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Zpocalypse: Survival -When a post-nuclear zombie apocalypse is your world, will your survivors see another day?
Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. Zpocalypse: Survival is a game about exploration and survival in a gritty post-nuclear zombie apocalypse setting.
3D procedurally generated world a€“ Every building and their combination to make up the world will be different from the last time you played all in 3D. Nuclear + Zombie Apocalypse a€“ The Zpocalypse universe is one that isn't limited to zombies and scavenging. Rogue-lite survival hybrid a€“ When your survivor or squad dies it doesn't necessarily mean it is the end of the game. Physical to Digital a€“ Unlike most games that start from scratch or go from digital to physical eventually, we already have a physical game that we are basing our digital title on. There’s a great many out there, with a huge percentage being unfinished Early Access games, and others being cheap and nasty cash-ins, so our picks will steer you to safe pastures.
If you’re content with fighting against disease, bodily functions, and zombies who occasionally phase through walls, you can get down to DayZ’s best feature: exploration. It’s best played with a friend or two, and treated like a camping trip where things could go horribly wrong. There’s been some controversy over paid-for airdrops, a bit of a cheating culture, and some big technical glitches.
Ridley Scott’s 1979 masterpiece Alien is a lesson in suspense and tension, steadily building anxiety and fear in its cast of characters over its first half, before engaging in a terrifying game of hide-and-seek for its final chapters. The high-resolution makeover helps keep age at bay, but even without that sprinkle of HD magic Resident Evil 4 doesn’t feel a decade old. As floppy-haired Leon Kennedy, you’ll be escorting the President’s daughter through shadowy villages of pitchfork-wielding maniacs, exploring a gloomy mansion estate ruled over by a bonkers Napoleon-wannabe, and assaulted by massive brutes with chainsaws. Since its release, subsequent Resident Evil games have spun increasingly absurd plots with more emphasis on Call of Duty-like action. At some point it seems like someone decided that survival was all about grueling punishment, sloth-like progression, and murdering anyone who isn’t you. We spend so much time focusing on the Creative Mode of Minecraft and all the amazing possibilities there that we sometimes forget that Survival Mode is just as exciting in its own way.
Rust has become infamous for its naked men player characters, but it’s not the size of a man’s particulars that is impressive about Facepunch’s survival game (and we all know that doesn’t matter anyway… right?). While there are many servers where the traditional shoot-on-sight mentality exists, Rust has plenty of havens for those looking for a more civilised lifestyle.You can find player-created towns, complete with attempts at government, trading, and even prisons.
Rust recently underwent a massive overhaul that saw most of the original game scrapped in favour of a slightly new approach and completely new base code.
If you find the idea of monsters, aliens, or other mystical nonsense unappealing, perhaps a more grounded survival game is what you need.
Stranded Deep, while still adhering to a lot of the genre’s conventions, likes to at least look a lot more realistic than its peers. Aside from building a camp and a raft to fish from, Stranded Deep’s big pull is the shipwrecks you can explore.
It’s a single player game too, so if you ever wanted to relive the isolated life of Tom Hanks in Cast Away, Stranded Deep is for you. Don’t Starve focuses heavily on crafting to make your way through life, and so much of your time is spent harvesting raw materials.
If all this sounds wonderful, but you don’t want to harvest twigs and dry grass on your own, Don’t Starve Together offers a lovely co-op variation of the game.
Starbound takes a lot of inspiration from Minecraft: it’s a blocky world filled with vast opportunities, varied landscapes, and a great crafting system.
Starbound offers a whole galaxy of uncharted planets to explore, and beaming down from your spaceship to the surface of a world is like the start of a Star Trek episode. With all those endless possibilities, it’s best to get some heads together in the multiplayer, which promotes lots of lovely collaboration in order to build massive glittering forts with big defences.
Many survival games opt for an atmosphere of harsh oppression: man vs the wilderness, and all the nasty eventualities that could mean.
The art direction helps push the idea of hope home, with bright shiny technologies, beautifully blue oceans, and schools of tropical fish filling your vision at every turn.
The game’s survival elements include the food and water requirements that most games in the genre do, but there’s obviously a more pressing issue in Subnautica: oxygen.
