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I first laid eyes on Q-Games' Nom Nom Galaxy, the latest entry in their PixelJunk series, at BitSummit earlier this year. Girders have to be attached to a wall or a cliff or something, but a series of vertically aligned girders can function kind of like an elevator. The game is currently in early access via Steam with a custom tiered purchasing system reminiscent of Kickstarter available on the game's official web site. I'm very optimistic about the game being good when it comes out, but I would be lying if I said I wholeheartedly recommend getting it now. People looking for a more traditional survival sandbox game, however, should probably wait for endless mode to be added and see what players have to say about it. Enter your email address to subscribe to MMOpage and receive notifications of new posts by email. When searching for the best zombie survival games, you would want to look at games that proffer plenty of undead, fantastic weapons and of course, loads of action.
This retro-isometric styled RPG puts you into a massive open-ended sandbox world where you can roam in and around the vast city. The next entrant in our zombie survival games roster is an open world RPG first-person shooter that’s developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver. You’re called on to fend off the eerie creeps by using makeshift weapons fashioned out of ordinary items. If you love games that let you bring along a friend for the hack and slash party, then here’s another great gem you should consider picking up.
Emerging from the house of Valve, Left 4 Dead 2 also features new characters, items, weapons and boss enemies along with maps, versus campaigns and a competitive Scavenge mode. Here’s one more engaging inclusion in our zombie survival games array that lets a friend or sibling share in the onscreen carnage. There his daughter Katey gets bitten by one of the mindless individuals and requires a daily dose of Zombrex to prevent her from transforming. This contender in our zombie survival games roundup is an MMO that proffers a post-apocalyptic nightmare where majority of the human population has been eradicated.
Here you and your friends can traverse through a co-op horror FPS game that’s set in England’s countryside and cities.
The aforesaid best zombie survival games fall into different genres like RPG, FPS, sandbox and more. To date, more than $110 million has been pledged to independent gaming projects on Kickstarter.
Infinite sandbox universes are all the rage, but few games have delivered a compelling experience on that premise (*cough* Spore *cough*). After escaping the destruction of your homeworld, strike out on a quest to explore an endless universe full of procedurally generated worlds, technology and biodiversity. The graphics are charming and the gameplay appears to have great depth, as illustrated by the building demo below. More than 44,000 backers have pledged $2.2 million on Kickstarter in the hope of seeing this "next generation RTS" come to fruition. Alpha gameplay videos for Banished popped up on Reddit recently, and communities are already forming around the indie project.
If you enjoyed last year's indie darling, FTL: Faster Than Light, it's time to gear up for Star Command, a space mission and ship management game that goes where no mobile adventure has gone before.
Hire a pixelated crew, customize your ship, manage resources and advance through the ranks with each new mission.
There's a newcomer in the pantheon of god games, and it's made by a bootstrapped little dev team in The Netherlands. Professional envelope pusher Jason Rohrer (Sleep is Death, Inside a Star-filled Sky, Chain World) has created another curious gem, currently in alpha. It's an interesting concept, and fans of Rohrer's work will catch another glimpse of his genius.
On the heels of its 2011 hit Bastion, indie dev Supergiant Games recently debuted the trailer for its next atmospheric action RPG.
Transistor feels a lot like Bastion — a moody, isometric brawler with fantastic weapons and responsive environments. Though Bastion is an outstanding work of narrative art (seriously, if you haven't experienced it yet, go try the demo right now), the gameplay leans heavily on button mashing. Here's hoping Transistor brings storytelling and fresh mechanics into a more perfect union. The developers of Parallax call it a "first-person puzzle platformer," but from the videos we've seen, it's more like an inter-dimensional mind fuck.
Parallax was added to Steam Greenlight last year, so if you'd like to see it released there, be sure to vote for it. Caution: The trailer below may induce shortness of breath, sweaty palms and an uneasy feeling that every video game up to this moment has been total crap.
If what we're seeing is to be believed, then veteran game designer Chris Roberts may finally be carrying the torch forward for space combat sims — a genre he pioneered in the '90s with the Wing Commander franchise, and later Freelancer.
For starters, Star Citizen looks absolutely gorgeous, but graphics are just the tip of the asteroid. This pedigree, along with a permeating love for the genre, has fans and backers salivating. Second, you can do so much more such as build and destroy environments and make weapons completely from materials. All that said, stay tuned while this very exciting niche continues to emerge in popularity. It caught my attention with its fun, colorful graphics, but what really stuck in my mind was when the person playing finished drilling a tunnel only to have the ground above him shudder and fall on his head.
