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By Jason KnightUnderstanding how to create effective wilderness survival shelters is one of the most important outdoor skills. The type of shelter you choose depends on many factors including what materials are available, environmental conditions, choice of heat source, and whether it will be a personal or group shelter. When planning a trip think about which types of survival shelters would be the best options for the season and environment you will be in.
Imagine being on holiday in a remote location, only to find yourself separated from your group and stranded in the wilderness. Wilderness survival training is no longer confined to the military and the prepper community. Well-known survivalist and TV personality Bear Grylls operates the Bear Grylls Survival Academy in the UK, US, and Africa. The Bushcraft Woodlore First Aid Course from Ray Mears is an excellent course teaching participants how to administer emergency first aid in the wilderness.
Among other things, Elite Survival Training offers expeditions for corporate management teams looking to learn lifesaving skills and build a teamwork infrastructure that will help them be better business managers. Bushmasters offers an intense two-week survival course experience in a jungle environment deep in the heart of the Amazon.
The Arctic can be one of the most punishing environments in the world due to the extreme weather and a lack of natural resources. Boulder Outdoor Survival School is the oldest and longest running survival school in the world, having opened in 1968. Woodsmoke offers a variety of Bushcraft courses including their weeklong immersive Woodlander course.
Most survival schools teach the skills necessary to survive in the woods, jungle, mountains, or snow. The Wilderness Experience International Survival School is among the most respected names worldwide for wilderness survival training. I want to undergo training with Bushmastersa€™ Jungle Survival and experience the wild jungle of the Amazon. I actually met Bear Grylls a few months ago, and we were discussing our childhoods and the effect that being outdoors had on us, and he’s a great guy!
You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). The Buck Hoodlum was designed for Buck Knives by wilderness survival legend, the late Ron Hood. Larger survival knives like the Hoodlum can be great for chopping, clearing, batoning, bushcraft and self-protection but are often very heavy due to the length of the knife and the extra thickness needed to keep such a long blade from bending or breaking under stress. The additional weight of MOST larger survival knives can make them a challenge to carry and use for extended periods.  Buck seems to have overcome weight and blade strength issues by using 5160 Carbon Steel and tooling the blade to remove unnecessary steel.
The Hoodlum is crafted from 5160 carbon steel which was originally developed for use in applications like vehicle leaf springs,  so it is very strong and made to flex without breaking when under extreme stress. The Hoodlum steel at the spine is still nearly a quarter inch wide or 6 millimeters… So this is a beefy blade.
Oh and before I forget… the Hoodlum is full tang, meaning the blade steel is one solid piece from tip to butt. My Hoodlum and Hood Punk both came shaving sharp and have stayed sharp through my use over the past several weeks. A gentle clip point like this is going to be pretty strong (similar to a drop point blade)… but makes for a slightly sharper tip that is more suitable for piercing, getting into small places and performing tasks like skinning game. On the spine of the blade there is a notch groove that can be used to score bone and wood, bend wire and remove cooking gear with a handle, from a camp fire. Toward the handle on the blade side you will find a generous choil which aids in sharpening the entire edge and provides a suitable place to wrap a finger to get more control of the Hoodlum for fine cutting tasks… just be careful. On the spine side of the blade there’s a bump that helps provide more leverage when using the choil and as well as some jimping which provides a bit more thumb grip. The handle of the Hoodlum is made out of Micarta, a tough, durable man-made, laminate material. And it’s good that there are pretty sizable handle cutouts for my fingers, because when dry the Micarta handles are a bit slick. My leather gloves help a lot and surprisingly, when wet, the grain of the Micarta seems to rise a bit and makes the handles a bit more grippy when wet than when dry.
But all in all, the handle of the Hoodlum is pretty comfortable in my hand and should work out well for adults with small, medium or large hands. The Micarta handle slabs are designed to be easily removed in a survival situation so that the Hoodlum can be lashed to a pole to make a very formidable spear. To remove the handles, simply remove the two flat-head screws… Underneath, you will find a weight-reducing cutout that doubles as a mighty fine place to lash the spear to a pole. Now on the butt end of the knife tang we have a large lanyard hole and this sizable pommel for breaking, smashing and hammering things. This double restraint system is a bit inconvenient, but considering the length and quality of this knife and sheath, they are more than suitable.
On the front of the sheath they’ve designed a sizable pouch for some survival gear and a sharpening stone.

