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Find Dark Horror Games 2013 List with release dates and reviews of the best Survival Horror Video Games coming out in 2013 on PC, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Wii U, Android or Apple iOS platforms. Survival Horror Games are a lot more thriller, offering an increased adventure experience and mind engagement, in comparison to conventional RPG, Shooting or Action Adventure video games. There is an array of Scary Games, but you need to get and test only the best of them for more exciting, better fun and value of money.
The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. Best Survival Horror Video Games of 2013The gaming experience that Horror Games 2012 did present is sure to be even better with best Survival Horror Video Games of 2013 especially with the release of some of the most exciting, fascinating and scary horror video games that are sure to scream a hell out of the screens. Sony’s PS4 continues the strong tradition of awesome home console gaming via the PlayStation brand. Rayman Legends: Game Trailers and Gameplay Videos You Need to SeeRayman Legends is returning to consoles and portable machines for 2013.
PHOTOS: Capcom’s Strider Through The AgesStrider's look has changed various times and he's always managed to look cool.
It’s been too long since gamers last got the chance to scale walls and steal valuable collectibles with master thief Garrett. As far as traditional horror-themed survival video games go, Outlast stands out as one of the finest modern examples of that genre. The PS4 not only has some excellent games at retail, but it also features a library filled with some great downloadable titles. With the release of The Last of Us, Naughty Dog has proven itself in the survival horror genre.  They made their game atmospheric, frightening, moving, and all around delight to play.
3) Dino Crisis – Last seen November 7, 2003 on the Xbox, published by Capcom and developed by Capcom Production Studio 4 Another survival horror outing that was lead by Shinji Mikami which puts the players in the shoes of Regina as she and her team attempt to kidnap a doctor that has been thought dead for 3 years. 2) Silent Hill – Last seen March 13, 2012 on the Xbox 360 and PS3, published by Konami and developed by Vatra Games A little over a decade ago Silent Hill was the creepiest most atmospheric game franchise out there.
It would be highly fare to sample some of the top horror games of 2013 that are sure to scare, grace and glued to your screens. With this new console comes a healthy selection of games to choose from that span all different types of genres. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition offers PS4 owners an awesomely paced survival title that revives Lara Croft.
One of Capcom’s greatest ninjas dusted himself off, picked his blade back up and re-entered the arena with a brand new reboot. This reboot of sorts introduces fans and newbies alike to the masterful stealth mechanics of the Thief series with a next-gen spin.
You’re only armed with a video camera and some batteries that die way too fast as you go tinkering around an insane asylum. One of those games is an updated version of a PS3 MOBA game called Awesomenauts, a 3-on-3 action platformer that’s full of humor and addictive gameplay. Hideo Kojima knew the wait for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will be too much to bear for hardcore fans, so he split off these intro missions to them as a preview.

The stormy weather and cramped spaces made this game a real nail-biter, plus the fact that ammo was extremely limited and the monsters were hard to put down made this a definite survival horror title. The premise is a simple one: five high school students search for their missing friend and get locked in the school overnight.
Shinji Mikami created this masterful series, and even rebooted it a decade later to make it fit into the current generation. It's not a great quality to have in this day and age where good games from the genre are seldom seen, but there is one recent game that stands out and makes things a little better.The truth is, I was so turned off by the negative critical reception of this game that I initially dismissed it.
The year 2014 came packed with a slew of great games that every PS4 owner should own and at least play. And the asylum is pretty full, so this game is full of great scares and classic survival horror gameplay. Choose from your favorite medieval fantasy archetypes and kill off you enemies with all types of airborne projectiles.
Naughty Dog has shown us that they can craft the outdoor environment, so why not let them craft a Jurassic jungle? Sadly during this generation Konami has not been able to rekindle the magic that was first games. Unfortunately Capcom has begun to sully the king of survival horror with Resident Evil 5 and 6. This game also has a third person over the shoulder view which is becoming one of Naughty Dog’s trademarks. They tried motion control, they tried new western developers, and neither have hit the nail on the head.
Instead of sticking with the survival horror bible, Capcom went the action game route in Resident Evil 5, opting to throw out the scares for huge set pieces and explosions.
It turns out that The Evil Within is a whole lot better than I was told.A Well Balanced NightmareIf there was one thing that made The Evil Within stand out among its peers it was its great game flow. Add in their superb storytelling, amazing graphics, and dinosaurs and we’ve got ourselves another blockbuster game. Naughty Dog was able to give the player the feeling of extreme isolation and loneliness in The Last of Us, which is what Silent Hill is all about. It isn't just a slow paced game trying to invoke scares, nor is it distracted by trying to be an action game like Resident Evil 6. Instead of deciding to go with one particular genre, they picked four: an action campaign, a stealth portion, a brawler, and a vague attempt at survival horror. They finally closed their doors in September of 2012, but they re-opened as Mighty Rocket Studios.
If Capcom handed the reigns over to Naughty Dog for the supposed upcoming reboot it would be unprecedented. Not only has Naughty Dog shown us they can do zombies, they’ve shown us that they understand survival horror. However, I felt just as much of a presence of the Souls series as I played through it.For one, the game is unforgiving.

Naughty Dog could easily make this into a blockbuster, the over-the-shoulder view, the creative, humorous writing, and the  close confining areas could make this rival The Last of Us in scariness. Limited supplies, death lurking around every corner, that feeling of isolation, even the crafting system they brought to The Last of Us would all make the Resident Evil reboot amazing. At times it feels like it's being unfair with hazardous encounters that require quick observation and reaction. But if you can learn to be patient and approach each challenge cautiously, you'll find yourself knocking over obstacles like it's nobody's business.
So, just like souls you'll find yourself excited to acquire more of it.Lastly, the game has a good presence of boss battles. I wouldn't say they're nearly as difficult or well designed as the Souls series' bosses, but they're good enough that you'll remember a few of them even after the credits roll.Point being, Souls is an outstanding franchise, and one that strays from many of today's gaming design conventions. The Evil Within sought a similar path, and for the most part succeeded in its mission.Surviving on a BudgetThe Evil Within gets survival horror right.
As previously mentioned, the game is challenging, and part of that is inherited from the low quantity of resources found in the game world. Though, unlike the Souls series, The Evil Within is all about ranged weaponry which requires ammunition.
It aims for frantic gameplay rather than the jump scares of Resident Evil, or the psychological horror of Silent Hill. If you were a fan of Resident Evil 4, you'll feel right at home.A Powerful On-Point PresentationA large reason survival horror is a genre that isn't very productive is that games in the category are rarely given large budgets. So, most development teams are at a disadvantage when it comes to producing something spectacular.
As a matter of fact, it was in development for five years, and it shows.The result of the patience of The Evil Within's publisher is a game that not only plays well, but looks great. Its visuals are some of the best I've seen on the PC platform, and you could argue that it's the best-looking survival horror game of all-time. Dissonant arrangements and creepy ambiance regularly unsettles you, and you'll quickly learn the audio cues that bring fatal danger along with them. And before you lose your mind from the chaos, you'll hear the ataractic tones of Claude Debussy's Clair De Lune inviting you to the game's sole place of respite. Enjoy your short stay away from danger.Good Value for Your MoneyThe Evil Within's average game length is around 15 hours.
If you fancy survival horror games you may just walk away a fan like I have.The Evil Within's first DLC package titled The Assignment is arriving on the 10th.
It brings with it new areas, weapons, and even stars a different protagonist.Thanks to Robyn for encouraging me to give The Evil Within a chance.

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