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As noted by many of our readers, one of the key topics omitted from our article on the inevitability of economic collapse was the petrodollar system. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for last few years, you know that something is deeply wrong with our world today.
Made from tough rigid 1055 carbon steel with a strong spring temper, it's virtually unbreakable and offers the weight forward balance necessary to chop through vines, saplings, and brush and even trees with ease. If your Web browser is not enabled to use JavaScript, you may not be able to use all features of this site. When you’re stranded in the wilderness, the best survival machete can mean the difference between life and death. Whether you’re trekking through the jungle, or building a shelter in the forest, the best survival machete can be a great tool to have.
If you’ve ever had to hike through thick brush, you know how frustrating and difficult it can be.
The final benefit to investing in the best survival machete is that you’ll be able to defend yourself against predators. Now that we’ve talked about some of the benefits to having a machete, let’s look at the different types that are out there.
Of all the different types of machetes out there, this one is arguably the coolest looking. Slicing: To achieve a high degree of slicing, a machete should have a relatively thin edge. Price: Pretty self-explanatory- you want something that isn’t going to break the bank when you buy it.
Finally, when shopping for the best survival machete, you’ll want to think about blade shape.
Check Your Surroundings: Always make sure that there’s nobody standing next to you as you swing the machete. Find the Sweet Spot: Similar to baseball bats, all machetes have a “sweet spot” where they can generate the most amount of force. Tips For Swinging: When swinging the best machetes, always allow gravity to aid you (it will help you burn less energy).
Hopefully, this article has given you a solid foundation for the different types of survival machetes out there. As far as blades go in your survival gear there are three basic functions covered by a variety of tools.
There are two different parts of the axe that you need to be able to recognize in order for you to be able to select a quality ax that will last you a life time. Originally made out of a straight grained piece of hickory, many people now prefer the new metal or fiberglass handles on the market. It has a 1 to 1 ?  pound head on a 10 to 14 inch handle.  It is great for limbing, and it is also the perfect size for splitting kindling for a fire. I do not have the space here to list the endless capabilities of the survival machete so I will explain in brief.
I would recommend at least a forest ax and perhaps a splitting maul for use around the house, more so if you have a wood stove or fireplace to fuel. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more.
Nel futuro dominato dai non morti che stiamo ansiosamente aspettando, i proiettili saranno probabilmente i primi a finire. Oggi andiamo alla scoperta di Cold Steel Knives, un produttore Americano di lame di alta qualita che fanno proprio al caso nostro.
Diversamente dalle lame prodotte da Zombie Tools, che sono state realizzate appositamente per affrontare i non-morti, le lame prodotte da Cold Steel Knives vengono realizzate per un utilizzo quotidiano e di autodifesa (concetti che ovviamente entrambi  vanno contestualizzati alla situazione che state affrontando).
Beh, come gia detto le prime sono concepite per essere utilizzate contro i non-morti, hanno un'ergonomia e una dimensione che le rende pratiche anche in luoghi angusti ed infine hanno un design grunge un po' da fighetta.
Come avrete ben capito entrambe sono letali sia per un uomo vivo che per uno Zombie, ma  se oggi usate una di queste contro un uomo vivo vi mettono in galera. Il catalogo di Cold Steel Knives e veramente impressionante: si va dai coltelli a serramanico, asce, martelli da guerra, spade, alabarde, Katane e ovviamente una bella sfilza di Machete. Se pensate tuttavia che farvi un piccolo arsenale di queste lame vi costera un occhio della testa vi sbagliate di grosso perche i prezzi sono decisamente contenuti grazie alla produzione in paesi con costi della manodopera molto bassi come la Cina (ricordate che al momento la Cina dispone dei piu grossi giacimenti di carbone).

