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BEST SELLING BOOKS 2013 FICTION best movie quotes funny, Between top in , , andbarnes noble find new york. Stupid Twilight and it's 43 millionI now know with utter certainty what to get Brody for Christmas.
Consider, for a moment, that the fluff might spark a desire to read Ender's Game and other books you consider more fit for consumption.After all, in moderation even Twinkies are permissible in a diet and not every written work is even possible to be Shakespeare. Then maybe you will like this super awesome infographic of the best selling Sci Fi books of all time!

Ender's Game is possibly my favorite childhood book and it is both gratifying and disturbing to see it on this list. The best selling novels on this list were the most popular books in the United States during the 40's, so you can be sure they're well written and enjoyable (depending, of course, on your preferred literary genre).
A post I wrote earlier shows that Twilight already has sold a sickening 43 million, and Harry Potter is at a staggering 400 million. This list is intended to help long-time readers and newcomers alike with discovering (and rediscovering) some of the best selling novels of all time.

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