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Apparently I am an oddball too because if you run the circles of preparedness websites there are thousands of knife reviews and commentary. I have talked about my Spyderco Tenacious that is part of my EDC and I love that knife but I have been looking for a backup in case I lose that one. It occurred to me that maybe the reason why I can’t bring myself to actually purchase a new knife is that I have a few already that I feel more than meet the needs for anything I can think of.
Blade Shape – There are a lot of different blade shapes and each was designed for different tasks. Blade Steel – There are dozens of different types of blade steel out there and probably millions of opinions on which is best for your knife. Serrated Edge – Serrated edges have their uses and I would recommend having some of the blade serrated.
Full tang – For the strongest knife you want a blade that extends all of the way to the end of the knife. Handle – You want a knife that feels good in your hands and the surface needs to be conducive to a good grip. I have two knives that I carry on me every day in most cases only because my Leatherman has a knife too. The most basic and most important tool you can have in a survival situation is a good knife. In modern times, we have of course gone over to steel instead of stone, but the principle is exactly the same as in the Stone Age.
Below we have listed the top 5 survival knives you can have, but that doesn't hurt your wallet. The Cold Steel SRK is the only knife on our list that has a blade made of stainless steel, which makes it suitable for use near the coast because you don't want to use your carbon steel blades in salt water. But even though its 6" long blade is made ??of stainless steel, it keeps the edge very well.
The Cold Steel SRK's Kraton handle ensure that you have a solid grip around the handle even if the handle is wet.
If you want an allround utility and fighting knife that you also can use in salt water to, for example, gutting fish, we would strongly recommend the Cold Steel SRK. We would also recommend you to have this knife as a backup knife in your Bug Out Bag in addition to your carbon steel knife. The KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife has probably the most famous knife design in the world. Ever since World War II, the Ka-Bar, which is made in Olean, NY, USA, has been the standard military issue knife to the United States Marine Corps for 70 years. Since World War II, it has also served in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq and the soldiers use it for almost everything - They open cans with it, search for mines with it by stabbing the knife into the ground, use it for close quarter combats with enemies and so much more. The knife itself is designed for close quarter combats and has a 7" long non-reflective, epoxy coated blade made of 1095 Cro-van steel which makes the knife very strong, but still very easy to sharpen. The standard Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife's handle is made of leather and comes with a nice leather sheath. Don't underestimate the Swedes when it comes to steel because although they are sweet and have some very hot chicks, they know their stuff when it comes to tools and blades. Sturdy blades made of high-quality steel is an old tradition in Sweden dating from the Viking Age when the Swedes had to have the best steel to fight against their enemies - The other Vikings in Norway and Denmark. The full tang Fallkniven A1 is a result of this 1200 years old tradition and it works great as a mid-sized, alround survival knife.
The blade itself is made of high-quality, Swedish VG10 steel, which is the same type of steel that's used to make Japanese chef knives. The handle is made of kraton which gives you a solid grip around the handle even if the handle or your hands are wet. It's made by the same company who manufacture the Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife, but the BK7 Combat Utility is more "survival knife" than the USMC fighting knife, which is, as the name implies, a fighting knife.
The Becker BK7 with its "7 long blade is the most badass knife on our list and it's perfect if you want a big knife either for self defence, chopping or batoning. The Ka-Bar Becker BK2, also known as the Becker Campanion, is rated by survivalists as the best survival and adventurer knife of all time!
The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 comes with a nice glass-filled nylon sheath which locks the knife securely into place so you don't lose your dear "Campanion" when you're out on adventures or in survival situations. Mora knives sweden - bladesandbows, Swords, airsoft, archery, sporting goods, airsoft guns, archery goods, armex, gerber, denix, walther, bows, blades, knife, machete, bb gun, crossbows. The minute I laid my eyes on the ESEE-6 survival knife and read it specifications, I thought to myself that “this knife looks like one that’ll pack a punch!” And the reaction was further justified when I saw the photographs of a fellow survivalist holding the knife proudly alongside a butchered Crocodile! Before I deep dive into this detailed ESEE-6 Survival Knife review, I think it’s only fair that I tell you a little bit about the history of this knife and the firm that manufactures it. ESEE knives take a long time to come out of production simply because of the fact that the company spends an insane amount of time field testing each new prototype and incorporating user feedback at every level. Then comes an even better and exciting part – The finished knife is then tested (again!) in outdoor survival situations and even in the Amazon jungles by users around the world who pass on their feedback which once again gets incorporated in future models. With an overall length of 11 ?’’ and a drop point blade that measures 6 ?’ in length, the ESEE-6 is a true delight to hold in your hands.
