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Four-year-old Josiah had a tiny one that was clipped to his belt loop so it was handy all throughout his day in preschool. Marla’s was a permanent fixture on her wheelchair laptray, and if she came without it because a caregiver forgot to put it on, it was likely to be a very l-o-n-g day. In this week’s post, we wanted to talk about some of the options for formatting communication books. There are a couple of basic options to consider, and a lot of individual variations within each one. Basic notebook style communication book: Pretty self-explanatory, but keep in mind that you can make these in any size. Communication book with flip sections: Allows the user to open to a page and then flip through a tabbed section to access additional vocabulary while still on that page.
Communication book with fold-out panels: Think of a communication board with folds or hinges on both sides.
We can’t stress enough how important it is to reflect on the individual and the context in which the book will be used as you decide how to proceed.
Color-coding: We love books that use colored backgrounds or borders on the pages so that communicators can get to the messages they want quickly. Tabs: All books with more than 3-4 pages should have them to make navigating the book more efficient.
Turning pages can be troublesome for clients who are hemiplegic or who can’t cross midline. There’s so much to think about when making communication books, but remember our mantra: Do something. PrAACtical AAC supports a community of professionals and families who are determined to improve the communication and literacy abilities of people with significant communication difficulties.

This text provides a highly interactive presentation of the theory, research, and skills of interpersonal communication, with strong, integrated discussions of diversity, ethics, workplace issues, and technology. Allan, who was hemiplegic and used a manual wheelchair, liked to keep one underneath his right thigh so he could grab it quickly whenever he wanted to talk. A full-sized binder might be the best option for some AAC users, but others would do just as well (and may prefer) something smaller.
A set of eyegaze boards can be loosely ‘bound’ together with rings for people whose best access is through eye pointing. For example, one woman we worked with had something like this for when the police pulled her car over.
We’ve posted two of them (one for school and the other for community use) at our TeacherPayTeachers site (everything is free). We generally try to avoid a situation in which they have to hold it open with one hand while they point to messages with the other. Consider binding it at the top instead of the left edge and putting the tabs at the bottom so that they can navigate the book more easily. You may be the one making the communication book, but, if all goes according to plan, someone else is actually going to be the one using it to convey their thoughts and ideas. It was founded in 2011 by two SLP professors, Carole Zangari and the late Robin Parker, around a shared passion for AAC. Recognized for its ability to help students understand the crucial connection between theory and practice, this eleventh edition presents a comprehensive view of the theory and research in interpersonal communication and, at the same time, guides students to improve a wide range of interpersonal skills and to apply these to personal, social, and workplace relationships. And despite the fact that they all served the same general purpose, the communication books referenced in these examples couldn’t have looked more distinct. In a pinch, we can make a generic format work until we’ve customized it for the individual, but the longterm goal is to have a communication book that is relatively easy for the AAC learner to use.

The severe apraxia she had made it difficult for her to explain that she had experienced a stroke. When she was on the bus and needed to ask a question, she was able to flip quickly to that section.
Tabs can be labelled and color-coded so that the user can easily flip to a specific section.
Not all our AAC friends have use of both hands, and some can’t coordinate their movements very well. Contextually-placed web icons in the text's margins direct students to the book's Companion Website where they engage in interactive exercises or simulations that help them gain a better understanding of concepts presented in the text.
More people get harmed by us waiting until the perfect tool is ready than they do by having something that is less that perfect.
Superior coverage of cultural diversity, ethics, interpersonal communication in the workplace, and the workings and effects of technology make The Interpersonal Communication Book the best choice for preparing students to communicate successfully in today's world. In most situations, she preferred to write, but the communication wallet was a better option for her at times .
Of course, you can’t assume that the AAC user will automatically understand your color-coding strategy. A 3-ring, spiral, or comb binding adds bulk but these generally stay open better than a book that has a center staple.
A well-formatted book begins with what the client can do, what they struggle with, and how they will be using the book.

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