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Business Interaction: Process and also Product includes exciting, real business circumstances and business processes together with current technological innovation and practice used in order to supply students the first-class communications along with a career. This is a€?Effective Business Writinga€?, chapter 4 from the book Communication for Business Success (v. This content was accessible as of December 29, 2012, and it was downloaded then by Andy Schmitz in an effort to preserve the availability of this book. PDF copies of this book were generated using Prince, a great tool for making PDFs out of HTML and CSS. For more information on the source of this book, or why it is available for free, please see the project's home page. helps people like you help teachers fund their classroom projects, from art supplies to books to calculators. Read, read, reada€¦Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Briefly describe your experience writing and include one link to something you like to read in your post.
Something we often hear in business is, a€?Get it in writing.a€? This advice is meant to prevent misunderstandings based on what one person thought the other person said. According to a Washington Post news story, a written agreement would have been helpful to an airline customer named Mike. Yet, as we will see in this chapter, putting something in writing is not always a foolproof way to ensure accuracy and understanding. Explain how written communication is similar to oral communication, and how it is different.
Also known as noise, interference is anything that blocks or distorts the communication process. Heather calls in at 3:15, but she has missed the call because she forgot that she is in a different time zone from Jay. As you can see from the applications in this example, at least two different kinds of interference have the potential to ruin a conference call, and the interference can exist regardless of whether the communication to plan the call is oral or written. Another way in which oral and written forms of communication are similar is that they can be divided into verbal and nonverbal categories. The written word allows for a dynamic communication process between source and receiver, but is often asynchronousOccurring at different times., meaning that it occurs at different times. Suppose you are asked to write a message telling clients about a new product or service your company is about to offer.
Written communication involves the same eight basic elements as oral communication, but it is often asynchronous. Review the oral and written applications in Table 4.1 "Eight Essential Elements of Communication" and construct a different scenario for each. You may think that some people are simply born better writers than others, but in fact writing is a reflection of experience and effort.
Martin Luther King Jr.a€™s statement, a€?Violence is the language of the unhearda€? emphasizes the importance of finding onea€™s voice, of being able to express onea€™s ideas.
There is no underestimating the power of effort when combined with inspiration and motivation.
Reading is one step many writers point to as an integral step in learning to write effectively. Reading is one of the most useful lifelong habits you can practice to boost your business communication skills. In the a€?real worlda€? when you are under a deadline and production is paramount, youa€™ll be rushed and may lack the time to do adequate background reading for a particular assignment. Never lose sight of one key measure of the effectiveness of your writing: the degree to which it fulfills readersa€™ expectations. When you are a junior member of the team, you may be given clerical tasks like filling in forms, populating a database, or coordinating appointments. When given a writing assignment, it is important to make sure you understand what you are being asked to do. Before you write an opening paragraph, or even the first sentence, it is important to consider the overall goal of the assignment. The key is to be open to criticism, keeping in mind that no one ever improved by repeating bad habits over and over. Critical thinkinga€?Self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking.a€? means becoming aware of your thinking process. You may be amazed by the performance of Tony Hawk on a skateboard ramp, Mia Hamm on the soccer field, or Michael Phelps in the water.
Success in writing comes from good habits: reading, writing (especially targeted practice), and critical thinking. For five consecutive days, read the business section of your local newspaper or another daily paper. Practice filling out an online form that requires writing sentences, such as a job application for a company that receives applications online.
Identify and explain the rhetorical elements and cognate strategies that contribute to good writing. When we say that good writing follows the rules, we dona€™t mean that a writer cannot be creative.
Similarly, writing that is easy to read is not the same as a€?dumbed downa€? or simplistic writing.
The truly excellent writer is one who can explain complex ideas in a way that the reader can understand. Perhaps the most universally useful strategy in capturing your readera€™s attention is to state how your writing can meet the readera€™s needs. To the above list from Bailey, leta€™s add some additional qualities that define good writing.
To meet the readera€™s expectations, the writer needs to understand who the intended reader is.
In other situations, you may be writing a document to be read by a group or team, an entire department, or even a large number of total strangers. Our addition of the fifth point concerning clear and concise writing reflects the increasing tendency in business writing to eliminate error. As we have discussed previously, making a habit of reading similar documents prior to beginning your process of writing can help establish a mental template of your desired product.
Another approach to defining good writing is to look at how it fulfills the goals of two well-known systems in communication.
