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The native cuisine of Thailand, a country in South East Asia which is unique in that it has never been colonized, has recently become a world cuisine phenomenon in the West with restaurants and cookbooks cropping up seemingly everywhere in the last twenty years. Food plays an important role in Thai culture, and is involved in everything from religion to agriculture.
Thai Siam offers a variety of spicy dishes that would go down great with a Red Rock Nut Brown Ale, or a dark porter such as King’s Peak. Wherever your travels may take you in Asia a€“ whether it is to the north or south - one thing remains constant and that is that the people of this region have a complete and utter affinity for Asian food.
With its lush and tropical geographical background, it comes as no surprise that Asia reaps the culinary benefits of an abundance and diversity of delicious fruits, plants, spices, herbs and vegetables. While sushi may be mimicked authentically in the West, the translation of countless Asian and particularly Southeast Asian food dishes has been so adapted to suit the Western palate that it becomes virtually unrecognizable! Tila chatted with the Huffington Post about the features of regional cuisine in Thailand and listed his favorite restaurants and dishes in LA's Thai Town to try it all.
Recommended dishes: You have to have papaya salad, pork jerky and sticky rice, all combined. Find whatever you're craving, see what's good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go.
A collection classic thai food recipes, The ultimate thai recipe collection from soups to curries.
Thai bbc good food, This classic thai dish from good food reader emily cramer is made using mainly storecupboard ingredients, about bbc good food. Best thai cuisine traditional recipes authentic food, Asian inspirations helps you enjoy authentic thai cuisine in your our collection of best thai recipes.
Classic thai recipes with easy to follow instructions - A collection of some of the classic and most popular thai recipes with instructions and photos. Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
The characteristically lush produce and enticing use of fragrant herbs and spices has produced a flavorful cuisine that is ultimately more palatable to many Western tongues than the potent spice blends of Indian food, another popular Asian world cuisine. Largely a Buddhist nation, Thailand in unique in that the religion has not established a predominantly vegetarian national cuisine, though the vegetarian schools of cookery are quite skillful at creating meatless dishes so satisfying even Westerners generally would not notice an absence of meat. But do you know what goes even better with not just pizza but Este Pizza from Downtown or Sugar House? Asia is a land steeped in a rich and colorful history and boasts a completely unique culture that is a kaleidoscope of influence and tradition.

This love is visible on every street corner and marketplace with the sheer abundance of fresh food vendors whipping up something fiery and delicious with Asian ingredients. In fact, so exotic and unique is the cuisine of Asia that it has now becoming a craze in the rest of the world.
Prepared from simple, fresh ingredients with a speed that is refreshingly quick and a zest that is sure to light a fire at the back of your throat, Southeastern Cuisine is characterized by the crunchy texture of fresh vegetables and silky finish of coconut milk. It's a Northern Thai coconut curry dish with either braised chicken or braised beef and egg noodles. Small offerings are made daily to a household's family spirit in Thailand, and food is given in the form of alms to Buddhist monks. Much like the pervasive atmosphere of culture, so too are there incredibly strong themes of cuisine appreciation and adoration in much of Asia. Restaurant chains that specialize in Asian recipes such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and a host of other Asian countries now adorn every street in every city, country and continent.
The northern cuisine is a testament to chili and simple ingredients that give yield to complex flavours. But Los Angeles chef Jet Tila says there's so much more to Thai food than pineapple fried rice, and LA's Thai Town is the perfect place to sample it all. It's a blend of Chinese, Burmese and Thai [cuisine], similar to ramen-style noodles but flat, in a braised yellow curry.
Asian food in the West has practically become a fashion in its own right: one that is as popular as ever and yet to become a€?so last seasona€™.
In Thailand the tradition presents itself in the form of small cookbooks authored by individuals before their deaths; sometimes ornately designed, the cooks are distributed to mourners at the funeral, who can then remember the deceased by their taste in foods or by their favorite recipes and food related anecdotes. Sure there is a time and a place for Dominos and PBR, but only if you are cash strapped and under 25 years-old. When the trendiest eateries in the city are sushi bars and Asia food fusion restaurants, then there can be no doubt that the East has made its fundamental mark upon the rest of the world.
GrainsAs in most Asian cuisine, rice is the staple starch in the Thai diet and the main agricultural crop. Unfortunately, the interpretation of Asian food in places such as Europe and the United States is a far cry from the genuine thing in Asia itself. Jasmine rice is known for its fragrant aroma and has a nutty flavor which is preferable to that of the rather bland processed white rice available in the West. Noodles (rice noodles, glass noodles) are also used, but as part of main dishes rather than accompaniments.

Along with rice, the main agricultural crops are maize (corn), cassava, sugar, and pineapple.
Meat, poultry, seafood, and tofu are the most common sources of protein, as are nuts like cashews and peanut (peanut sauce is a recognizable Thai item).Thai SpicesMuch like Indian food, Thai cuisine is defined by its spices, though Thai spicing generally is milder and more focused. The food is based around the concept of perfect balance between the five flavors (hot, sweet, sour, salty, and bitter). The dish mamuang khao niew, or green mango dipped in salt, sugar, and dried chilli, is an excellent example of this flavor representation. Spicing can vary depending on the region (southern food tends to be spiciest, while other regions utilize more lime or lemongrass than heat), but the basics remain fairly constant. Nam pla, or fish paste, contributes much of the salty flavors in food, as does shrimp paste. The heat characteristic of Southern and hot curries usually is delivered in the form of chillies. Green curry (gaeng khieo wan, which is the spiciest) and Red curry (gaeng ped) dishes have the same spice blends (chillies, garlic, lemongrass, coriander seed, shrimp paste, galangal, cumin, coriander root, white pepper corns, kaffir lime) but green uses dried green chillies instead of fresh red.
Mussaaman or Muslim curry is generally milder and has a thicker sauce than other gaeng dishes.
All curries are served with rice.Other Thai DishesYam dishes refer most often to salads, which tend to be based on combinations of fruits, greens, noodles, edible flowers, and small portions of meat or fish. Soups, or gaeng chud, are also staples of the diet; one basic variety made with rice and meat or seafood is common breakfast item. Noodle dishes like pad thai (rice noodles with chicken, fried tofu, lime, peanuts, shrimp, egg, bean sprouts, onion, garlic, and chillies) and meek rob are also essential and signatures of the cuisine. Field workers take sticky rice as a lunch meal, while city dwellers utilize the vast array of mainstream restaurants and characteristic Thai street food (chicken or beef satay, grilled meat on a skewer) for an afternoon meal. Dinner is more formal, with families sharing cold salads, curries, soup, and vegetables dishes together.

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