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The downside of this book is that a lot of the survival information assumes that you have access to a used parachute and a survival kit (which would be the case if you were a downed pilot). This book is slim, but loaded with great information that is delivered with a healthy dose of pop-culture references and profanity.
I hope these reviews help you find the resource right for you, and that they serve to inspire you to get outside and practice wilderness survival skills! Unless you have prior experience as a Navy SEAL or Green Beret, or happen to be Bear Grylls himself, you’ll likely need a survival book to sharpen up your survival skills.
Remember, a fixed blade knife, and a fire starter are worth their weight in gold in a survival situation, but, like other survival tools, are worthless if you don’t know how to use them. You’ll notice the lack of zombie survival books on this list, and for good, probably obvious reasons. Written by a former paratrooper and US Special Forces demolition officer, Rich Johnsona€™s The Ultimate Survival Manual ($19) features in great detail over 300 essential survival skills you will hopefully never need to use, such as how to survive a wildfire, how to successfully jump from a moving train, swimming through burning oil, how to predict the weather from plants, or how to cross a fast-moving river. With input from some of the best trained soldiers in the Navy Seals, French Foreign Legion, Green Berets, Delta Force, and other elite units, the Special Forces Survival Guide delivers easy to understand, step by step instructions on how to implement survival skills such as how to build a shelter, start a fire, navigate without a compass, and how to craft your own tools and weapons. Bushcraft and wilderness survival are interchangeable terms and are important when it comes to bugging out for 72 hours or for when you’ve become lost and alone in the woods for more than a few days. While you may not be a pilot who has bailed out of a billion dollar jet at mach 4 behind enemy lines, this survival handbook covers that scenario, along with realistic ones such as surviving threats at sea, in the tropics, in the desert, in the arctic, or in your very own backyard, and how to survive the psychological threat of torture and imprisonment. Based on the research of over 400 officer-involved shooting reports, Tactics For Armed Encounters discusses techniques for surviving in real life situations involving armed assailants, and how to prepare for, plan for, and react to those incidents. The Prepper’s Long Term Survival Guide focuses on survival long after the emergency or disaster, and delves into long term survival topics such as finding and growing your own food off the grid, first aid and medical treatment, home defense, and strategies for building a new society after the current one has collapsed. For those new to survival books, the Survival handbook touches on the basics, because its those basic survival skills that will keep you alive longer that anything else.
A bug out bag is a collection of items necessary to effectively evacuate and survive for at least 72 hours during an emergency, and this book will show you how to build one to suit your needs.
How To Stay Alive In The Woods is an easy-to-understand survival guide for those who frequent the great outdoors. When the grid eventually goes down, not only will your smart devices cease to function, but there will also be an economic and societal breakdown, and secondary disasters and pandemics.
When disaster strikes and the entire system breaks down, there may not be any hospitals, physicians, or medicines immediately available to you and your family.

Preston Blair’s Cartoon Animation focuses on five key areas, character movement, character development, animation, dialogue, and camera sound. Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators written by Mike Mattesi will help bring your sketches to life through rhythmic drawing lessons.
Ita€™s a mile wide and an inch deep, so it doesna€™t have the space to go into great detail on any one topic. This wilderness survival book is not about charts and diagrams, it is about the very personal stories of the authors. The book does not have enough space to go really deep into diagrams and instructions, but it has some great chapters about fear, awareness and the basics of survival. It does not fall into the twin traps of being either too technical or too basic and the way the materials are delivered makes it a fun and amusing read.
Included in the survival manual are photos, illustrations, lists, and diagrams for easy reference. Army Special Forces officer Mykel Hawke is, without a doubt, an expert on survival techniques. Navy SEALS are some of America’s most elite warriors, who are also highly trained in self preservation and that of their team.
Now before you read this list I want to put it out there… I am not a professional animator.
Mike Mattesi a character design instructor who works with clients like Disney, Pixar, Marvel Comics, and Nickelodeon gives astonishing illustrations on how forceful poses can be.
Not only have you chosen, I guess, very interesting books, but also wrote in a way that proves you know what the story telling game is about. What it lacks in portability it makes up for with loads of information about all things wilderness related. The book is a journal of sorts that documents the two men and their experiences getting through a month long survival trip together. Drawn to Life Volume 1 and Drawn to Life Volume 2 cover everything you can think about drawing and posing for animation. Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation gives confidence to those that are not strong draftsman. If you want to improve your posing and drawing abilities get Force: Dynamic life Drawing for Animators.

It covers camping gear, orienteering, primitive skills, make-shift shelters, weather patterns, topography, tracking, snares, skulls, the list goes on and on and on! Along the way you get a look inside their heads as they deal with hunger, thirst and exhaustion. The beautiful illustrations made by some of the best artists in the world are inspiring to all ages.
This book goes over a range of timing from heavy weighted objects all the way down to rain and smoke.
Since I am still a young animator I can freshly reflect how important and helpful these books have been towards my education of the art-form These are the greatest animation books on the market.
Drawn to Life will give you techniques on creating believable characters, pushing poses, and learning to observe. Navy SEAL Survival Handbook provides the reader valuable information of weapons and tools, making shelters, signaling, finding water, and hunting for food—complete with 150 color photographs for easy interpretation. If you are not confident in your drawing ,or weak at planning, I suggest taking a look at Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation. Acting for Animators helps give you a tool box to really discover your character as an animator. This is why I give Animator’s Survival Kit my number 1 spot in my greatest animation books list. Walt Stanchfiled will take other animator’s drawings, draw over it, and show you how he would improve the poses.
The manual provides examples of how to take live action photos and break them down into readable animated poses. The best thing about this book is you get to learn posing while learning how to draw your favorite Looney Tunes Characters. While it can be a bit technical at times, personally I feel that body mechanics are one of the most important aspects of character animation. When it comes to the principles of animation and body mechanics this animation book starts you off on the right track.

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