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Keep a pet emergency kit in your home and in your vehicle, so that you can help your pet even on the road. This emergency pet kit comes with all you need to help your pet out until you can get them to see the veterinarian.
This is one of the most popular books available to help dog owners and lovers care for their canine companions from home. A chapter for emergencies with instructions for treating shock, burns, dehydration, heat stroke and poisoning.
Top 5 Best Dog Training BooksThis is a list of 5 of the best dog training books currently available on the market by experts in the field of dog training and obedience.
Top 10 Best Indestructible Dog ToysHere are ten great dog toys that can stand up to aggressive chewers. The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app gives you instant access to all you need to help your dog or cat in an emergency.
If our hospital is closed for the day, we still want to make sure that your pet receives the emergency care they need. All of this information is also available on our answering machine if you call our practice after hours. Even in cold areas, you need a minimum of 2 liters of water each day to maintain efficiency. When possible, purify all water you get from vegetation or from the ground by boiling or using iodine or chlorine. Use 2 drops of 10 percent (military strength) povidone-iodine or 1 percent titrated povidone-iodine. Use potassium permanganate, commonly marketed as Condy’s Crystals, for a number of applications, including emergency disinfection of water.

By drinking nonpotable water you may contract diseases or swallow organisms that can harm you and may easily lead to potentially fatal waterborne illnesses. NOTE: The only effective means of neutralizing Cryptosporidium is by boiling or by using a commercial microfilter or reverse-osmosis filtration system. If you don’t have a veterinary emergency clinic near you or your pet emergency happens when your regular clinic is closed, it can be dire to have a pet first aid kit and some instructional books on hand for your pets safety, whether you have a dog, a cat or something else.
It’s also important to have an instructional book that can guide you through emergencies, minor and major.
It’s made easy to carry and travel with so that you can keep your pet safe wherever you go.
It won’t take up much room in the glove box and it fits in your pocket or can be attached to your lead for walks. If you are experiencing a pet emergency and our hospital is open, please call us immediately and we will prepare a room for your peta€™s immediate care.
You can’t live long without water, especially in hot areas where you lose water rapidly through perspiration.
More than three-fourths of your body is composed of fluids.Your body loses fluid because of heat, cold, stress, and exertion. However, purify water from lakes, ponds, swamps, springs, or streams, especially the water near human settlements or in the tropics. After purifying a canteen of water, you must partially unscrew the cap and turn the canteen upside down to rinse unpurified water from the threads of the canteen where your mouth touches.
The crystals are of a nonuniform size, so you must judge the actual dosage by the color of the water after adding the crystals.
It is characterized by an explosive, watery diarrhea accompanied by severe cramps lasting 7 to 14 days.

It is much like Giardiasis, only more severe and prolonged, and there is no known cure but time. Chemical disinfectants such as iodine tablets or bleach have not shown to be 100 percent effective in eliminating Cryptosporidium.
By achieving a rolling boil, you can ensure a successful water purification and that you are destroying all living waterborne pathogens.
This infection can spread through close person-to-person contact or ingestion of contaminated water or food. If you swallow flukes, they will bore into the bloodstream, live as parasites, and cause disease.
It’s durable and the color of the fabric helps make you more visible on your walk too. Even with its small size, this book helps with planning, response and survival guidelines for many pet emergencies. Remember that not all bleach is the same around the world; check the available level of sodium hypochlorite. If the water turns a bright pink after waiting 30 minutes, the water is considered purified. Typhoid symptoms include fever, headache, loss of appetite, constipation, and bleeding in the bowel. If the water becomes a full red, like the color of cranberry juice, the solution may be used as an antifungal solution.

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