Zombies appear to be the most popular survival game antagonists, but the best are very obviously tweed-wearing maniacal androids. For all the stress that some survival games can press on you, nothing compares to the harrowing experience that is This War of Mine. Each of your randomly generated survivors have backstories, providing them with abilities for survival. It’s a bleak existence, and making what seems to be the obvious right decision at one point in time can lead to disastrous conclusions. The Long Dark is already out there in Early Access form, but the current design is very similar to most of the games mentioned above. Set in the bitter cold of northern Canada, The Long Dark trades in zombies for bears and tropical islands for deadly snow drifts. The stylish aesthetic makes it quite an arty game, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is something that slows the pace and forces you to think long and hard about what you’ve done.
With the big success of games like DayZ, it wasn’t going to be long before a licensed IP decided to give the survival genre a try.
The set-up sounds largely familiar - grow crops, build settlements, club enemies to death - but Conan has a back-of-the-box-bullet point than none of the competition has: human sacrifice. Should you play without respect though, LIFE’s world will change to reflect your hostilities. H1Z1 is an incomplete cash grab with multiple pay walls with a tiny empty map with only one main town.
When searching for the best zombie survival games, you would want to look at games that proffer plenty of undead, fantastic weapons and of course, loads of action.
This retro-isometric styled RPG puts you into a massive open-ended sandbox world where you can roam in and around the vast city. The next entrant in our zombie survival games roster is an open world RPG first-person shooter that’s developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver. You’re called on to fend off the eerie creeps by using makeshift weapons fashioned out of ordinary items. If you love games that let you bring along a friend for the hack and slash party, then here’s another great gem you should consider picking up. Emerging from the house of Valve, Left 4 Dead 2 also features new characters, items, weapons and boss enemies along with maps, versus campaigns and a competitive Scavenge mode. Here’s one more engaging inclusion in our zombie survival games array that lets a friend or sibling share in the onscreen carnage. There his daughter Katey gets bitten by one of the mindless individuals and requires a daily dose of Zombrex to prevent her from transforming.

This contender in our zombie survival games roundup is an MMO that proffers a post-apocalyptic nightmare where majority of the human population has been eradicated. Here you and your friends can traverse through a co-op horror FPS game that’s set in England’s countryside and cities. The aforesaid best zombie survival games fall into different genres like RPG, FPS, sandbox and more. Your job is to help a group of survivors attempt to eek out an existence and build a place for themselves in a brutal world. Each event is built to compliment the area it is associated with, not just make each play through different.
The world as we know it today is gone, but that doesn't mean that there is only one thing raising hell in the world. This gives us a lot of power as developers as we can put deadly mechanics in the game that would otherwise be unfair in a normal rogue like games. This means we already have a great design base to start from, we already have an existing fan base, and we already have a LOT of story to pull from and expand the game into the future. We are taking the pieces that we love in all these games and bringing them together into a new zombie game we hope everyone will love! It's a genre that has exploded over the last few years, climbing to the top of the Steam charts. Like bacon and nutella, it’s a known fact that putting dinosaurs in something instantly improves it by several hundred percent. The survival elements may be similar to what you’ve played before, but they’re the bedrock for the game’s more ambitious elements (and a strong ARK mods scene). These days, DayZ could even be considered one of the leanest survival games, with barely any crafting to talk of, and no objectives beyond staying alive. The world of Chernarus is a Soviet wasteland, and Bohemia have really captured that eastern block atmosphere with the towns and villages around the map. It’s thankfully got a few of its own too, such as drivable vehicles that make those treks across the massive map a little less frustrating. Battle Royale is the big hitter, which drops a collection of players into a new map for a fight to the death in the style of the film it steals its name from. But taken as a work in progress, if developer Daybreak Games can clean it up, H1Z1 is a welcome addition to the scene. Remarkably, Creative Assembly managed to take this structure and apply it to a lengthy video game almost flawlessly. Perhaps it’s because the over-the-shoulder shooting mechanics influenced a generation of games we’re still playing. As the stakes rise, Leon’s inability to walk and shoot at the same time injects panic and tension into the game. The slower pace and distinctly creepier tone of Resident Evil 4 marks it as the series’ high point, and one of the best survival horrors you can happily put yourself through today. But before the big survival blow-out on Steam, we had Minecraft: a fun, colourful, creative survival game. You could build an elaborate fortress and play a defence-style game, fending off the creatures of the night.
The change ripped out quite a lot of the game’s core features, such as zombies and rad towns, but over time they’re gradually being reapplied alongside new ideas. Enter Stranded Deep: a game all about surviving after being washed up on a tropical island. Essentially the game’s equivalent of dungeons, they’re labyrinths of waterlogged steel harbouring vital materials.
