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When the boys were little, their school’s Box Top fundraiser would run the entire school year. Since, getting both students and parents involved in a Box Tops for Education fundraising program is necessary for the schools financial success. 24 printable race cars with logos that represent the brands that offer eligible Box Tops for Education products.
Each week students are encourage to bring in all the box tops they collected the prior weeks and their progress is tracked on a fun race track set up on a board in the classroom using the printables provided below. Setting up the track: Our Printable Box Top kit included a diagram for you to use as you set up the board in your class. Setting up the race cars – Each student is issued a race car and places their name on the blank space provided.
Moving on the Track – Placement on the track is determined on the amount of Box Tops collected each week. Week 1 lap 1– By the end of week 1 you may have some students that have completed their first lap and others still working towards completing their lap.
Week 2 lap 2 – In week two those who have completed the task from the prior week will move back to the start line to work on lap 2, while the others remain in their spots to continue to work on lap 1. This process continues with two more laps where students, each week, will earn a prize based off the lap they completed. The above prize suggestions are based on a full month of students bringing in Box Tops throughout the weeks. Step 4 – Fold the bottom inwards and glue the bottom flap by placing glue on the side facing you, then fold the side without writing inwards and gluing it to the bottom flap. Your browser does not support script --> -->Oldest Independent Baptist School in El Paso, with over 30 years of experience --> -->Northeast Christian Academy is a ministry of Sun Valley Baptist Church. However, a fundraiser is only as good as the efforts put into it, therefore, Matt, and I created a Box Tops School fundraising idea & free printable kit, for teachers.

At first all of the classes would turn in droves of Box Tops, but as the school year progressed the excitement would soon fade away. Therefore, Matt and I put together a fun fundraising idea, which is a printable, that teachers can easily use to get all their students involved.
Then using the boxes they check off each lap completed to receive the specified prizes for each week. At the end of week 2, those completing their laps will be issued a prize based on the lap they’ve completed. The Students who complete all 4 laps for the month receive the suggested grand prize of a pizza party. Each month students would be issued new race cars where they all would have to place them on the start line, giving them a brand new month to earn a new set of prizes or the same prizes from the prior month.
Depending on how many laps the child has completed, the teacher determines the prize given to them. So we hope our Box Top Racer fundraising idea will help your school reach their financial goals. Kathy King receives compensation of one or more of the products and banners that you will see on this post and or site.
I will be sending this link to my daughter’s teacher as she start Preschool in a couple weeks. Matt and I spent a lot of hours developing the concept, creating the printable and putting it all together. Our goal is to grow a strong foundation of academic excellence and spiritual vitality in children ages three years old through the 6th grade.
Today’s helpful tool is sponsored by General Mills® Box Tops for Education™ in partnership with Tap Influence, and all opinions are my own. The Box Tops program is one of the largest and oldest school fundraising programs in the nation.

Each student needs to bring in a minimum of 5 Box Tops to move their race car on the track. This allows each child to move ahead on the board at their own pace and become motivated by a different reward decided by the teacher each week. This may be in the form of affiliate post, sponsored giveaways, sponsored post and other forms of advertising.
Our Goal is to help families create memories together with movie-themed activities, mom's guide, savvy party planning tips and more. Therefore, it’s vital for schools to not only incorporate Box Tops into the fundraising efforts but also provide a platform that will keep the kids motivated to participate throughout the entire school year. Teachers decided on the final amount required to complete each lap using the printable place markers below. We know when it comes to providing treats or prizes to students, most often teachers have to rely on funds or donation from parents. Katherine is passionate about sharing tips on entertaining, hosting, and creating family memories.
Therefore, we created a list of prize suggestions they can use, or they can add to their own awards.
Whether it’s playtime, party time or family time her goal is to provide Moms with the tools to create memorable moments for their kids.
King has over 20 years of marketing experience and is a recipient of the prestigious Davey Award.

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