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Thai cuisine is essentially a marriage of centuries-old Eastern and Western influences harmoniously combined into something uniquely Thai. All our Thai Food is prepared by a team of the best trained chefs who have each been formally trained in Thailand by the Oriental Hotel.
If we don't answer the phone, or if it is after hours, simply leave a message or email us and we will return your enquiry promptly. To find the absolute best Thai meal in America I recommend the Advanced Thai cooking classes of Kasma Loha-unchit in Oakland, California. I’ve had great meals in many resaturants in Thailand, such as Ruen Mai in Krabi or My Choice in Bangkok. Wilted Green Salad Wilted Greens Salad with Coconut-Lime Chilli Sauce, Fried Chinese Sausage, Crisped Garlic and Crisped Shallots (Yam Dtam Leung): Kasma first tasted this salad at the restaurant Bai Fern in Mae Hong Son. The dish is completed with small pieces of Chinese sausage, which adds a meaty, sweetness to the dish, a small amount of carrots for texture, thin rounds of green onions, shallots and a few peanuts. Thai Muslim Goat Curry Thai Muslim Goat Curry (Gkaeng Ped Pae): Goat curry is not your usual Thai dish. This recipe makes the curry paste from scratch, pounded in a mortar and pestle, with the many of the usual ingredients: dried red chillies, salt, lemon grass, galanga, krachai (or gkrachai), turmeric, garlic, shallots and kapi (shrimp paste).
People sometimes complain that goat has a strong taste: in this dish, it is not overpowering and blends in seamlessly with the somewhat spicy curry paste.
This dish actually was in one of the very first advanced classes I took from Kasma back in the early 90’s. Stir-Fried Prawns Stir-Fried Prawns with Hot Garlic-Pepper Sauce (Gkoong Pad Gkratiem Prikthai): A deceptively simple group of ingredients, succulent prawns are mostly cooked, and then finished off in a sauce made from a paste made from garlic and fresh ground white peppercorns, Sriacha chilli sauce, fish sauce, thin soy sauce, vinegar and salt.
Stir-Fried Pork Belly Stir-Fried Pork Belly with Fermented Tofu Sauce and Thai Chillies (Moo Sahm Chan Pad Dtow Hoo Yee): I have saved the best for last.
The dish also contains chopped garlic, garlic cloves in large pieces, Thai chillies and some of the brine from red fermented tofu. If there’s another place in America to get a meal like this, I have not come across it!
Kasma’s Picasa Albums – including 100s of photos, mostly of Advanced Weeklong classes.
This recipe calls for tamarind concentrate and palm sugarwhich can be found at Asian grocers or online. I made this delicious dish and wanted to know how to make the color of the dish a little darker. I found the instructions difficult to follow while cooking so I’ve transcribed the recipe to a format I prefer.
This week, we asked our viewers who serves the best Thai food in the Granite State.Take a look at the top responses! Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent.
Komol Also offers an extensive vegan & vegetarian menu including a vegan coconut ice cream!

