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Soon-to-follow was the first Mossberg-branded firearm, the Brownie, a 22 Short, four-barreled pocket pistol.
Now this affordable, fun-to-shoot platform is available as a compact, tactical-style pistol with 25-round or 10-round full-profile magazine and in an optional Red Dot combo package. The 715P Red Dot Combo comes with a 1x30mm Electronic Dot Sight which provides unlimited eye relief and 95a€™ field of view at 100 yards, superior brightness and clarity. Plinker Arms Introduces New Line of AR-15 .22LR Rifles at SHOT Show 2014 Double Header at Hi-Point & MKS Supply Main Floor SHOT Show Booth 16144 Essential To-Doa€™s for Oldies in the Winter Are We Preparing for the Last Great Depression?
But I’ve been told for years that you need to get a big gun with lots of stopping power and big bullets. Yeah, I have an M-16 and a 92FS on me here in Afghanistan at the moment but I’m not here trying to defend myself against a thug trying to break into my home.
Should you prepare yourself for a home invasion by an attacker with armor or a group of marauders hell-bent on taking your supplies in a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI scenario? In addition to gun range training, you should be looking into plans on how to protect your family. In order to hit him again, or adjust fire from your first miss, you have to reacquire the target before you fire. We’re not talking about accessories here but other units (people) on your side in a fight. The mission in this case is to defend your home from an attacker who has a weapon or who can easily take you in unarmed combat.
Greg Ellifritz wrote an excellent article for the Buckeye Firearms Association, on how effective a .22 is in real-life situations. Over a 10-year period, I kept track of stopping power results from every shooting I could find. I documented all of the data I could; tracking caliber, type of bullet (if known), where the bullet hit and whether or not the person was incapacitated. Before anyone decides to take anything I’ve written here out of context, let me get one thing straight. A weapon is just a tool and you need to use the best tool to suit the situation you’re in.
When it comes to defending your home against the normal would-be robber, I think the .22 edges out the competition for some people. Filed Under: How to Be a prepper Tagged With: home defense, home defense weapons, How to Be a prepperStay updated with my newsletter! My goal is to help families to understand how to intelligently protect their family and their way of life against real threats, without all the end-of-the-world doomsday crap.
My article was mainly a statement about that more than anything after getting an email for help from one of my readers who had just purchased weapons but didn’t know what to do next or how he should have chosen them in the first place. At CQB ranges fired from a RIFLE (not a pistol), this will penetrate ribs and even the sternum. After getting hit, he jumped back like he was struck by lightning and fell dead on his face within 7 paces, then commenced to involuntarily gag-up lung tissue post mortem. First off I own them Legally, and while I too disagree with the .22 and can supply scientific and logical arguments against them and can PROVE them to ANYONE willing to take the time to follow a simple scientific experiment. Bout time someone uses an actual tool (OPORD) to discuss the real situation of home defense. I appreciate an article that uses common sense and logical reasoning to validate their argument. Here is a nice little fun gun that you can break down into a small package and store in it's own Cordura Nylon case. Layaways are offered on all items, requiring a 20% non refundable down payment within 7 days of the auction’s close and the balance within 60 days. If you win an item and are not willing or able to complete the sale, you are liable for 5% of the sale price. Returns (less shipping) are accepted within 3 days of when the item is delivered with signature confirmation. So you've put together a survival kit, you probably have a knife, a fire kit, a first aid kit, and other necessities you may need to survive.
The M6 survival rifle is no longer in production, but they do surface on the used market every now and then.
Air Force pilots generally just carry a side arm nowadays, with the advent of GPS and location devices such as EPIRBs, ELT's, and PLB's a survival rifle has become somewhat obsolete from a military perspective. A manual bolt hold-open lever is located on the right side, forward of the trigger guard, the hold-open also functions automatically when the last round is ejected. A folding stock can be added to take an additional 12 inches or so off the total length, but make sure to always check local, state, and federal laws before shortening any firearm to make sure you are in compliance. Stock High-density polymer, black matte finish, thumbhole design, butt stock storage compartment, sling swivel studs and sling. Stock: High-density polymer, black matte finish, thumbhole design, butt stock storage compartment, sling swivel studs and sling.
Sights on the new rifle are identical to the earlier version--a nice, flat-faced steel bead front and a step adjustable "U" notch rear. Conclusion: While you may not need a survival rifle to survive, like any tool, if a situation arises where you need it, you'll wish you had it. The Gun Nook: Guns, Gun shops, Gun Shows, Auctions, Reviews, Articles, FFL Dealers, and more. The problem that I see with most preppers, even advanced preppers, is that they focus primarily on the worst-case scenario at the expense of the most likely scenario.