The finished game is supposed to have a multi-planet campaign and some kind of endless mode, but for now players can just choose any old planet and try to build a small soup empire on its surface.

The things found on the surface differ from things found in the water or in caves beneath the ground. There is fall damage, though it would take a considerable fall to kill a player at full health.
Holding down while standing on a girder makes the player drop through it, and if there's another girder at a safe falling distance it counts as landing before falling again, making it possible to move downward quickly and safely.
The folks at Q-Games will, have been, and are the first to tell you that the game is rough and buggy and unfinished.
There are definitely people who would enjoy it in its present state; there's plenty to do and it's easy to lose track of time in the quest for soup supremacy.
The game does not, however, have a mode in which players can explore and build endlessly without having to face off with a soup rival, and it may never have one.
It sets you at the colonial era and your goal is to make a homestead and survive the wilderness.
Any decisions taken from that point on will be taken by and communicated through Seatribe to you – the community.
Well, you’ll be able to serve yourself a large helping of all these ingredients by taking complete advantage of the names listed right here. Now instead of just blowing the wraiths’ heads clear off their bodies, Project Zomboid focuses on other vital aspects like starvation, depression, loneliness, trust issues, insanity and illness.
Dead Island was released onto the scene just a couple of years ago for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.
It’s a blood fest out here and there’s plenty to go around, so why not tag some of your pals along for the ride? The duo namely, local BSSA agent Sheva Alomar and Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance member Chris Redfield have to travel to Africa where a special biological agent has been transforming the indigenous into infected beings.
Here you get to step into the shoes of a new protagonist called Chuck Greene who makes his way to Fortune City.
In the next 72 hours, Chuck must fend off the onslaught of living dead creatures, rescue other individuals and unravel the conspiracy behind the outbreak. You can begin your experience by opting for an available character and customizing it to face hoards of brain eaters.
You and your pals are members of the military who have been tasked with annihilating the scum that has spawned there. Some of its other attributes include solo mode for offline play, 10 monster types, more than 33 weapons and non-linear play areas. Created for the Android and iOS devices, Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies dishes out various maps for you to play on namely, Ascension, Kino Der Toten, Call of the Dead: Director’s Cut and Dead-Ops Arcade which boasts of providing a 50-level gauntlet. However, they each share a couple of common elements such as the eerie undead and scenarios where you have to last till the end by employing any means necessary. While that might be pocket change to the $67 billion per year gaming industry, it does signal a sea change. Build a base on a cozy new world, or traverse the distant reaches in search of alien flora and fauna. Planetary Annihilation is among the most-funded games the platform has ever seen, and it's no mystery why.
This project re-imagines the gameplay on a galactic scale, with punchy Pixar-style animation, massive robot armies, sprawling interplanetary bases and really, really big explosions. It's a city building strategy game, but you're not amassing an army of destruction or nourishing a vast civilization.
Rich gameplay videos and a saucy development blog have had serious fans chomping at the bit for about two years. Reus imagines a charming 2D world, where three nature gods use their powers to help humanity thrive. You must secure your family and money with fences, barbed wire and booby traps, while trying to acquire more funds by robbing other players.
In fact, you must prove that your house is penetrable ("fair") before locking in the layout for the night.
At the very least, another soundtrack by Bastion composer Darren Korb is guaranteed to be epic. With more than $8 million in crowdfunding (on and off Kickstarter), space combat fans have put their money where their hearts are. To revive the golden age of party-based, isometric role-playing games (a la Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Fallout, etc.). Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Instead of MMOs with levels as days past, a new genre has emerged called Survival Sandbox Games.
Anybody who does not like MOBAs and enjoys first person open worlds should be very interested in the future.
Not just that they have amazing graphics, but also they give you ability to express your creativity. It was easy to see then that Q-Games was tossing its hat into the survival sandbox ring, but instead of being a pure sandbox the game asks players to build a soup factory and outperform rival corporations. Plants all have multiple stages of growth, and harvesting them at the height of their growth yields multiple ingredient globes instead of just one.
Within the base, vertical corridors make traveling up and down for long distances a breeze.
That same stack of girders is just as good for getting back up quickly; upon intersecting a girder from below, the player floats up to the top of it, and if the player just holds the jump button they'll float all the way up.
The game is divided into days and at the end of the day the game shows the player's soup profits vs. They said it in their 8+ minute video they made for the early access launch and a warning about the game's rough edges is the first thing the game shows players when it loads.

