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At the end of December, there were 22,570 email subscribers (sign up here), 28,475 Facebook fans, and 14,900 Pinterest followers.A  Holy smokes!A  That is a lot of preppers and I am humbled by your loyalty.
As much as I try to view into my virtual crystal ball to see what is coming down the line, I always seem to be wrong.A  That being said, as of this moment, here is what I see happing next year. In 2016 I plan to continue to focus on well researched articles and series of articles that will stand the test of time.A  Much like the series on Propane for Preppers, Emergency Water for Preppers, and How to Set Up and Master Ham Radio Without Going Crazy, these articles may not be the headline grabbers that make Google and drive-by readers happy, but they are solid and should withstand the test of time. Along those lines, throughout the year, I plan on updating many older articles fromA 2012 and 2013 that are getting a bit long in the tooth.A  The information is still good but it needs to be enhanced and brought to the forefront for new readers to see and for long-term readers to revisit. I will continue to share what I know and personally experience with essential oils and DIY projects, plus spend more time exploring the concept of frugality as it relates to preparedness.A  Although much has been written about the Great Depression, I want to focus on frugality with more focused a 21st century twist. Please know that I feel your pain when you tell me you are overwhelmed by the scope of it all because there are days when I feel it too. If you enjoyed this article, consider subscribing to email updates.A  When you do, you will receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-Book, The Emergency Food Buyera€™s Guide.
Bargain Bin: A Today I share some of my favorite books and the cast iron skillet that belongs in every prepper kitchen!
In thirteen different situations, the survival implications are addressed and the list of necessary gear is spelled out one item at a time. The functionality of the chapter layout is enhanced through some organizational elements including every page having a bold notation as to what kit is under discussions.
Now I fancy myself a bit of a EDC aficionado and I rarely venture forward without some piece of Everyday Carry gear to test out whether a neck knife on a mountain bike ride, or a specialized flashlight on an Atlantic crossing, or a wrist compass on a backcountry ski, or tactical pen for a day at the office actually works. Why Does Hillary Clinton Think She’s Important Enough To Protect With Guns, But Your Life Isn’t? Freedom · Liberty · Awareness & Preparedness · News & Opinion -- Please consider disabling adblock to support this site!
I get a LOT of emails and messages asking about gear or book recommendations so I thought I’d start up a new project here on Graywolf Survival so I can help a LOT of people instead of just one at a time. Each chapter has actionable items and clearly explains the reasoning behind her suggestions. What would I have fed the kids if we were stuck on the Atlanta interstate for ten hours like thousands were during a winter storm? What you should prepare for and how to create your plan are the main topics in this chapter.
The end of the chapter has a template you can use to start formulating your own Family Emergency Plan.
Emergency Kits, Go-Bag, Bug-Out Bags, GOD Bags – there are all kinds of names for the same thing.
This chapter in The Survival Savvy Family talks about how to build one for each member of your family. Have you thought about what your child’s bag should include and shouldn’t include? The chapter concludes with a nifty checklist that you can use to begin building your own Emergency Kit. You are fairly well-versed on building a pantry if you’ve spent any time in prepping or suburban homesteading circles. There’s even a checklist of non-food essentials that you should make sure are in your pantry.
One of my biggest fears as a parent is having a medical emergency involving one of my children and not being to act on it. In addition to the skill sets, Julie provides a great checklist for building your Home First Aid Kit and a great template for adding medical history to your Family Emergency Plan. Other topics such as insurance, wills and creating a Grab-And-Go Binder are discussed in this chapter. What is the one situation that each of us is almost guaranteed to encounter in our lifetime – regardless of geographic location, age, economic status or social standing? In this chapter of The Survival Savvy Family, Julie does a good job of how to get prepared for a loss of power. As always, there’s a great checklist for making a Power Outage Kit at the end of the chapter.
I’m embarrassed to admit that I got a song from the Clash (Should I Stay Or Should I Go?) stuck in my head when I started reading this chapter! Surviving and handling tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, floods, severe thunderstorms and snowstorms are all covered in this chapter of The Survival Savvy Family.
House fires are more common than you might realize and most people aren’t ready for them.
