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Financial ConsiderationBasically, there are no expenses involved in running this fundraiser but it will take volunteer time and effort to promote and push sales. Book Club fundraising is easy to set up but it must be promoted if your club expects to raise any funds.
Organise your Book Club fundraiser for peak buying seasons like the run in to Christmas, Mothers or Fathers’ Days.
This means, you have to be willing to make mistakes as you figure out what works best for you and silence the comparison voice in your head telling you that you’re a Bullet Journal failure.
I also updated my home planning binder last year to reflect some of the necessary needs of my home. I used my daily planner and home planning binder in tandem, but I stayed frustrated that it wasn’t easy enough.
This disjointed system didn’t allow me to keep up with all those random lists and thoughts in one spot. And having my lists in so many places was threatening to drive this busy, work-at-home, homeschooling, expecting-a-third-boy mom to the brink of insanity. Essentially, I spent a good chunk of time just brainstorming what I wish I had in a planner. The more I thought and researched the more convinced I became that the Bullet Journal system was created for brains like mine! I happen to like planning with pretty pens, these to be exact (they don’t bleed), and the pencil bag keeps it all together for me. As I got into Bullet Journaling, I found colored pencils to be a fun way to spruce up my lists when I needed some relaxing, therapy time.
I could now write down recipes for things I use regularly like homemade mayo or apple cider vinegar drink and be able to find it easily without having to pull out my recipe box (or look it up again online).
If I was collecting ideas for a homeschool unit study on American Symbols, then I could create a page in my Bullet Journal, add the page number to my index, and come back to it when it was time to actually plan the unit out for the week. I tried more of a log format for my future and monthly logs (or to-dos), but it didn’t work for me.
Then, I use this weekly log to create my daily logs (sticking with the same color coding method, if I have the pens nearby).
I know when I was first starting out, the more detail someone put in their post the better. The Bullet Journal is a method of planning that flows with my life and keeps my brain much more at peace with all that runs through it each day. I shared a video flip through of my Bullet Journal if you’d like to see inside and how it all flows together from start to finish! By the way, Sign up for the weekly newsletter so you don’t miss more planning tips and tricks. I’ve never heard of this before, but I started doing a version of this months ago in my journal. And I like non-fiction about history, such as Timothy Eagan’s wonderful The Worst Hard Time. Baseball books are always great this time of year, as I count the days until Spring Training.
What I did enjoy, because it is so tongue-in-cheek and beautifully written in a flawless pastiche of late 19th century style, is The Crimes of Galahad by Dr. Some are turned off by Mantel’s writing style, but if you let yourself be drawn into it, you enter another age, traveling back in time to visit our long ago ancestors as they cope with the King and his desires, worries, and sexual neurosis. So– read, and find yourself cheering for Cromwell as he finds a way to behead the next victim.
Howatch also wrote about the banking industry, pre-1929 crash into the 1960s, chronicling several families there too. Sadly, she has gone into retirement but I’m dying to find out how Venetia turned out in her later years. Just finished Glittering Images as it was on a recommended list from a link on Scott McKnight’s blog, Jesus Creed, about ten novels every pastor needs to read. I am now reading Wendell Berry’s A Place on Earth (also on the link from Jesus Creed) that has a scene on a pastoral call that every pastor needs to read. This american is tired of baseball and has been (through espn3) watching some cricket (never a whole match) and has a decent grasp of how it’s played. Connie Willis writes great science fiction, often with a historical bent (time travel, etc) and a subtle but very present Christian undercurrent.
In recent years I’ve enjoyed mysteries-as-traveloges, first in the US, and then overseas.
This is a reminder to me of how well read the i-Monk audience is, which is just another reason I enjoy coming here to learn.
Now you have cleaned your coffee off your shirt… Looking forward to a great next year with Internet Monk. All of these except Sharan Newman’s are murder mysteries, and as someone with a medieval history background, I can say that these are exceptionally good from a history viewpoint.