To help you choose the best knife, we listed the top folding pocket knives, bushcraft knives, survival knives and machetes, organized by knife type and blade length, with price indicators.
Before you dismiss this as hype or paranoia, take a few minutes to review the facts outlined on this page.
What's more, its sharp point offers plenty of belly for slashing or even skinning, and in an emergency, adds to it value as an improvised self defense tool. Still, it’s something that most people never consider taking with them into the wilderness. As bushes and vines get caught around your arms and feet, it can make your journey way more challenging than it needs to be. Sure, you could just as easily do it with an axe, but a machete can also get the job done as long as you use the proper technique. While it stands no chance against something like a bear, a machete can help defend against smaller predators like wolves and mountain lions. A lot of people consider it the best survival machete because it’s great for clearing brush and self-defense. For this reason, you can feel less worried about it breaking when cutting through thicker wood.
Models with significantly thin blades are perfect for this since they allow maximum slicing. This 21-inch machete comes with a black stainless steel blade, a cord-wrapped handle, and a nylon sheath. The machete’s 10-inch blade will perform well in any task- splitting logs, felling, and clearing trails to name a few.  As the best survival machete from a durability standpoint, you’ll be able to cut through relatively thick wood without a problem. For example, if you’re planning on cutting non-woody vegetation or grass, then a small sharpening angle of about 22.5 degrees will work best. Even if you think you already know how to swing a machete, still read this section (you might learn something new). Find this spot when you’re hacking away at larger pieces of wood (it will make it easier to chop away at the wood). Trying to swing when you’re tried will cause you to lose form, which can lead to an injury. The first, is to puncture, slice, and cut, the second is to saw, and now we’ll cover the third in a brief outline of the best choices for survival chopping.
The handle of an ax is specially shaped for directing the force of your chop on the ax head. The best ax heads are made out of one piece of forged steel, securely fastened to the handle. It can easily be carried to the campsite or stowed in your Bug Out Bag for making emergency shelters. With a head weighing between 2 and 2 ? pounds, and a handle between 18 and 26 inches in length, it is the  perfect mix between the convenient size of the hatchet, and the weight of the felling axe. Its light weight and thin shape allow for it to be hefted sideways and cut quickly into the side of a trees grain.  Some models have a double blade in the fashion of a medieval battle ax. With a head weighing from 5 to 12 pounds, it is designed to concentrate force downward onto the piece of wood you are trying to split.  The blade is fat and rounded to help keep it from sticking into a stubborn log.
A machete isn’t an ax at all, it’s more of a long knife used for light chopping and slashing your way through brush. Chi mi conosce sa quanto il sottoscritto sia un ferreo sostenitore delle armi da taglio per gli scontri ravvicinati con gli Zombie, con una particolare predilezione per il Machete.
Ma qual'e la principale differenza tra le lame di Zombie Tools e quelle di Cold Steel Knives? Le seconde sono concepite per essere utilizzate contro i vivi (anche se loro non lo dicono), hanno un disegno classico e funzionale ma dispongono di un acciaio di alta qualita e a lunga durata. Se invece, un domani, usate una di queste contro uno Zombie vi faranno tanti bei complimenti. Tutte lame provenienti da diverse epoche e diversi continenti che sono pero forgiate con gli stessi tipi di acciai ad alta resistenza che conferiscono alle lame una lunga durata ed un'affilatura dura nel tempo.
Sold fully sharpened, and shipped with a sturdy nylon sheath, it's ready for your jungle wherever it may be.
This will force you to exert more energy thus, causing you to go through your food rations more quickly. Whether you’re chopping wood to make a fire or build a shelter, know that a machete can help you out.

Plus, even if you never have to use a machete for self-defense, there’s still a huge psychological benefit to having one. The blade is made up of three main parts: a pointed tip, a widened mid-section, and a narrow edge. As you can imagine, it can be used to “hook” things- pieces of wood, brush, and wild game that you’ve killed. Just keep in mind that these models aren’t the best for cutting deep into wood (since they’re prone to breaking). While all of these tips are very useful when buying a machete, they may be overwhelming for a beginner. With an overall length of 18 inches and a 12-inch blade, you’ll easily be able to cut through brush.
When you have to drop a tree with your survival axe for some serious firewood you need the right tool. Some axes such as those made by the Estwing® ax company, are made out of one piece of metal with a comfortable rubber grip attached over the metal handle. They are used all over the world by native people for building shelters, killing game, and for many other tasks. A mill file and a good sharpening stone should take care of maintaining the edge on all of your outdoor tools.
Altra caratteristica fondamentale di queste lame e la loro elasticita che grazie ad un affinato processo di produzione "a sandwich" permette a queste lame di essere maltrattate per gli utilizzi meno appropriati senza pero perdere la forma originale. The best machetes can be used to clear away brush while hiking so that you don’t run into these problems. Knowing that you could defend yourself at a moment’s notice will give you a lot of peace of mind when surviving in the wilderness. While I can’t afford to talk about each one (the article would become way too long), I will talk about some of the more common ones. Remember- you don’t want to be expending a lot of calories when in the wild because this will cause you to eat through your food rations more quickly.
The Mean Green Zombie Killer Apocalypse Billhook Machete is a popular example of this machete type.
They’re great for cutting through thick green vegetation.  That’s because they deliver superior chopping power. For example, high carbon stainless steel is the best type of steel, but it’s also one of the most expensive ones. For this reason, let’s take a look at some of the most popular survival machetes that you can buy. Additionally, the machete’s full tang construction will boost durability while the angled blade makes it perfect for clearing limbs and brush.
To be the best survival machete, you need to be light, which is exactly what this model offers. For this reason, when shopping around, always read the reviews for the machete that you are interested in buying. Their blades range in length from 12 to 26 inches in length, and have handles made from a variety of materials including wood, plastic, and simply just layers of cloth or string.  Gerber makes an excellent basic machete that is priced right. Not only can these survival machetes be used to clear brush and fight off predators, but they’re also great for gutting fish. The cord-wrapped handle doesn’t offer the best grip in the world, but for the price, it’s okay.
Let’s look at why you need a survival machete, then show you some of the best ones you can buy.
This particular model will run you about $30, which is about average for a machete of this type.
Finally, this machete comes with a lanyard and nylon sheath, which will allow you to protect your blade as well as carry it with you more easily.
The machete also comes with a sheath to help protect the blade (and yourself) when it’s not in use.

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