An announcement will be made to the company later in the week, but I wanted to tell you personally that as of the first of next month, I will be leaving my position to accept a three-year assignment in our Singapore office. In tomorrowa€™s conference call Sean wants to introduce the new team members, outline the schedule and budget for the project, and clarify each persona€™s responsibilities in meeting our goals. Having known and worked with Jesse for more than five years, I can highly recommend him to take my place as your advisor. According to an article in Business Week dated October 15, 2009, Doosan is one of the largest business conglomerates in South Korea.
I really dona€™t have words to express how grateful I am for all the support youa€™ve extended to me and my family in this hour of need. It was unconscionable for a member of our organization to shout an interruption while the president was speaking. Good writing is characterized by correctness, ease of reading, and attractiveness; it also meets reader expectations and is clear, concise, efficient, and effective. Choose a piece of business writing and evaluate it according to the qualities of good writing presented in this section. Demonstrate the appropriate use of colloquial, casual, and formal writing in at least one document of each style. Another way to examine written communication is from a goals perspective, where specific documents address stated (or unstated) goals and have rules, customs, and formats that are anticipated and expected. Colloquial, casual, and formal writing are three common styles that carry their own particular sets of expectations.
We may be able to grasp the meaning of the message, and understand some of the abbreviations and codes, but when it comes to business, this style of colloquial text writing is generally suitable only for one-on-one internal communications between coworkers who know each other well (and those who do not judge each other on spelling or grammar). A formal document such as a proposal or an annual report will involve a great deal of planning and preparation, and its style may not be fluid or relaxed. Writing for business often involves choosing the appropriate level of formality for the company and industry, the particular document and situation, and the audience.
The best style for a document may be colloquial, casual, informal, or formal, depending on the audience and the situation. How does the intended audience influence the choice of words and use of language in a document? You may not recall when or where you learned all about nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, articles, and phrases, but if you understand this sentence wea€™ll take for granted that you have a firm grasp of the basics.
There is no universally accepted definition for love, there are many ways to describe desire, and there are countless ways to draw patience. While there are many ways to define a chair, describe a table, or draw a window, they each have a few common characteristics. Concrete terms are often easier to agree on, understand, or at least define the common characteristics of. In business communication, where the goal is to be clear and concise, limiting the range of misinterpretation, which type of word do you think is preferred? Perhaps you like to think of yourself as a free spirit, but did you know that all your communication is governed by rules? The better you know your audience and context, the better you can anticipate and incorporate the rules of how, what, and when to use specific words and terms. All words are governed by rules, and the rules are vastly different from one language and culture to another.
By investigating sample names in a range of markets, you can quickly learn the rules surrounding words and their multiple meaning, much as you learned about subjects and objects, verbs and nouns, adjectives and adverbs when you were learning language.
Aristotle is famous for many things, including his questioning of whether the table you can see, feel, or use is real.Aristotle.
In business communication, our goal of clear and concise communication involves anticipation of this inability to label a color or describe the function of an antique tool by constructing meaning. Your letter introducing a new product or service relies, to an extent, on your preconceived notions of the intended audience and their preconceived notions of your organization and its products or services.
The rapid pace of technology means that the law cannot always stay current with the realities of business communication. For example, suppose your supervisor asks you to use your Facebook page or Twitter account to give an occasional a€?pluga€? to your companya€™s products. Identify a target audience and indicate at least three words that you perceive would be appropriate and effective for that audience.
In other examples beyond the grammar rules that guide our use of words, consider the online environment. How do we display skillful writing and a good understanding of how people respond to words? One significant barrier to effective written communication is failure to sweat the small stuff. BypassingThe misunderstanding that occurs when the receiver completely misses the sourcea€™s intended meaning. Someone raised in a rural environment in the Pacific Northwest may have a very different interpretation of meaning from someone from New York City.
This example involves two individuals who differ by geography, but we can further subdivide between people raised in the same state from two regions, two people of the opposite sex, or two people from different generations. As writers, we need to keep in mind that words are simply a means of communication, and that meanings are in people, not the words themselves.
Leta€™s return to the example at the beginning of this section of an e-mail from a student to an instructor. This is just one example of how the nonverbal aspects of a message can get in the way of understanding. Suppose your supervisor has asked you to write to a group of clients announcing a new service or product that directly relates to a service or product that these clients have used over the years.
As another example, suppose you are a small business owner and have hired a new worker named Bryan. Writers are often under deadlines, and that can mean a rush job where not every last detail is reviewed. A mental review of the task and your performance is often called reflectionA mental review of the task and your performance.. Review the example of a studenta€™s e-mail to a professor in this section, and rewrite it to communicate the message more clearly. Simple gestures can mean different things for people of different cultures, and can affect business communication.
