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Fiction, collecting together over 300 pages of thrilling classic science fiction comics from Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. The creators of Captain America and the Boy Commandos produced some of the most thrilling science fiction ever. It’s the story of the fluffy bunnies, but not the cuddly little bunnies hopping around our neighborhood.
It’s not everyday that you witness your substitute teacher peeling off her face to reveal her alien identity. Check out this post, Origami Yoda Files for Boys, to learn more about this fabulous collection. This one is funny picture book about Professor Xargle who tries to teach his students about strange creatures known as humans. One of the best science fiction books ever written and a modern classic, through and through. The quick and dirty summary of the book is that it’s a metaphorical look at war, both the cost of war and the pleasure of war.
A stunning classic that's influenced a generation of writers and sub genres, including the Cyberpunk movement.
One of those genre defining, pop-culture inseminating books that’s practically on every ‘best of’ science Fiction list out there. Outside the annals of science fiction, people are familiar with the title from the cult-hit Stanley Kubrick-directed film. A fantastic Hugo-winning space opera that merges the narrative element of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales with a futuristic space opera set in the distant future. Released in 1984, Neuromancer is widely considered the progenitor of the Cyberpunk genre and the first science fiction to simultaneously win the “Triple Crown” awards (Nebula, Hugo, and Philip K.
1984 has often been used as a battleground tool in the war waged by the supports of personal privacy against the forces that push for more government control in our daily lives. It’s a journey through space and time that will have you laughing the whole way through that’s practically cackling with energy the whole way. Spanning more than 20 years, this volume features the first stories Joe Simon and Jack Kirby ever produced together (the Blue Bolt adventures) as well as Race for the Moon, featuring pencils by Kirby and inked artwork by comic book legends Reed Crandall, Angelo Torres, and Al Williamson.
It’s the story of Chuck and David who build their own spaceship and travel to another planet.
When I taught third graders, I usually saved it for a read aloud during the week of Earth Day because it shows what can happen when we pollute and abuse our environment. It’s a switch of roles where the robot takes home a sick boy and, using his manual, tries to repair the boy.

The adventure of Commander Toad and his spaceship, Star Warts, is a must-read for young readers. I’ve never been too much of a sci-fi fan but I would love for my daughter to read all different genres. Hey I would love it if you shared you stuff on my new Link Party that starts tomorrow…Thursday!
There’s politics between major powers, love, a war that spans planets, treachery of the foulest sort, boy heroes who rise from the dust (literally) and villains that you just love to hate and hate to love. Ender’s game is the story of a young boy placed in a situation where there is no winning, a game that is of course a metaphor for life.
A relentless alien threat, a young child thrown into a controlled futuristic version of a Lord of the Flies setting, and one of the best plot twists in the science fiction genre.
Like every “classic”, the message is just as relevant now as it was decades ago when first published. Many will argue Foundation is the greatest work in the genre while just as many wonder why others love it. The Stars My Destination broke away from the main stream SF about supermen, heroes, and good guys.
Now you know when your little iRobot starts spouting that phrase when asked to vacuum the floor, you're royally fucked. The whole series (not just the first book) is based on the assumption that man’s conquering the stars is inevitable and the complexities and troubles this brings. We find out parts of their history and the needs that drive them to this pilgrimage – a pilgrimage which is a certain death sentence. The pose is complex and full of technical jargon which may be off-putting to some (more than a few people have picked the book up only to put it down after a few pages). 1984 is the novel that invented the term Big Brother (and no, we’re not talking about that uber crappy reality TV show that locks half a dozen sex-starved drug addicts into a room for a month). A must read for everyone if only so you can get the cultural references that refer to the book! I always recommended it to my kids at school who were just beginning to read longer books because it’s a quick page-turner with a great story about friendship, too.
And this fascinating mishmash of just about every concept and idea all centers around Spice, an almost magical substance that comes from one planet only – Arrakis, also known as Dune. Some might call it Lord of the Flies in space and it is to a certain extent, but beyond some of the surface similarities, Ender’s Game is a different beast.
It's roundly regarded as a classic in the genre by one of the grandmasters science fiction writers.

For these pilgrims are seeking out the Shrike, a god like creature that legend says will kill all but one pilgrim, granting the one survivor a wish.
The novel is one long tongue in cheek event – from the characters, to the plot, to the setting. Anyone can add their picks to this list of sci-fi books, making it an accurate, real-time ranking of the best science fiction books of all time by the people who live and breathe Asimov, Heinlein, Bradbury, and Clarke. And even better, the chapter books have several options for endings to be read again and again.
Pretty much everything is epic – huge ideas, huge scope, a story (if you count the sequel novels that spans millennia), compelling characters that leave their mark.
It’s a substance that enables interplanetary travel, the most valuable resource in the galaxy.
Really, forget the movie ever existed as it’s got nothing on the book itself; the only similarities shared are the character names, the bugs, and the power suits. Clark working closely with Stanley Kubrick on the movie script and then adopting it to novel afterwards. The humor is as British as they come which can lose more than a few that don’t get British humor. Vote up the novels that you think best represent the greatest science fiction books ever written in order to determine the most popular science fiction books on the shelves.
The cast is huge and varied, a tapestry of flesh that includes the likes of noble desert fighters, messiahs, conniving ‘witches’, and greedy emperors. From picture books to early chapter books, it’s a list of awesome science fiction for kids to keep them reading!
And for maximum impact, make your own list by reranking this one your own way, so that everyone can see whether your top rated sci-fi novels take place on Arrakis, Mars, or even Earth. Add any shows that you believe deserve votes, and of course, feel free to re-rank this list of books in the order you think is correct.Many of the books listed here are classics. There are plenty of great options to choose from so vote and rerank to go along with your own opinion.

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