Julie spends a good amount of time talking about door locks, windows, garage doors and sliding glass doors in this chapter. Personal safety is always a tough topic to discuss because most people want to believe that they are aware of their surroundings.
Situational awareness is a topic that is talked about a lot in this chapter as well as ways to defend yourself – both with a weapon and without. The final chapter of The Survival Savvy Family is all about your most precious asset – your children.
Abduction prevention, online safety, firearm safety and bullying are all topics Julie is not afraid to broach.
While it’s not a dyed-in-the-wool survival topic, this chapter may be the most important chapter for many of us. What she does in this book is provide rock-solid suggestion in a progressive, mature manner.
Progression: While she never stated it, I feel like Julie presented the chapters in a natural progression which allows the reader to us this book as a guide to preparedness.
I mentioned that The Survival Savvy Family is not Earth-shattering but it is chock-full of knowledge.
Overall, I think The Survival Savvy Family: How To Be Your Best During The Absolute Worst by Julie Sczerbinski is a must have for your long-term survival library. In a couple of days, the United States will be celebrating Independence Day, commonly referred to as the 4th of July.
It is for that reason I have held back the final entry in Backdoor Survival Prepper Book Festival 8 until this week.
James has been writing about and promoting family preparedness since 1974 – long before the term “prepper” was a part of our vocabulary.
Share102 Pin305 +115 Tweet64 Share2 Stumble EmailShares 488It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the books that were selected for the Backdoor Survival Prepper Book Festival #10.  My gosh, what a line-up.  For the first time, all 14 books are non-fiction and they cover such a wide range of topics that there is surely something for everyone!

As readers, I hope that you find something that is both interesting and educational in this list of book festival entries.
But first, for those of you that are unfamiliar with book festival format, what is a “Prepper Book Festival”? Backdoor Survival Prepper Book Festivals are a showcase of some of the best books and authors in the survival, preparedness, and self-reliance niche. Now that you know how it works, let’s get started.  Here is the list of BDS Book Festival 10 books and their descriptions. Somewhere in between the fanatical preppers highlighted on the hit reality show “Doomsday Preppers” and the millions of Americans who have done nothing to assemble emergency supplies lies “middle ground prepping.” Middle ground prepping is a concept that provides a measured and reasonable approach for novices to prepare for impending emergencies or disasters in order to protect yourself and your family.
Middle Ground Prepping provides five well-defined steps that will allow you to develop a comprehensive emergency plan in a reasonable amount of time.
You can be a sensible prepper on your schedule without becoming obsessed with over-the-top preparedness notions and low probability theoretical disasters. When Jason Hanson joined the CIA in 2003, he never imagined that the same tactics he used as a CIA officer for counter intelligence, surveillance, and protecting agency personnel would prove to be essential in every day civilian life.
In addition to escaping handcuffs, picking locks, and spotting when someone is telling a lie, he can improvise a self-defense weapon, pack a perfect emergency kit, and disappear off the grid if necessary. Buying insurance, writing wills, getting our teeth cleaned, and saving for retirement are just a few of the precautions we routinely take to mitigate risks, but most people fail to prepare for what’s most important. This comprehensive book will provide you with a better understanding of Flu and Ebola viruses, what a pandemic is, and what things will look like when it begins. Much of his book addresses the potential consequences of global diseases, and how one might reconcile difficult choices that must be made during disasters… from a Christian point of view. You can survive a couple of weeks without food and a few days without water, but in some cases, you would be lucky to survive one night without shelter.
With structures ideally suited for any weather condition, this book presents emergency shelter designs built from a variety of elements, including 100 percent gathered items, a combination of natural and store-bought supplies, and even durable construction materials. The author offers helpful tips and techniques for mastering your shelter-building skills, as well as tutorials on how to make basic tools, bedding, mattresses and other items to increase shelter comfort. In his new book, Ted Koppel reveals that a major cyberattack on America’s power grid is not only possible but likely, that it would be devastating, and that the United States is shockingly unprepared.
And yet, as Koppel makes clear, the federal government, while well prepared for natural disasters, has no plan for the aftermath of an attack on the power grid.
