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But where to find out about the latest and greatest quality and convenience features, you ask? You can test and try everything from portable Bluetooth speakers and headphones, to home theater solutions and car audio. Best Buy gave me a choice of items to review and I was most excited about the Samsung M5 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers and the Samsung Wireless Speaker HUB. The directions that came with Samsung M5 include various options, depending on whether you are installing one, multiple units and whether you have a HUB or not.
Learn more at the Best Buy website, Best Buy’s August Audio Fest Campaign and Samsung M5 Speakers. Best Buy used to be a source for electronics and media that had the advantage of both immediacy – products were there, on the shelf, to be looked at, touched, and bought without waiting for shipping and delivery – and customer service – there were staff members present to provide answers and suggestions about the complexities of modern media. Best Buy needs to make its interactions with customers into more than transactions; these interactions need to become positive, even fulfilling, experiences. Instead of successful sales, the company needs to value customer service, community, and, above all, fun. Not many other retailers are selling components in-store, so they’re hard to get quickly if customers want them. In order to appeal to as wide a base as possible, stores could offer pre-built but customizable computers as well as custom computer-building service and a la carte parts for immediate sale. Customer service is an area where Best Buy needs to distinguish itself in order to stand out from other electronics retailers. Best Buy can create positive experiences for its customers by making customer service a core value. The “Best Buy Moms” site can offer its customers reviews from their peers that rate games for both age-appropriate content and popularity with their own kids, explain the difference between ESRB game ratings, make suggestions about technical requirements, and answer specific questions about game systems and electronics. By becoming flexible and sensitive to consumer needs, Best Buy can make the experience of using its website not only positive, but valuable outside of the context of an actual purchase. The “Best Buy Community” site is treated as an afterthought, and, though Best Buy’s forums have quite a bit of traffic, much of it consists of complaints. By shifting the website’s focus to its community, Best Buy can make its forums into a useful and even vital resource for electronics and media consumers.
As part of Best Buy’s new community initiative, its home page should offer visitors the option to choose the page that interests them the most.
Even by adding a few interesting displays, lowering the ceiling height, and laying down some colored carpeting, Best Buy could improve things a lot. Once it’s addressed the more basic core values of customer service and community, Best Buy will have achieved its core value of fun simply by making the fundamental experience of purchasing electronics and media, and discussing those purchases, a fun experience.
The store should be a place where games and other media can be experienced and even celebrated. Best Buy is going to be faced with a challenge when it comes to presenting its new core values to its consumer base. Two of the new core values for the company (customer service and community) don’t lend themselves particularly well to direct marketing, and will be better communicated by both store experiences and social media.
Online, Best Buy’s going to become a place where you can meet and talk with other people like you – a community of customers who are interested in helping each other have more fun.
In addition to email direct marketing and TV and print media, Best Buy should run a contest for user-created videos that celebrate the idea of making life fun. The company should develop an entirely separate site that focuses on getting users to make their own short films, centered on answering the question, “How do you make life more fun?” A short documentary, asking people on the street that question, would be an excellent introductory video for the site, and could be used as a TV ad, as well. Best Buy will also have to redesign its site, logo, and store displays to make their look more welcoming and, obviously, more fun. Claire Dawson has worked as a college admissions officer, deciding the fate of hundreds of eager young minds, and as a high school teacher, (hopefully) improving that fate.
Best Buy’s blue-shirted employees are about to get some company – Samsung has announced it will open 1,400 Samsung Experience shops inside Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores nationwide. She said talks between the two companies started in December and they’ve been quietly testing the concept at stores in Dallas-Fort Worth, Minneapolis and Chicago. Items in the shops will come from Samsung’s mobile line of phones, tablets, laptops and cameras. Items will be for sale in the Samsung Experience shop, but they’ll also be displayed in other areas of the store (Samsung cameras can still be found in the camera section).
At the shop’s concierge desk, they’ll also help you update your Samung device’s software, help set up accounts for apps and music, transfer content, set up cloud storage accounts and provide one-on-one training. It’s not quite like Apple’s genius bar – you won’t be able to drop off a broken phone for repair unless you’re a Geek Squad service plan customer. Separate tables are set up for laptops, tablets and phones with a fourth table set up with a variety of devices which will help customers see how all of Samsung’s devices work together. People buy media and electronics in order to entertain themselves, to communicate with other people, and, in general, to make their lives more fun.