Before getting deeper into these issues, we need to understand the way students perceive the term “globalization”. Workshops are offered in person (San Francisco Bay Area) or via videoconferencing (worldwide). Living in Cayman Islands, from Germany Moving to the Cayman islands may sound luxurious, but it s actually moving to the middle of nowhere. Intercultural communication has become a hot topic in the training of business people (both language-focused and general). Juana Du is program head and assistant professor for the Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication on-campus program at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC, Canada. Effective business communication directed at an intercultural audience typically includes a review process to mitigate misunderstandings due to linguistic and cultural differences.
The modern business world demands that people from all corners of the earth communicate with one another. I had to get this specific book pertaining to my Business Conversation class inside my Cal Express school for glad I did.
See the license for more details, but that basically means you can share this book as long as you credit the author (but see below), don't make money from it, and do make it available to everyone else under the same terms. However, the publisher has asked for the customary Creative Commons attribution to the original publisher, authors, title, and book URI to be removed.
A written communication is only as accurate as the writera€™s knowledge of the subject and audience, and understanding depends on how well the writer captures the readera€™s attention. We will also briefly consider the symbols, design, font, timing, and related nonverbal expressions you make when composing a page or document.
People often say a€?it was good to hear from youa€? when they receive an e-mail or a letter, when in fact they didna€™t hear the message, they read it. They both rely on the basic communication process, which consists of eight essential elements: source, receiver, message, channel, receiver, feedback, environment, context, and interference. Jay expects Heather to check her e-mail for the call-in information so that she can join the call. Try switching the a€?Contexta€? and a€?Interferencea€? examples from Oral to Written, and you will see that mismatched expectations and time zone confusion can happen by phone or by e-mail.
Verbal communication involves the words you say, and nonverbal communication involves how you say thema€”your tone of voice, your facial expression, body language, and so forth. When we communicate face-to-face, we get immediate feedback, but our written words stand in place of that interpersonal interaction and we lack that immediate response.
Read the a€?About Usa€? message and write a summary in your own words of what it tells you about the company. If you think about your successes as a writer, you may come up with a couple of favorite books, authors, or teachers that inspired you to express yourself. Violence comes in many forms, but is often associated with frustration born of the lack of opportunity to communicate.
You may like Harry Potter books or be a Twilight fan, but if you want to write effectively in business, you need to read business-related documents.

For now, take advantage of your business communication course by exploring common business documents you may be called on to write, contribute to, or play a role in drafting. If you are in a law office, you know the purpose of a court brief is to convince the judge that certain points of law apply to the given case. Or you may be assigned to do research that involves reading, interviewing, and note taking.
You may read the directions and try to put them in your own words to make sense of the assignment. Your instructor can serve as a mentor, offering constructive criticism, insights on what he or she has written, and life lessons about writing for a purpose. Only when you know what your errors area€”errors of grammar or sentence structure, logic, format, and so ona€”can you correct your document and do a better job next time.
Targeted practiceIdentifying onea€™s weak areas and specifically working to improve them., which involves identifying your weak areas and specifically working to improve them, is especially valuable. Ita€™s a human trait that allows us to step outside what we read or write and ask ourselves, a€?Does this really make sense?a€? a€?Are there other, perhaps better, ways to explain this idea?a€? Sometimes our thinking is very abstract and becomes clear only through the process of getting thoughts down in words. You may have seen The Wizard of Oz and recall the scene when Dorothy discovers what is behind the curtain. Those who demonstrate excellence often make it look easy, but nothing could be further from the truth.
This can include writing e-mails, reports, proposals, invoices, or any other form of business document.
How does this kind of writing compare with the writing you have done for other courses in the past?
As we progress through our study of written business communication wea€™ll try to answer it. Just as an art student needs to know how to draw a scene in correct perspective before he can a€?break the rulesa€? by a€?bendinga€? perspective, so a writer needs to know the rules of language. Sometimes ease of reading can come from the writera€™s choice of a brilliant illustrative example to get a point across.
If your document provides information to answer a question, solve a problem, or explain how to increase profits or cut costs, you may want to state this in the beginning. In some business situations, you are writing just to one person: your boss, a coworker in another department, or an individual customer or vendor.