In the absence of a government plan, some individuals and communities have taken matters into their own hands.  But how, Koppel asks, will ordinary civilians survive? With urgency and authority, one of our most renowned journalists examines a threat unique to our time and evaluates potential ways to prepare for a catastrophe that is all but inevitable. Fact: Under great stress, the human brain triggers an alarm that causes many to freeze in their tracks, not exactly the smartest move when flood waters are rising or when flames fill your home! Getting away from a dangerous situation fast is key to survival but without a plan in place, one that triggers an effective and automatic response, your survival is debatable. You need a system you can rely on during those initial, panic-filled moments when your safety depends on getting out fast. This book is just the guide you need for helping to insure that each loved one (pets included) and your most important belongings make it to safety. First, we can mail-order both airguns and their ammunition, which don’t fall under the jurisdiction of BATF (check your local regulations). From here it gets better since uninformed people will lump them all together as simple BB guns. Since an understanding of the various power-plants is essential, this thorough and complete guide will provide the necessary information for its purchase and use.
This book is devoted to a whole series of useful firearms, beginning with the well-known .22 Long Rifle. The venerable “twenty-two” hosts a wide array of interesting loads, including some ultra-quiet choices and fairly nasty high-speed rounds. Careful shopping can provide us with a useful rimfire (or maybe even two) with which to quietly harvest small game or eliminate pests. Authorities respond to violence—they don’t prevent it, leaving YOU as the line of first defense. The Survival Mindset is a highly actionable guide that will increase your situational awareness, teach you the step-by-step survival mindset, help you determine the contents of your everyday carry (EDC) items and survival bags and how to break free from the deadly grip of normalcy bias.
This book will help you to reclaim the lost art of situational awareness and develop a keen survival mindset so you can avoid violence and survive disasters. Today’s children can recognize over 1,000 corporate logos but can’t identify 10 plants native to their region. What skills do today’s children have to prepare them to face threats of violence and disaster? Playful Preparedness is a one-of-a-kind preparedness book, packed with 26 games and dozens of activities to help teach children situational awareness, life-saving preparedness skills and the survival mindset so that they can survive in the real world.
Cost-saving strategies for stockpiling emergency supplies and becoming fully prepared—without breaking the bank! If you picture yourself being forced to live off-grid for an extended period of time, then THIS is the book you need. When a catastrophic event strikes, you’ll need to rely on your skills and supplies to keep you alive. See what I mean?  In my humble opinion, Prepper Book Festival 10 represents the best of the best in terms of new releases from both new and established authors.  That being said, I would like to extend a big thank you to the individual authors and their publishers for submitting their books for consideration, and also for providing copies to award in the upcoming book giveaways. If you enjoyed this article, consider subscribing to email updates.  When you do, you will receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-Book, The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide.
Bargain Bin:  For your convenience, here is a complete list of all of the books in BDS Prepper Book Festival 10. Emergency Essentials carries a wide variety of equipment and supplies – all at competitive prices.
Steve Markwith began formal training at age 11 during NRA-sanctioned small-bore target rifle events, and became an active hunter by the age of 12. The author also incorporates his personal experiences as an expert in both civilian and combat shooting, which is useful for all skill levels, as sharing personal experiences and even mistakes with weapons reminds us the basics, what to and not to do.A  However, he keeps the language and tone of the prose authoritative yet succinct, further establishing our attention and interest and going back to the theme of simplicity. The images are in black-and-white, some more high-res than others, but you still get a general idea of the details of each firearm, ammunition, safes, and many other demonstrations.A  Some advanced and intermediate enthusiasts might feel disappointed regarding the lack of specifics for each aspect of a battery, such as details regarding rifles.
It gives a voice to the mental health sufferers who can be misunderstood or ignored in mainstream media, which always prefers a neat success story.
Anyone can join the conversation about living with and surviving mental health by contributing their poetry, personal essays, pop culture musings, photos, collages, illustrations, photographs and comics, as long as they stick to their guidelines (i.e.

Backdoor SurvivalA needs to be faster and more nimble and easier to navigate to exactly the information you are looking for.A  This will become a major undertaking that I hope to outsource, at least for part of it.
