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Anna Areola-Hernandez, 24, accepted a plea in which she will also be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. The mother of a 13-year-old victim alerted police to Areola-Hernandez’s social media trap. The woman used Facebook and other social media to lure and seduce teenage boys who she would then have sex with. During the sentencing hearing on Wednesday, one of the victim’s mothers had to be removed from the court room after losing her temper while yelling at Areola-Hernandez.
Areola-Hernandez’s defense attorney, Eleanor Knowles, argued that sentencing her client to ten years would only delay treating the woman for mental illness caused by passed trauma.
However, the judge was unsympathetic to this argument and said that the grown woman who posed as a teen to lure young boys for sex should be locked up for a decade.
About Geoffrey SimpsonGeoff is a recent Oberlin College graduate, receiving degrees in both Economics and Politics. It’s the standard sympathy plea and also how the myth that most molesters were molested formed. I like to think the 24 year old nurse I was dating when I was sixteen wasn’t some deviant. I think it goes both ways to be honest and depends on how it’s presented to the jury. Actually, I was raised up in the Baptist church, but as I got older and wiser, I noticed how much hypocrisy that was alive and well in the congregation. The current pace of population aging is without parallel in human history but surprisingly little is known about the human aging process, because lifespans of eight decades or more make it difficult to study.
In the February 23, 2011 advance online edition of the journal Nature, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, Ph.D.
Progeria’s striking features resemble the aging process put on fast-forward and afflicted people rarely live beyond 13 years. Scientists are particularly interested in Progeria in the hopes that it might reveal clues to the normal human aging process. Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome is caused by a single point mutation in the gene encoding lamin A, which forms a protein scaffold on the inner edge of the nucleus that helps maintain chromatin structure and organize nuclear processes such as RNA and DNA synthesis. Compared to normal skin fibroblasts, cells from Progeria patients have misshapen nuclei and a range of other nuclear defects, including a disorganized nuclear lamina, loss of super-condensed DNA, telomere shortening and genomic instability. As soon as the Salk researchers differentiated Progeria-derived iPS cells, progerin expression was reactivated.
Progerin accumulates mainly in smooth muscle cells found within the walls of arterial blood vessels, and vascular smooth muscle cells degeneration is one of the hallmarks of Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome-associated arteriosclerosis. Upon directed differentiation of Progeria-derived iPS cells into smooth muscle cells the premature aging phenotype, including misshapen nuclei, the loss of gene silencing marks and compromised proliferation, reappeared. The Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence newsletter concisely covers relevant major science and technology breakthroughs (daily or weekly) via e-mail.
Gifts for teenage boys fall into an array of categories that include sporting equipment, tablets, games, and books. At the age of 13, boys still love many of the same types of things they did when they were younger.
Budding scientists also enjoy the multitude of projects they can create with electronic kits. If the 13-year-old is an active kid, consider outdoors and active gifts based on sporting activities in which he enjoys engaging. How to Purchase Gifts on eBay for 13-Year-Old Boys Thirteen is a great age, because teenage boys are discovering and exploring new interests, hobbies, and passions.
Oh, you mean the kind of gift that makes a child pause while unwrapping, shout out with glee, and rush over to give you a big hug?
If I were a cool little 8-year-old, I would be psyched to find a rad, colorful Penny Skateboard like this under the tree. If you have a backyard, eight is the age where he’s probably outgrown the swingset he may have loved a few years ago.
Great for balance but, more importantly, for fun outdoor play, Slackers Slackline Classic Series Kit makes it so easy to set up a slackline in your backyard. We have a few Snap Circuits kits here that my son adores, and their latest release, Snap Circuits Light, would make him light up too.
Just about the best things coming in small packages are from littleBits, which will get your son working with circuits with just a few magnetic clicks.
One very cool toy with real functionality is this DIY Bigshot Camera which not only teaches kids about the parts of a camera, it leaves them with a totally usable digital camera when they are finished putting it together. My son will happily accept any LEGO set that comes his way, but this Hobbit LEGO building kit, Dol Guldur Battle, is especially timely with the second movie just released.

