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Article about: G'day boys, I'm not sure whether this is the right place to put this but for anyone else who loves landrovers, how nice is this one?? We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
Awesome Dave that is one sweet ride IMO one of the best utility vehicles ever made my first vehicle when I was a kid was a 66 Land rover maximum highway speed of 45 miles an hour so going any distance was a major rode trip . My first was a 66 ex New Zealand army landie, it had been to Vietnam and back and then brought over here. Mine was a British X military that was left here with some other equipment my Dad bought it at a government auction in the early 80's and it was no were near as sweat a ride as this beast . Hello again fellow castaways, it's been just over 7 months since our last progress update, a long time I know. As you may have noticed from the screenshot above, that there are various pieces of broken architecture.
The Schrade Extreme Survival Hatchet -- SCACE2 - features a thick, 3.8" titanium coated head made out of durable, rust repelling 3Cr13 stainless steel. I suppose the name sums it all up, but I’m imagining selling these via telemarketing. Commercial Grade 20 QT (Quart) Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Stock Pot, 3-Ply Clad Base, Induction Ready, With Lid Cover NSF Certified Item model? The clothesline was right next to it, and we often played in the sand or in our fort, whittling spears, digging little rivers and filling them with the hose, or even throwing little unripe grapefruit at each other. On laundry day Mom would join us in the backyard for as long as her basket of wet laundry lasted.
Unfortunately, like most everything else, the slave-manufactured goods of China have crept into this traditional household chore. That said, when I saw Herrick Kimball was going to reinvent the clothespin and bring it back to being made in the USA, I was amused.
Herrick cares about those kinds of things, as anyone can tell when they read his blog… and I do too.
20 clothespins, 20 stainless steel springs, plus two pieces of sandpaper and an emery board so your wife can do her nails while she looks down her pointy nose and contemptuously watches you put the pieces together. To show you how different they are from the regular cheapo clothespins you’ll find in the store, I took some dramatically artistic side-by-side black and white images. The Classic American Clothespin is on the left, and the Cheap-rump Dollar Store Crunkpin is on the right.
Putting these pins together was fun, but it took me over an hour, including light sanding and finishing them with linseed oil. The operation of the pins still suffers slightly from the misalignment common to the offset spring design, but at no point do the pins feel as if they’re going to slip apart.
I’m tempted to throw all my shirts in the dirt, just so I can do a new load of laundry and mess with these some more.
TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) is right around the corner… do you have a good set of tools in case you need to feed yourself in a grid-down situation? Must-have garden tools for TEOTWAWKI!Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! If everything collapsed, it would be really good to know you could still feed yourself and your animals. When I was offered the use of a chunk of land for my field crops, I knew some of my gardening methods needed to change.
It takes a little basic carpentry skills, as in you need to measure and cut the handles, but other than that, building this hoe can be done in a couple of hours, including painting the parts. With tall weeds, the hoe tends to choke up and needs regular clearing, but with short ones it’s a champ. On the down side, the Planet Whizbang wheel hoe is for weeding only, unlike some of its competition.
If you’re row gardening on anything larger than a couple thousand square feet, a wheel hoe is a really good investment.
I had to write more about my Meadow Creature broadfork in my latest post for Mother Earth News.
This fall and winter, I’m going to hit a lot of my compacted front yard with the broadfork, plus re-dig my biointensive beds.