I also empathize with those of you that are merely tolerated by family members who dona€™t buy into the need to prepare.A  As always, those will always be things that I write about as we take steps moving forward, one prep at a time. It covers skills such as performing a physical exam, transporting the injured patient, and even how to suture a wound.
I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here.
This is an easy tool for finding products that people are a€?wishinga€? for and in this way you know what the top products are.A  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen. Leave your visions of surviving on just what is around you for Tom Hanks and his Castaway scenario. Also blue colored text boxes delineate the lists from the block text of advice and explanation making it easy to navigate the words. This chapter in The Survival Savvy Family has helped alleviate some of those fears by showing me ways to prevent it. All areas are covered including lighting, cooking, temperature management and choosing a backup power source.
She also describes how to fight them if they pop up and how to escape from them if they get out of control.
The pros and cons of each are discussed and ideas on burglar-proofing them are also presented.
The straightforward approach and progressive chapters build quite the family plan for preparedness. The winners will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is drawn. The way Book Festivals work is that once a week, and sometimes twice, I feature book giveaways coupled with exclusive, one on one author interviews.
By simply following the Planning, Acquiring, Responding, Training, and Evaluating steps you will experience considerable peace of mind and knowledge that your family is prepared to survive any disaster that may come your way. He has also honed his “positive awareness”—a heightened sense of his surroundings that allows him to spot suspicious and potentially dangerous behavior—on the street, in a taxi, at the airport, when dining out, or in any other situation.
Disaster can strike without warning, leaving your family without water, food, or electricity, and without medical or police support. Airguns also tend to be quiet – a useful advantage if low-impact hunting is necessary. In fact, airguns still maintain social acceptance not only domestically, but also around the globe.
An economical .22 LR firearm can also serve as a great high-powered rifle trainer if similar function is considered. From acts of terror to mass shootings, and from the sudden threat of everyday crime, danger is at everyone’s doorstep. They live in an artificial world—one where they spend less than seven minutes per day playing outdoors and over seven hours per day staring at a digital device. World-wide, there are more Petromax lanterns (and Petromax clones) in existence than Coleman.
Aladdins have been around over a hundred years and a new model is on the verge of being introduced – the first new model in 46 years! This book teaches you how to improvise solutions for the scarcities, deficiencies, and dangers that will arise in a worst-case scenario.
This is an easy tool for finding products that people are ‘wishing” for and in this way you know what the top products are.  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen. Now editor-in-chief and on her second issue, she works with a team of 12 others, all of whom volunteer their time. I, however, enjoy survival based books which present clear, concise information without fear mongering. She then goes into ways to build your medical skill set – including how to teach your kids to handle medical emergencies.
For instance, the Home Invasion and Personal Safety chapters are both kind of weak on what to do if something happens. Following her suggestions and plans will result in a family that is ready to weather any storm. Namely, what does it mean to be a Patriot in America today, when the people of this great nation no longer trust their government, and find conspiracy in every direction they look.
For those without access to a generator, there is no running water, no sewage, no refrigeration or light.
Potentially life-threatening circumstances can arise anywhere, anytime, and author Tim Young—wants you to be ready.
But the threats our children face are real, from random violence and terrorism to natural, manmade, and accidental disasters.
Hanks more than a soccer ball and video tapes, he would have been off that island in days, not years. Residents of other countries may enter but will be responsible for paying the shipping cost. Packed with inexpensive DIY projects for keeping your family safe in any worst-case scenario, this helpful handbook’s smart and frugal approach shows how to stay on a stable financial footing while fully preparing for any life-threatening situation. Pressurized kerosene lanterns come from another day and age but are known, established, reliable technology.
The book is already over 200 pages (remember, it is a physically smaller book than normal), so perhaps Julie was limited in her ability to add more depth while still covering the topics she wanted to cover.
They will get your over the hump and moving towards preparedness much faster than the information alone. On a smaller and more affordable scale, we can also improve our all-around shooting skills while having some low-cost fun. Instead, this tome puts it full weight behind the realities of modern man and woman and their day-to-day lives, jobs, and travels. Banks no longer function, looting is widespread, and law and order are being tested as never before. Last Videocast of 2015 Home security: 9 steps to keep you safe when SHTF Could This Be the Perfect Generator for Preppers?

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