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Today, Undead Labs announced that the open-world game themed zombie, State of Decay will launch on PC via Steam's Early Access program. In the announcement, Undead Labs expressed that the imminent version of State of Decay is just a test version. CSR-Studios' retro-styled zombie survival action game Dead Pixels is now available via Steam, boasting a lengthy single-player campaign and a local co-op mode.
Originally released for the Xbox Live Indie Games service, Dead Pixels later went on to star in Indie Royale's Graduation Bundle.
Survival games make up one of the most popular genres in gaming at the moment, and this increased interest has helped the rise of exciting titles such as The Culling and Ark: Survival Evolved.
Most games contain an element of survival, but interest in this genre has focused on games which revolve around the struggle to survive, whether it’s against harsh worlds and monsters or fellow players.
The Survival genre is growing and has provided a perfect space for adventurous developers to try new and unconventional ideas that are sometimes met with great success. The Flame in the Flood has a unique art style paired with an engaging sound track, and features an intuitive crafting and loot system. The Culling is a player-vs-player survival arena, and matches are composed of a 16-player battle royale with the last survivor being declared the victor. The Forest puts the player in the role of an aeroplane crash survivor who has found themselves stranded in a forest which is inhabited by humanoid, cannibalistic mutants. The Forest is both multi-player and single-player and is available on Steam in Early Access. Subnautica has been praised by players for its gorgeous graphics and fluid underwater mechanics.

We Happy Few is set in a post-World War II dystopian England, where all citizens of the randomly-generated town are addicted to a drug which causes them to become permanently happy and definitely unhinged. The Long Dark features a unique art style and has received high praise for its crafting and survival mechanics. Worlds Adrift features an exciting blend of multi-player vehicle combat and involved crafting.
Escape from Tarkov is set in a fictional Russian city and is a multi-player survival game with similarities to titles like DayZ and H1Z1. No Man’s Sky has become one of the most anticipated games of the year, featuring a ton of exciting and revolutionary features that are set to re-define the sandbox and survival genre. For instance, I am in my little Seamoth submarine gunning for a new area so that I can maybe get some new blueprint fragments and crafting materials.
It features survival: stealth, evasion, distractions, base building, survivor community, securing resources, and moving through the world more than actual zombie combat. The Steam release includes all content from the XBLIG version's latest update, and also features a collection of Steam achievements, along with online leaderboards. If you already purchased the game through Indie Royale, check your bundle collection page for a Steam key.
Although the game is single-player and lacks the player-vs-player threat of multiplayer survival, the creatures and difficulty of The Flame in the Flood seem to present the player with a fairly decent challenge.
The game has proven popular on Twitch since its release and aims to provide a PvP survival arena experience without being hindered by additional features.
The Forest focuses heavily on survival mechanics such as warmth and hunger, and allows the player to craft a variety of structures and items to assist them in surviving the eerie and disconcerting environment.

Subnautica expertly conveys the sense of overwhelming volume that the deep ocean presents, and the world is filled with both treasures and dangers. The Long Dark is a big attraction for hardcore survival fans, as the game is a basic but challenging wilderness survival title. The premise of the game is that the world has been shattered into countless floating islands, which players can only reach by building ships that sail the skies.
Once pay for the Early Access version of State of Decay, you will automatically receive the final version for free, without restart. So I make my way down to scavenge the floor of that area, and the sub starts creaking under the pressure and a warning sounds that I am reaching the limits of the depth of the sub.
It is worth mentioning that you are able to play this game on PC, but it is not available for playing according to a keyboard and mouse interface at present.
Then the sun sets and it becomes pitch black, so I have to switch on my lights to see anything at all.
You still need a Xbox 360 controller or a compatible 3rd-party controller to play the Early Access version on PC. But "Over the next however many weeks, we will be putting up versions of the keyboard interface and using your comments and feedback to make it awesome," The developers said.

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