By the way, in this photo, I look cool:Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! To the uneducated eye, you might think this was a strange piece of tractor equipment or some sort of medieval weapon. The Meadow Creature site reads “We are confident enough that our tool is indestructible to guarantee it forever.
The first time I tried my new broadfork, I was amazed how it cut into the ground like a knife. With the Meadow Creature broadfork, I can break about 50 ft2 of new ground in roughly 15 minutes. On new ground, the broadforking doesn’t take as long as the weed-pulling does, though the weeds come out easily once the broadfork has passed by. One note: you will get blisters and wear yourself out if you jump in too hard on your first try with this broadfork.
So far, my wife and I have broken about 2000 ft2 of ground with this fork and we’re still having fun.
My wife, despite not having anywhere near my strength, still finds the Meadow Creature broadfork easy enough to handle. The broadfork is a rather esoteric garden tool that’s almost unknown to most modern growers. Now that I have a broadfork, I’m going to run it through a bunch of tests and give it a total all-around review. The sickening details over Ariel Castro's perversions were revealed in the first-hand accounts of two of his victims, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus.
Amanda Berry (center) and Gina DeJesus (left) with interview Robin Roberts revealed in their new memoir, published last week, how Ariel Castro raped them multiple times a day while they were held captive in his Cleveland homeTheir bathrooms were plastic trash buckets left next to their bare mattresses which festered for weeks.
The inside of the dingy basement was pictured in Ariel Castro's house where he intermittently held the women in rusty chainsA 'He had an odd expression on his face, and then I realize what it is: He's proud. After months alone in captivity, she fell into a deep depression and threatened to kill herself. Amanda Berry (pictured left as a teen) along with Gina DeJesus (right) and Michelle Knight were held captive in Ariel Castro's Cleveland, Ohio home for 10 yearsShe then wrote: 'One day I passed out and fell down on the floor of my room. My next was an Australian army series 3, 1979 model but neither of them was as good looking as the beast pictured here!
Since then we have taken feedback from a variety of sources and taking into account everyone's opinions and advice we have been tweaking both the look and feel of the game while continuing to make more assets and continue on with the level design. There will be fully fledged ruins for the player to explore and find items which they won't be able to find running along the beaches and in the jungles. We were originally going to keep this information and news update behind closed doors, but we love showing you guys our work and receiving your praise and constructive criticism along the way. Supposedly, this model is a 20-quart, like my old one, but I’ve found that the capacity seems to be higher than that.
The metal is a lot thicker, the lid has a perfect fit, the base is sturdy and it doesn’t burn stuff.Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! Our backyard had a tangerine tree, a royal poinciana and a grapefruit tree where Dad had built a tree fort for my brother and I.
I have it because I like to see long lines of bright clothing hanging out to dry, and because there’s a sweet simplicity to the thing. I’ve gotten pretty tired of Chinese junk and politicians who sell us down the river over and over and over again. When I have a few extra bucks I like to put them towards good things… if I can find them.
The grip on the junky pins is really sissified compared to the firm grasp of Herrick’s design.
The grip is easily five times stronger than that of the cheap clothespins we already owned, making affixing these pins to your ears, nose or tongue quite painful.
The dude invented a chicken plucker you can build at home that will pluck a chicken in seconds. The Planet Whizbang version is a handsome little machine which is a lot more pleasant to use for weeding than a tiller. I think it often needs doing – but sometimes you just want to get a big area done without breaking your back.

Customers tell us our broadfork is great for removing turf, digging out blackberry roots, quack grass and bermuda grass.
As a person who regularly uses wrenches to hammer nails and scissors to trim fingernails, I appreciate that kind of guarantee.
I went to the most compacted and oak-root riddled part of my yard… and it handled it. The motion is rather addicting, and before you know it, you’re more tired than you thought you were. She did about 500 ft2 when we broke up this spring’s potato bed and still had energy to plant multiple rows of mung beans.
I buy DeWalt power tools after breaking quite a few cheaper brands… and they hold up.
While doing research, the one model I kept coming back to was the Meadow Creature broadfork. This model was recommended by Mother Earth News – we shall see how it does in Florida. If what I’ve read is true, it can also be a great alternative to tilling and double-digging. Can broadforking replace double-digging?Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! Castro was sentenced to life for kidnapping the women, and fellow victim, Michelle Knight.
A year later, Ariel would begin abducting the first of three girls whom he kept locked in the basement and upstairs bedrooms at the homeA¬†Gina wrote: 'He blames Charlie. The survivors said that he kept a wigged mannequin in a fishnet tank top propped up in his home. She tried to shield her daughter from the horrifying reality of their lives and even set up a kindergarten in the room they were held in, pretending to 'walk to school' each morningThroughout the memoir, the women's inner strength and the resourcefulness that kept them alive shines through. I figured there’s no way Herrick would turn a profit and that Planet Whizbang had finally jumped the shark. Collectible!Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! Hoes, sickles, machetes, pitchforks, knives, hatchets… those are my kind of tools.Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! Other times, you may want to loosen up an existing bed without busting out the shovel and digging fork again. No problem.Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! In a time when fossil fuels are getting expensive, supply lines are tenuous and the economy is tanking, having hard-core hand tools is very important. Here’s my DIY seed spacer:Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! Also, though Herrick encourages you to sand the clothespins, they were already in mostly smooth shape right from the package. The wide blade is very good in my large garden, since I can cover more ground with less walking. I should probably write a review of that machete just so I can rant about how worthless it was, then give it ZERO SPUDS!
The handles are smooth, which allow you to change your grip easily and slide your hands into different positions as needed. A little touch here and there with the emery board would have been enough, but I’m neurotic and spent much more time than was needed.
My tools get hauled around to different beds, lent to friends, worked hard and occasionally drenched by Florida’s unpredictable monsoons.
Both Amanda and Michelle wrote that they watched when Castro slammed Michelle Knight, who is just 4'7', into walls.Their bodies ached from the heavy, rusting tow truck chains which Castro wrapped around them constantly until the last year or two of their captivity.

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