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In our business lives, we all need to apply a wide range of communication skills successfully so that we and our companies can excel at what we do and gain an edge in the competitive business environment in which we operate today. Learn English and enjoy the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, the wonderful climate and the friendly people of Cyprus.
The Cyprus Human Resource Management Association organises seminars for members and non-members on topics of interest. Effective communication in business is all about communicating constructively with other people.
This is done by establishing a trusting and caring relationship that will result in fostering personal and career development.
Horizontal or lateral: between people of the same rank, in the same section or department or different sections of departments. Horizontal communication between ‘peer groups’ is usually easier and more direct that vertical communication.
There is a severe talent gap in the energy industry that some experts suggest is about to become critical. Now, in light of the significant HR challenges facing this industry in particular, companies are increasingly looking to women to fill the looming talent gap.
Oil and gas companies aren't just re-thinking their recruitment, promotion and training initiatives, they are acting on them. With this new trend will come an increased level of competition that's also attracting much attention from social scientists and economists. Managing your brand is not a singular event but is a continuous process that must adapt to changing demands within the organization, the market, and you.
To build your brand, you need to take on new opportunities and learn new things but stay true to your core roots. Most of the women I interviewed will tell you that your path depends on you, your career aspirations, and who you want to be.
It can be hard for people who have spent so much of their lives acquiring technical knowledge and a level of expertise to focus on non technical aspects of work. Most engineers or technicians do not study management and do not understand the importance of soft skills until it is too late. State clearly what you want and tell as many key stakeholders within the company as possible. When considering your next step, request a gap assessment at least once a year to keep your progress on track. Everyone has a personal brand, but most people are not aware of it and do not manage it strategically. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of GE or its employees. Want to share a story with the global oil and gas community?Get started now by emailing your editorial idea and contact information. Syntrio offers business skills courses to help your organization's management and leadership succeed in today’s competitive, fast-changing environment.
Whether you are orienting new employees or training more experienced staff, Syntrio’s business skills courses are effective in maximizing retention and improving performance in key areas including communication, management and leadership, personal development, and customer service. Management & LeadershipImprove management and leadership skills from basic planning and organization to managing conflict and maximizing employee performance.
Working in a TeamAll employees, management and leadership can benefit from learning to work as part of a team and take a collaborative approach to resolving conflict. Communication SkillsBusiness skills courses aimed at all aspects of communication, from learning the fine art of listening, improving your presentation and written skills to proper email etiquette. Personal Skills DevelopmentSetting goals, improving time-management and presentation skills.
Sales and Customer ServiceLearn the best practices in negotiation, sales, and customer service in this suite of business skills courses.

Our Communication Skills training courses can be delivered in house or are delivered as open training courses in towns and cities across the UK.
Alternatively, if you are looking for a more bespoke solution, click here to fond out more about our Training and Development Consultancy Service. Learn how to meet new business contacts, network with confidence and increase business with our Business Networking Skills Training Course.
Learn how to produce effective business documents that generate engagement and get the message across clearly with our Business Writing Skills training course, delivered as an open course across the UK or in-house. Find out how to produce well structured business documents and emails that are professional, get the message across and generate engagement. Learn how to get your message across, adapt your style of communication and improve your interpersonal skills with our Communication Skills Training Course. Learn how to deliver engaging presentations with impact with our Presentation Skills Training Course.
Good reports are often used to influence decision makers and communicate important information in a business. This Report Writing Skills training course will show you how to put together a well structured report by showing you how to plan the report, adapt it for you audience, build the report around a structure and bring it to a successful close. Learn how to prepare and deliver effective training courses with our Train the Trainer Training Course.
Find out how to put structured lesson plans together and the basics of designing training sessions.
Crossroads offers a wide range of Communication skills workshops to help business people develop their ability to perform effectively when communicating with other people.
Approximately half of oil and gas engineers will reach retirement age by 2015, while enrollment in petroleum-focused science degree programs continues to decline (according to a Deloitte study and Texas Technology University, Bachelor of Science degrees granted in petroleum engineering declined 74% between 1983 and 2006). There has never been a time of greater opportunity in this industry for women with their sites on higher levels of responsibility and reward. If you are not aware of your brand, then you need to ask yourself what you are known for or more importantly, what do you want to be known for.
In my book, "Energy and the City," I profile 31 women who broke the glass ceiling in the energy industry. If you are technical, the advice I heard was to stay in line management roles 60-70 percent of your work experience. You may not get every step right at the beginning, but take a few moments to step back and analyze your experiences and direction.
Sometimes technicians feel shortchanged when they discover that to lead others, building relationships and communication skills are more important for management.
Soft skills include a good work ethic and attitude, listening, the ability to communicate across cultures and situations, critical thinking, personal drive, time management, and being able to work well with others on a team. It helps to know more about your people on a personal level and what their interests are outside the job.
LinkedIn is viewed as a professional way to communicate with colleagues, clients, and vendors. To get ahead it is important to work hard, but there are certain times when you need to learn to use your voice and make your requests known. Corporate decisions and succession planning do not always take place in the boardroom or in the HR offices. One of the best ways to gain personal insight is to ask people you trust to evaluate your skills and your perceived image.
You should take control of your brand and the message it sends and how others perceive you.
She is an International Business Development Specialist with more than 20 years' experience in complex product and services in Europe, Latin America and North America. This suite of business skills courses focuses on core competencies that drive professional excellence, organizational performance and business results.

This set of business skills courses helps every employee in their day-to-day work environment. Being more assertive means having the ability to communicate in a controlled and confident way. Understand how tomake an impression quickly and build credibility with people you have just met.
Our communication skills training course is delivered as an open training course across the country or in-house.
Learn how to engage the audience and use presentation aids effectively to get your message across as well as over coming nerves. How to deal with conflicting styles of people and give responsibility and tackle complex issues and different behaviours during meetings.
Understand the structure of a training course, then look at and practice the skills behind delivering ahighly effective and engaging training course.
These numbers are for the US workforce overall – the global oil and gas industry has been even more skewed toward male leadership. Eischen, involved conducting in-depth interviews with top female executives about their experiences and strategies for personal "brand management" in a traditionally male-dominated market. If you can't answer this question, it is time you start intentionally to develop a brand that will establish you in the industry. There is always time to adjust; then take the path that provides a substantial level of responsibility, as what you do in a role is far more important early on. Technical skills may get you the job, but soft skills can make you or break you as a manager. Without these skills, you may be stuck in a technical role that is fulfilling but may not get you where you want to be in your career. This information helps you motivate them and anticipate any shortcomings, and this requires strong soft skills. Male-dominated industries present particular challenges for women's advancement because of stereotypes and gender bias. If you let people around you know what kind of experiences you want in your career, doors will open for you, but be realistic in your aspirations.
She has lived and worked in six countries on three continents, primarily in manufacturing and energy. You will find further information about in-house delivery and open training courses on those pages.
It is made up of all your roles performed and tasks completed at work that build your area of expertise that eventually defines your brand. Those of you who excel performing a support role like marketing or commercial must have some experience in the field or line to ensure that you understand the business you support. Users of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites tend to misrepresent themselves with inappropriate information and photos.
Her professional leadership experience in male-dominant industries inspired her first book "Energy and the City" that profiles 31 senior executive women working in the energy industry. If you look like you are going on a date, to a nightclub, or the beach, don't show up at the office. Eischen served three years on the board of Women's Energy Network and is on the advisory board for Houston Achievement Place, a social service agency that helps children, youth and families.

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