Errors can include those associated with production, from writing to editing, and reader response. There are only twenty-four hours in a day and we are increasingly asked to do more with less, with shorter deadlines almost guaranteed. If you can see in your minda€™s eye what you want to write, and have the perspective of similar documents combined with audiencea€™s needs, you can write more efficiently. One of these systems comprises the three classical elements of rhetoricThe art of presenting an argument., or the art of presenting an argument. As soon as further details about the management of your account are available, I will share them with you. In addition to having superb qualifications, Jesse is known for his dedication, honesty, and caring attitude. Rhetorical elements (logos, ethos, and pathos) and cognate strategies (clarity, conciseness, arrangement, credibility, expectation, reference, tone, emphasis, and engagement) are goals that are achieved in good business writing. Words are a series of symbols that communicate meaning, strung together in specific patterns that are combined to communicate complex and compound meanings.
Violations of these rules, customs, or formatsa€”whether intentional or unintentionala€”can also have a negative impact on the way your document is received. If your writing assignment is for Web page content, clear and concise use of the written word is essential.
For external communications, and even for group communications within the organization, it is not normally suitable, as some of the codes are not standard, and may even be unfamiliar to the larger audience. For example, a marketing letter describing a folksy product such as a wood stove or an old-fashioned popcorn popper might use a colloquial style to create a feeling of relaxing at home with loved ones.
Formal languageFocuses on professional expression with attention to roles, protocol, or appearance.
If your supervisor writes you an e-mail and you reply, the exchange may be informal in that it is fluid and relaxed, without much forethought or fanfare, but it will still reflect the formality of the business environment. Instead, it may use distinct language to emphasize the prestige and professionalism of your company. List three words or phrases that communicate similar meanings that you would say to an authority figure. But even professional writers and editors, who have spent a lifetime navigating the ins and outs of crafting correct sentences, have to use reference books to look up answers to questions of grammar and usage that arise in the course of their work.
A chair may be made from wood, crafted in a Mission style, or made from plastic resin in one solid piece in nondescript style, but each has four legs and serves a common function.
Abstract terms can easily become even more abstract with extended discussions, and the conversational partners may never agree on a common definition or even a range of understanding. Concrete terms serve to clarify your writing and more accurately communicate your intended meaning to the receiver. You werena€™t born knowing how to talk, but learned to form words and sentences as you developed from infancy.
A famous example is the decision by Chevrolet to give the name a€?Novaa€? to one of its cars. Long before you knew formal grammar terms, you observed how others communicate and learned by trial and error. Anticipating the language that the reader may reasonably be expected to know, as well as unfamiliar terms, enables the writer to communicate in a way that describes with common reference points while illustrating the new, interesting, or unusual. By referencing common ground, you form a connection between the known and the unknown, the familiar and the new.
What you write and how you write it can be part of your companya€™s success, but can also expose it to unintended consequences and legal responsibility. Computers had been in use for more than twenty years before Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, the first federal legislation to a€?move the nationa€™s copyright law into the digital age.a€?United States Copyright Office (1998).
Identify a second audience (distinct from the first) and indicate three words that you perceive would be appropriate and effective. Identify the culture and articulate how your message is tailored to your perception of your intended audience. Spelling errors and incorrect grammar may be considered details, but they reflect poorly on you and, in a business context, on your company. Take, for example, the word a€?downtown.a€? To the rural resident, downtown refers to the center or urban area of any big city.
Knowing which words your audience understands and anticipating how they will interpret them will help you prevent bypassing. As we noted, the student neglected to identify himself or herself and tell the instructor which class the question referred to.
Other nonverbal expressions in your writing may include symbols, design, font, and the timing of delivering your message. You need to provide written documentation of asking Bryan to fill out a set of forms that are required by law. I won’t end up being selling this particular book back again anytime soon as the information from it is so useful for future references. You may also download a PDF copy of this book (6 MB) or just this chapter (242 KB), suitable for printing or most e-readers, or a .zip file containing this book's HTML files (for use in a web browser offline).
However, in accordance with the airlinea€™s standard policy, the vouchers were due to expire in twelve months.
Our discussions will focus on effective communication of your thoughts and ideas through writing that is clear, concise, and efficient. Still, if they know you well, they may mentally a€?heara€? your voice in your written words. Table 4.1 "Eight Essential Elements of Communication" summarizes these elements and provides examples of how each element might be applied in oral and written communication. While this example has an unfavorable outcome, it points out a way in which oral and written communication processes are similar. Since we are often not physically present when someone reads what we have written, it is important that we anticipate the readera€™s needs, interpretation, and likely response to our written messages. What words would you choose to describe the product or service, and how it may fulfill the clienta€™s needs? Design a logo, create a name, and present your descriptive words in a way that gets attention.
