midlands. It was natural, given the nature of Birmingham's industry, that the University should, from the start, teach the major scientific and engineering disciplines. It was also the first UK university to establish a Faculty of Commerce and incorporate a medical school. The modern University is equally distinguished in the humanities, education, social sciences and law.

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