As with most of the top survival knives, the ESEE-6 survival knife too comes with the choice of serrated or non-serrated edges and this full tang knife also comes equipped with handle slabs made from canvas Micarta. Honestly speaking, I found the ESEE-5 to be a lot better looking than this knife but overall the functionality, design and performance makes this an even better knife. Thus, the designers of the ESEE-6 chose wisely when designing this knife because every line of this knife focuses specifically on its intended purpose as an outdoor survival tool.
The blade transitions into a beautiful sweep with the perfect angle at the tip and you’ll realize how easy it is to skin animals with this hunting knife. Also, the shape of the grip is obviously designed with knowledge of the anatomy of the human hand in mind since it incorporates a slight reverse taper with a noticeable downward curve at the end which causes it to very closely follow the dimensions of the user’s hand. The only minor issue I faced with this survival knife is the fact that instead of stainless steel, the blade is made up of 1095 carbon steel which although a good choice, is subject to corrosion especially during the wet season.

I always prefer my knives to be in the Rockwell hardness range of around 55-59 and the ESEE-6 is no exception with an HRC rating of 55-57 which is an excellent hardness point for survival knife blades. To sum up this detailed ESEE-6 survival knife review, I’d give it a solid 9 stars out of 10 because not only is this one of the most dedicated survival knives in the market but because it also has been designed very well. The 6.5 inch blade is long enough to be used as an effective chopping tool and has just the right amount of weight to it.
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I stopped and checked out an old M9 bayonet at one of the first tables and felt the big tug of nostalgia. The backup is really just an excuse to buy one for my daughter who has bugging me for a “real knife” for a while. For some reason, Spyderco knives are poorly represented at the gun shows I visit, but this time there was a woman who had several of them in her case next to the Kershaw and Benchmade folders so I was excited for the opportunity to purchase another one. It is smart to always have a knife on you because you never know what you might need it for and when. Similar to how each of those knives in that big block you have sitting in the kitchen have a different strong suit, the blade shape of your knife will determine what it is best for. The steel is made up of varying amounts of carbon and iron but there are other alternatives out there like ceramic knives. You can use this to cut through cordage like your thousands of feet of paracord or even bone if needed.
For me personally, I look at this in a few different ways and again, I am not talking to the collector. For me, this is my Gerber LMF II that is big and sturdy enough for any post-apocolyptic needs I might have from chopping wood for a fire (yes, you can do that with a knife) to stabbing zombies in the head. Eventually everyone will also have a full-sized devoted survival knife but that is really all I can ever see needing. Because you will not get far without a sharp blade that you can cut, chop, baton, slice and carve with.
A two million years old invention that is as important today to survive as it was when the first knife was crafted of stone by the early ancestors of modern humans. But you can also get the new ACU (Army Combat Uniform) edition which has a foliage green rubber (kraton) handle and a sheath made of Kydex. It can withstand some batoning if you need to baton firewoods in the wilderness, but don't put to much preasure on the knife because the tang is not as wide as the blade.
But because it costs about $200, which is kinda expenisive compared to the other knives, we place it as number 3 on our list. And that is with good reason because the BK2 Campanion is basically made of a big, heavy chunk of high-quality steel that can withstand some serious abuse over time. We would strongly recommend you to get it as soon as possible because it's so superb that anyone should own one. The ESEE knives are manufactured by the Randall’s Adventure Training Company and have been in existence since 1997.
The reason why I’m telling you this story is because it fascinated me the 1st time I heard it and more importantly, it told me that I was buying a knife that has been thoroughly tested by the best professionals in the world in real-life outdoor situations. It has an exposed pommel and lanyard loop at the end and the one I bought also came equipped with a kydex sheath.
The makers have made the rather unusual choice of making the drop point quite long but it does serve its purpose well and this demonstrated quite evidently in the tasks that the ESEE-6 performs with ease.
