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In lieu of a lesson on this last Wednesday before the holiday break, we asked Deborah Hofmann, the senior editor of the New York Times Best Sellers List, to create a special list for us of the top 75 best-selling education titles of 2013, and to explain how she defined and ranked books for this new category.
We hope it starts conversations, introduces you to new ideas and authors, and provides inspiration for teaching and learning well into 2014. This collection of eclectic and far-ranging titles is intended to get people talking and thinking about the many ways we discuss education, how we present sometimes arcane subjects, and how we think about teaching and learning at all ages and in many contexts. The list was compiled by looking at every adult nonfiction title that was reported each week to the New York Times Best-Seller Lists though Dec.
Although some titles are familiar for having made the traditional best-seller list that is published weekly in the Book Review, many of the titles are books that were reported, but perhaps often in quantities too low in any given weeks to qualify for the traditional rankings. Please note that I chose not to consider for inclusion any titles that are actively tracked toward ranking among the Childrens' Best-Sellers List categories, so you will not find classroom evergreens or coming-of-age narratives here.
One might argue that some of these titles are simply too narrow, too literal, or, in some cases, spoofery or farce. Sales of both print books and e-books are reported confidentially to The New York Times; retailers were not asked specifically about Education titles.
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During her lifetime, Virginia Woolf wrote over 10 novels and numerous non-fiction books that forever changed the landscape of modern literature. Although Virginia’s earlier books were often met with sharp criticism and poor sales, many of her later books were well-received and quickly became best-sellers.
Virginia’s literary reputation suffered a brief decline after World War II, yet she regained popularity in the 1970s when the second wave of feminism brought her work to the forefront once again. Rebecca Beatrice Brooks is a freelance writer and history lover who got her start in journalism working for small-town newspapers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Virginia Woolf was an ambitious and prolific author who wrote not only novels but also nonfiction books.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will stay in London at least through December 2017, according to a new press release.
A true-born Slytherin couldn’t believe her result on the Pottermore Ilvermorny quiz, so she decided to investigate and find the truth.
Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch, known Gryffindor, has taken the Ilvermorny quiz on Pottermore too! Now that every Harry Potter fan has been sorted at Ilvermorny, we’re all wondering just how closely comparable our results are to the Hogwarts houses we know and love. This book details the steps and methods which have been successfully used to launch several best-seller books in the Network.

She has since remained one of the most popular British writers of the 20th century and her books are not only still in print but are still big sellers.
Woolf, in fact, wrote so many groundbreaking, best-selling books that is often difficult for critics and fans to determine which is her best book.
Rowling, Harry Potter author and fierce social media activist, is fighting Brexit and bigots with Dumbledore references. This includes titles that were released in earlier years, but continue to enjoy sales; for this first experiment, we wanted to cast a wide net to see what turned up naturally. They are ranked below by their relative reported sales, the same way we rank all books on the best-seller lists. The Theoretical Minimum: What You Need to Know to Start Doing Physics, by Leonard Susskind and George Hrabovsky 18. The Neverending Story написана немного более сложным языком нежели произведения Льюиса и Даля.

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