Thugs who break into homes are usually expecting to find sheeple at home who will capitulate or will be easily subdued, especially if you live in a city with strict gun control laws. That is, unless you can shoot the support rope holding up the chandalier above his head so it drops down on him, pinning his arms to his side. A large weapon may do more damage but it does nothing except scare them if you don’t hit them. To decide exactly what you need to do to defend your home, you need to adjust this mission statement, which then goes outside of the scope of what I’m talking about. The concept of operation here is that you need to figure out a gun to buy to protect your home, you need to learn how to use it and you need to train your family to use it. Have a good commo plan for your family in case of emergency and have some kind of codewords and hand signals to communicate with each other in case someone breaks in.

I talked to the participants of gunfights, read police reports, attended autopsies, and scoured the newspapers, magazines, and Internet for any reliable accounts of what happened to the human body when it was shot. I also tracked fatalities, noting which bullets were more likely to kill and which were not.
The ONLY weapon that took fewer rounds to incapacitate the enemy was the shotgun, which came in at 1.22 rounds. If you’re planning on being up against an armored assailant, then go big but realize it has its negatives. One person does an article on rabbits or whatever, over the next three days I wade through 25 of them. Does the terminology scare you or something that you’d have to start insults about CoD? If i read it correctly he has a completely seperate catagory for rifles so his data on the .22lr there is from pistols. I still like the fragmenting rounds for the house so you don’t kill the neighbors but hollow points are definitely better than parabellum ones. This is something I’ve been hollering about to anyone who would listen for a while now. It’s a great hunting round for small game too and more portable than other rounds or guns.
High powered rifles have their place but a home environment with kids in the next room is not one of them. If I am only going to shoot a few rounds, I do not worry about hearing protection if I am outside in the open. I would prefer to have a centerfire round, but best case is always a bigger bore.I was thinking about the same thing when I picked up my GSG. The top of the sight has a small piece of what appears to be white Teflon inlet into the sight.
The stock has a pistol grip and carbine style metal buttplate, with sling swivels installed near the butt and on the front of the forend.
To reduce the likelihood of damage during shipping, we may disassemble long guns by removing stocks on especially long pieces or taking down takedowns.
You will receive an automatic notification with a tracking number upon shipment, to let you know that we have received funds. Returns are accepted for material misrepresentation, non disclosed flaws, overrepresentation & damage in shipping. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, please contact us before leaving negative or neutral feedback. These are truly beautiful little guns, and Taurus hand-fits each butt-stock and receiver for a nice "handcrafted" fit. The added weight out front is perhaps only a couple ounces, but it does feel a bit steadier shooting offhand. Open and unload the action, turn out the take-down screw about a turn and a half, and then slide the barrel from the receiver. Of course with all the highly customizable rifles and add-on's available, you could put your own together, just be sure to check on your area's gun laws first. We’ve been told for years that you need to have a big gun with a big bullet that can pierce through armor in order to defend your home. Planning on defending your home with a weapon against an army with weapons and armor is an entirely different scenario.
A bullet that enters the body and expends all of its energy inside, without exiting, can actually be more effective at killing someone, especially if the round expands or the shock wave does enough damage to disrupt vital organs inside. In this case, the enemy above is an unknown, so you have to go with the most likely and most damaging scenarios to figure out what gun you want to use to protect your home. I know from experience that when your adrenaline gets pumping that you lose your fine motor skills and you resort back to muscle memory. It’s quite difficult to get them to comply with where to stand to pull this off though.
In this case, we’re just considering using a firearm but there are many other ways to complete the mission. Not relevant for choosing a gun to defend your home unless you need to convince your partner to let you buy one, in which case you have more problems than I can help you with. Basically from reading through his data, I see no appreciable difference in the effectiveness of using a .22 to stop an opponent. You have to balance everything to come up with a good overall solution based on the criteria that you decide.
One day, it saved my 16 year old boy’s life while he was doing some drywall work at our rent house.
Your article is fantastic though and really made me think about how i would defend myself and my loved ones. Yes larger caliber have their place and are very effective as well as necessary on some scenarios.
While I’ve shot everything under the sun, there are things I refuse to shoot again because of many reasons, but the most common is viability. This one has all the stuff that liberals hate, it is black, it has a collapsable stock, vertical foregrip and pistol grips, detachable 25 rd magazine and ventilated barrel shroud. The back of the receiver is mounted with the base for an aperture sight, but there is no sight. The butt area shows heaving handling marks with surface loss on both sides, and a deep compression mark on the left side.
This carbine can also make good use of Hornady’s new LEVERevolution cartridges which typically have flatter trajectories.
