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Everybody’s 20s are both a wonderful and fearful time in life, so reading these books during this period can be useful! This book is about Esther Greenwood who is clever, pretty, creative, and successful, but little by little this woman is going crazy. All we know that breaking up is a very hard thing, but it’s a lot more difficult to grow up and break up at once. The next book is merry and cordial at the same time; it will tell you about personal desires. When the author moves to Chicago, she becomes happy since she has started to live with her dream guy. The next novel is about Franny Banks, an actress in New York City who is searching for a job as an actress whilst thinking of more essential things. When you are halfway through your 20s, I am sure you’ll feel better when you read these books.
Women Fitness Magazine offers resources and advice to Women of all ages about Health, Fitness, Love, food, Weight-loss, Lifestyle and Parenting. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In a recent blog post by Y Combinator cofounder and partner Paul Graham, Graham writes about the notion of human knowing and how we come to know certain things. Aside from writing about startups and entrepreneurship, Ronald is interested in 'Doctor Who', Murakami, 'The Mindy Project', and fried chicken.
The best books aren't static stories, but living entities with meanings that change and grow along with you.
Still, some books are best experienced at a certain age, like, say, "Catcher in the Rye." If you pick it up for the first time when you're far beyond puberty, you'll likely wonder what all the hype is about.
There are also fantastic classics that may not have been assigned to you in school but that you should pick up ASAP simply because you're missing out -- books like Doris Lessing's "The Golden Notebook" or "A Collection of Essays" by George Orwell.
Pivotal to the feminist movement, Rich's poetry collection is one of three books Cheryl Strayed brought with her on the trek she chronicles in her book, "Wild." A wise choice -- the "Power" section of the book will inspire you to achieve great things.
All of Robbins' books are great reads for 20-somethings, as the author tends to serve up prettily packaged life advice with a lot of moxie. Not only can you get your literary passport stamped twice with Hemingway's romp through Paris and Pamplona, but you can enjoy an immersive mood piece about the highs and lows of drunken, rambling youth.
Tartt's contemporary Greek tragedy about an unraveling clan of Classics majors is enchanting but may seem a little overwrought once your college days are decades behind you. As we revealed on Tolstoy's birthday, this book is a classic for a reason: There's much to be learned from Anna's mistakes, but also the successes of her peers, such as Levin, who, as he gets older, embraces simple living. We strongly advise against entering your 30s without having read (and we mean really read and fully ingested) one of Shakespeare's tragedies. Chabon's answer to what happens when childhood dreams meet the sometimes grim realities of adulthood centers around a Jewish refugee. Munro writes short stories about small worlds, often centered around Canadian women like herself.

Wright's book is literary naturalism at its finest, creating empathy for the impoverished and downtrodden -- an important lesson to learn if you haven't already. Getting acquainted with these books won’t only give you some pieces of advice but will also help you to live through this time!
If you start to read this classic novel, you will be completely involved in the plot and will discover the grimmest places people can go. The story is not true and you can actually get bored reading it at times, but you will be extremely connected with this book during your 20s, since you are trying to be independent!
It’s about three women experiencing a change in their carrer, family pressure, falling in love and breaking up all whilst suffering through numerous of marriages and bridal parties. This will tell you a story about a woman from a big city who gets married with a doctor and moves to the Midwest.
When I graduated college I was afraid to come into the real world, I could not get a work and was alone. It’s a good, short read, but what stands out about the post is this idea of rereading a book as both an experience and a pathway to knowing.
According to Tom Corley, the founder of Rich Habits, wealthier people read more books than poorer people. With each additional year of schooling, we earn a little more towards our life-long accumulation of income. 79 percent of successful people read educational career-related material and 55 percent read for personal development. While it’s certainly beneficial to read more nonfiction, education career-related books in the new year, you should also take some time to get in more fiction books along the way.
He is currently based in New York because he mistakenly studied philosophy in college and is now a "writer".
That's why we strongly recommend rereading the classics that were assigned to you in high school; you may find that they're nothing like they were before. If you have to pick just one, pick "Hamlet." Perhaps it'll help you with that pesky indecision you're likely experiencing if you're a 20-something. It captures the heartbreak that can come with discovering your sexuality and chasing your dreams. She reminds us that quiet foibles and triumphs can be as beautiful and significant as sweeping, epic tales -- an important insight to keep in mind as you leave your more self-centered, dramatized youth behind.
It doesn’t matter if you are losing friends, moving after university, hesitating about your career, or are not satisfied being alone whilst seeing everybody getting married, be sure you are not lonely! This book will be great for those to read during their 20s who should remember to stay sane! Seuss’s novel is about graduates from preschool to high school and opening plenty of doors before them. The author makes it cheerful, but still gets you through the uncertain early adult years, when everybody is working and thinking about getting married and keeping thinking what they want to be in the future. I am sure you do not want to write your resumes in such way, and “Overqualified” will make you smile if you have written one hundred of it without result.

It’s up to you either to dream or not to dream about getting a work in a big trendy magazine but reading “The Devil Wears Prada” during your 20s will show you what your worth is in the career world.
According to the most recent stats from Pew on the state of reading in America, adults on average read just 5 books in 2013. In it, Graham reflects on the times he’s reread books, only to discover that he remembers very little of what the books were actually about upon rereading them. If you expect to build wealth in your life, you will have to accept the fact that you MUST begin to do the things that 95% of the population is not willing and too lazy to do, such as reading about self development.Unless your friends have already built long term wealth in their life, they are probably part of that 95%. He discusses British Imperialism, but it's not all political: "Such, Such Were the Joys," an essay about prep school, is particularly delightful. Look through this list of books to read during your 20s and I am sure you will feel better. This book is colorful and it can help to get through if you don’t know what path to choose in life! This is an amazing book to read during your 20s because you won’t have many friends after University! Which leads to this point: if Graham has the time in the year to reread books, why aren’t we all doing more to spend some time giving books an initial read? Looking at Corley’s stats, 88 percent of wealthier individuals read for 30 minutes or more each day as opposed to the 2 percent of those in a lower economic brackets.
Considering the many benefits of reading books (as opposed to, you know, incessantly consuming online content), surely you can try to read more books in 2015.
Broadly that looks at the work of the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, Broadly writes that higher vocabulary scores are associated with higher earnings and management status.
Well, because much in the way that reading more books in general can impact success, high emotional intelligence can impact success.
Because books are so readily available at such a small investment price, people believe there can’t be too much value in them, otherwise why would they be so cheap? Some parts of books will just not resonate with you yet, while other parts may totally make sense. Take advantage of this to get your ego out of the way a bit more.If you don’t agree with a concept written in a book, that’s perfectly fine, but if you’re listening to an audio recording of an author who’s teaching concepts that make sense to you but their voice irritates you, then you might miss some great wisdom just because the person’s voice reminds you of someone you didn’t like back in elementary school. It’s what’s already there talking all the time anyways. You will see a differenceReading one self development book doesn’t guarantee success, just like cleaning the dog poop out of your back-yard or painting the bathroom doesn’t guarantee you will sell your house for $25,000 more, but imagine what would happen to your real estate value if you spent 4-6 hours every week for 5 years improving it?
Painting the rooms, adding a Jacuzzi tub, cleaning the back yard, starting a garden, adding a patio deck, etc.It’s the same thing with reading self development books.
It’s hard to see the value you get out of one book, but it’s easy to see the value you get out of reading a book every month or every week for a year or two or ten.

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