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Collecting labels and box tops from the everyday products we all use is an easy way to bring much needed equipment and supplies to children who are blind or visually impaired. Campbell’s Labels for Education can be found on all Campbell’s Soup Labels, Pepperidge Farm (including Goldfish, Crackers), Swanson, V8 Beverages, Prego. Please bring labels and box tops to any chapter event to give to our vp: Foundation or any board member. July 16, 2015 By jen Leave a Comment You save Box Tops for Education for your students’ school, right?
What I love about Box Tops is that if you are already purchasing a product for your family, the Box Top label is free money for the school. General Mills Box Top products include Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Nature Valley, Yoplait and many more.
As you start to think about the kids heading back to school this year (less than a month away in our area), keep your eyes open for bonus Box Tops at Walmart.
July 29, 2015 by Chrystal Johnson 4 Comments This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. No matter where your child attends school, I can bet they have a Box Tops collection program. Right now, Hefty has a really awesome limited-time, back-to-school promotion where they have FOUR Box Tops on some of their boxes. The box label is specifically sized to fit on the 38-count Hefty Ultimate Flex Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags.
Love this even though we homeschool and get nothing from collecting these we do it for our cousins and my 4.5yo loved gluing our box tops on the sheet to send to our cousins. The content on Happy Mothering is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice. SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER FOR ALL THE BEST PARENTING, HOMESCHOOL, TRAVEL POSTS & EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! I know many of us have heard or seen the Pink and Purple label with the pencil on it on items at our grocery items. As a former educator and as a child I remember trying to collect as many Box Tops for Education as we could to raise money for our school. One of the things that I believe we should strive for is have sometime of relationship with our neighbors around us. I have created a letter that you are able to share in your local community board or share with your neighbors individually. The next thing you want to do is create your special Box Tops Box for your neighbors to drop their box tops in.
Step Two: To make your box eye catching make sure to cover your cereal box with bright construction or wrapping paper using glue or tape.

Step Two: Once you have covered your box, print out my cover label that I created specifically for your neighborhood.
Box Tops is one of America’s largest school earnings loyalty programs, with over 80,000 Kindergarten through 8th grade schools participating and have contributed over $525 million to participating schools since the launch of the program in 1996. Can you imagine schools being able to provide necessary materials or educational resources for their teachers and students?
For us our community is important, so why not involve them in matters such as helping our local schools! Subscribe for weekly updates and a FREE copy of my guide, Positively Healthy: Lifestyle Hacks to Help Parents & Kids Thrive! The labels and box tops are collected by our chapter to support local schools around the New York City metro area. Delta Gamma Fraternity does not accept responsibility for misuse of this information by non-members and states that use of this information other than its intended purpose is strictly prohibited. Last year my daughter’s school earned more than $1,500 from Box Tops, and my family alone contributed around $15. Specially-marked packages at Walmart include a certificate for four bonus Box Tops, making those packages worth $.50 for your school.
I love anything crafty, Disney, Gator football, chocolate, green living, flip-flops & family movie nights.Learn more about Jen! Even when Zoe went to a small private school with less than 30 students, we collected Box Tops using a Box Tops for Education Collection Sheet. If your school collects Box Tops, you should definitely grab one of these boxes next time you need trash bags.
If they do, I have created some fun Fall Printables to make collecting Box Tops fun and easy.
Please consult with a qualified health care professional before acting on any information presented here. Box Tops are worth $.10 for the school and they are able to use it on items that they need for the students, so every bit counts.
Our children attend local schools, which in part will bring children with great education and help the neighborhood be built on community.
This is something that you can do as a family and the best part is that you can recycle one of the boxes that you would get with your Bonus Box Tops, like our Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Cheerios Cereal we picked up at our local Walmart store. To make everything last a bit longer you can laminate and then glue to the front of the box. Not only would the teachers have a better chance of teaching what is needed, but our youth would be getting a better education all around. By simply clipping these labels, you can bring much needed equipment to children who are blind or visually impaired.

For Campbell’s products, you no longer need to clip the whole label, only the 1-point or 5-point UPC codes. Not too shabby especially considering that schools can use that money to buy anything it needs.
It’s nice to know you can do a little something for your school without a lot of time or effort. Our children’s education is so important and they need the money that fundraising brings in. While we don’t buy a lot of food products with Box Tops on them, I love that they are on Hefty Trash Bags – we DO use those! That way when her school does a Box Top Collection contest, she can bring them all in to help her class win. I have both a color and black and white version of the Box Tops for Education Collection Sheet. At the end of the contest, just count up which classroom had the most Box Tops and they’re the winner!
We were always competing against another class to see who would collect the most and then they were earn themselves some type of class party! My thought is this, if school benefit from the money being raised, our children benefit, which means that our neighborhood and communities benefit as well. This is a great idea if you live in areas where you will get more rain, like we do here in Florida.
If you have to go through a gate to get to you front door, then I would leave it on the gate. You could also use velcro to secure your box, just be careful that it doesn’t chip your paint depending on where you mount your box. As much as parents cringe at the idea of fundraising, it’s something that has to be done. And I even have a Printable to turn your Hefty Trash Bag box into a Box Top Collection bin. We preach reuse, reuse, reuse around here so we wanted to reuse the very box that gave us the Box Tops.

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