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The Hornet is much more powerful but still small enough that you can carry hundreds of rounds and not be burdened. A person could probably make their own version of this, many rifles take down with single screw. If a short, compact, easy to break down and carry utility .22 is what you are looking for, take a look at these.
Having just bought the new Henry US Survival Rifle, I can say it is fine for packing away in the trunk for emergency use and it's quite a capable little gun for when your regular shootin' irons are out of reach. Size and weight would be a consideration if you are carrying all your worldly goods on your back. In the box is the rifle, two mags, instructions, lock, and if I remember right it came with an extra front sight.
Even though this is a very inexpensive rifle, I still read up about it before I purchased it. All in all I was very surprised with this little rifle, and since I read the instructions I don’t have as many complaints about it as you may read from others.
So if you are looking for an occasional plinker, SHTF rifle, survival rifle, a pack rifle, a rifle to keep in the back of your truck or to even take out in the fishing boat, the Henry U.S. Interestingly, this cult of sheep hunting is a fairly recent thing, almost certainly fostered by the writings of Jack O’Connor. In North America, the Rocky Mountain goat is often hunted in the same mountain ranges as Stone sheep and bighorn. If you consider a global total, the way we hunters have split things up there are actually more races of sheep than goats. North America is actually an anomaly, with four (or six, if you count Fannin and California bighorn) sheep and just one goat.
In recent years Namibia has become one of the most popular destinations for safari hunters, both first-timers and old Africa hands alike. I saw a M4 Bronco in a Navy Pilot's Survival pack in 1965 when I was 13 and have wanted one ever since.
It may be big and heavy, but it does break down into two parts for packing and is accurate enough to take care of most anything a .22lr is capable of, and holds 18 rds (NOT 19 like the manual says, that's just wishful thinking).
I’ve never done any mega long range plinking or really tested the limits beyond what this was meant for, but from 50-75 yards this was more than acceptable. If you are not familiar with these rounds, they are quiet 22 rounds that use the primer to fire (est.
As is normal with 22LR rifles, they get dirty very quickly and this does not have too many internal parts.
Survival Rifle AR-7, and keep on protecting the 2nd Amendment and exercising your Constitutional Rights. Sheep are the most prestigious game, not only in North America, but for international mountain hunters as well. In Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan you can go into the same mountains where Marco Polo sheep are hunted, and hunt the same long-horned ibex Kermit Roosevelt hunted, for something less than a quarter of the cost of a very similar sheep hunt. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to hunt in this country, this is the book for you.
The combined wisdom of these professionals will leave the reader with an excellent overview of what to expect from a safari in Namibia and how best to prepare for a hunting adventure in this magnificent country.

Extra ammo stores in the stock Trigger is a bit different to get used to, but since these are made by CZ, the .22 rifle barrel is very accurate!
You thread the action into a slot in the buttstock and then screw the barrel onto the action and that’s it. Be careful as there is a plastic piece, the Action Spring Guide (wish it was steel), that you can easily break when cleaning, so just a heads up. However, there is enough room built in the stock that if you want to keep one mag in the action, you can put the other two mags in the stock, holding a total of three 8-round mags. Even if I gave it a horrible review, I doubt it would kill the AR-7’s popularity amongst new and old gun owners alike. The only real advantage I can think of to pursuing the wild sheep family, genus Ovis, is they smell better and taste better! In the postwar era, a new generation of globetrotting Americans like Herb Klein and Elgin Gates forwarded the sheep-hunting mystique. As time passed, somehow the sheep-hunting cult sold us all down the river and forced prices for sheep hunts into the stratosphere.
But in 2009 most outfitted Rocky Mountain goat hunts in good areas run a bit more than half the cost of a Dall sheep hunt. I did adjust the rear peep over time, but this exceeded what I had initially expected out it.
If you read the manual, it says right there that the rifle is best with and actually designed for .22LR high velocity rounds to cycle best.
Even with the accessories it still weighs in at around 4.5 lbs so is still very manageable in a backpack. They cannot rip you to shreds like a bear or one of the great cats, nor can they trample you into a wet spot like a bovine or pachyderm.
In his day, the early 1920s, the Rocky Mountain goat was the superior trophy, and the bighorn sheep were ancillary. The markhor, a wild goat legally huntable in Pakistan (but not necessarily legally importable into the USA) is currently more costly to hunt than any wild sheep in the world. A couple of years ago I finally realized I could not afford a Gobi argali hunt, let alone the monstrous Altai sheep. Instead, depending on which authority you adhere to, Europe has as many as six ibex and six chamois, a “Capra World Slam” in one continent! With the popularity of survival rifles, takedowns and other 22LR rifles the last handful of years, I am sure the U.S. First of all Henry has a great reputation for making high quality American made rifles, most notably their lever actions. There is a camo model which usually retails for $299 and I find the black one is usually retailing for $250.
When I have used decent high velocity rounds like CCR Mini-Mags, I have not had a failure to feed with one exception that failed to feed big time — Remington Yellow Jackets. However, wild sheep are unquestionably magnificent, and they lead us into some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth. In the same time frame Kermit Roosevelt journeyed to the Tien Shan Mountains, now western China, chronicling the expedition in East of the Sun, West of the Moon. But in general wild goat hunts offer equal experience to wild sheep hunts at significantly lesser cost.

Asia offers great variety of both, with most of the goats (not all) offering more permits at lesser cost than most of the sheep. Or, collectively, wonderful opportunity to be a mountain hunter without breaking the bank if you plan well and carefully. If you look when these jam, you can clearly see that this rifle does not like the truncated cones. There is also fantastic variety, with the world’s wild goats encompassing several families of diverse sizes, horn configuration, and even color schemes.
The primary trophy was the fantastically horned ibex—and the argali they encountered along the way were little more than camp meat. But on the field where most of us play, there are more goats available than sheep—and at lesser cost. Function over form, I guess (I did find a lot of aftermarket accessories including threaded barrels, steel black sights, alternate stocks and other things for the AR-7. Still, I don’t recommend ever using a rifle for rounds other than it was intended for, obviously.
There are small wild goats like the chamois, big ones like the ibex and markhor, and true oddballs like our white Rocky Mountain goat and the tahr. Goats often inhabit rough country that is inhospitable to most other species, including sheep.
I spent three weeks in Mongolia, three areas with transfers, and took seven good trophies for less than half the cost of a single Gobi argali.
The South Pacific and South America have no native varieties of either, but introduced species of both. Secondly, I found out that the original AR-7 was designed by none other than Eugene Stoner, of AR-15 fame.
I haven’t tested this out, but I did read about a guy who lost his AR-7 and found it months later in a pond and it was just fine. So you can consider this a slightly finicky rifle, but just find the rounds that work well and keep a good stock of them (easier said than done with 22LR these days). There are even some goats, like the turs of the Caucasus (genus Capra, true goats) that sheep hunters like to claim for their own.
Given a modicum of management, most species of goats are prolific, and are generally hardier than sheep and more resistant to disease. The Aguila Super Colibris seem closer to 22 Shorts to me, and are fun as hell in a lever action, but I digress. Because of these factors there are, generally speaking, more permits available for goats than for sheep. This was designed for Air Force pilots to throw under their seats in case they went down in enemy territory.

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