And all of them feature main characters who are sincere Christians — Roman Catholic Christians, of course, considering when they are set. Support the fundraiser by promoting it on the club website, on the club newsletter and social media pages. It was recommended to me by a friend, and after watching a few videos, reading countless posts by others, and pinning all sorts of ideas, I dove right in and created a bullet journal of my very own. There are so many creative people out there doing amazing things with their Bullet Journals. Take it from me, you don’t have to be an artist to keep a beautiful, functional Bullet Journal. You might have heard me talk about my Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner for the last few years.
I loved this planning binder, and I still recommend it to those looking for a binder method of planning. I was all over the place in my planning, and I am nothing if not an incessant-tweaker in search of supreme efficiency. The more I watched video tutorials and talked to my husband, the more I became convinced that I might be on the brink of a planning break through! This allows me to quickly correct them without having to start all over again with one of my spreads. I was so sick of losing things in random notebooks, and this feature allows me to keep various notes within the pages of my journal and be able to find them again later … easily. My brain works in both visual and linear, so I had to create my own monthly log system that fit my needs. I brain dump everything I need to get done that week plus all the things that would just be nice to get done onto my weekly log.
Plus this lets me see at a glance what I need to get done in these three main pockets of my life. We don’t have all the money in the world to update and replace everything I want to update and replace. I thought my list-making oldest would love it, so I created a collection in my Bullet Journal for us to check off as we go. We’ve already gone through it twice with my oldest, but I am working through it again with my youngest. Now I can bulk plan a unit in one fell swoop even if it’s still weeks away from being completed. Or if I’m browsing Pinterest, or happen to hear a book mentioned on a podcast that I think the boys will like, I add it to this collection.
We’ve now started trying to memorize whole passages together, and I keep a running list of passages that I want us to memorize together here.
I generally keep this in Trello, but if I’m not online, I add it here and transfer later. The only problem I’ve found is that once I start writing three things, I usually feel the need to keep going. I also think you must really be interested in Bullet Journaling so I hope this post was helpful.
She takes joy in spending her days creating memorable moments with her husband, conducting kitchen experiments, researching every natural alternative known to man, and making her little boys laugh.
I use it to write down to do lists, journal, take Bible Study notes, plan out curriculum, write down ideas for my book, etc. I am also not an artistic person so I don’t have a lot of graphics but it does give me a place to practice which I really enjoy. Benet” trilogy, involving some of her earlier Anglican Church characters, is to be avoided until having read her earlier Church of England series.
Howatch knows the Church of England well, and her spiritual director in this one is top-notch. I like medieval English mysteries by Paul Doherty, Susanna Gregory, Bernard Knight, Ellis Peters, C. It’s gotten five stars by all reviewers, including Mockingbird and God and Science ministries. Looong novel about an Australian fugitive from justice who settles in a Bombay slum, then joins the Afghan muhajjadin. Her book _To Say Nothing of the Dog_ is a fun read, and combines aspects of sci fi and mystery and comedy of manners.
Unputdownable, and this from someone who’s no libertarian and often finds Heinlein to be, well, ick. It’s two mysteries, and Holmes is the detective in neither (but Arthur Conan Doyle is). Would also recommend Jasper Fforde Nursery Crime Division series (with DI Jack Spratt—yes, that Jack Spratt) for mystery with light humor. If you’re looking for a book that gives glory to God, and put us in the proper perspective, this the book.

Both are set in a very well realized England just before the Wars of the Roses (mid 1400s). Catherine is in 12th century France, and starts out as a novice in the Paraclete, the convent run by Heloise (of Abelard and Heloise fame). All the main characters are fictional, and where they intersect with real historical figures, these figures are used with great care toward what little is actually known about them. A few more liberties seem to be taken with history here, but Isaac of Girona is a well realized Jewish physician negotiating the boundaries between Jewish and Christian communites — and again is a sincerely religious character. Organise electronic order forms that parents can download from the club website, leave printed order forms in high-traffic areas of the club (like the canteen).
Seek further details from authorities and service providers; especially in regards to insurance, licences, permits, spectator and participant safety.
Then, go here and read one of the best posts I found explaining the basics of the Bullet Journal.
So, I get the jitters a little bit, but thankfully the Type B in me kicks in and allows me to experiment for a bit to find the best fit for me. It wasn’t simple enough to have all of my work lists (which I use Trello for) and home lists in one spot. I made this list to capture all my wishes and when we have extra finances, I know these are the things most important to me.
These are passages I come across in my daily quiet times or hear other families recommending.
Also, my editorial calendar is something I need to see on paper and not just on my computer screen.
I do like that I can see how lazy I was one week … this checklist definitely holds me accountable to not letting too much time pass before cleaning those pesky bathrooms.
You can also head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe so you don’t miss other great videos I have coming very soon! I don’t really care about the business end of baseball, but I do love to read about the strategies and about the crazy things done on the field.
The author spent seven years driving around the USA visiting surviving people who knew Cayce (d. Gil Cunnngham is a Scot in late 1400s Edinburgh, and in the first book he meets his future wife and detective partner Alys Mason. All authors must invent some things because we don’t know everything about these time periods, but these authors do not move events forward or back decades in time or randomly invent modern motives or sexual relationships for historical figures. I still recommend it to anyone who isn’t interested in the Bullet Journal and looking for something practical and simple. Plus, it keeps my journal nice and tight allowing it to go places with me without feeling too bulky. This journal sticks with me through all of my changes, life circumstances, and various needs.
It’s been liberating for me and works much better with the way my mind processes information. I think the key to bullet journaling is to pull it out every day even if only for a few minutes.
Oh, I still have two or three Robert Capon books given me by Denise Spencer that I haven’t read yet.
I’d like to find another author like Stout I could follow all the way through a series.
Also Erle Stanley Gardiner’s Perry Mason mysteries have some titillation but are very mild by modern standards. Sansome, Michael Jenks, and others–all contain something about the church of the time.
The book club provides the order forms, the club circulates the forms and club members purchase books using the forms. Some nights I have more time and can add things to my ideas and wishlists and some nights I have to hurry and can only put in what needs to be done.
Makes me feel all thrifty inside.) I also enjoy books on the history of flight and the space program, though I have a lot on my shelves yet to be read, as I mentioned.
It wasn’t until the invention of the buck fireplace that women started to take ove in the kitchen. It is how he makes his living.) Anyway, just couple books that really made me think this year. I don’t have time to go through the hundreds of comments that go into spam every day, but let me know and if it's in spam I can do a quick search and set it free.
Clubs can expect to receive a percentage of total book sales, typically around 20%, so if the club generates $1000 in sales it gets $200.

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