Learning to manage and defend a soup factory while dealing with the particular conditions on a given planet has proven to be a great deal of fun, and there's a 2 player local co-op mode that I haven't talked about because I have been unable to test it (a result of my living conditions, not anything wrong with the game). Although that feature has been requested by early access players, a representative of Q-Games has said that some of the team members feel that that would take away from the core of what makes Nom Nom Galaxy different. Paradox Interactive will start phasing out their involvement in the project from today and on July 8 the game for all intents and purposes will be Seatribe’s to run. If you’re a huge fan of the mindless menace and simply love annihilating hoards of the dreaded diseased then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll be transported to an undead-infested tropical island where strange happenings are nothing new here. This co-operative first-person shooter allows you to jump in with up to 4 players via local or internet connection on the PC or Xbox 360. Players want thoughtful, creative, envelope-pushing games, and they're willing to throw down serious cash to see great ideas come to life. The look and feel of your town will be personal, but strategy will dictate whether your settlers thrive.
In addition to a forthcoming PC release, Star Command will be coming to Android and iOS devices near you. Tangle with the wrong aliens, and your favorite ensign might be burned alive in an electrical fire or sucked out into the void through a hull breach. Mold the surface of your world to entice settlers to take root, and aid their prosperity by irrigating the land, planting trees or creating strategic rock and water formations. Moving through a portal completely changes the field of play, so you'll have to anticipate the layout and physics of both worlds. We're talking white knuckle space combat, groundbreaking physics, granular ship engineering, the ability to leave your ship and explore, a persistent multi-player universe and a compelling single-player story line. With nearly $4 million in backing, Project Eternity is the second-most funded gaming project on Kickstarter behind the OUYA console.
The current build of Nom Nom Galaxy is still rather rough and subject to change, but it shows a lot of promise. The player must work quickly, finding the matter needed to build the core component of their base, or die of lack of oxygen. Any plant ingredient globe can be replanted to make a new baby plant, so harvesting fully grown ones allows for increasing the number of plants available by replanting all globes or just sustaining the plant life the player has available. Outside, the player can carve out staircases, but as I mentioned above it's possible to cut out all the support on the earth above oneself and get crushed (and accidentally removing the supporting earth from underneath the base can cause it to collapse).
Navigating vertically snaking underground passages is a breeze with the magic of girders, a fun feature that I really hope makes it into the final release.
As a compromise, the player's base is preserved after gaining a 100% market share and they can continue to expand it by simply choosing the same planet and a new rival as many times as they wish.
You’ll have to keep a good head on your shoulders, stay calm and put on the bravest face possible. The art already looks impressive, and the developer has noted there are animation and graphical improvements in the works.
The genre basically started with a FPS Mod for ARMA II known as Dayz and has thankfully grown beyond just zombies to include dinosaurs and realms of fantasy.
That core is the single most important part of the base, providing power to anything attached to it (directly or indirectly); if it's destroyed, the operation fails immediately. Monsters may drop matter and research, which is used to unlock upgrades, but they also drop ingredient globes. There are also ladders, which must be started on the ground but can be built up as high as the player wants to go, and girders, which are way more fun and useful than ladders but can't be built just anywhere. Early in the morning of a new day, soup trends will pop up in one corner, telling the player which ingredients are in vogue so they can tailor the soup they ship out and try to bolster their market share. And according to the developer, you will eventually get infected and succumb to the impending doom, however you have the liberty to decide how you want to spend your final moments. Knowing whose house you're capable of knocking off is critical, and starting a heist is dark and very tense. It's just a slick trailer with some of PC gaming's heaviest hitters, talking about how they want to create the best fantasy world yet. The base can be expanded with things like soup creation modules, soup rockets that will ship the player's soups off-world, storage for extra ingredients and vertical and horizontal corridors.
Unlike plants, however, those ingredient globes can't be "planted" to create one of the hives where the monsters spawn, even if the monsters are reminiscent of vegetables such as corn and tomatoes.
The opposite corner shows the player their market share at all times and even lets the player see both their own and their rival's soup in transit and the reaction of the masses upon its arrival.
Will you be a hero and self-sacrifice for the sake of others or treat your friend as a tasty meal? And if you live to tell the tale, do return to this space and pen down your comments right here. In SL, you are shipwrecked on a beach and have a checklist of tasks to help you live longer.
Robot helpers can be purchased to automate operations and defenses can be purchased as well. There are no silly missions like go kill 9 rats because you are just trying to survive and hopefully thrive. Even the tower defense parts of the game, in which aliens attack the base from above, play into that because the base needs to be operational in order to keep from losing market share.
That soup tycoon emphasis is really what makes Nom Nom Galaxy different from your usual survival sandbox game.

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