For vegetarian cooking we use only soy bean sauce, vegetable oil and spicy seasoning herbs. Because all individuals have different levels of taste for spicy food, you may request that your food to be spicy MILD, MEDIUM, OR HOT. Without a doubt this team is one of the premier Thai Food culinary teams you will find anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. Here, you will find authentic flavors and tastes as well as Thai dishes that you’ll be unable to find elsewhere once you leave Thailand.
I’ve long thought (and read this echoed elsewhere) that Thai food is so good because it contains all of the four major flavor groupings, salty, sour, sweet and spicy hot, sometimes in one dish. Many students tell us that after taking the classes they can no longer eat in Thai restaurants back home: they are disapponted by meals that emphasize the sweet and the rich, with not enough spicy-hot and or sour flavors. It’s in the Advanced classes that you get to really explore the variety and depth of Thai food. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can often find it, especially during the summer months, at Sontepheap Market on International Boulevard in Oakland.
The sauce, made from fish sauce, lime juice, coconut cream, sugar and chillies, is equally salty and sour with a little background sweetness. Because the evening classes are somewhat different than the weeklong classes, it just worked out that this dish ended up in her 4th advanced weeklong class. This dish is made by the combination of flavors, the pungent pepper, the bright garlic and the salty-sour-just-a-bit-sweet sauce. Although we often joke than my list of top 5 Thai dishes has about 20 dishes on it, this is currently at the top of the list.
The result is delicious, chewy, slightly sour chunks of multi-textured pork belly with the occasional chunk of garlic and Thai chilli as accents. They make it slightly different: they deep fry the pork belly first to give it a bit of a crust. I can single out one dish or another but the result was a meal that memory is a movement from one delicious taste, one delicious dish, to another. On the other hand, this makes me very well qualified on the subject as well, at least for a fahrang (the Thai word for a Caucasian). Ever since discovering Joy’s Thai Food online 2 years ago, I’ve been making an adapted version of her recipe which I think has to be as good or almost as good as the local Thai restaurant we frequent.
I noticed in other pad Thai dishes from restaurants that they’re a little darker in color.
Right now my pad Thai comes out a light color and was wondering what tips you had to make the sauce darker. Our highly trained team of Thai Chef’s take great pleasure and care in cooking culinary delicacies from all regions of Thailand.
Recently at one of her classes I had a meal that was very nearly a transcendental experience. It’s particularly in the Advanced classes that you get to experience many of the 95% of Thai dishes that Kasma estimates are never found on Stateside Thai restaurant menus.

Cha-om is part of the acacia family; in this dish the tender leaves are stripped from the stem and then stir-fried with garlic, bean thread noodles and egg and seasoned with fish sauce and white pepper. The first time I had goat curry was when we were snorkeling in Krabi province on a long-tail boat. All that’s needed after such a delicious and complete meal is just a square to provide a bit of sweetness along with a bit of coconut to smooth away any residual heat. The best and easiest way I have found to make pad thai is to make the sauce in advance and use what you need for your stir fry noodles.
Our diverse menu offers a variety of Thai food such as appetizers, salads, soups, seafood, curry, noodles, rice, meat and vegetable dishes which are sure to please even the most discerning palate.
The food is also on the light (as opposed to heavy) side so you walk away from the table with a well-gruntled feeling.
Although Kasma has tried making it with spinach leaves, to experience it at its best you must have dtam leung greens. The boat driver’s wife always provided lunch and one year Kasma asked if she could get goat. I’ve been all over the Kingdom and eaten in great Thai restaurants all over Thailand. We want every person and family who walks in to enjoy your dining experience at Thai Lemongrass Restaurant. As it turned out, we had to buy the whole goat but it provided three meals worth of delicious food, including a goat curry. Pork belly is the part of the pig used to make bacon; Asians often leave the skin on, providing another chewy texture to contrast with the layers of meat and fat.
I’ve gotten to listen to Kasma talk about her passion, Thai Food, at home, in restaurants in Thailand and sitting on the living room couch. If you do refrigerate the sauce and find it hardened, just microwave it for 30 seconds and it will warm nicely into a usable sauce. This recipe will yield about 1.5 cups of sauce and only uses approximately 3-4 tablespoons per serving. We are fortunate to be able to get this vegetable on occasion at Sontepheap Market on International Boulevard in Oakland. Otherwise you will have mushy noodles that never fry very well.  At first, you may think your noodles have too much sauce, but keep frying and tossing the noodles and the sauce will reduce and your noodles will soak some up as well.
I wanted to be able to prepare Pad Thai as good as the local Thai restaurant down the street. It’s not quite as special as the Pad Thai at our favorite Thai restaurant but it’s as good or even better than most Thai places we’ve eaten at. And to think, I remember back in the day when I thought ketchup was the key ingredient in making Pad Thai.

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