Its customers no longer trust the way it does business and have lost faith in Best Buy’s desire to improve their lives. Best Buy’s customer service has acquired a reputation not only of laxity, but of exploitation. Both Best Buy stores and the website need to make consumers feel that they’re part of that larger community and that they have something to contribute to and something to gain from it. They also don’t appeal to lay computer users, but rather only to experts who want to build their own computers.

In effect, Best Buy could create a Lego store for computer components, making them as appealing as toys to those who might not be comfortable with researching and purchasing them, and conveniently available to those who already see them as toys.
Right now, while there are some resources for customers with complaints, and Best Buy is doing a decent job of addressing those complaints on Facebook and Twitter, the in-store experience is pretty bad. If Best Buy’s goal is to improve its customers’ lives, it’s going to have to make some changes in policies and training in order to market itself that way. Buying video games and electronics as gifts is notoriously difficult, especially when one is unfamiliar with the content, compatibility, and popularity of current games. It can provide a resource to consumers that will make it a home base for electronics and media discussion online.
Right now, the site is focused on the store first, and all other customer interaction later. When a user arrives, he should see panes that offer choices between, for example, “Best Buy Moms,” “Best Buy Gamers,” “Best Buy Kids,” and whatever other consumer bases can be identified. If every interaction with the company is fun, then the customer’s life is more fun because of Best Buy. Because of Best Buy’s current reputation, the company will have to successfully convince customers that their experiences in the past aren’t representative of what will happen in the future.
The third value (fun), however, is something that can be incorporated into advertising in order to make an immediate impression on consumers about how much the company has changed. Somewhere along the way to becoming the biggest electronics and media retailer in the country, we lost something really important.
Best Buy stores are going to become places where you can not only buy games, you can play games – in tournaments, against employees, or just for fun. Our new website will let you post reviews, videos, advice, and ideas that you can share with other people like you. The blue-yellow-black-white, sharp, sans serif look that the company currently has is certainly recognizable, but by softening edges, changing fonts, and muting colors (or incorporating new color combinations), the company can make its customers feel its rebrand, not just hear about it. Doing so will show its customers that it isn’t making changes merely to make money; it’ll lend credence to the company’s reimagining of itself.
A Samsung smart TV will showcase the company’s home entertainment options, emphasizing how the mobile devices interact with the TV. Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network. But companies, large or small, don’t have to be part of the problem, nor do they have to be neutral.
Many consumers feel that Best Buy’s staff, website, and stores actually make buying electronics and media more difficult.
Best Buy can accomplish this by offering consumers resources and information they can’t get elsewhere, as part of a community experience, and in so doing make itself indispensible. That said, Best Buy could easily leverage its current partnership with Dell to create modular, build-your-own computer displays at its stores.
Store employees should, of course, be trained about the products that they’re expected to sell, but they should also be given the chance to play and work with them, to actually use them, so that they know the ins and outs of the experience. Currently, if you’re a mom trying to figure out which version of a game you’re supposed to buy, you get exactly the same information as a dedicated gamer ordering a pre-release months in advance. The people who shop at Best Buy are part of distinct consumer groups that have a lot to offer the individuals that belong to them. There are currently support forums, a Twitter help page, and even a customer ideas suggestion board, but none of these is front and center, and each requires scrolling down to the bottom of the homepage, and at least one, if not more, clicks to access. The target audience, which should be every customer that has any kind of question, will have a hard time even finding the correct page or topic. Their goals, instead, should be to answer questions and to engage customers in useful dialogue.
Best Buy has the advantage of its online store traffic to route customers to its community pages, but users need to be given incentives in order to become active and engaged participants. They have industrial pipes and air ducts hanging from the corrugated ceiling, and they’re lit by drop floodlights. That said, Best Buy can also work to make its customers’ lives more fun in a direct way by creating unique experiences for them. If Best Buy is willing to do it, an apology may be the best way to introduce the rebranding effort. They’re also going to become places where you can talk to someone who really cares about your digital camera, your home entertainment system, or your phone – because they’ve got one, too. I’m not a designer, so I don’t have art for you, but a more casual style would go a long way toward making the website and store more welcoming and human. There’s a large charity, Child’s Play, which was started by a video game-focused webcomic called Penny Arcade. They, and the marketing they use to achieve their goals, can make the world better – and they should. Best Buy also engages in selling practices that alienate the consumer, such as its promotion of insurance plans for electronics, and its unforgiving return policies. Both customer service and community are part of the most appealing, and therefore, most important, of Best Buy’s new values – fun. By doing that, they’ll become not only informed and helpful, but honest evangelists for the products Best Buy sells. The experience is neither helpful nor fun, and it actually makes buying something into a challenge.

