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I am trying out a new format for book reviews and can’t wait to hear what you all think  of it. Themes: Friendship, Loyalty, Kindness, Special Needs Children, Bullying, 5th Grade, Homeschool vs. Brief Summary: This book is about August (Auggie) Pullman who was born with a facial deformity. He looked up after reading the first few chapters with tears in his eyes and explained how he gets it. My students loved this and it was so successful that the other 3rd grade classes would ask for my kids to come over and teach them the song. The pin holds the student to a specific spot when you shuffle the arrangement for ultimate classroom happiness. This love of reading that I have instilled in my sons is the same thing that I want to instill in my students. So this question brings us to a pet-peeve of mine and reminds me of a story from my student teaching days. I love this quote “Nonfiction lets us learn more, fiction lets us be more!” Amen to that! Do you think standardized tests, school grading, and pay-for-performance teacher reviews are ruining the ability to create intellectual classrooms in our schools and classrooms? Author Kathryn Erskine wrote this book in response to the shootings on the Virginia Tech campus, in an effort to explore how the world might be different if people understood each other better. First… I could easily come up with something like this for my vocabulary words for my classroom.
This deformity caused him to suffer through many surgeries and as a result of his unique needs; he was homeschooled. All funds earned from the use of this affiliate link is used to purchase more books for my classroom. It seems like it helps my students out so much to have a concept put to as beat and explained through music. When I was playing with this… I moved my students from groups into rows like I would for testing. I know there is a 90 minute reading block, a 90 minute math block, and a 50 minuter writing block.
There is even PD for teachers, templates for data-driven classrooms, videos, parent information and letters, curriculum maps, and lesson plans! We could read these in small groups or maybe as a lunchtime study group (August is still in the high 100s here on a good day). There are assessments, project ideas, writing prompts, and even websites to explore to go along with this topic! I really struggled with teaching reading during my student teaching as it is hard to see growth immediately. He found a great new series to read in the library but now she can’t get him to do anything but read.

Check out some of these sites: Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing, and there are even more listed in the book. Okay so I am rereading and typing my thoughts but I loved where the author agrees with me that AR tests are a waste of time. I often use the NASA quote about failing when creating a classroom culture with  my students.
I am one of those teachers who do not mind when my students start talking without raising their hand (as long as they are on topic). Then during Daily 5 writing time they can work on this, free write, or work on an alternate assignment for the week.
During exams, I can see their heads bobbing as the silent sing the tune to recall the answer. I just found one on 6th grade vocabulary that I am planning on incorporating sometime… some where. There is a free version which is great for elementary teachers with only 1 class of students. If you notice in this picture… #20 is okay not mad (red with a sad face) but not to happy either.
I know that my students are required to read independently daily and that I am required to do read alouds with them. Vocabulary, Writing prompts, comprehension questions, close reading activities, and so much more! The introduction of this book really spoke to me as I could just picture the week Bear got grounded at school (which is why I had to share the story). I think creating a culture of students who want to know more, who become the leaders and experts in the classroom… is what my job as a teacher is all about. I am thinking about using the free ones on this site and having my 6th graders use the story as a guide and it must include the vocabulary word to create a story to go with it. It has a lot of great lessons but what sold me on it was my 11-year-old son’s reaction. He finally told me that once kids get to know him… they realize he walks on his toes and his speech is off.
We know he has limitations but we also know the cues to look for when teaching to adjust to meet his needs. I focus so much on the classroom culture at the beginning of the school year and I think this book will set the tone. For those of you who are departmentalized, it will cost you $15 a year for all of your classes. Underneath the circle you can see some gray icons… those tell you what relationships have been built. I was thinking of doing this as one of our read alouds this year and this cements the deal for me. I wanted to supply my students with additional books that they could read to further their learning on a particular topic.

You have to have patience and believe that what you are doing is working… for me this was hard. I know I want to do the 40 Book Challenge but I think I need more. This study is broken up into 2 questions per section but that is just way too much blogging for me. The school staff said that is was so weird to see kids reading as they were used to seeing kids with hand-held electronics to keep them behaved. I also tend to use blogs a lot to reflect on what I read and share with others (just like this post!).
I totally agree that we are wasting time in the classroom on AR, standardized testing, and worksheets. I am sure that the other classes around us what was going on BUT not one of my students missed a single question on the end of the year exam about this.
In all her 18 years of teaching… she has never told a kid not to read before but Bear might need to be the first. We discuss our thoughts, tease each other when the other is behind, hide the books so we can read them first, and then Daddy steps in and beats us all. I also use this same format with my students as they can write a blog post on our classroom blog to share with fellow classmates and parents. Sometimes fiction brings to light ideas and concepts that I am struggling with and present it in such a way that I understand! I know, I know… I am new but I want to teach my students in a manner similar to when I homeschooled my children. It also allows me to introduce a particular author to my students and there are more books in this series and additional series by this author for them to explore. Its a lot of fun but it is not reminiscent of the pictures of children quietly sitting in from of a fire reading.
Follow Auggie, his family, his classmates, and more learn to accept someone who is just a little bit unique. I told her that I have had to ground him (and his brothers) from reading in order to force them to play outside or do their chores. He is no longer allowed to read until he finishes the next unit in his math book and completes his science project.
I would HATE it if someone told me I can’t read what I want to because it is not rigorous enough. His teacher also told the librarian and when the class went to the library… he went to PE with the other 4th grade class. But I know ordinary kids don’t make other ordinary kids run away screaming in playgrounds.

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