Some documents have a degree of formula to them, and your familiarity with them will reduce your preparation and production time while increasing your effectiveness. If you are at a newspaper, you know that an editorial opinion article is supposed to convince readers of the merits of a certain viewpoint, whereas a news article is supposed to report facts without bias.
Be careful, however, not to lose sight of what the directions say versus what you think they say.
You might make a list of the main points and see how those points may become the topic sentences in a series of paragraphs.
Never underestimate the mentors that surround you in the workplace, even if you are currently working in a position unrelated to your desired career.
Writing can be a solitary activity, but more often in business settings it is a collective, group, or team effort.
Up until that moment, she believed the Wizarda€™s powers were needed to change her situation, but now she discovers that the power is her own.
Do a€?the rulesa€? depend on audience expectations or industry standards, what your English teacher taught you, or are they reflected in the amazing writing of authors you might point to as positive examples?
Being well versed in how to use words correctly, form sentences with proper grammar, and build logical paragraphs are skills the writer can use no matter what the assignment. For a young audience, you may need to use straightforward, simple terms, but to ignore their use of the language is to create an artificial and unnecessary barrier. In other situations, it can be the writera€™s incorporation of definitions into the text so that the meaning of unfamiliar words is clear. By opening with a a€?whata€™s in it for mea€? strategy, you give your audience a reason to be interested in what youa€™ve written. If you know the person well, it may be as easy for you to write to him or her as it is to write a note to your parent or roommate. Your twin goals of clear and concise writing point to a central goal across communication: fidelity. Your written documents are products and will be required on a schedule that impacts your coworkers and business. These elements are logos (logic), ethos (ethics and credibility), and pathos (emotional appeal), first proposed by the ancient Greek teacher Aristotle. We also have a manufacturing group, a finance group, and a sales group; different group members are assigned to each of the three product categories.
Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and articles are the building blocks you will use when composing written documents.
As a general rule, external communications tend to be more formal, just as corporate letterhead and business cardsa€”designed for presentation to the a€?outside worlda€?a€”are more formal than the e-mail and text messages that are used for everyday writing within the organization. If your writing assignment is a feature interest article for an online magazine, you may have the luxury of additional space and word count combined with graphics, pictures, embedded video or audio clips, and links to related topics. It differs from standard business English in that it often makes use of colorful expressions, slang, and regional phrases. The emphasis is on the communication interaction itself, and less about the hierarchy, power, control, or social rank of the individuals communicating.
Chances are you will be careful to use an informative subject line, a salutation (a€?Hi [supervisora€™s name]a€? is typical in e-mails), a word of thanks for whatever information or suggestion she provided you, and an indication that you stand ready to help further if need be. Leta€™s say you are going to write a marketing letter that will be printed on company letterhead and mailed to a hundred sales prospects. Then write a short example (250a€“500 words) of how this topic might be presented to each of the two audiences. A table and a window also have common characteristics that in themselves form a basis for understanding between source and receiver. You may think that, ideally, the best writing is writing that is universally appealing and understood. In English, nova is recognized as coming from Latin meaning a€?newa€?; for those who have studied astronomy, it also refers to a type of star. Promoting understanding and limiting misinterpretations are key goals of the effective business communicator. People are more likely to be open to a new product or service if they can reasonably relate it to one they are familiar with, or with which they have had good experience in the past. When you write, keep in mind that your words will keep on existing long after you have moved on to other projects. If you later change jobs, who owns your posts or tweetsa€”are they yours, or does your now-former employer have a right to them? You made a generalized claim of one product being better than another, and you stated it as if it were a fact. If a false statement of fact that concerns and harms the person defamed is publisheda€”including publication in a digital or online environmenta€”the author of that statement may be sued for libel. The way we communicate with others both inside of our business and on the outside goes a long way toward shaping the organizationa€™s image. Leta€™s start with the lack of formality, including the fact that the student neglected to tell the professor his or her name, or which specific class the question referred to. They imply either that you are not educated enough to know youa€™ve made mistakes or that you are too careless to bother correcting them.
Moreover, cultural expectations differ not only internationally, but also on many different dimensions from regional to interpersonal. While you might think you understand, requesting feedback and asking for confirmation and clarification can help ensure that you get the target meaning. Format is important, including headers, contact information, and an informative subject line. Will it be sent as an e-mail or will it be a formal letter printed on quality paper and sent by postal mail?