Best Buy needs to create experiences and locations, both physical and digital, for each of those groups, that will help members of that group to share knowledge, affinities, and advice with each other.
In addition to that, the site is directed largely at people who are familiar with technology and the web. Best Buy has a few blogs, but the updates consist largely of special offers and promotions, and lack authenticity. Hits shouldn’t come from people looking for resolutions to service problems; they should come from people who want to ask about the best games to buy for their kids’ birthdays, or about the relative merits of digital cameras for the amateur photographer.
Best Buy currently runs a membership program called RewardZone, which gives frequent customers coupons and even money back. Best Buy should host game nights and game tournaments, allow players to post their scores, victories, and even gameplay video on the company’s own site as well as social media sites, and reward both participation and victory with prizes, promotional money, and recognition in the community pages. Television commercials and even an email campaign to current RewardZone members that apologize for Best Buy’s past mistakes and highlight its new ideas would be good places to start. If something bad happens to a product you buy from us, we’ll find a way to make it right, without a huge hassle, because hassles aren’t fun. She enjoys making things right, whether it’s organizing schedules or writing a perfect piece of descriptive prose. Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity lets you send music from your library or favorite App straight to your AC powered speaker. The buying experience has become gradually more unpleasant while simultaneously becoming more important to customers who are becoming more demanding. Corporate policy is to try to sell insurance plans for all big ticket items; most customers regard these insurance plans as little better than scams, and feel pressured to buy them when they have no interest in actually doing so. Return policies should be simple and extremely forgiving, so that Best Buy is, to the customer, a sympathetic and helpful figure. If Best Buy can become more than a store and a website, then it will create success for itself as a retailer by creating success for itself as a gathering place.
The site’s usability is poor, and there is no reason to visit the site aside from making a purchase or lodging a complaint.
Some of that exists on the forums, but it’s only accessible to people who know exactly where to look. RewardZone should be incorporated into the new community pages, so that RewardZone dollars are offered for helpful, accurate, and interesting posts.
The company should post apologies, incentive information, and upcoming community and store event promotions on its Facebook and Twitter pages, in order to get as much saturation as possible for its new message.
If you want something that we don’t have, we’ll find a way to get it for you, and we’ll ship it for free, because shipping charges aren’t fun either. The most important thing for her about any job is that she can learn something new while doing it. The level of customer service, which could be a huge asset to the store, is currently a shortcoming. If something goes wrong, or the consumer didn’t like the product, Best Buy should play the role of friend, rather than authority. Frequent posters who offer good advice or reviews (as determined by a user rating system) should also get badges added to their user icons that identify them as power users (silver and gold medals, for example). Best Buy should be one of its sponsors (and match employee donations, too, in order to spread the idea of philanthropy throughout company culture). In other words, Best Buy’s old core value, which has been to sell the most electronics and media, used to be enough to make it a successful company.
If the company engages with the idea of improving people’s lives by making them more fun, and becomes fun itself – in stores, online, and in its corporate culture – it’ll show. Community, fun, and customer service are pretty much at the center of what Child’s Play stands for, and, not only that, it’s also a way to connect directly to thousands of people who are interested in games.
Best Buy might not love that idea, but it shows that the company both knows and values its users, as well as recognizing that those users sometimes have better solutions than the official ones. If Best Buy becomes a top-level Child’s Play sponsor, and especially if it breaks donation records, it will earn the respect and approval of a community almost guaranteed to be interested in its products. If community pages, especially those focused on troubleshooting, become a resource for a wide range of computer and electronics users, and those users feel like they’re valued and appreciated by Best Buy, they’ll reciprocate that appreciation. A direct marketing campaign that discusses Best Buy’s sponsorship of Child’s Play would publicize the company’s philanthropy and further improve its image. Finally, the company needs to change policies that make the consumer feel taken advantage of. A simple explanation of what the charity stands for, played over footage of kids it’s helped, and followed by the slogan, “We make life more fun for kids. Selling insurance on devices may not need to cease entirely, but it shouldn’t be adversarial or bullying, nor should salespeople be rewarded for making insurance sales.
If all of these policies are incorporated into the business model, Best Buy will be a lot more fun.

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