For instance, the drop point blade shape is one of my favorites because the tip of the blade is situated out of the way when skinning game so you can see exactly what you are doing and thus, you have the greatest amount of control over the knife which is very important when you need to preserve the hides intact for later use.
The ESEE-5 had a small ricasso accompanying it but in the ESEE-6, the manufacturers decided to grind a large choil into the blade for the same purpose.
The grip is much better and the handle is larger than the one I saw on the ESEE-5 while the canvas Micarta on the handle makes gripping extremely easy and comfortable.
Additionally, a unique feature that I observed was that the canvas Micarta slabs were affixed to the full tang in three different places for a secure fit and the tang extends out of the back of the Micarta slabs to form an exposed pommel with a lanyard loop. The manufacturers have more than made up for it though with a baked on powder coating which essentially protects the entire blade except the edge of your knife.
It’s hard enough to hold and retain its edge and thanks to the powder coating on the blade, the maintenance is reduced to a bare minimum.
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I know there are people who collect knives so this is not directed at you but for the average person looking; how many knives do you need? Some shapes are designed to take the impact of a rock or stick on the backside so you can use the knife as an axe. This is going to be far stronger than a folding knife and less prone to breaking when you need it. For this reason I would recommend that you always try out the knife you want to buy in person.
I almost never carry this around because it is so large that you can’t stick it in your pocket obviously. Sure, I could point to the two is one and one is none rule to say we should all have 4 each, but that seems like overkill. There’s so much information and varying opinions out there, thanks for presenting the facts and helping me to get a clear understanding of what I should be thinking about and considering for my first best Survival Knife purchase.Thanks again and keep up the good work.
There’s nothing more valuable than good intel in this day and age, after all we do live in the information age.

The knife is so simple, yet so incredibly important to our existence and our ability to survive, even in these ultra-modern times with refrigerators, cars and cookers. The full tang Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility doesn't have as thick blade as the BK2, but it has a longer blade which makes it more suitable for self defense and chopping than its little brother. You can also remove the grivory handle by loosening the handle's allen wrench bolts and replace it with your own custom made handle to personalize it.
It was started by 2 outdoor enthusiast and experts, Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin as an outdoor survival training agency providing global training, gear, and logistical solutions to military and law enforcement agencies as well as civilians in remote environments. There’s a powdered coating on the blade and you can choose that between textured black or olive drab green powder. Additionally, , the long, straight section of the blade’s edge provides the user with a plenty of room to make those long carving strokes and for this reason it also becomes an effective slicing tool. It’s impervious to heat, cold, abrasion, impact and most chemicals and is a good durable substance.
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Before I deal with the issue of quantity, let’s talk about how to find the best Survival knife for your purposes.
From cutting shavings off a stick to make tinder for a fire to cutting paracord or other cordage to lash your survival shelter together, you just can’t really match the utility of a good knife. There is no reason you shouldn’t carry a knife in your purse and it could even save your life if you didn’t have any other means of self defense. A harder knife holds an edge better, but if your knife is too hard, it will be less tough; which means if you hit or drop the blade it could break. There was a group of knives that came out after this movie that had a survival kit inside the knife so that when you unscrewed the cap on the end of the handle (which also happened to have a compass) you got fish hooks and matches and various little items similar to what you see people pack inside a Survival tin. For the average Joe, I would start with a great folding knife that you can carry with you every day. Therefore, the knife is the most basic and most important tool you can have in a survival situation.
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They make the smaller Leatherman Juice just for this purpose that fit nicely in your pocket and don’t require their own holster. I could buy another medium sized knife like a K-Bar or a SOG Seal pup, but I think I am ok with the folder and the leatherman. I know that if I picked one up now my platoon sergeant wouldn’t take this one but after a long 3 seconds I thought better of it and placed it back on the table. It combines Japanese knife culture with a western design and is ideal to clean, peel and slice fruit and vegetables, and producing decorative shapes.
I already have a nice Gerber LMF II that I got a few years back that is about the same size and suits me just fine.
The Katana cutting edge is like a traditional Japanese sword and its sharpness is achieved by using a high-grade, multi-component steel: a steel core containing cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium, encased in 64 layers of stainless steel.
The steel's high carbon content gives the SHOTOH knife a hardness rating of around Rockwell 60. Challenge Accepted Here are the my three favourite archaic polearm weapons (with reasons) (and jokes) by A.

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