But rather than crafting houses like in Rust and Minecraft, Don’t Starve is all about the tools and contraptions you can make. You could end up fighting a military installation and stealing their advanced tech, discovering alien catacombs deep beneath the ground, or simply huddling in a mud hut you hastily built while UFOs scan the horizon in hunt of you. You explore the ocean depths in your submarine, searching for new materials in marine trenches and among coral reefs.
You can’t breathe sea water, so your oxygen levels and consumption have to be on your mind at all times.
Sir, You Are Being Hunted drops you in a dystopian Victorian-ish England, and you’re the subject of a terrifying fox hunt. You still need to keep hunger at bay, but they key component here is hiding in the undergrowth of a Yorkshire moor as brass men stalk by, blunderbusses at the ready. A very different breed of survival, it’s a depiction of a group of civilians’ struggle to stay alive during war in their country.
Ex-firemen are fitter and stronger, while those who used to cook professionally can now feed the starving. The end of the war constantly seems like a pipe-dream, and everyone will probably be dead before you get there. Its future is a little more unique, however, with a dedicated story mode that gives players far more intrigue to dive into.
Mother Nature is your true adversary here, and to combat her you’ll need to keep your calorie count up, your body hydrated, and a flame roaring whenever you curl up for the night. The Long Dark is a true, challenging survival game, and we can’t wait to see where its narrative goes when the story mode begins in the spring. Apparently should you be able to wrestle someone to an altar and butcher them, you can invoke the favour of the gods and shift the balance of power your way. LIFE is looking to do something different, with its developer hoping players will experience freedom, joy, and happiness. It shouldn't even be on this list, or any other 'best of' list considering how incomplete and featureless it is. The graphics may have been mince, even back in 94, but, in terms of gameplay, it set the tone for the genre.
Well, you’ll be able to serve yourself a large helping of all these ingredients by taking complete advantage of the names listed right here. Now instead of just blowing the wraiths’ heads clear off their bodies, Project Zomboid focuses on other vital aspects like starvation, depression, loneliness, trust issues, insanity and illness.
Dead Island was released onto the scene just a couple of years ago for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.
It’s a blood fest out here and there’s plenty to go around, so why not tag some of your pals along for the ride? The duo namely, local BSSA agent Sheva Alomar and Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance member Chris Redfield have to travel to Africa where a special biological agent has been transforming the indigenous into infected beings. Here you get to step into the shoes of a new protagonist called Chuck Greene who makes his way to Fortune City. In the next 72 hours, Chuck must fend off the onslaught of living dead creatures, rescue other individuals and unravel the conspiracy behind the outbreak. You can begin your experience by opting for an available character and customizing it to face hoards of brain eaters.
You and your pals are members of the military who have been tasked with annihilating the scum that has spawned there.

Some of its other attributes include solo mode for offline play, 10 monster types, more than 33 weapons and non-linear play areas. Created for the Android and iOS devices, Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies dishes out various maps for you to play on namely, Ascension, Kino Der Toten, Call of the Dead: Director’s Cut and Dead-Ops Arcade which boasts of providing a 50-level gauntlet. However, they each share a couple of common elements such as the eerie undead and scenarios where you have to last till the end by employing any means necessary. This theme will determine the look and feel of the world, some themes may be more dangerous than others and perhaps have special conditions associated with them (for example a radioactive waste themed world having more radiation zones, more radiated zombies and a higher chance for survivors to get radiation sickness).The world will be broken into a number of Areas, with each Area will have its own unique feature.
We want squad members to be important and cherished but this is the apocalypse and people die and stay dead - unless of course they come back as a new undead enemy. Also as we expand the physical game it gives us more content to expand the digital game and vice versa. We've gathered together the best survival games for 2015 to help you pick and choose which emergent stories and unexpected adventures to undertake. Your character has RPG-like stats, and you can head off into the world to hunt down some sci-fi secrets that offer a little more incentive to play rather than just ‘stay alive’. There’s also dedicated PvE servers, preventing players from attacking each other and allowing a slightly more relaxed playing environment. The last man standing is showered with prizes, including skins, airdrop tokens, and bags of mystery items.
More likely, it’s because Resident Evil 4 is one of the creepiest, atmospheric, and downright-gross survival horror games ever made.
Sure, there’s zombies that will eat your face off, and spiders and skeletons and dragons, but with Minecraft skins you always end up blocky and cute.
