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Children’s digital and traditional media book and editorial illustrations by Author and Illustrator Kayleen West. I took several studio and work in progress photos so I’ll share more later on the making of the book. For years I have been advocating how meditative drawing, doodling or simplified creativity play, encouraging others to PLEASE have a go and test for pleasure! For the perfectionist and anxious, I have ensured there are 2 of each illustration for practicing. Creating actions in photo shop is as simple as recording a set of actions you do so that you can replay them with just one click. For instance, I have an action for all the different sizes of images that I optimise for the Internet.
All these simple actions took little time to record, name, and save but saves me a tremendous amount of time now! So if you are not utilising actions in Photoshop, PLEASE do yourself a favour – go record your most commonly used actions now! Stay tuned for something else that I’ve recently discovered that city saving me even more time.
If I were a student and someone asked my opinion, I would respond privately if there were negative concerns. Remember when recommending others that a starting approach like …In MY experience, or for ME personally may be the clearest way to express your joy or disappointment but in all responses please be kind. Firstly, none of the following 2 courses where associated to any negative comments I refer to. One of the best pattern design courses I have taken was Bonnie Christine’s Creative Live course, Design Surface Patterns From Scratch.
As a result of the classes and the videos I’ve watched over the past few months I have produced many designs.

If you want to get in the front of the queue for information packs on my new courses in Children’s illustration, drawing or creative inspiration (coming soon) click the image below. We Worship God is not only an alphabetical story but a poetic dedication of praise – so clever! I will be ordering a limited number of books for my local readers who want copies for Christmas. Colouring books for adults have finally broken the pretentious I’m-to-old-for-that-nonsense barrier and staked their rightful claim as not just soothingly therapeutic but plain ol’ fun!
Positively Quote Colouring Books are full of intricate illustrations AND affirming and encouraging quotes and phrases (some famous and borrowed and some of my own). Not only do they reduce the image size, saving it as a small file, but I also can nominate where to save it to. It releases the base layer, adds a new layer, turns my work around because when I put my sketchbook in the scanner it is in the wrong way for the screen orientation, and adds a levels layer ready for me to adjust the levels of my drawings and ink sketches. This class was the first pattern class I took and in a few short months I have totally immersed myself in surface pattern design, trying to learn as much as I can. Colouring books are seen as not just okay for adults but one of the healthiest activities we can indulge in. If you make a mistake or want to try a couple of colour combinations it allows for a second chance.
One of my actions saves my 600 pixel web optimised images into the specific folder that synchronises with my iPhone. And actions that change the appearance of images with filters and by importing image files into layers. It was meaty learning and worth every cent because I had limited experience in several of the areas she taught. The easy to understand instruction on repeat patterns and exporting a tile was valuable to me too.

I wanted to challenge myself to mix the pen tool objects with the contrasting soft blob brush shapes and lines.
I fell hard for this one-it felt like an extension of Adoptive Father and my heart was immediately invested. The world is getting smarter as they discover how important art can be for balance and health.
Positively Quote Colouring Books will be printed on one side so if you want to frame the affirming reminders you won’t be sacrificing all the work you did on the back. Or, this X classes wasn’t a good fit for me but read up on it, it may totally suit you. CNN and the CNN logo are registered marks of Cable News Network, Inc., displayed with permission.
Rainbows of love poured from my brush as I personally devoted each illustration to our amazing God. My distributor for retail, Dennis Jones has snapped up a large part of my print run already. The larger the fee the larger the risk of people returning to blame you for their financial loss if it doesn’t suit them. For example, I was watching a particular video introduction webinar recently to see what other tutors are offering in a particular area I will be teaching soon.

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