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Unless it is a beach cruiser or a Dutch Gazelle you probably will be fine, but, like others said, a hitch and hitch rack makes things so much easier (especially if you have two bikes).
PS the reason I want them inside is because I live in Colorado and I like to go to the mountains for early morning rides which are usually followed by hiking, eating, drinking and afternoon thunderstorms and I prefer the security of the bike being inside the vehicle.
With the rear seats flattened down, my 58 cm road bike does not fit straight into the back with only the front tire removed.
Comprised of recommended Thule rack components, it's just what you need to add stylish cargo capacity to your car.
With the seats folded down i can get any of the bikes in the car with the front wheel of the bike removed.

Then I just put the front tire in between the back of my seat and the top of my rear seats (they're down). Once installed, you can carry extra luggage, or add a roof bike carrier or kayak mount for your favorite outdoor adventures.
I have been reading that two bikes will fit upright, but I took my small (54cm) road bike to the Honda dealer yesterday and it fit, but just barely, so now I definitely need to take both mine and my wife's bikes to the dealer to check out. The Ford Edge (Vista Roof ok) rack comes with everything you need: 4 Traverse Feet, 2 Thule square load bars, 4 end caps for the bars, and the 4-piece fit kit that connects the rack perfectly to your car. Since the Ford Edge (Vista Roof ok) has a smooth roof with no rails or bars, this roof rack clips around the door frame without drilling, scratching, or damaging your car in any way.

The instructions were a little tough to understand, but once everything was in place, it fits perfect. The fit is pretty exact, which makes me think I can't use it on my next vehichle if I get a 4Runner or something.
The Thule Traverse feet are all black, and the load bars are steel with a durable black plastic coating.

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