You might also add in a gift membership to a favorite local museum — and a first visit with you.
Chess is such a cool strategy game for kids to learn, and when you combine it with Star Wars, as in this Star Wars Chess Set, you are bound to get a BIG reaction from movie fans. There are so many fantastic book series for 8-year-old boys that choosing great books depends on his interests, of course. My 8-year-old nephew gets starry-eyed when he starts to talk about the Percy Jackson series, and I know he’d adore getting the entire series in hardcover for his bookshelf.
Another cool option: a monthly book subscription from Zoobean around the topics and themes that interest him. For more awesome gift ideas for 8-year olds (and kids of all ages, actually), check out our Ultimate Birthday Party Gift guide. Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee.
Hi Sharon, We do try to answer our questions as they are asked, but we are in total agreement with you that these are GREAT gifts for a boy OR girl. I love your site, I just want girls to be front and centre like the boys have been for so long.
We love Snap Circuits (shown above) and their Deluxe Snap Rover looks pretty cool and fun to build as well as use.
My nieces are Brazilian and they have my mother in laws last name and their dad’s last name. Make yourself look like a victim who didnt know any better, probably combined with some she’s just a young woman and were the boys really hurt by her arguments. In my state the min is 25 yrs with no possiblity of parol or getting out early if the victim is 12 or under.
This was in a relatively small town, and I caught church members doing things that I thought was very wrong to be doing then come back to the church activities as if they were the angels they pretended to be.
I say as long as you are comfortable with whatever relationship you have with God, or don’t have for some people, then nobody has any right to tell you differently. You know, after our meeting there at that church and after we got married, we never went back there again. You made the statement that men get sentenced less hardly than men do for sex crimes, repeatedly. Almost all of the patients die from complications of arteriosclerosis—the clogging or hardening of arteries or blood vessels caused by plaques—which leads to heart attack and stroke. However, the disease is exceedingly rare and only 64 children living with progeria are known making access to patients very difficult. The mutation creates an alternative splice site that leads to the production of a truncated version of the protein known as progerin. In fact, vascular smooth muscle cell senescence also plays a role in advanced arteriosclerosis within the normal aging population. Genetically modifying progeria-derived iPS cells to shut down the expression of progerin staved off the premature appearance of aging phenotypes after differentiation.
At the age of 13, boys grow out of many of the toys they used to enjoy, but they still have many items they love. Find the interests of the boy for whom you are purchasing the gift to discover the things he truly loves. However, at this age, they require more sophisticated versions of earlier toys that challenge them. These kits have various circuit boards, components, wires, and instructions that allow them to build all sorts of do-it-yourself electronic projects. If you have a big budget, consider a video game console, such as the Xbox One, Nintendo WII, or Sony PlayStation.
The best way to find a gift for a boy this age is to discover his passions and purchase presents that support them. To find them, enter the appropriate keywords in the search box available on every eBay page. Well, small gifts can do that too, but on the splurgier side, here are some of our favorites according to our own sons — and by the way, according to our daughters, all these cool kids’ gifts would be great for girls, too.
This Round-and-Round Nylon Rope Outdoor Tree Swing looks like so much fun, I’m pretty sure my kids would collapse out of it, one by one, in a dizzy heap after spinning and spinning. I love how many projects they can build with this kit (175 projects!) and how sturdy it is, even with enthusiastic kids manhandling it. Super easy to use, but with lots of room for creativity (littleBits base kit $74 from our Amazon affiliate). We also love how this company has pledged to help underserved communities around the world by donating camera kits to kids.

With almost 800 pieces and including six minifigs, this would keep at least one of my kids quietly occupied for a long time on Christmas Day. Thank goodness C3PO is paired with R2D2 since we all know that no chess piece spins around in circles. Read all delivery schedules carefully; some products may require expedited shipping charges.
These days lawyers focus less on the evidence and more on the emotions of the judge and jury. I think it’s because as a woman, who obviously used to be a girl, the boyfriends were like relentless monsters trying to get a girl to go all the way. It was a show made in Canada, so you’ll have never seen it, lol, and the main characters nickname was Dog River Dave. Now, three grown daughters, grown grand kids, and several great grand kids later, we are still happily married.
You just named one single case in which the victims or their parents filed a police report.
Unlike the full-length protein, progerin does not properly integrate into the nuclear lamina, which disrupts the nuclear scaffold and causes a host of problems. Mathers Charitable Foundation, Sanofi-Aventis, MICINN, the Fundacion Cellex and grants from the National Institutes of Health.
The Electronic Learning Lab offers step-by-step instructions that teach the basics of electronics. For smaller budgets, find out which console he already has, and purchase games or components like controllers. Buy an MP3 player, a music download card, or a subscription to a music service like Spotify. If he likes baseball, give him a new glove or a backyard baseball trainer to help him brush up on his skills.
Just note we stayed away from video games and accessories, though you can find plenty of ideas for those on Cool Mom Tech.
We also always find plenty of fun options for kits that develop science, engineering, and building interests at the wonderful shop, Fat Brain Toys. Download the free app — which looks like an actually Ferrari dash — and he can just tilt the device to control the car. And this gives them bragging rights whereas if it is a girl, she mostly feels like she has to give in. Gift ideas include toys for older kids, electronic, equipment for active lifestyles, and items to help them accomplish their hobbies. Gamers may also enjoy specialized accessories to go with their games, such as a gamer chair, headphones, or gaming glasses. If he already has an MP3 player, purchase a dock with speakers or a wireless room audio system so he can listen to his music whenever he likes.
If he has a lot of excess energy, give him a trampoline, which allows him to bounce out all of the extra energy. Find the perfect gift for the 13-year-old boy in your life by buying him something that shows you understand the things that are important to him. Just be aware that LEGO retires hot franchise sets like this, and then they cost a fortune on eBay or through Amazon resellers.
I agree that a lot of girls would like some of these awesome picks but you shouldn’t hassle the guy who put this list together.
Each of these items comes in price ranges to fit a wide array of budgets, so you can find inexpensive gifts or higher quality gifts.
Many come with programmable computerized discs that allow you to program the robot's actions and movements. These kits fascinate teenage boys as they learn what makes things go on an electrical level. If he is a budding musician himself, consider instrument accessories, such as cases, music stands, music instructional books, tuners, and metronomes.
Sports lovers also enjoy tickets to sporting events, books about sports, and sports movies on DVD. I for one thank him and plan to purchase the zip line for my grandson, knowing my granddaughter will love it to.
Some kits make robot arm, while others allow you to build humanoid robots that perform many functions.

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