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With the release of Fallout 4 imminent, I thought what better time to assess the very best post apocalyptic worlds seen in video games.
Set after a never fully explained series of natural disasters referred to as The Event, I Am Alive takes place in a world where there isn’t any inclination of any kind of humanity. The most telling moment for me was when traversing the thick, poisonous fog that covers most areas outside and I heard a scream for help. So imagine the shock when in Final Fantasy VI instead of your plucky band of heroes saving the world they actually failed. Despite this your gang of adventurers still manage to group together and overthrow the villainous Kefka and restore order.
This post-apocalyptic world is one thick with atmosphere, with it’s own history and political dynamics. Most post-apocalyptic worlds are full of misery and despair and The Last of Us is no different.
However, what makes The Last of Us’ post-apocalyptic world stand out is the beauty that is still found in the world. There’s definitely a melancholic beauty about The Last of Us and much of this is to do with environmental storytelling which contrasts the human tragedy with the natural beauty of the landscapes, making this one of the most intriguing post-apocalyptic worlds seen in any medium.

Now over a series a games, there’s an entire lore to delve into, creating a rich and varied world that is difficult to forget. We have a enormous databse of backgrounds for each computer, all u have to do is to go to the desired category and select the category that describes best the wallpapers u are looking for. Instead most people you encounter merely wan’t to beat and kill you for your possessions and some want to do a lot worse. When I approached the noise, I saw a woman on a bench for then only to be jumped on by two thugs who had clearly used the woman as bait. Humanity has become depraved, there is no hint of any type of surviving civilisation and the ruins of the city are covered in dust and horror. You might be able to name a few but they are far outweighed by those that task you with bringing justice and peace to the world, none more so than role playing games. Instead the Joker-like Kefka actually succeeded in his quest and brought the world to ruin.
This game still deserves a mention on this list for having the sheer cajones to depict a world in which the heroes fail and have to suffer before finally saving the world, well what’s left of it anyway.
However, this isn’t the only threat as mutated beasts stroll the surface and other beings are soon infiltrating and influencing the Metro network.

There may be some dodgy accents, but the world the Metro games create is one that is believable and thrilling to explore.
Any remains of humanity are slowly chipping away, and there’s those terrifying zombie-like creatures roaming the streets. Really the only thing about The Last of Us that is post-apocalyptic is that it shows the descent of man whilst nature is still flourishing. There’s the dark, bleak nature of some truly moving and harrowing stories, counter-balanced with outrageous often preposterous stories and characters, the likes of which you never see in any other video game. With a retro, science fiction style, there’s no world that is as aching cool as it is bleak and hilarious.

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