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Russia prepared its astronauts for every eventuality - so much so that its survival kits for space included fishing equipment.
A report by The Appendix blog reveals the contents of a Soviet cosmonaut survival kit which includes matches, a radio, gloves, a compass and a medical kit. The kit included the Soviet TP-82, a special combination gun with a detachable machete created forA  hunting, firing distress beacons and self-defence.
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The kits also had handguns to a€?scare off wolves, bears and tigersa€™ and to fight off a€?hostile foreign nationalsa€™ in the event of a crash landing.The NAZ-3 survival kit was designed in 1968 for the Soviet Soyuz spacecraft, which is still in use today. American astronauts who trained as part of the Soyuz spacecraft crews for the International Space Station in the 90s also had to learn how to use the firearm. The machete attachment, for instance, is being sold for $240 (A?150).WHAT DID THE RUSSIAN SPACE SURVIVAL KIT CONTAIN?
Appendix recalls how astronaut Jim Voss learned to use the gun in a mock-up spacecraft in the Black Sea using wine, beer and vodka bottles as target practice.

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