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They range from films where the survivors eat one another to heartwarming, made-it-home alive flicks. Based on the book by Rafael Yglesias, the movie follows Jeff Bridges’s character, Max Klein, and his attempt to cope with the post-traumatic stress of the crash. The plane doesn’t exactly crash, but is crash-landed after Tom Cruise kills everyone on board and brings the plane down.
After a group of teens skips their flight based on a premonition, the Grim Reaper gets pissed off that they didn’t die and hunts down and kills the “survivors” one by one in creative ways.

After a plane wreck in the Sahara, the survivors must get out of an unforgiving desert before they run out of water. Nicholas Cage plays a good guy convict who has to get home to his family via “Con Air” flight. This time we're talking about wilderness survival and the lessons we can learn from the Edge film. A visually stunning plane crash, survivors eating the dead and an amazing escape and rescue.

This is an over-the-top Jerry Bruckheimer production with a plane crash smack dab in middle of the Las Vegas strip.

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