Or you could craft exciting weaponry and venture out into the most dangerous zones of the world, testing both your mettle and metal. The terror of having to fend for yourself in the wild is thankfully offset by the lovely Tim Burton-style 2D art, and the collection of utterly bizarre creatures that are lurking in this sepia-tone world. The Science Machine and Alchemy Engine will become your best friends, before making way for ancient wonders and the art of magic. That description also fits Terraria, but Starbound comes with one key difference: it’s set in space. For all of the game's beauty - check out our Subnautica review for the full verdict - you are continually at risk of drowning. But heading out into the world to find the things you need - medicine, ingredients, scrap to make beds - could bring you face-to-face with those willing to kill. If you think you can live with yourself in such dire circumstances though, this a must-play, as you'll see from our This War of Mine review. If you’re a huge fan of the mindless menace and simply love annihilating hoards of the dreaded diseased then you’ve come to the right place.
You’ll be transported to an undead-infested tropical island where strange happenings are nothing new here. This co-operative first-person shooter allows you to jump in with up to 4 players via local or internet connection on the PC or Xbox 360.
For instance, in a Town themed world, one Area might be a house with a yard, while another Area might be a school playground.
Somewhere that you can band together with more survivors and have people work to build a new community and survive this harsh world.
At its core it’s a survival game that fills every edge of the template: punch trees to get wood, use wood to build shelter, kill animals to find food, inevitably die because you forgot to drink water.
It’s these various promises that make playing ARK worthwhile: other survival games rely on you being satisfied with making it through the night, whereas Studio Wildcard set you long-term goals such as ‘tame and ride a T-Rex’. Food and water are vitally important, and getting sick can signal your final hours should you fail to pay attention to your symptoms. More generous players can call the end of the match when just ten players remain, with everyone receiving a lesser prize. The world it quite literally endless, and filled with amazing natural wonders just begging to be explored.
And turning a survivor into a murderer leads to misery, depression, and - if not treated well - suicide. You’ll have to keep a good head on your shoulders, stay calm and put on the bravest face possible. Having a true sense of progression and aim makes your time in ARK feel worthwhile, and that’s something many survival games struggle with. It’s an interesting addition that helps H1Z1 stand out in a world filled with zombie games. And according to the developer, you will eventually get infected and succumb to the impending doom, however you have the liberty to decide how you want to spend your final moments.
When out in the world, besides staying alive, the goal of the player will be to find stuff to scavenge and bring back to base for use in shoring up its defenses and improving its quality.THE CHARACTERSDuring the course of the game, players will control numerous characters in the wasted lands of the zombie apocalypse. Will you be a hero and self-sacrifice for the sake of others or treat your friend as a tasty meal? And if you live to tell the tale, do return to this space and pen down your comments right here.
To highlight the brutality of the Zpocalypse, this game will be designed with a high turnover rate of characters in mind; players will lose characters often to starvation, disease and zombies. This Base is where the playera€™s survivors have gathered to try and eek out an existence in the Zpocalypse.
It is where their characters sleep at night (hopefully), where they store their food and supplies, and where they craft the tools and equipment their group will need if they hope to survive for one day more.Base CenterBases will be defined by their Base Center, which is a safe location in which the characters can retreat to in an emergency and where all the supplies and gear found by the player are stored. The better the Base Center the better stuff the player can craft, the more survivors they can have in their band and the more storage space available.ZOMBIESThe major threat to characters in the zombie apocalypse is, of course, zombies. These stats will be used for combat purposes to determine how hard the zombie is to kill, and how dangerous they are if they get too close to a character.
Initially there will be two types of zombies you will encounter Day Zombies and Night Zombies.Zombies will have multiple levels of physical degradation. Most times the player will have ample opportunity to make good tactical choices, both because the pace of combat will be slower than most RPG style games, but also because our pause feature will allow the player to take the time they need to review the situation and make decisions if he chooses.That said, combat will still be hard and brutal.
Players can take their time to plan their strategies, but if something goes awry, if zombies get too close or appear where they were not expected, then things could go horribly wrong right quick.EVENTSEvents will be used to add setting and story flavor to the game in interactive and exciting ways.
These events could play out a larger story arc or they could be simpler occurrences that add flavor and something unique to your current experience.
While one of the key aspects of the game is trying to survive we want to make your survival experience interesting, especially when you playthrough multiple times. The base game is not about winning or losing, instead it is about the drama and sometimes comedy that goes on while you try and survive.AI ManagerThe AI system will do more than simply control NPCs.
Modeled after the AI Directory from Left 4 Dead it will keep track of your game and will work to keep things interesting by creating events or tapping into deeper stories dependent on your game play and the choices you make.What makes us different?Zombie games are a dime a dozen nowadays so you are probably wondering why you would want to play this over one of the many others.

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