No returns are accepted on layaway items and the item will be considered abandoned after 60 days. Please keep an eye on your spam folder and inquire to [email protected] if you have not received one by morning. Sometimes we miss, overlook or confuse things and we promise to make it right as best we can when we do. The take-down screw is of the 1894 pattern, with a nice wire bail to give a little additional leverage. When reinstalling, be sure to rock the barrel slightly and feel the take-down screw into its seat before tightening.

There are differences, but those differences in the grand scheme of things aren’t important enough to make a difference.
Once you’ve figured out how to defend yourself against the most likely scenario, you can move on. A bullet that just goes in and out at full speed and takes all the energy with it doesn’t do any more damage than just poking a hole through someone the size of a pencil. It takes a lot of shaping the battlefield and human engineering, plus a lot more shooting skill than I have. Because as big as it makes your penis feel to carry that thing around (and it does do that, I assure you), it’s unwieldy around hallways and in stairwells. It’s also small enough to carry around a home with no problem and pulling it up to the correct point of aim is very quick due to the small amount of mass the weapon has. Any deficiency in stopping power is compensated by the facts I spoke about above such as ease of reacquiring the target etc. Don’t just fall into the trap of listening to people who swear by a certain ammo size. I never knew it even had a name until the word survivalist became synonymous with anti government whack job… I came here because I saw something different. If you bother to read the whole article and not take things out of context as I mentioned people would do, you’d see that I gave concessions to the other weapons.
Being on a budget (read poor) addressing training and muscle memory really makes me think about the .22 a lot more seriously. However an overwhelmingly large portion of the scenarios that we all may face some day are best benefitted by the simple effectiveness of a .22. Anyone who has been in the woods hunting when someone near by sets of a 30-06, knows how loud and scary unexpected gunshots can be. Shipping & insurance is: Modern handguns-$35 next day air UPS, Rifles & antique handguns $25 ground. The barrel shows light handling marks and some deeper marks on the left side above the end of the forend.
However, the Perfect use for this rifle has got to be for pig hunting, where fast multiple shots are often required against moving, hard to stop, targets. If you are in Southern California, you are welcome to pick your item up and complete the transfer at our shop in Simi Valley (M-F, 8-4 and Saturday By Appointment). It is our goal to resolve return issues to keep all parties satisfied with their dealings (look at our feedback).
Fact is, a small, lightweight rifle could be just what you need in a wilderness survival situation. And here is another fact if you thing that under stress you can use a single hand grip and be accurate, I don’t want to be in the same county with you when you shoot, YOU are too dangerous to be around, especially when handling a firearm without an external manual safety.
Having been in the unenviable position of needing to defend home and family more than a few times I can say with certainty that both the humble .22 as well as larger caliber guns have saved our bacon.
When I looked at the group the Russian shot on this target;There was a fist sized group at the base of the spine. Our return policy is not designed for folks who have just changed their mind or who did not fully read the description. Whether it's for hunting game for food or personal protection, a good survival rifle can save time, effort, and maybe your life. The more you use a weapon, the quicker you’ll be able to get back on target but physics is physics.
BUT make sure IT is up to the job you need it to do, and that means YOU need to know the physiology of the living target you are shooting in order to dispatch it properly, be it hunting or defensively. I do not anticipate needing to fire anywhere near 31 rounds defending my life in the next 50 years. Make sure you can put the bullets where they need to go, no matter how exciting things are.That right there is excellent advice.
The scope shows thinning around the objective, plus handling marks over its length and pinprick surface erosion on the right side in front of the rear mount. The forend area also shows handling marks with a small spot of surface loss under the bolt handle. If you would like to be notified when we receive your payment, please obtain a tracking number from your carrier.
To understand this fully though, we need to understand a key question:What does it mean for a weapon to be effective? If the gun moves less and has less mass for you to have to move back, you’ll get it back on target faster. Greg Ellifritz had some great points in this article that break down pretty much how I feel about the .22 overall so read that. The main features that make a great survival rifle are: small size, lightweight, reliability, and portability.
I’ve served with enough females downrange to know that they can shoot well if they want to. No one wants to lug around a heavy, bulky monstrosity that gets in the way and won't fit in their pack.
You girls need to learn to defend yourselves and stop relying on a guy to do it for you because he’s not always gonna be around.
I've compiled information on several survival rifles, from excellent sources, so you can see all the different options and choose the one that's right for you. Which gives me a free hand to: feel around in the dark, help keep my balance, bloke a hit, and even keep room between myself and said intruder. Then there is the bastard you have to shoot 33 times before he is convinced.(cops shot a guy 33 times to the torso with 9mm hollow points.
No drugs, no alcohol in his system)Or there is the guy in DC that took a 12 gauge slug to the left side of his chest.

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