Should you send an e-mail to Bryana€™s home the night before he starts work, welcoming him aboard and attaching links to IRS form W-4 and Homeland Security form I-9? Rather than go through the experience of seeing all the mistakes in your a€?finala€? product and rushing off to the next job, you may need to focus more on the task at hand and get it done correctly the first time.
It involves looking at the available information and, as you review the key points in your mind, making sure each detail is present and perfect.
Dona€™t revise simply to change the good work youa€™ve completed, but instead look at it from the perspective of the readera€”for example, how could this be clearer to them?
This ebook helps with enhancing communication abilities, writing skills, along with listening expertise. When Mike saw that he and his wife would not be able to do enough flying to use the entire amount before the expiration date, he called the airline and asked for an extension. It is normal and natural to experience a sense of frustration at the perceived inability to express oneself. Public demonstrations and fighting are expressions of voice, from individual to collective. Even if writing has been a challenge for you, the fact that you are reading this sentence means you perceive the importance of this essential skill. You were not born with a key pad in front of you, but when you want to share something with friends and text them, the words (or abbreviations) come almost naturally. You may find these where you work or in your schoola€™s writing center, business department, or library; there are also many Web sites that provide sample business documents of all kinds.
Just as an audiencea€™s expectations should be part of your consideration of how, what, and why to write, the instructions given by your instructor, or in a work situation by your supervisor, establish expectations.

You may also give considerable thought to whether your word choice, your tone, your language, and what you want to say is in line with your understanding of your audience. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to seek outside assistance before you finalize your document. The more you practice writing the kinds of materials that are used in your line of work, the more writing will come naturally and become an easier taska€”even on occasions when you need to work under pressure. When it comes to writing, you need to learn to recognize clear and concise writing while looking behind the curtain at how it is created.
Even though some business settings may call for conservative writing, there are other areas where creativity is not only allowed but mandated. An example referring to Miley Cyrus may work with one reading audience and fall flat with another. It may also be a matter of choosing dynamic, specific verbs that make it clear what is happening and who is carrying out the action. We increasingly gain information from our environment through visual, auditory, and multimedia channels, from YouTube to streaming audio, and to watching the news online. If you dona€™t know the person, you can at least make some reasonable assumptions about his or her expectations, based on the position he or she holds and its relation to your job. This concept involves our goal of accurately communicating all the intended information with a minimum of signal or message breakdown or misinterpretation. Each writing assignment requires a clear understanding of the goals and desired results, and when either of these two aspects is unclear, the efficiency of your writing can be compromised. Your ability to produce effective documents efficiently is a skill set that will contribute to your success.
Understanding the purpose, goals, and desired results of your writing assignment will help you achieve this success.
Although rhetoric is often applied to oral communication, especially public speaking, it is also fundamental to good writing. Misspellings of individual words or grammatical errors involving misplacement or incorrect word choices in a sentence, can create confusion, lose meaning, and have a negative impact on the reception of your document.
If your writing assignment involves an introductory letter represented on a printed page delivered in an envelope to a potential customer, you wona€™t have the interactivity to enhance your writing, placing an additional burden on your writing and how you represent it. As a result, it can be difficult to understand for an English learner or a person from a different region of the country.
Will the meaning of your chosen words be clear to a reader who is from a different part of the country? When you are at home, at times you probably dress in casual clothing that you wouldna€™t wear in publica€”pajamas or underwear, for example. It is characterized by its vocabulary and syntaxThe grammatical arrangement of words in a sentence., or the grammatical arrangement of words in a sentence. What normative expectations concerning professor-student communication are there and where did you learn them?
The words a€?chair,a€? a€?table,a€? and a€?windowa€? are concrete termsDescribes something we can see and touch., as they describe something we can see and touch. To promote effective communication, choose words that can be easily referenced and understood. You learned not only what a word means in a given context, and how to pronounce it; you also learned the social protocol of when to use it and when not to. Yet the more you design a specific message to a specific audience or context, the less universal the message becomes. When the Chevy Nova was introduced in Latin America, however, it was immediately ridiculed as the a€?car that doesna€™t go.a€? Why?
Your initial measure of success is effective communication, and your long term success may be measured in the sale or new contract for services. They can become an issue if they exaggerate, state false claims, or defame a person or legal entity such as a competing company.