Toward the bottom front of the sheath you’ll have two velcro and two elastic straps that you can use to secure more gear to this sheath. On the back of the sheath are several rows of MOLLE straps… So this sheath IS MOLLE compatible. And last, but not least, I want to point out the flip and tuck, belt carry strap system that makes it easy to attach the sheath to any belt up to about 2 inches or 5 centimeters, without removing it. Owners love the versatility of this knife and almost everyone appreciates how light it is for its size. Some comment on how slick the Mircarta handle can be and others wish the sheath held the knife tighter and was less of a hassle to use. We like that the Hoodlum handles are made to remove so that the knife can be easily lashed to a pole to make a spear. It’s great for large and small bushcraft tasks, and suitable for just about any survival task that you might expect a bladed tool to perform. We took off  a star because the handle is not very grippy and even with the dual sheath straps the knife still moves around a bit in the sheath.
The Buck Hoodlum is a great choice for those who want a very large, lightweight and super rugged knife that is capable of performing the widest range of survival, camping, emergency and bushcraft tasks and is comfortable enough to carry all day. It’s a great knife for Bug Out Bags, Emergency Kits, Camping, Hiking, Bushcraft, Hunting, Extreme Adventures, Survival Training and for those who are looking for ONE reliable knife…. For the same great characteristics of the Hoodlum, in a smaller package… check out the Buck Hood Punk. For a smaller, stout, proven and popular bushcraft and survival knife at about half the price of the Hoodlum, check out the Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 or the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife SCHF9 or SCHF10. For another HUGE, rugged, largely undiscovered and virtually indestructible stainless steel survival blade for less than $50 U.S.
And for more of a Tactical, Combat Survival Knife … Check out my reviews of the Gerber LMF II or SOG Seal Team Elite.
We’ve just taken a look at the Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife and hope this review was helpful to you! After researching this knife, I’ve found many videos on youtube of this knife critically failing and breaking off at the notch section on the blade. David: Buck Hoodlum is a great knife but yes, whenever you make a notch into the spine it is going to weaken the blade for sure. Well, as mentioned here in the comment section, this knife has issues with the notch on the spine. Oh, there is another, far more critical review but its obviously, on another, possibly competing site. Google the answers and the name to this knife and it will be there, and if you cannot figure this out I suggest you don’t buy sharp objects.
From keeping you protected from the elements to providing a place to rest, wilderness shelters serve a key role in survival situations. A great habit is to practice noticing good shelter locations while hiking.Building wilderness survival shelters can be quite fun and rewarding. One of the courses offered is a five-day adventure in the Scottish Highlands, at a cost of just A?1,399 per person. The course is a level II Wilderness Emergency Medics (WEM2) course that will prepare students to administer first aid in virtually any situation.
Their corporate management team expedition to Jordan is a five-day expedition that will change how a management team works together.
Participants are transported to Guyana where they train with an experienced Bushmasters instructor and two local guides.
Their 28-day Field Survival course takes participants out into the wilderness of Utah (USA) with a minimum of equipment and supplies. Their extended summer survival course teaches students important concepts including fire building, proper clothing for survival, creating shelters, finding and storing safe water, and more. Nordmarken Kanot-Center is a Swedish survival school offering two Wilderness Experience International Survival School survival courses including the level one Temperate Survival course.
Regardless of the reasons for attending, participants learn new skills and different ways of thinking that serve them well in multiple areas of life.
For this reason, the Hoodlum does not need to be as wide or thick as many other larger survival blades to retain its toughness. But the speed of my swing with a Hoodlum seems to about make up for any weight difference between some other larger blades.
Its sharp blade and the velocity that I can get with each stroke… make chopping pretty easy. Which means the knife spine was clipped off straight from about 4 inches from the point, about where this notch is. The slabs on my Hoodlum are green and are contoured to fit the ergonomic curves of the handle steel.
It actually wiggles around quite a bit and requires two restraint systems to ensure that the knife stays in the sheath.
There is an elastic band across the top of the pouch to help things tight and the pouch closes with an adjustable clip and strap system.

Most comment on its quality build, ability to hold an edge and how it can handle large and small tasks and just about everyone likes what they get for the price.
And we really enjoyed the versatility of Hoodlum as a capable all-in-one survival blade that, in a pinch, can function in place of a hatchet for chopping or a machete for clearing. Although the sie of this knife can be a real big positive, it isn’t a low-profile knife  prevents it from being something you can carry with you at all times. Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way.
Not only do they provide for physical needs, but also help create a sense of home in the wilderness. Spending a night in a shelter built in one day with your own hands provides an amazing sense of self sufficiency and accomplishment. In the event of some man-made or natural disaster, would you be able to survive for any length of time on your own?
Ray Mears offers additional 2-day and weeklong courses teaching a variety of survival skills in different environments.
It is an experience that seeks to identify the strengths of each team member with the hope that those strengths will be utilised in the work environment as well.
They will learn valuable survival skills in a two-phase programme divided between training and isolation. This course can also be used as credit toward earning a level 2 or 3 instructor certificate from Sigma 3. It is an experience in surviving a mountain environment with little more than some water, a blanket, and a knife.
They also offer an extended winter survival course with additional skills training for cold weather. It seeks to not only teach a broad set of skills, but also to give students confidence to be out in the wilderness without worry.
Such a course might seem useless, but there is a lot to know about surviving along the shoreline. This course teaches fundamental survival skills necessary to survive in Europe’s temperate areas. The steel, although great for being lightweight, requires regular maintenance to prevent rusting. I’ve learnt from you-tube videos that when battoning with the Buck Hoodlum it will eventually snap at the notch.
With an understanding of the basic principles and hands-on practice, wilderness survival shelters can help you weather almost any survival situation. These kinds of scenarios are the basis for wilderness training courses held all over the world.
During the isolation phase, students quickly discover how valuable it is to work with local guides who know the Amazon inside and out. Boulder Outdoor Survival School offers shorter versions of this training at either 14 or 7 days. This can be a stand-alone course or a lead-in to one of the more specialised training courses offered by Woodsmoke. Students learn how to fish, build shelters with limited resources, produce drinkable water through distillation, build fires, etc. Completing it is the first step in a series of courses that eventually enables successful graduates to earn the coveted Wilderness Experience International Survival School badge. I ask you for your advice as you’ve had first hand experience, I could accept the negative point of the Buck Hoodlum, if there was a way to avoid putting stress on the notch point when battoning.
That is ridiculous and defeats the point of carrying a blade this long, may as well save the money and by the Punk. Course providers are teaching students how to survive under some of the most extreme conditions. If I am buying a survival knife and spending $150 , it better do everything short of abuse without fuss.
If Buck is Laser cutting these notches they better offer refunds for those who purchase this knife. I like Buck and they have a good reputation but I absolutely detest how most big companies today avoid at all costs a recall on a defective product but choose to wait and warranty it if it does break. Especially, if you are marketing something for survival purposes where one could be relying on it for their life. I am curious now how Buck has dealt with the issue, but I bet they are playing the warranty card.

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