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You will during your stay in the wilderness, get to learn interesting skills both through theory and practice about what is important to think about while you are out in the wild.
Bushcraft CoursesThe Bushcraft Company delivers real outdoor adventures to schools across the country, from outdoor centres both in the UK and overseas. Alex McBarnet founded The Bushcraft Company in 2008, with the aim of providing exciting, accessible outdoor education programmes that shape and enhance children’s development. They have a woodland base for their school courses on the Penshurst Place Estate and these can be booked direct with The Bushcraft Company from beginning of February to end of July. Though we endeavour to keep information on our website accurate and up-to-date please contact us to check details.
The Woodland Ways Weekend is our intermediate Bushcraft and Survival Course, and has quickly developed into one of our most popular courses! Woodland Ways Blog - Bushcraft and Survival is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Saxon attended one of our teenager’s bushcraft courses last year and asked if he could do some work experience with us.
Over the week I spent with Martyn, and under his expertise, I shaped and strung an Ash long bow.
Finally, after many months and as many attempts, I made fire by friction and managed to get an ember into flame on my second go. During the ten days, I met many people and worked with many instructors, who were all so good at their jobs and fun to be with!
We offer bushcraft courses at all levels, whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your knowledge.
Our bushcraft courses, survival courses and wilderness living courses are held in some fantastic woodland throughout Dorset and Hampshire.

Our Instructors are a friendly bunch and believe learning in this type of environment is the best way to teach bushcraft, survival and wilderness living skills.
John Boe Owner and Chief InstructorFounder and owner of Wildway Bushcraft, John’s love for the outdoors started at an early age.
With this in mind we are very happy to work closely with you to design a course that fits you. Our courses are based on your own experience, knowledge and preferences, ranging from "basic living in the nature" to more advanced "hard core survival".
Since then, they have built a reputation for real outdoor adventures, delivered with the highest standards of care and expertise.
You’ll learn plenty of new survival skills in our Bushcraft courses course and will expand your horizons and meet new people. He was only 14 at the time but we were so impressed by his bushcraft skills and his enthusiasm we told him to get in touch when he was 15 and we would see what we could do. Here at Wildway Bushcraft, we believe that there is no better place than the great outdoors.
We offer one day bushcraft courses and weekend bushcraft courses and wilderness living courses in Dorset and Hampshire. As you would expect all of our instructors have a vast amount of bushcraft and outdoors skills under their belt and have been teaching and leading groups in the outdoors for years so you will be in great hands. Raised in a military family John was always outside in local woods building dens and making traps.
After years working and teaching in various marine and costal environments around the globe, Jack is now back in the UK. He is in love with the smell of wood smoke and is happiest amongst the trees with his dogs.

GTC apply, please ensure you have carefully read the General Terms and Conditions before booking any courses, booking a course confirms your full acceptance of the terms - thank you!Buy any course as a gift – buy essential life skills!All courses purchased as gifts are valid for 12 months and transferable to any available course dates. There would be a lot more time available for hands-on training and implementation of for example building camps, movement, navigation, fishing, etc. Our goal is to provide fun, practical and educational bushcraft, survival and wilderness living skills to enable you to enjoy the outdoors even more. Our one day bushcraft courses are a great way to focus you on to one bushcraft subject be it friction firelighting, foraging, campfire cooking or shelter building to name but a few. Bushcraft courses in Dorset is great, so why not take a look at our courses and join us in the woods. He attended his first survival course whilst in the Scouts at the age of 12 and has not looked back since.
We fully understand that you know some one that would love to do the course, but you dont know if there free on the listed dates. You also learn practical skills such as how to always successfully start a fire and other useful skills that comes in handy whether it is regarding a survival situation or just to make life comfortable during an outdoor trip.During the longest course it is also likely that your instructor will put you through different test moments so you can try your new skills in "real-life situations". We can tailor your bushcraft courses and survival training just the way you want it, in our own fun, interesting and unique way. Not to mention our weekend beginner bushcraft course and our family bonding bushcraft courses.

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