If the person defamed is a public figure, they must prove malice or the intention to do harm, but if the victim is a private person, libel applies even if the offense cannot be proven to be malicious. If people feel they are listened to and able to get answers from the firm and its representatives, their opinion will be favorable. Making errors is human, but making a habit of producing error-filled written documents makes negative consequences far more likely to occur. All that difference allows for both source and receiver to completely miss one anothera€™s intended goal. Or will it be a tweet, or a targeted online ad that pops up when these particular clients access your companya€™s Web site? Or should you wait until he has been at work for a couple of hours, then bring him the forms in hard copy along with a printed memo stating that he needs to fill them out? Reflection also allows for another opportunity to consider the key elements and their relationship to each other. He was told the airline would extend the deadline, but later discovered they were willing to do so at only 50 percent of the vouchersa€™ value. Yet when we are asked to write something, we often feel anxious and view writing as a more effortful, exacting process than talking would be. How you portray or display them is the nonverbal dimension, which can include the medium (e-mail or a printed document), the typeface or font, or the appearance of your signature on a letter.
Short, simple sentences, in themselves composed of words, also communicate a business style. The emphasis here is on your perception of yourself as a writer as one aspect of how you communicate. This text and our discussions will help you improve your writing, and your positive attitude is part of your success strategy.
So you recognize you have the skills necessary to begin the process of improving and harnessing your writing abilities for business success.
Your reading should also include publications in the industry where you work or plan to work, such as Aviation Week, InfoWorld, Journal of Hospitality, International Real Estate Digest, or Womena€™s Wear Daily, to name just a few. As you read several sales letters, you may observe several patterns that can serve you well later on when ita€™s your turn. In each case, you are writing to a specific purpose, and a great place to start when considering what to write is to answer the following question: what are the readersa€™ expectations?
Just as you might ask a mentor more about a business writing assignment at work, you need to use the resources available to you to maximize your learning opportunity. We briefly introduced the writing process previously, and will visit it in depth later in our discussion, but for now writing should about exploring your options.
Friends and family can also be helpful mentorsa€”if your documenta€™s meaning is clear to someone not working in your business, it will likely also be clear to your audience. Forstera€™s Aspects of the Novel said, a€?How can I tell what I think till I see what I say?a€?Forster, E.
Excellent business writing can be inspiring, and it is important to not lose that sense of inspiration as we deconstruct the process of writing to its elemental components.
This is not to say we are going to lose the magic associated with the best writers in the field. You may find it necessary to balance audience expectations with industry standards for a document, and may need to find a balance or compromise. Imagine working for an advertising agency or a software development firm; in such situations success comes from expressing new, untried ideas. Some argue that this has led to a decreased attention span for reading, meaning that writers need to appeal to readers with short, punchy sentences and catchy phrases. If you are writing Web site content, for example, you may never meet the people who will visit the site, but you can predict why they would be drawn to the site and what they would expect to read there. Designing your documents, including writing and presentation, to reduce message breakdown is an important part of effective business communication. Rewrites require time that you may not have, but will have to make if the assignment was not done correctly the first time.
Your employer may want an introductory sales letter to result in an increase in sales leads, or potential contacts for follow-up leading to sales. Errors themselves are not inherently bad, but failure to recognize and fix them will reflect on you, your company, and limit your success. Sometimes colloquialism takes the form of a word difference; for example, the difference between a a€?Coke,a€? a a€?tonic,a€? a a€?pop, and a a€?soda popa€? primarily depends on where you live. Will a folksy tone sound like you are a€?talking downa€? to your audience, assuming that they are not intelligent or educated enough to appreciate standard English?
That is, writers using a formal style tend to use a more sophisticated vocabularya€”a greater variety of words, and more words with multiple syllablesa€”not for the purpose of throwing big words around, but to enhance the formal mood of the document. Another issue is plagiarismRepresenting anothera€™s work as your own., using someone elsea€™s writing without giving credit to the source. Even if this is true, your ability to prove your claim beyond a reasonable doubt may be limited. Under the First Amendment you have a right to express your opinion, but the words you use and how you use them, including the context, are relevant to their interpretation as opinion versus fact. Skillful writing and an understanding of how people respond to words are central to accomplishing this goal.
There are no right or wrong answers, but you will use your judgment, being aware that these nonverbal expressions are part of the message that gets communicated along with your words. In this sense, oral and written communication are similar in their approach even as they are quite different in their application.
In your previous English classes you may have learned to write eloquently, but in a business context, your goal is clear, direct communication. Most people use oral communication for much of their self-expression, from daily interactions to formal business meetings. It will take time and effort, and the proverbial journey starts with a single step, but dona€™t lose sight of the fact that your skillful ability to craft words will make a significant difference in your career. You can also gain an advantage by reading publications in fields other than your chosen one; often reading outside your niche can enhance your versatility and help you learn how other people express similar concepts.
These patterns are often called conventionsConventional language patterns for a specific genre., or conventional language patterns for a specific genre. Ask the professor to clarify any points you find confusing, or perceive more than one way to interpret, in order to better meet the expectations.
Authors rarely have a finished product in mind when they start, but once you know what your goal is and how to reach it, you writing process will become easier and more effective.
Instead, wea€™ll appreciate what we are reading as we examine how it was written and how the writer achieved success. By following the rules of language and correct writing, a writer can express those creative ideas in a form that comes through clearly and promotes understanding.
Not everyone will understand all the terms in a profession, but if your audience is largely literate in the terms of the field, using industry terms will help you establish a relationship with your readers. However, there are still plenty of people who love to immerse themselves in reading an interesting article, proposal, or marketing piece.
Beyond learning about your audience, your clear understanding of the writing assignment and its purpose will help you to meet reader expectations. Your audience may not see the document from that perspective, but will instead read with the mindset of, a€?How does this help me solve X problem?a€? If you meet both goals, your writing is approaching effectiveness.
A final point to remember is that colloquial style is not an excuse for using expressions that are sexist, racist, profane, or otherwise offensive. Have you ever had a family member say something to you that a stranger or coworker would never say? They also tend to use more complex syntax, resulting in sentences that are longer and contain more subordinate clauses. The context may change from reader to reader, and your goal as an effective business communicator is to get your message across (and some feedback) regardless of the situation. Whether the a€?cribbeda€? material is taken from a printed book, a Web site, or a blog, plagiarism is a violation of copyright law and may also violate your company policies.
These and many other questions remain to be answered as technology, industry practices, and legislation evolve.Tahmincioglu, E. Your claim is stated as fact again, and from the other companya€™s perspective, your sentences may be considered libel or defamation.
In the long run, correcting your mistakes before others see them will take less time and effort than trying to make up for mistakes after the fact. According to Sullivan, in Japanese a€?more than xa€? includes the reference number twenty-five.
One strategy to achieve this goal is to write with the same words and phrases you use when you talk.
You have a lifetime of experience in that arena that you can leverage to your benefit in your writing.
Finally, dona€™t neglect general media like the business section of your local newspaper, and national publications like the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and the Harvard Business Review. Here, effectiveness is qualified with the word a€?approachinga€? to point out that writing is both a process and a product, and your writing will continually require effort and attention to revision and improvement. Like rhetorical elements, cognate strategies can be applied to public speaking, but they are also useful in developing good writing. Or have you said something to a family member that you would never say in front of your boss? By understanding this relationship of a universal or specific appeal to an audience or context, you can look beyond vocabulary and syntax and focus on the reader.
However, since written communication lacks the immediate feedback that is present in an oral conversation, you need to choose words and phrases even more carefully to promote accuracy, clarity, and understanding.
Reading out loud what you have written is a positive technique wea€™ll address later in more depth. Table 4.2 "Rhetorical Elements and Cognate Strategies" describes these goals, their purposes, and examples of how they may be carried out in business writing.
When considering a communication assignment like a sales letter, knowing the intended audience gives you insight to the explicit and implicit rules. For the writer this can be a challenge, but it can be a fun challenge with rewarding results. Your boss wants you on Twitter: Companies recognizing value of having workers promote products.
This may strike you as strange, but imagine that we are looking at a collection of antique hand tools. The message came from his superiors at Kumitomo America, a firm involved with printing machinery for the publishing business in Japan. Brady interpreted the words as written, but the cultural context had a direct impact on the meaning and outcome. Colloquial sayings like a€?He could mess up a rainstorma€? or a€?He couldna€™t hit the ground if he fella€? communicate the person is inept in a colorful, but not universal way. The words we use help us to make sense of our reality, and we often use what we know to figure out what we dona€™t know.
Brady, who quickly identified there were three lots in excess of twenty-five and arranged for prompt shipment. Successful writing forms a relationship with the audience, reaching the reader on a deep level that can be dynamic and motivating. Your reading audience should carry extra attention in everything you write because, without them, you wona€™t have many more writing assignments.
Perhaps we have a hard time describing the color of the tool, or the table, as we walk around it. In contrast, when writing fails to meet the audiencea€™s expectations, you already know the consequences: theya€™ll move on.

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